How To Find Great Real Estate Deals Outside An MLS

Buying a house entailed directly going to the multiple listing service or MLS. That was the way, of course, before the internet. So if you’re looking to buy property these days, I’ll teach you how to find great real estate deals online.

The internet has significantly enhanced the real estate industry, so it’s now easier than ever to look for new digs. 

As more options become available, people are now thinking outside the box to seek off-market real estate offers.

This is the perfect post if you’re looking for real estate investment properties for sale before they hit the market. 

These methods will help you outsmart your competitors and spend less time negotiating without relying on the MLS.

Folks who want to diligently invest in real estate may benefit from these methods.  

how to find great real estate deals

How To Find Great Real Estate Deals 

1. Physically scour your area. 

Hop on your bike or get in your car. Get around and be on the lookout for vacant properties. Make a note of the address when you find something interesting.  

While you’re out driving for a few hours, see if you can compile a list of properties.

Then go home and look up the address to see who owns the property and send a message their way. 

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2. Get social. 

Relationships are at the heart of business. Savvy folks often find off-market real estate deals by networking with people in the know. 

The perfect networking method gives you a metaphorical crystal ball when it comes to off-market assets. It would help if you kept many people in your inner networking circle for your goals.  

For starters, you should network with other real estate investors. This may sound contradictory, given that you frequently regard other real estate investors as competition.

Moreover, mortgage brokers are generally the first to learn about homes that will hit the market.

Before advertising a home, sellers frequently call brokers to determine if they qualify for a new home. 

Attorneys make excellent networking partners, too, since they are generally aware of properties about to be sold.

They frequently deal with foreclosures, divorces, and other factors. 

It’s also a good idea to get to know some local plumbers, contractors, and carpenters. These experts can tell when a house is being prepped for sale.

If you know what you’re doing, they might also be your best resources.

You never know when another investor might assist you in locating a project that appears to be out of your league. 

You might even be offered to join a joint venture and participate in more significant investments that you wouldn’t otherwise find by yourself.

If you know the right people, deals could practically fall on your lap. 

3. Research eviction records. 

Have you ever had to evict someone? It’s never pleasant. When you evict a tenant as a landlord, it reminds you how much you despise real estate investing. 

What better time to approach a local landlord and inquire about purchasing their property?

So go to your county courthouse and find out who manages the eviction records. Then collect a list of everyone who is evicted every week.

4. Go on Craigslist. 

Many sellers want to avoid paying real estate commissions or going through the usual house staging procedure. Some sellers wish to have a home sold as quickly as possible. 

These people advertise their properties on Craigslist and other similar websites.

The top deals in the US can be found online once you identify who are anxious to sell their properties. 

Check out the property listings on Craigslist in your target area to look for low-cost, low-commitment deals. 

5. Get the word out – How To Find Great Real Estate Deals 

Let everyone know where you hang out with other people buying real estate. Let them know what you’re looking for. 

People will likely want to assist you. Let them know your goals through your social clubs and groups. Better yet, visit the real estate club in your area. 

You can also put a sign in your yard that says “I purchase properties” if you have one. I’m not suggesting that you go around your area plastering “I buy houses” signs all over the place.

On the other hand, a good yard sign can help you get a decent offer.

If you can manage it, make a large, bold statement. Rent a highway billboard and advertise that you acquire properties every day to tens of thousands of people. 

Similarly, you could acquire a magnetic sticker that says “I buy houses” to put on the side of your vehicle.

If you have a convincing voice, enter the airwaves.

Contact a local radio station to see what they can offer you for a fast commercial about your purchasing properties. 

6. Go to Auctions. 

Go to auctions

Is it possible to get a good deal at a real estate auction? Auctions of real estate are not for everyone. They can, however, give fantastic chances if you’ve done your homework and know what you’re doing. 

The main advantages of purchasing a house at auction are that you will almost certainly receive a significant discount.

You will almost certainly encounter less competition from other purchasers too. 

Yes, the buyer pool will most likely be smaller. The pool, on the other hand, will be more experienced. That could be a problem. 

When buying a home at auction, you’ll also have to deal with additional paperwork and red tape. You won’t be able to get a home inspection or see the inside of the house in person.

7. Make a blog about it. 

People will naturally gravitate to your blog or content marketing site if you provide helpful information to your local community.

You could, for example, start a blog on all of the fun things to do in your area. Of course, people who visit that page will learn everything there is to know about your business. 

Make sure your website is search engine optimized if you want better results.

Search engine optimization ensures that your website is easy to navigate and that Google understands exactly what you’re selling—property. 

When folks look up how to sell their houses on Google, your website will come up first. They can then contact you and offer you their property for sale.

Isn’t it true that many people use Google to look for answers? Did you know that you could appear at the top of Google’s search results by default? Yes, you can! You must, however, pay for it.

Sure, it’ll set you back a buck or two or three. Maybe a little less, perhaps a little more.

However, you might appear at the top of search results, directing individuals to your website. 

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8. Work with a commercial broker. 

Find a good commercial broker that knows your market if you’re looking for business real estate.

They are usually not the same folks as the residential brokers, but they can be an indispensable asset. 

9. Get a tax lien. 

You can buy a tax lien, implying that someone hasn’t paid their taxes. You can then gain the right to believe that property for a low price.

Buying tax liens is one of some investors’ principal methods of locating amazing deals.

10. Jump on probate property opportunities. 

As previously said, having a lawyer contact can be beneficial in determining which properties are likely to enter the market soon.

However, you do not need to be a lawyer to find probate properties for your real estate deals.

Probate properties are sold through a court-appointed representative as part of a will or satisfy debts. As a result, they’re sometimes far less expensive than regular properties.

Meeting with the person in charge of probate affairs in court is one of the simplest ways to locate probate properties. 

It’s a good idea to request records from the previous six months. You’ll see all open probate cases and directly contact the executor or attorney in charge of the property.

You’ll be the first person a potential seller speaks with as a result of this.

A motivated executor may sell a property to you directly to minimize fees or avoid going bankrupt. 

11. Get a deal from a wholesaler. 

A local wholesaler is another good source for off-market investment homes.

A wholesaler is an RE investor who promotes directly to potential sellers before negotiating an exclusive purchase agreement with them. 

The wholesaler then sells the contract to a buyer for slightly more money, profiting on the difference.

Because wholesalers are investors, they are familiar with after-repair value (ARV) and consider repair expenses or rental possibilities.

They’ll work those figures into their purchase price, which is usually still low.

Local wholesalers can be found by networking at your local real estate association or online searching for off-market investment properties. 

You can also dial the number on any “we buy houses” signs you see on the side of the road.

However, not all wholesalers operate the same way. Some people are better at spotting possibilities and offering better property pricing than others.

If you decide to engage with a wholesaler, make sure you do your homework. Please don’t put all your faith in their projections and estimates.

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The Advantages of Buying Off-market Homes 

The Advantages of Buying Off-market Homes 

Because these homes are not available to hundreds of other purchasers, off-market transactions give buyers a competitive advantage.

At most, investors compete with two or three other purchasers. This can help investors avoid bidding wars or completely missing out on opportunities.

Because there is less competition, sale prices are lower. Off-market properties aren’t advertised, and they’re usually hidden from view. 

This allows investors to fly under the radar and get fantastic deals on homes before they’re even advertised for sale.

Because most people are unaware of these properties, buyers and sellers are calmer during negotiations. This may allow for contracts that would not be available on the open market. 

Still, be prepared for the worst-case scenario and know what terms you want ahead of time.

You’ll probably find that sellers aren’t in a hurry when it comes to off-market real estate sales.

This enables you to take your time and conduct due diligence before making an offer as a possible buyer. 

It’s worth noting, however, that some transactions, such as pre-foreclosures and short sales, may necessitate a faster closing.

The shortage of time is usually compensated for by a larger reduction in the purchase price.

The Risks of Buying Off-market Homes 

When looking for the finest deal real estate investors can discover, there are a few mistakes to avoid. 

When it comes to competitors and talking too much, you’ll undoubtedly need to be cautious.

It’s feasible to network while keeping your plans close to your chest.

It’s also critical to ensure you’re not marketing to the wrong demographic.

There’s nothing wrong with starting with a limited, targeted audience for marketing initiatives. 

When it comes to finding motivated sellers, casting a wide net isn’t necessarily the greatest strategy.

The truth is that people who do not need to sell their homes are difficult to persuade.

You’re essentially attempting to motivate folks who are already motivated. If you decide to pursue a foreclosure property, you’ll need to undertake your due diligence. 

This entails looking for any existing liens or claims. You’ll also need to make sure there aren’t any people living in the house.

Don’t let a lack of adherence to established procedures cost you time, money, and legal difficulties in the future.

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Final Thoughts – How To Find Great Real Estate Deals 

When looking for rock-bottom property deals, getting out and knowing what’s going on in the market near you is a must.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of online information that will assist you with each of the methods above.

Off-market property sales, in general, can provide a number of advantages to investors who know what they’re doing.

Off-market real estate can provide investors with large profit margins by reducing competition and allowing for more flexible agreements.

I hope you do further research and find the ideal property with the best deal real estate investors can discover.

Good luck!

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