The Tailwind Guide: What The Heck Is Tailwind?

What is Tailwind? You’ve probably heard about this company from many people because it’s dominating the marketing world right now. 

In this post, you’re going to find out what is Tailwind, and how to use it. I’ll also throw in a couple of Tailwind reviews to see what most of its users are saying about the service. 

What Tailwind is and How To Use it

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram tool, but it is much more than that since it is an all-in-one marketing toolset. Learn how to use Tailwind for your Pinterest and Instagram-based company with this guide. 

The majority of Tailwind’s features are aimed at scheduling and publishing on Pinterest and Instagram.

Fresh Pins are pretty popular among Pinterest users. Fresh Pins are great for creating new seasonal pictures to repurpose your content.

Here’s how Tailwind can boost your Pinterest activities: 

  • Schedule ad upload pins at the right time 
  • Uploads pictures quickly 
  • Can measure, analyze, and evaluate the performance of your pins 
  • Reach new audiences through market research through Tailwind Communities

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The Features of Tailwind 

1. Tailwind Communities

Tailwind Tribes - what is tailwind

Tailwind Communities is an online community of bloggers and influencers that share material related to the same subject.

This tool enables you to meet and learn from other marketers. If the Tribemates enjoy the material, they will share it to their own Pinterest Boards for their audiences to see.

Communities also aid in the resolution of two of the most common problems that social marketers confront on a daily basis: a consistent supply of higher-quality material to distribute and getting articles viewed and shared by the right audience. 

This is beneficial because you are not only sharing your own material, but you are also reaching out to your peers.

Alternatively, you may have your tribesmen create fresh material for you to add to your Pinterest boards.

Communities are the only place where you can find this type of collaborative marketing strategy. Here are some additional benefits of Tailwind’s features. You can:

  • reach out to highly responsive audiences.
  • quickly find relevant and high-quality material.
  • use tribes to form trustworthy relationships.
  • obtain greater visibility through your tribesmen. 

The Skinny on Tailwind Communities

Tailwind Communities are made up of like-minded people that assist each other grow their Pinterest following and traffic.

Tailwind Communities is built on the concept of communal and collaborative marketing.

They also assist one another in locating new material for their target audiences and increasing visibility for each other’s content.

Most importantly, Tailwind Communities have the right attributes that promote cooperation. At the same time, other sharing groups lack elements like transparency and accountability, allowing tribe administrators to recognize who contributes significantly to the tribe and who does not.

This platform also has a chat interface, which allows tribemates to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

This is why each Tailwind Tribe has a central theme or subject. Tailwind Communities can assist you with the following:

  • Having a steady flow of large-scale content to share
  • Getting in touch with your intended audience

Tailwind Communities are a win-win situation for all tribe members. They learn to trust one another’s material while also improving the quality of their work. Each Tailwind Tribe has a central concept, which is as follows:

  • Each time tribemates submit unique content, and a feed is produced for simple sharing and giving feedback. 
  • Tribe members agree to share information around a central subject or theme. 
  • Members that share their work with the tribe get exposure to a new, highly relevant audience.
  • Tribe members work together to provide a steady supply of hand-curated material.
  • Members save time and increase the quality of their Pinterest feed and reach by sharing great stuff from the tribe.

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How To Use Tailwind Communities

To benefit from Tailwind Communities, you must first choose the tribe you want to join or build your own.

Second, become familiar with the content posted by other tribe members. Then distribute the majority of the tribe’s content to quality boards, and individually add your pins for other tribe members to share.

In addition, be relevant, follow all tribe rules, and track your Google Analytics campaigns to see how they drive traffic. Examine your tribe’s statistics to discover which one works best for you.

Finally, try not to join too many Communities at once. Instead, pick a handful and assess them individually. Quit the communities where you don’t have any shares or benefits.

How To Improve Your Pinterest Game With Communities

This may be accomplished by joining the correct communities, posting relevant material regularly, and adhering to the Tribe norms. The following are some ideas for making Tailwind Tribe work for you:

  1. Choose your communities wisely.
  2. Perform a membership evaluation for your tribe.
  3. Share high-quality pins. 
  4. Make a list of Pinterest boards.
  5. Increase the number of high-quality descriptions by sharing relevant material.
  6. Stick to the guidelines.
  7. Rearrange your content.
  8. Create a tribe yourself if you can’t fit in elsewhere. 

2. Content Management With Tailwind 

Content Management With Tailwind

High-quality and relevant content is at the heart of any effective Pinterest marketing campaign.

What is tailwind? The Tailwind app provides excellent content marketing capabilities that allow you to find, create, and organize great visual material quickly.

You will save both time and money as a result of this. Here are some suggestions for finding excellent content:

Create the best content for Pinterest. 

You can acquire ideas for popular material and suggestions by using the Tailwind Browser suggestion.

Also, strive to keep your boards fresh by adding recommendations from relevant sources; creating new Pinterest boards using a guided visual content search might also help you find relevant information.

Other methods for obtaining more material include scanning the visual web for keywords to uncover relevant, viral content and using an advantaged search to reveal and explore significant patterns accurately.

Streamline your Pinterest Content under one roof. 

You can simplify your content marketing efforts by combining all of your photos and pinnable material.

This may be accomplished by directly importing content from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also generate pins from various websites using the Tailwind app’s Browser Extension. Or you can repurpose social content from Pinterest and Instagram.

Create a personalized feed. 

Personalizing a content stream makes it easier to keep track of, discover, and pin material.

This may be accomplished by importing RSS feeds and scheduling promising pins without leaving Tailwind, filtering your feed for material on specific themes, and categorizing viral content.

In addition, you can compile information from all of your favorite websites into a single customizable stream. This allows you to curate at a glance.

Make visual content management uncomplicated. 

This may be accomplished by streamlining your content marketing strategy with a visual library that brings all of your favorite sources together in one location. This allows you to add material from every website you visit and publish it straight to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Finally, mix your branded material with suggestions from a variety of online sources.

Be in the know. 

You should look for material that is currently popular on your social media platforms.

Find good Pinterest material, personalize your Pinterest content feed, and uncover shareable content that your audience hasn’t viewed.

Instagram Content Management 

Using user-generated material on Instagram will help you advertise your content even more effectively.

However, you must first find content that best represents what you want to communicate and who you are, then learn new perspectives about yourself from user content that you may not have considered before. Then connect with relevant brand ambassadors and influencers and, if possible, form partnerships with them inside Tailwind.

Obtaining permission to use consumer photographs and uploading user-generated content can help you keep your tales genuine and allow for greater connection with your audience.

Apart from that, obtaining the right to utilize client photographs not only saves you time and money but also makes your customers happy since they are complimented when their photos are displayed on your brand’s social media.

Furthermore, expanding client photographs outside social media can improve material for email marketing, e-commerce, in-store display advertisements, and various other applications.

3. Content Marketing 

Content Marketing - what is tailwind

Scheduling Pins 

Scheduling pins is critical for anybody serious about using Pinterest for content marketing, especially if they have consumers in multiple time zones.

The availability of a service that allows you to schedule Pinterest pins simplifies your marketing approach, improves the number of followers, and drives traffic back to your blog.

With only a few clicks, you can accomplish all of this and optimize your efforts. First, make sure you have the Tailwind browser extension installed; it makes it quick and straightforward to schedule Pinterest pins from anywhere on the internet.

When you find a picture you want to pin while browsing Pinterest or reading some of your favorite sites, just click the schedule button above the image and complete the task.

You may also alter the description of your material in the draft, choose whether to post it on Facebook or Twitter and decide which board to add it to, among other things.

How To Know The Best Time To Pin 

The ideal moment to pin is determined by the target audience, the board, and the category. Knowing the optimum time to pin is beneficial to Pinterest and content marketing.

It enables you to choose the optimum time of day to pin to maximize your effort. Knowing who your target audience is can assist you in determining when to publish your material.

If your target audience works Monday through Friday, the optimum time to contact them is on weekends and nights. If you want to get in touch with stay-at-home moms and fathers, you should do it during the day when the kids are in school and have less work to do.

When you have audiences from all over the world and in multiple time zones, the Tailwind smart calendar comes in useful.

Tailwind will have a lot of information on the sort of content you pin and when your audience is most active on Pinterest when you initially join up. With this information, you can construct a smart schedule, which is essentially a calendar with time slots for each day of the week.

The time slots are the suggested times for your target audience, as determined by their analytics. Your calendar is personalized based on data from over 500 million pins and 200 million boards, and you may add or delete time slots as needed during the week, depending on whether you wish to pin more or less.

Scheduling Multiple Pins At Once 

If you have many photos in your material, you may choose whether they go to a single board or many boards. If you select one board, indicate the board’s name in the all boards box area to create a box area that will automatically populate all of your photographs.

However, if you want to add names to several boards, you’ll have to do so in the same box or from the drop-down option that appears. Using the same techniques, you may schedule numerous pins from your Pinterest feed.

Interval Pinning 

The Tailwind App’s Interval Pinning function allows you to select a time interval for when each image is pinned, ranging from 10 minutes to 90 days. When interval pinning is paired with the auto-queue, the true power is shown; it is simply a question of setting it and forgetting about it.

The most excellent part of interval pinning is that it allows you to pin a single image to numerous boards with only a few quick clicks. Sharing your pins on a variety of related sites is a good content marketing technique since it gives you more visibility on Pinterest.

Because not everyone follows all of your boards, it’s vital to pin the same blog article to different boards with relevant material. 

Unless they’ve pressed the ‘all’ button, that is. It’s best to space your pins out a little to prevent overcrowding your followers’ home feed. Pinterest also finds excessive pinning over a short period unsuitable and deems them to be “spammy.”

Your search results and feeds may suffer as a result of this. To put it another way, you can clone pins across as many boards as you wish.

4. Pinterest Monitoring 

Tailwind Reviews - Pinterest Monitoring

What is tailwind? A monitor. Monitoring your content, interaction, industry trends, and conversations on Pinterest is a surefire method to keep track of everything. Here’s some additional information about that:

Track your content. 

You should keep track of how often people pin from your site so you can estimate your potential reach on Pinterest. Manage brand-related comments and discussions, and aim to enhance your Pinterest SEO by finding often used keywords and themes.

Analyze hot topics and branded content to get a better understanding of what your consumers desire. Finally, picture recognition and pixel matching technologies may be used to determine which photos are popular.

Keep an eye on your competition. 

Benchmarking your Pinterest approach against relevant rivals and brand followers can help you improve it. 

You might also keep up with current subjects and evaluate the context of their conversation, as well as discover content patterns such as effective content sources, ideal pinning times, and popular hobbies while you’re doing it.

Pinterest has grown to be a significant part of social media marketing. It includes a variety of features that allow you to track your progress and obtain real-time data to manage your website better. The following are some of the Pinterest Analytical tools:

  • Pinerly 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Cyfe
  • Google Reader

Google Analytics may be used to track website referrals and even monitor social media sites.

Pinerly is a Pinterest-specific dashboard that allows you to follow and unfollow pinners, schedule pins on your board, get data on what’s being posted about your company, and access popular pins.

Cyfe is a tool that covers single-site analytics and gathers data from your company and social media accounts in one place for real-time statistics.

They provide a free edition, which is a fantastic method to see whether you like it before investing any money; this free version also includes an infinite dashboard and five widgets. You can use Cyfe to track your Pinterest activity in two ways: adding a ‘Pinterest’ widget to track your pins (following and likes) and generating a Pinterest RSS feed.

You can acquire additional features like personalized branding, real-time sharing, and users for a modest price. Whether you want to test the waters to see if you’ll enjoy it enough to spend your money on it, taking the free choice is a better alternative. 

Pinterest has built a few dashboards as a monitoring choice, and Cyfe is one of them.

Google Reader not only allows you to subscribe to blogs and receive site updates, but it also allows you to track your brand’s development on social media. 

All you have to do now is copy and paste the Pinterest “source” page onto your own website.

5. Analytics 

Analytics - what is tailwind

Regularly monitoring your Pinterest activity may assist your company in determining the best sort of material that resonates on this platform and with your target demographic.

However, the amount of followers on your Pinterest account does not indicate how successful your plan is. Verify your Pinterest account on the website and in the settings drop-down menu to obtain access to your account’s stats.

By choosing analytics, you will be able to examine your metrics. Here are a few essential Pinterest metrics to track and how to find them using Pinterest’s analytics tool, and why these data are helpful.

What Metrics You Should Measure 

Your Top Pins 

There are a number of critical criteria to consider when evaluating your account’s success. You may find them on the analytical dashboard’s site metrics tab. Pins produced from your website’s content are crucial to examine since they inform you of your verified website’s average daily amount of pins.

The pin metric aids your company in determining whether the visual material on your website is interesting enough for visitors to make a pin to your board.

When the pin statistic reveals that your material isn’t being pinned as often as you’d want, it’s time to add additional visual content to your website or put gorgeous headers on your blog articles. The amount of pins your website creates determines all of this.

When doing analysis and assessment, it’s critical to consider the percentage of fluctuation over a specific time period to determine if the number of pins created from your website has increased or decreased.

This will allow you to determine if there were more or fewer pins on a particular day or week. Increased pins will enable you to link to the addition of visual material and future inclusion of comparable content to promote additional pinning to your website.

However, a drop in pins on a particular day after adding additional visual material to your website indicates that the visual content is not resonating with the Pinterest account’s audience. This serves as a reminder to return to the drawing board.

It’s worth noting that you should let your freshly uploaded material around two weeks to get a handle on Pinterest before reviewing your stats.

Repins From Your Site 

Repins are the ones who make you commit to Pinterest. Repining images from other accounts to your board can help your content reach new Pinterest users who aren’t already following you. 

This is due to the fact that it is included in the feeds of their followers. This repin indicator shows you the daily average number of pins from your website that have been pinned.

The amount of repins a pin receives from your website may help your business figure out if your visual content is engaging with your Pinterest audience, including pinning fans who initially pinned it.

Although it is critical to have material from your website pinned on Pinterest, the next step is to have photos repined to other boards in order to expand your audience with possible buyers and new followers.

Your Reach 

Calculating the average number of people who have seen your Pinterest pins is an essential step in determining the effectiveness of your material after it has been posted and modified. 

To determine your content reach, scroll down below the pins and repins. This lets you see how many people have viewed your material as a result of your repins and pins.

In contrast to the number of visitors your content did or did not drive towards your website, the reach statistic is crucial in evaluating how large your material reached your target audience for branding purposes.

The Number of Visits Your Site Gets

Understanding how you directed many of your Pinterest followers to your website is helpful in assessing your overall success, both in terms of content and general blogging. Pinterest increases your website’s visibility, resulting in more consumers and more revenue over time.

6. Smart Scheduling on Instagram and Pinterest 

The tailwind app’s exceptional bulk capabilities and shortcuts allow you to smartly plan pins every day without taking up a lot of your time. 

The features help you save time by allowing you to complete tasks that might typically take hours in just a few minutes. This simplifies and improves Pinterest management. The following are some Pinterest scheduling tips.

Save time. 

Try out multi-board pinning, adjust your queue to prevent repetitive publishing material, and utilize sensible intervals when spreading comparable pins apart using the drag and drop tools to reorganize pins and tailor the editorial calendar to your desire. 

The Tailwind app includes all of these built-in shortcuts that help you save time and allow you to manage your pins while on the road.

Publish Pins easily. 

With the Browser Extension, you can quickly generate numerous posts from any website with just one click and automatically create pins from your Dropbox. You may also utilize repins and programs on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as cloning pins across as many borders as feasible.

Increase your efficiency. 

The hashtag finder will recommend catchy and best hashtags for you to use on Instagram, allowing you to reach out to more people. Also, be sure you have a consistent procedure to upload all of your visual marketing material to Pinterest and Instagram.

7. Tailwind Reporting

Tailwind Reporting

Check for success and calculate Pinterest ROI by tracking your followers, engagement levels, and virality to guarantee your pins are resonating.

Other guaranteed ways to measure your accomplishments include analyzing Pinterest traffic and income with integrated Google analytics reports. You should also stay up to date on customizable email notifications and reports by enabling free performance summaries in your email inbox to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

Optimize your content. 

Knowing how your audience reacts to your content may help you plan your Pinterest strategy. Make sure you know when to pin based on when your audience is most engaged to help you better understand them.

Use advanced filtering and sorting capabilities to slice and dice your pin data to find insights by the board, keywords, hashtags, and source URL, among other things. Stay up to speed on what’s hot, even if you pinned it a while ago.

Use data from Instagram. 

The Instagram analytics tool can help you improve your efficiency. Measure your Instagram campaigns to see how well your content is doing. Finding prominent followers and engaging with them expands your audience reach. It will also be simpler to optimize engagement if you can figure out the ideal times and days to publish, and lastly, make sure you use practical content insights to emphasize what is working and what isn’t.

Tailwind FAQs 

How much does Tailwind cost?

A free trial is available, as well as a low-cost monthly or annual program. As you add more features, such as smart loops, your price rises.

What is Tailwind Smart Loop?

Smart Loop allows users to put their most popular pins to a looping schedule, after which Tailwind will keep repinning them until you remove them from the list.

What is Pinterest Plus?

After the free trial, Tailwinds offers a Pinterest-specific starting version called Pinterest Plus. It comes with one Pinterest account, unlimited scheduling, 250 smart loop posts, five tribes, and more. Everything is subject to change. For additional information, go to Tailwind Pricing.

How often should you post with Tailwind?

A spam trigger is built into Tailwind. If you create too many posts in a single calendar section, it will alert you. Most people will say no more than 30 new Pinterest pins each day. Instead of generating new pins, Smart Loops rotates your existing ones.

Can you use Tailwind on your phone?

Smart Loop allows users to put their most popular pins to a looping schedule, after which Tailwind will keep repinning them until you remove them from the list.

Final Thoughts 

Tailwind is a blog and business’s full Pinterest and Instagram marketing toolset. It may be things like scheduling articles, listening in on conversations, finding new material, expanding your reach, or tracking outcomes. All of this is achievable with only one tool. Its characteristics allow you to put out maximum work while reaping excellent content production, attracting more folks to your website

The Tailwind browser plugin also makes it simple to fill your schedule by allowing you to choose Pins directly from a website or Pinterest.

The small blue Tailwind sign appears when you hover over a picture. You may pick one or more boards to pin to by clicking on the Tailwind scheduling symbol.

Moreover, you can specify an interval for your Pins to be scheduled to other boards on different days so that your audience does not have to view the same Pin 10 times in a day.

Overall, I think Tailwind is worth it just for the communities alone.

You can discover which pins are hot or trending at a glance and pin related material to your agenda! You may plan hundreds of successful pins for your account with a single click of a button! 

This makes it simpler to find and interact with other pinners in your community by viewing categories of pins that are relevant to your account. This is a site where you can contribute YOUR stuff as well as find unique pins. 

This implies you have the opportunity to share your pins with this method and receive more repins and shares.

Tailwind can help you automate your social media activities without consuming too much of your time. Tailwind is a wonderful choice if you want to mass plan and manage your social media posts.

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