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Welcome on over.

Our goal is not to recruit you (don’t worry, I won’t be chasing you down asking you to ‘join eXp’)

You’ve already seen some of our info on How eXp works and how you can look at selling your real estate brokerage. If you’ve landed here, you probably think a move might make sense for your situation.

If that’s the case, let’s discuss this further.

We have a huge team that can answer any questions you might have and provide any of the support you need to make a decision on if moving your business over to eXp is the right thing to do.

If you’re already thinking, “this is a no-brainer,” then just go through the sign-up process here.  Add my name as your sponsor (search Brooks Conkle – Mobile, Alabama).  Once you’re good to good to go, our team will get you onboarded and as much support as you want or need!

Or fill out the form below and set up a time to connect with my team.

If stats matter to you, here are a few from my mentor who will hop on our call…

2015 – Rookie of the Year out of almost 1500 agents in our MLS

2015 – Helped grow a real estate team to do approx. $12M first yr (price point approx. $150k)

2016 – Became the CEO of a Keller Williams office where we broke all-time records every mth

2018 – Started Proven By Ruben Biz Dev (coaching) partnered w/ The Locker Room Coaching and started, from the ground up, a Productivity Coaching biz out of 2 KW offices where we broke all-time records ever mth

2019 – Became VP of Biz Dev within The Locker Room Coaching

2020 – Left KW and came to eXp where I made it in the Top 1% eXp Influencers

2020 – Founder of the P.A.S.S. PLAY (Prospecting Auto Sales System)

2021 – Started teaching in eXpU (Agent Attraction, Time Mgmt, Prospecting)

2021 – 80%+ of our income was passive

2021 – our eXp organization closed 1014 homes

Talk Soon!