Quora Partner Program

The quora partner program is a great way to make some additional income by asking questions.

Although the Quora Partner Program is ‘invite only’ it is a great way to make some additional cash.  Quora pays you a portion of the ad revenue they receive.  They share this with you because without your questions, there would be no content.  They will pay you for up to one year based on the ad revenue they receive.  Therefore it’s best to think of evergreen content that will be searched via google over and over.  Think of timeless content.  Don’t only post trending topics as they’ll lost steam.

See the videos below that explain the partner program and how Quora works.

You won’t get rich overnight asking questions.  But the Quora Partner Program is worth it because you can use it as a tool to see what questions gain the most traction.  If you see that certain questions are really popular, then you might want to create more content around the question.
Maybe you should write a blog post, or create a YouTube video, or look for more Quora content around the subject.
But if your main goal is to make money, there are better ways.
Here’s one of my more popular posts where I list 50 ways that you can make money online from home.

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