Indoor mini golf business | a (hole) new opportunity to explore!

Indoor mini-golf is a fun and exciting activity that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for generations.

With the rise of indoor entertainment venues, the demand for indoor mini-golf courses has increased significantly.

girl playing indoor golf

This has led to a new opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore and start their own indoor mini-golf businesses.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of starting an indoor mini-golf business and provide tips and insights to help you get started.

So, get ready to tee off on a (hole) new adventure and discover the exciting world of indoor mini-golf businesses.

Why set up an indoor golf court?

There are several reasons for that…

  • A fun and engaging activity that can attract a wide range of customers. (an evergreen pass time)
  • It can be designed according to your budget.
  • Can operate year-round, providing a steady stream of revenue even during the off-season.
  • The (ROI) can be high, as they tend to have low overhead costs and can pay themselves off quickly.

If you are planning to start the golf business (or any other business) but are on the fence about launching it, read this article or watch the video below.

How To Start Your Own Indoor Miniature Golf Business 


So you have got some capital in your hand, and you are all excited to set up your own mini golf course.

Now how to do that??

Here comes our indoor mini golf business plan(step-by-step guide)…

Step 1: Plan, plan, plan. 

Planning is vital for any venture.

Here are answers to some questions that might come to your mind while planning for an indoor golf business.

How much is it going to cost to open an indoor miniature golf course? 

Total Average Cost – $500,000

ItemCost Range*
Land lease or space deposit$15,000 – $30,000
Land modifications$100,000 – $140,000
Course decorations, furnishings, and arcade games$200,000
Architectural plans$7,500 – $15,000
Insurance deposits$2,000 – $4,000
Basic equipment and POS system$15,500 – $17,500
Golf supplies and legal/accounting expensesUp to $19,000
Promotional expensesUp to $21,000

*These cost ranges are approximate and can vary based on location and specific golf course requirements.

What about the ongoing expenses of running an indoor miniature golf course?

Average monthly expenses – $12000

ExpenseMonthly Cost*
UtilitiesApproximately $1,500
Business InsuranceAround $500
Monthly suppliesUp to $400
RentUp to $6,000
Employee wagesManager’s salary plus hourly rates for staff

*Please note that these are estimated monthly costs and can vary depending on the location, size of the business, and other factors.

Who will be your target market?

kids playing mini golf

Families (with kids) will be your best clientele.

How will you make money as an owner of an indoor miniature golf business? 

You will charge clients a set amount to play on the course.

You can also earn by setting up stalls or vending machines.

How much should you charge your customers? 

You can charge around $5 – $7 for an 18 holes game.

How much can you expect to make? 

This depends on the area and the surrounding competitors.

A consistent stream of customers can easily earn you over $100,000 per year. 

This increases the possibility of recouping initial investment within a few years

How do you make your business more profitable? 

By choosing a strategic location targeting potential customers (schools, churches, entertainment centers)

By operating on major holidays to capture increased footfall

Establishing a strong social media presence

Moving on to step 2

Step 2: Register Your Mini Golf Business 

In the US, the most common business formats are sole proprietorship, partnership, and limited liability Company (LLCs). 

Establishing an LLC is the best way forward with these kinds of ventures.

Step 3: Secure Licenses and Permits

iage showing an approved application

So now get the permit to run an indoor golf court from your state. The criteria vary across US.

Here are some common steps that you have to take.

Get a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the appropriate authorities.

Visit the US Small Business Administration (SBA) website for (up to date) information specific to opening a mini golf course in the United States.

Set up a business bank account (check out these banks) in your company’s name to facilitate financial management and tax filing.

Step 4: Choose The Right Location 

While choosing the location, keep the following things in mind.

The venue is conveniently accessible and reachable by people.

There is ample parking space.

Like the golf business, here is another business idea that you can run on the side. A friend of ours made $100K selling vacuum cleaners in 06 months.

Watch the video to know more.

Step 5: Designing the Mini Golf Course

The design can vary depending on the available space, budget, and desired level of complexity.

However, some common design elements for indoor mini-golf courses include,


Indoor mini-golf courses typically include a variety of obstacles, such as tunnels, ramps, bridges, and windmills, that add challenge and interest to the game.


Many indoor mini-golf courses are designed with a specific theme in mind, such as a jungle, pirate ship, or space station, to create a unique and immersive experience for players.


Indoor mini-golf courses often incorporate creative lighting designs, such as black lights or neon lights, to enhance the visual appeal of the course and create a fun and engaging atmosphere.


Indoor mini-golf courses can incorporate landscaping elements, such as rocks, plants, and water features, to create a natural and visually appealing environment.

Sound Effects

Some indoor mini-golf courses use sound effects, such as animal noises or music, to enhance the immersive experience for players.

Overall, the design of an indoor mini-golf course should be engaging, challenging, and visually appealing while also being safe and accessible for players of all ages and skill levels.

Step 6: Hire Staff. 

Some of the employees you should consider hiring: 

  • Receptionist 
  • Cashier 
  • Floor staff 
  • Manager 
  • Assistant Manager 
  • Security personnel 
  • Janitor (maybe) 

Because this is a recreational business, choose employees that have good communication skills and a presentable appearance.

Step 7: Price Your Services. 

In general, you can charge $8 – $15 for 18 holes of golf.

The majority of successful mini golf course owners make more than $100,000 each year.

(Some more ideas that can generate $100K a year are listed here)

Step 8: Promote Your Business. 

Promote Your Business.

It’s a smart move to have a website and use a mix of print publications and social media advertising.

By utilizing different channels, you can make a strong impact in the mini golf industry and reach a diverse audience.

This approach is especially effective for attracting younger customers and creating an engaging atmosphere for them to enjoy.

Here comes another big question!!
How to keep your customers coming back???

How To Retain Your Customers?

people playing golf.

Some ways to attract and retain more customers are…

Encouraging customers to hold birthday parties and other events at your course.

Offer specific days and times with incentives (like bringing friends and earning a free game or lower costs after a certain hour).

Try to include interactive arcade games and other indoor activities in your setup to have a variation.

FAQ – Miniature Golf Course Business

How to start a putt-putt business?

Putt-putt is a term that is often used interchangeably with mini-golf or miniature-golf. Hence all the steps mentioned above will apply to a putt-putt business as well.

What is a mini golf construction cost?

The cost of constructing a mini-golf course can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the course, the materials used, and the location. 
On average, it can cost around $500K.

How much would you make owning a putt-putt course?

The amount of money you can make owning a putt-putt course can vary depending on several factors, such as the location, size of the course, pricing strategy, and the number of customers.

According to some industry estimates, a well-run mini-golf course can generate annual revenues of $250,000 to $500,000 or more. 

Final Thoughts 

So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging business opportunity, the indoor mini-golf business is a great option to explore.

With the potential for high returns and a year-round stream of revenue, starting an indoor mini-golf course can be a rewarding and profitable venture.

From designing a challenging and visually appealing course to creating a marketing and sales strategy, this blog post covers everything you need to know to get started in this exciting industry.

Continual research will make your business thrive, so just keep learning!

Good luck!

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