My Life Goal List (Bucket List)

A life goal list is a list of things that you want to pursue and accomplish during your lifetime, but these lists can go by many names (bucket list, life list, dream list, 100 things I want to do before I die) and don’t require any particular name at all.

I think the list is essential. It keeps you aware of what you truly want to accomplish and keeps you on your toes and out of the ruts.

(if you’d like to skip my antics and go straight to some ideas you can add to a life goal list of your own, keep on scrolling!)

ways to live cheap

My father looked at me funny when I mentioned that I had a bucket list back when I was 25. “That’s a little depressing, don’t you think?”
“Heck no. People don’t start thinking about truly living until they’re facing death and I want to start earlier…”

I was at the doctor for my check-up (I’m not too fond of the doctor’s office and try not to go more than once per year if I can avoid it). The doc said something that mentioned death, to which I replied, “Well, we’re all dying, just at different rates.”

Again, a funny look and an uncomfortable body shift by the doctor.
Here’s my point.

We Are All Going To Die.

I’m not morbid.

I’m a realist.

I think we live differently when we genuinely think about that and understand it as a fact.
We have a finite time on Planet Earth.

What, 80-100 years if we live a good long life?
And we’re not even guaranteed that.
No promise for tomorrow.
Heck, we’re not even promised the rest of today.

It’s no reason to live in fear – it’s just reality.

With that said, I want to share with you the things that I want to accomplish in life.
I have a list of life goals, which I’ve kept on a spreadsheet for years.
It changes – morphs – and updates.
But it’s always sitting somewhere in my subconscious mind.

Why share it with the world?

Because it inspires me to keep pursuing.

I hope that it will inspire you to create a list of your own.
I hope that you will share items with me that I may not have thought of.
I hope you will see items that I’ve completed and say, “if he can do it, I can do it.”
I hope to learn what it took you to accomplish your items and what lessons you learned.
I hope to share what life lessons I have learned.

The beautiful thing is that there is no timeframe (setting goals and timeframes on those goals is essential but a separate conversation).

The idea of this list of life goals is to dream.

You can create realities from them with goal setting.

Dream Big.

There’s no reason not to.

The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t complete your list.

But by actively working towards completion, look at what you will have accomplished and learned during the journey.

make a life goal list

This is a list of the things that I hope to accomplish in my lifetime.
They are not listed in any particular order.
The list will change as my passions and direction in life change.

Life Goal List Ideas

Read “Atlas Shrugged”
See the Aurora Borealis
Hike to the Grand Canyon Floor
Ride in a Fighter Jet
Run a Marathon
See NASA Space Shuttle Launch
Swim with the Manatees
Go to a NASCAR race (of course while wearing Jorts)
Learn the windmill breakdance (I better hurry, I’m getting older)
Learn fluent Spanish
Visit Glacier National Park in Montana
Hike Half Dome
Hike Half Dome in Yosemite via moonlight
Make my own Wine
Fly into Space
Bungy Jump
Be on National TV
Visit Yellowstone National Park
Hike part of the Pacific Coast Trail
Make my own moonshine
Visit Alaska
Travel to Central and South America
Create 5 different sources of income
Give away $1Million to charity
Have children (stepson who calls me Dad2!)
Visit the Egyptian pyramids
Visit Mayan ruins in Peru
Start a successful business
Start unsuccessful businesses
Learn from unsuccessful businesses
Read the entire Bible
Marry a beautiful (inside & out) woman
Learn to Ballroom dance (salsa, tango, foxtrot, waltz)
Bake my own bread
Own a home with an outdoor kitchen and a water view
Be financially free by the age of 40 (I’m ok with house debt)
Witness a Miracle (I’ve come to see that life itself is miraculous)
Have a 40th birthday bash
Attend my 25th high school reunion
Be a player in recycling for my city
Perform ‘To Build a Home’ by Cinematic Orchestra via piano
Breathe Fire
Learn a percussion instrument
Learn a Martial Art (preferably krav maga)
Own a motorcycle
Make my own wine
Have my own Wine Label
Start a Hip-Hop Dance Crew (it was hip hop for the community, close enough!)
See a Total Eclipse
Experience Monarch Butterfly Migration
Ride in a helicopter over beautiful scenery
DJ at club/party with at least 200 partyin’ people
See a Jubilee on the Eastern Shore
Read a Trashy Romance Novel
Learn to drive a stick shift
Start a non-profit organization
Flip Houses
Learn a computer programming language
Learn the basics of Photography and Have Someone Pay for a Photo that I take
Buy a Jeep Wrangler
Read every Economist Issue for 1 year
Survive a Bear Encounter in the Wild
Set a world record
Visit a country with 1 Billion+ People
Create FB Page with 10,000 Fans
Create an Instagram account with 10,000 Followers
Work at a restaurant
Learn to sail
Shoot a deer
Catch a shark
Visit Portland, OR
Visit Austin, TX
Hunt an Alligator
Put on Large Event to Raise Money
Make a Coffee Stout Beer Batch
Stand Naked on a Beach in a Rainstorm
Go Skinny Dipping
Perform a TED Talk
Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef
St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland
Meet the President of the U.S.A.
Self-Publish a Book
Participate in a National TV Gameshow
Memorize Poem by Marianne Williamson -Our Deepest Fear
Be in a Big Screen Movie (even an extra)
Participate in a Flash Mob
Surf a wave for more than 5 seconds
Get tap shoes, take lessons, & perform somewhere
Get on the ABC show Sharktank (or similar)
Complete the Public Speaking Toastmasters Course
Perform in the street
Experience an Earthquake
Get sprayed by pepper spray (still debating)
Solve a Rubik’s cube
Complete the Rubik’s cube in less than 1 minute
Experience sea turtles hatching
Learn to ride a unicycle
Ride along with a local police officer on a late-night shift
Gain 10k subscribers on YouTube
Gain 100k subscribers on YouTube
Teach more than 100,000 students online via Udemy
Run a mile in under 7:00
Grow the Mobile Rundown community to 100k+
Hike the Pinhoti Trail
Grow this website to 1 Million+ Monthly Visitors

I hope that you are working on your life list if you don’t have one already.
Start now.
Yes, right now.
Get a pen, pencil, crayon, paper, pad, napkin, whatever.
Get started.
You will unlock feelings that you didn’t even know were there.

This life vision must be laid out before you can even begin to decide how your business life should look.

So don’t forget, Memento Mori, remember that you will die.
Time to start living!

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