100 Self Love Affirmations To Boost Your Self Worth

The first thing I want to tell you is: you’re not alone. Struggling with low self-esteem and self-doubt is common. I commend you for looking for resources that can help uplift your current situation. Sometimes you just need to know that you’re ok! How about some self love affirmations?

I know that the following self-love affirmations will go a long way if you take them seriously.

We’re often very critical of ourselves, and it’s easy to fall into the habit of putting ourselves down without even being aware of it. 

If your thoughts often start with “I can’t,” I hope you realize that you’re holding yourself back from your true potential. 

Just take a deep breath.

Everything is going to be ok.

Repeating these affirmations will send the Universe a big message – give me the best you’ve got! 

So please believe and act as if the Universe is your best friend. The following simple affirmations could be just what you need to switch up your mindset and be more open to a universe full of possibilities, not roadblocks. 

The more you repeat these affirmations, I hope the more your self-esteem grows. 

Do positive self-affirmations even work?!? Healthline says that they do. But of course, nothing 100% works for everyone. So check out their article to understand when there might be bigger items at play.

self love affirmations

How To Use Self Love Affirmations To Improve Self-Esteem

First, you have to allot some time in the day to practice affirmation. My favorite time to fill my mind and heart with positive affirmations is in the morning. It sets me to have a good day. It declutters my mind, and I find that I have better focus throughout the day. 

If that won’t work for you, you can also make time for affirmation before going to bed. Think of it as a spell that will work its magic on you as you sleep and recharge. 

If you want an even more considerable boost, record yourself as you say your affirmations. Then listen to your recording as you sleep to send positivity right into your subconscious! 

The secret to affirmations is pure belief. It would help if you believed what you’re saying. It may feel weird or uncomfortable at first, but it will feel more natural over time. The more confidence you build, the more likely you’ll believe in yourself. 

For now, pick a couple of self-love affirmations that you really need right now. Work with them consistently. Never miss a day. Once you feel like you’ve gotten the most of those affirmations, pick new ones to work on. 

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100 Self Love Affirmations 

1. I am enough. 

2. I am worthy of love. 

3. I am loved. 

4. My body is amazing. 

5. I have boundaries, and I will respect them. 

6. I choose myself every day. 

7. I live to be kind to myself. 

8. I am beautiful, inside and out. 

9. I am all I need. 

10. I am complete. 

11. I accept all my flaws. 

12. I can reach my goals. 

13. I have no regrets. 

14. I won’t let my fears hold me back. 

15. Loving me is easy. 

16. I am strong. 

17. I forgive those who have hurt me. 

18. I let go of those who don’t care about me. 

19. I always live in the present. 

20. I am eager to learn and grow. 

21. I am willing to receive love. 

22. I can overcome challenges with grace. 

23. I love to serve the less fortunate. 

24. I have dignity. 

25. I have no room in my life for negativity. 

26. I am stronger than my fears and doubts. 

27. My work is valued. 

28. I can forgive myself for my mistakes. 

29. I can take compliments. 

30. I do not need to suffer. 

31. I want a joy-filled life. 

32. I have a lot to contribute to the world. 

34. I respect myself and others. 

35. My life is in balance. 

36. I have the power to make significant changes. 

37. I feel the warmth of the Universe’s embrace. 

38. I refuse to apologize for being myself. 

39. I will prioritize my needs. 

40. I am confident, and I radiate confidence. 

41. I attract positive and like-minded people. 

42. I love my own company. 

43. The only approval I need is my own. 

44. I trust in my ability to pull through hard times. 

45. My body is powerful enough to beat sickness. 

46. I am smart enough to figure anything out. 

47. I have talent. 

48. I am willing to put the work in. 

49. I trust my intuition. 

50. There are many opportunities for success and happiness in my life. 

51. I can heal. 

52. I am my best friend. 

53. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. 

54. I can turn my dreams into reality. 

55. By loving myself, I can love others better. 

56. I have so much to be grateful for. 

57. My capacity for love increases every day. 

58. I only fill my mind with loving thoughts. 

59. My gentleness is powerful. 

60. My opinions matter. 

61. I have a voice, and it’s important. 

62. There is no room for negativity in my life. 

63. I can create beautiful things. 

64. I have the power to support living lings. 

65. My surroundings are a reflection of my inner life. 

66. I trust myself to make the right choices. 

67. I have a rich inner life. 

68. I will pause and reflect when I need to. 

69. I deserve to treat myself. 

70. My goals are worthy. 

71. I do my best to improve my surroundings. 

72. I am brave. 

73. I am resilient. 

74. There is power in softness and sensitivity. 

75. I am attractive. 

76. I’m fun to be around. 

77. I radiate light. 

78. I take moderation in moderation. 

79. I am open to change. 

80. I have the power to make people smile. 

81. I have the power to make people’s lives easier. 

82. I always look for beauty in life. 

83. I am useful.

84. I am wanted. 

85. My existence has a purpose. 

86. I’m allowed to make mistakes. 

87. I always try to do my best in every situation. 

88. I’d have me as a friend. 

89. I am unique. 

90. I am in control. 

91. I accept that there are unkind people in the world. 

92. I love myself unconditionally. 

93. I accept myself exactly as I am now. 

94. I am at peace with my past. 

95. I am hopeful about the future. 

96. I’m a work in progress. 

97. Love and light flow through my being. 

98. My capacity for love has no limit. 

99. Negativity has no purpose. 

100. I commit to myself. 

I hope you believe in yourself the way I believe in you. I believe that all of the affirmations I listed above can apply to you at some point. It’s your turn to put in the work and give yourself the kindness you deserve. Good luck!

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