47 Unique Business Ideas You Can Try Today

Some bizarre companies are out there, and many of them are lucrative, believe it or not. Some of these unique business ideas will make you scratch your head in wonder, while others will make you exclaim, “Why hadn’t I thought of that before?”

The company ideas in this collection range from dealing with head lice to odd things with roadkill, but they’re all linked by one commonality: they’re all actual money-making enterprises. Even in a weak economy, some of them can thrive.

unique business ideas

Because, while they may look to you and me to be bizarre company concepts, they’ve all effectively connected with an underserved set of clients, referred to as a niche market. Allow these original ideas to motivate you to create your own niche market.

1. Removing Head Lice 

There are head lice out there, and there’s a chance you’ll find some on your child’s head. Some companies offer head lice and nit removal services, which is fortunate. The Lice Place has franchisees throughout Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama (my state), is arguably the most well-known. However, if you Google the issue, you’ll discover a slew of others, like Lice Squad, which has franchises all throughout Canada.

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2. Repairing Broken Dolls 

If your special doll has seen better days, a visit to a “doll hospital” may be in order. Whether your doll needs new components sculpted and replaced or a costume reconditioned, a professional will do the required repairs and return it to good shape at such a location.

Doll hospitals have been around for a long time. In 1830, one of the first doll hospitals opened in Lisbon, Portugal. One such company that is presently running is the Berkley Doll Hospital in Berkley, Michigan.

Doll repair might be a fantastic business idea for you if you enjoy dolls and are good at repairing them.

3. Creating Steel Art

NatureMaker’s artificial tree sculptures must be seen to be appreciated. NatureMaker creates steel art trees that are genuine works of art for hotels, shops, museums, libraries, zoos, commercial structures, theme parks, and luxury residences. The work is unique, and the price range begins at $10,000.

Although the trees in the photo are not made of steel, they serve as an excellent illustration of how fake trees are utilized in wildlife exhibitions.

I actually had an artist business partner in the past, and we created incredible items out of metal and car parts (see below).

4. Renting Out Livestock 

Urban chickens are gaining in popularity—after all, who wouldn’t want a pet that can also prepare breakfast? Raising hens has several disadvantages, ranging from feeding to coping with noise to chicken poop. 

Some chicken rental businesses also provide a rent-to-own option, allowing renters to adopt their hens at the end of a certain length of time.

Despite the absurdity of the situation, certain people occasionally require the assistance of animals. Companies may require such animals for marketing purposes (e.g., for film shoots and commercials). Such animals may help individuals in their gardens (e.g., a sheep that will naturally fertilize the soil). 

A variety of animals are rented for a profit – including goats, cats, dogs, cows, and other livestock.

5. Wishbones For Vegetarians 

Vegetarian? Or are you simply impatient? No need to be concerned. Thanks to Lucky Break of Seattle, you can still break your own wishbone.

The concept for plastic wishbones occurred to Ken Ahroni, the creator of Lucky Break Wishbones, over a Thanksgiving dinner on his 47th birthday, demonstrating that unique business ideas are all around us; we simply have to be able to recognize them.

6. Store Dressing Rentals 

Have you ever wondered where all those mannequins in retail store windows come from?

Of course, they were created by someone in a mannequin factory.

However, there is a rising market for second-hand mannequins.

Mannequin Madness, headquartered in California, has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for its efforts to recycle mannequins. The business leases and sells mannequins that have previously been used by Macy’s, Sears, and Nike. 

It also offers new mannequins as well as mannequin-related items such as mannequin leg lights. That’s bizarre!

7. Animal Cafes 

It’s common knowledge that spending time with animals can be relaxing. You can go to a business that has them if you don’t have any. Cat cafĂ©s allow guests to drink tea while petting resident cats have long been famous in Taiwan and Japan. Often, to the point where reservations are required at some. The Calico Cat CafĂ© in Tokyo has a webpage dedicated to its feline tenants.

In August of 2014, the still-open Le Café des Chats in Montreal became the first cat café in North America.

The Cat Town Café in Oakland, California, was the first in the United States, opening in October 2014. Cat cafés are seen throughout North America.

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8. Selling Reef Balls 

Many individuals have a say in what happens to our bodies after we die, and that option is now more extensive (and more profound) than ever.

Eternal Reefs Inc., situated in Decatur, Georgia, produces memorial reefs by incorporating the cremated ashes of a deceased person into a reef ball. The coral ball drops into the water to become a part of a new or existing reef. This produces a “real living legacy,” as the business describes it. There are also reef balls for pets. 

9. Craft Brewing 

Craft Brewing unique business ideas

You read that correctly, believe it or not. BrewDog declares on its website that its beers are neither commercial nor mainstream—and it means it.

The End of History, a 55 proof alcohol by volume brew developed by James Watt and Martin Dickie that arrives in bottles wrapped with taxidermied road dead, has a greater alcohol level than whiskey and vodka. It also sold for a high price, with the second edition in 2017 fetching $20,000 a bottle.

10. Live Grass Mowing 

The most well-known user of mowing goats is Google, which employs a herd of around 200 goats to mow the grounds surrounding its California headquarters. However, it is far from the first organization to engage one of these odd firms. Mowing goats are far more environmentally friendly than using a weed whacker and pesticide to eliminate weeds and long grasses.

Residential mowing services, on the other hand, cannot be competed with by goats. According to Gary Pfalzbot of Goatworld.com, goats don’t do a great job mowing lawns, but they’re fantastic for weed and brush control. Nonetheless, this might be a valuable service to provide to larger firms in your region.

11. Concept Restaurants 

A few tiny adjustments and tweaks may drastically alter the essence of a restaurant, bar, or café, making it one-of-a-kind and extraordinary. Staff dressed in odd costumes, such as movie characters, warriors, clowns, or individuals from the past, may give such a location a unique flavor. It may also be fascinating to recruit just unusually tall or short staff to make your clients feel like they are in a fairy tale.

12. Plant Hotels 

There are already several pet hotels, but many people consider their beloved plants to be just as precious as their critters. People who cannot care for their plants while on holiday might be interested in the services of a plant hotel.

13. Mobile Spas

Many folks, especially in huge cities, require relaxation and sensory stimulation. Offer it to them in various locations by driving up and giving them a massage in a spa truck.

14. Mosaic Laying Services 

Mosaics were formerly regarded as the pinnacle of luxury and one of the most attractive ways to decorate the interiors of buildings. This type of decorating is now also quite popular. Mosaics are for the interiors of homes, kitchens, baths, swimming pools, stores, and cafés.

15. Selling Special Dirt 

Migration is a regular occurrence in the twenty-first century. Migrants frequently miss their homeland, culture, and local products. Land from that nation is one of the major things that many people connect with that country. 

It might be sprinkled over a deceased person’s coffin or put beneath the foundation of a new home. As the proprietors of the Original Irish Dirt firm, which has grown famous among the Irish, discovered, such a business may be pretty successful.

16. Ballon Fight Services 

Flying is a one-of-a-kind experience that can be both thrilling and memorable. Although most people have heard about ballooning, few have actually done it. Short balloon flights, brief outings, or even a restaurant in a balloon high above the Earth will all be appealing and unusual company concepts.

17. Selling Celebrity Memorabilia 

Many admirers would do anything to be able to touch their idol, or at least to be able to touch and have any of his or her personal belongings, such as chopped fingernails, hair, or used handkerchiefs. Justin Bieber’s “genuine hair strands” are being offered on the internet for $35,000 for a single strand of hair, for example.

18. Graffiti Cleaning Services

Graffiti Cleaning Services

Graffiti on walls, particularly in large cities, is a regular occurrence. These removal services are uncommon, which means they are likely to be highly successful.

19. Making Sculptures Out of Food 

Food sculptures are a unique adornment that works well for both sophisticated parties and big gatherings. These sculptures are done in a variety of methods. Chocolate, watermelon, and cheese sculptures are just a few examples.

20. Selling Original Songs 

Consider the following scenario: your loved one is celebrating a birthday or a significant anniversary, when suddenly, from the speakers around them, a song is played that is specifically about them, even addressing them by name. A professional music production firm might make such songs in a series to order, with similar lyrics, for example, that they would modify for their clientele.

21. Treehouse Building Services

Many children fantasize about living in a tree home. A firm that creates professional tree homes that are built securely and in a beautiful style might be a highly successful and unique business, especially in large towns with a lot of families with children. This company can be as simple as constructing tree homes or selling pre-built houses that the owner then builds themselves (like furniture in Ikea). You may even volunteer to create or repair such tree homes.

22. Selling Birdhouses 

Birdhouses are a fascinating niche market connected to nature and those who enjoy animals and have gardens. As more people adopt environmentally friendly lives, this sort of company may become more successful. Because each species of bird prefers a somewhat different housing, birdhouses must be available in a variety of sizes and forms. These buildings are often ornamental or meant to be placed in parks and forests.

23. Drone Gift Deliveries 

Each of us enjoys creating one-of-a-kind presents and surprises. You may use a drone to deliver a gift to someone’s garden or office, for example, to make it even more unique. This sort of service will undoubtedly be in high demand.

24. Mobile Fast Food Vending Machines 

Despite the fact that fast food vending machines are already reasonably famous in Japan, they remain a unique business concept that may be pretty successful in a variety of locations across the world (especially in big cities). The peculiarity of such machines is in their ability to serve delicious fast food in a short amount of time, such as pizza, kebab, crispy chicken pieces, fries, burgers, and many other items. Vegan fast food, organic fast food, or diet fast food are all intriguing variations of such a machine.

25. Selling and Installing Safes

Safes are an essential element of the equipment in many stores, businesses, organizations, banks, and even wealthy people’s homes. Transport, assembly, and maintenance services are occasionally required for high-quality safes.

26. Food Subscription Services 

A meal subscription service is a novel business concept that is gaining traction in a number of nations across the world. This new business area offers several options and possibilities. Organic food subscriptions, diet food subscriptions, sports food subscriptions, Asian food subscriptions, Mexican food subscriptions, Italian food subscriptions, or fish and fruit subscriptions are all examples of such food subscriptions.

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27. Get Paid To Cheer People Up 

Get Paid To Cheer People Up

Hiring a happy individual to raise your spirits might sometimes be more effective than hiring a skilled psychotherapist! If a person or a friend wishes to lift their spirits, they can pay someone who will, for example, make jokes, amuse, and converse with them for an hour. This industry is already well-known in Japan.

28. Camel Products 

Many people love experimenting with different cuisines and flavors. Dairy products made from camel milk are a unique example of cuisine that many people across the world have yet to try. It’s not just a unique business concept, but it’s also high in vitamins and minerals.

29. Gamer Hotel 

Imagine a hotel with gaming consoles and a variety of games, slot machines, and other gaming-related attractions in every suite. In the lobby of such a hotel, there are computers and consoles with some of the most iconic games of all time. The corridors have duels of ecstatic gamers playing games on huge displays. Such a gaming-themed hotel would definitely be a novel business concept that would pique people’s curiosity.

30. Sci-Fi Merch 

A rising number of individuals throughout the world are fascinated by issues that blur the lines between imagination and reality. Many individuals are captivated by space, as well as the possibility of life beyond Earth and new technology.

Offer consumers things from the realm of imagination that has been re-created in the actual world. Possible products to sell are glasses that reflect laser beams, radiation-resistant UFO tracking outfits, or unique gadgets that shelter humans from 5G, 4G, and 3G waves. Although it may appear amusing, such intriguing products will undoubtedly attract a large number of buyers.

31. 3D Printing 

3D printing is a distinct business niche that is gaining prominence.

Starting a 3D product shop and offering 3D printing is an example of a 3D business. All you need to establish such a business is a 3D printer that can produce one-of-a-kind items.

This sort of company is particularly successful in the heart of major cities, as well as nearby colleges and firms that deal with technology, biology, or architecture.

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32. Painting Murals 

Murals are something that we are all familiar with and have seen before. But what if we wanted to commission a mural like this to be created in our city? Who should we get in touch with? A firm that creates murals and connects clients with artists who would construct such a mural might be an exciting business concept.

33. Cleaning Gutters 

The majority of houses have gutters. They frequently require cleaning as leaves, sticks, feathers, muck, dust, and a variety of other materials collected over time. This service is needed to improve the drainage of the gutters. However, gutter cleaning services are hard to come by, so this may be a lucrative company. You may also provide gutter cleaning, sealing, and replacement services.

34. Plate Smashing Services

Plate Smashing Services

Many individuals believe that smashing plates and shattering glass is an excellent method to de-stress. A business concept for a unique area where you may de-stress in this way could be a nice one.

35. Selling Pet Supplies 

Pet pampering is in high demand, which may seem weird at first. When traveling by automobile, rail, or airline with their pet, owners want to indulge themselves with such amenities. 

Pet accessories are also getting more popular, so a pet apparel boutique seems like a fun concept for a one-of-a-kind business. Many pet owners want to buy clothes or accessories for their dogs, but most retailers have a limited variety. Creating a company like this will undoubtedly get a lot of attention.

36. Glamping Services

Glamping is a style that combines capping with glamour. It’s a relatively recent phenomenon that’s garnered a lot of interest yet is still relatively unknown. New items and concepts, such as luxury deck chairs or luxury field kitchens, have a lot of potential in this segment of the industry.

37. Floating Home Products 

Home and interior decorations and accessories that levitate are a new and distinct sector in the industry. There are already levitating trees, levitating lights, and levitating speakers on the market. Creating new levitating goods, or improving those mentioned above, is an excellent business concept. It also appears that opening cafés, pubs, or restaurants with levitating décor might be intriguing (and levitating food bowls, for example).

38. Shelter and Bunker Construction

Many wealthy individuals want to be well-prepared for a wide range of situations, including all dangers and calamities. A bunker or a tiny small shelter might be pretty beneficial for this reason. Bunkers are still one of the most unusual company ideas and an up-and-coming niche, despite their seeming popularity.

39. Pest Protection 

Animals, mainly insects, and mosquitoes are a nuisance to inhabitants in many areas of the world. Provide a service that protects houses against such issues. Installing mosquito nets and sealing any openings through which animals may enter the residence should be expert services offered by such a firm.

40. Plant Hospital 

Sometimes our favorite plants begin to wilt, wither, or are attacked by a bug, or anything awful occurs to them for no apparent cause. Provide a professional service to help ill plants be rescued and treated. Private transportation may be arranged to pick up such plants from your house and transfer them to a plant treatment facility for recuperation.

41. Get Paid To Give Breakfast in Bed 

Instead of making breakfast, many individuals would rather sleep or do something else in the morning. Provide a breakfast delivery service to your house or to your bed. This menu may easily be expanded to include lunches and evenings. Some people dislike eating alone, or they are simply lonely and want to spend time with others. Provide a service where you prepare and enjoy lunch with your customers.

42. Cemetery Restoration Services 

Many old or neglected cemeteries, monuments, and obelisks need repair or simple cleaning and maintenance all over the world. Offering a repair service to preserve and care for such graves and monuments is likely to attract a large number of clients.

43. Building Decoration Services 

Building Decoration Services - unique business ideas

Many buildings, notably beautiful and luxury restaurants, bars, hotels, and corporate offices, require a high-quality finish to their walls, painting and pasting or carving embellishments, and a high quality finish to the exterior, despite the fact that it may appear easy and minor. Hand-painted frescoes or the repainting of existing frescoes or embellishments are likewise in high demand. Furthermore, the repair and preservation of such antique ornaments is a separate business.

44. Automated Herding 

Many different sorts of pack animals require a leader or a guardian, such as a dog. Create a robot that will protect and lead the group by acting like a dog. Other applications for such a robot dog include guarding the property of wealthy people and studying the lives of wild animals using cameras and sensors.

45. Cultural Performance Service 

Organizers of various festivals and cultural events strive to attract and engage as many people as possible. They frequently arrange dance performances, acrobatic displays, musicals, and other events for this reason. Hiring excellent dancers that specialize in unusual dances like Spanish flamenco, Indian Bharata Natyam, or Arabic belly dance is one of these unique business ideas. Many event organizers would gladly pay a high price to watch such unusual dances.

46. Personal Digital Services 

Many individuals follow a YouTuber or follow a profile on Instagram or Facebook. Make a company that provides services linked to these channels or profiles. You might, for example, sell permits to participate in a video or offer to purchase dedicated Instagram posts from celebrity accounts.

47. Tree Cutting Services 

Gardeners, as well as park or green space administrators in cities, frequently desire to prune towering trees. However, doing it alone is often too complex or risky. As a result, wherever there are a lot of trees, this sort of company will receive a lot of attention.

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Final Thoughts 

Coming up with successful company ideas that other people believe are odd, unique, or just plain weird isn’t as challenging as you would think. Opportunities exist, but many individuals struggle to notice them. The capacity to identify, grab, and even invent possibilities distinguishes the successful entrepreneur from the others.

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