Pixpa Review: What Does This Website Builder Have To Offer?

Pixpa is causing a stir among creatives looking for a website that can serve as a portfolio and store. I’ll give you the crucial deets in this Pixpa review if you plan to use it yourself. 

First and foremost, Pixpa is not for everyone.

It was created to design websites for photography and other visual creative sectors.

You should look elsewhere if you’re building any other form of a website.

Pixpa is not like other website builders.

It’s tailored to creatives on a tight budget who need to construct an online portfolio of their work, thus increasing their online presence.

The themes are stylish and contemporary, and you gain access to solid tools that are essential for all creatives.

The e-commerce feature, for example, is comparable to giants like WooCommerce and Shopify

If you’re thinking about utilizing Pixpa to create a website for someone else, the client-proofing feature will come in handy.

It allows your clients to view your site, design drafts, and vote on which one they prefer.

Essentially, the Pixpa Website Builder isn’t really remarkable, but it suffices for this purpose.

You can use the builder to create conventional blogs or company websites.

However, it’s primarily geared for creatives like artists, photographers, and writers.

pixpa review

Who Is Pixpa? 

Pixpa is a company that was launched in 2013.

Its customer base grew to over 100,000 in just a few years.

Pixpa is currently ranked as one of the top ten online portfolio platforms for photographers and artists.

The company was created in New Delhi by Gurpreet Singh and Anuj Sharma, but it subsequently grew to include a US branch.

Pixpa has grown into an international brand, and the website builder is now available worldwide. 

Pixpa is a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use website builder designed for photographers and artists.

Without any coding necessary, it provides valuable integrations, SEO tools, and mobile-responsive templates.

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Pixpa Review: Who Is Pixpa Best For? 


Pixpa is fantastic for skilled and novice artists.

It offers a variety of layouts for showcasing art, photographs, paintings, and sculptures.

You can invite folks to view and buy your art by creating galleries.

Other artists who have sold their work through Pixpa have a substantial online portfolio on the app.

You can use their variety of templates to your advantage, communicate with others, and solicit comments.

This could be a great way to acquire confidence in your work while also receiving helpful feedback.


Pixpa was created to help photographers and other creative people promote their work online.

There are many customizable templates and resources available to assist you in making your online store and portfolio.

You may see how others have used the templates to obtain some ideas and inspiration on the demo pages.

There is also a blog with tutorials and suggestions to assist you in learning the system and making more money with photography.


Pixpa can also be used as a blogging platform if you can’t afford to employ a developer.

The drag-and-drop editor allows you to create a blog in minutes.

Different themes and layouts let you customize a website without knowing how to code.

On the other hand, templates can be customized simply by altering the CSS.

Those Who Don’t Have The Time or Know-How 

Pixpa enables even non-programmers to create a professional website. 

You choose a template and fill in the blanks instead of coding.

Sliders are used to edit the templates, which is a simple process. 

Following that, you can add photographs and text.

Hit publish, and voila, your work is online!

Website building seems intimidating, but you can make one with Pixpa without writing a single line of code.

Those Who Are Unsure 

If you’re unsure what type of website you want to make, Pixpa allows you to check out various options before settling on one.

It’s a terrific opportunity to try out different things without committing to anything.

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Pixpa’s Features 

Pixpa’s Features

Shopify, Google Analytics, and more integrations are available through Pixpa to help you track your website’s progress and expand your business.

Your dashboard’s marketing feature is also quite helpful.

You can boost your site’s SEO by adding metadata here.

You may also include social media widgets to make users’ sharing of your pages more accessible.

However, there are a few aspects that I found particularly outstanding when it comes to using Pixpa.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Proofing System 

Pixpa’s proofing method is what sets it apart from other website builders for creative portfolios.

You can create a proofing page where your customers can leave feedback and choose which photos they want to buy.

This specialized portal allows you to communicate directly with your clients through your website.

This will save you time by removing the need for third-party tools like Dropbox

These proofing pages are also mobile-friendly, allowing your customers to select photos while on the go.

Pixpa safeguards your work by turning off the right-click feature on proofing pages, preventing your clients from just downloading your images. 

Blogging Tools 

Pixpa’s blogging tools cover every aspect of the process.

The platform may be used to create a full-featured blog with many authors and categories. 

You can also set up a custom sidebar and a search function for easy navigation.

The SEO manager is user-friendly and allows you to edit tags and metadata for your blog entries to increase organic web traffic.

With Pixpa’s blogging capabilities, you can write, edit, publish, and schedule blog articles all from one place.

The WYSIWYG editor is simple to use and comprehend. 

Additionally, you can change your blog website’s fonts, colors, spacing, and other visual components.

Everything you need to publish blog posts will be at your disposal.

However, please note that you cannot automatically migrate your existing blog content from a different host to Pixpa.

Pixpa allows you to quickly set up a 301 redirect to guide users and search engines from your old website to your new one if you need to migrate.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to do so can be found on their help page. 

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Integrated eCommerce Solutions 

Pixpa’s store pages are easy to navigate.

They include alternatives for selling services and physical items or digital downloads.

You can sell individual photographs on your website if you want to.

Pixpa shines when it comes to selling digital things, which is something that not all other website builders allow.

From within the editor, you can add a wealth of details.

It’s extremely simple to: 

  • Put up digital products for download from within the Pixpa site or via an external link 
  • Include usage and licensing info
  • Appy SEO features on every product page 

You can also see all your orders, abandoned carts, and client information from the shop dashboard.

It’s easy to establish sale pricing and tax rates and choose which payment method to use.

It’s pretty evident that Pixpa had creative professionals in mind when they created a straightforward approach to selling digital creations.

Best of all, Pixpa does not charge you any commissions or listing costs. PayPal, Stripe, and PayUMoney are all payment gateways for paying customers.

It’s a viable option for small business owners who want to launch a business website.

Photo Galleries Galore 

Pixpa has 15 gallery styles to choose from, ranging from grids to full and scrolling photos.

You can add images, videos, or HTML slides to your gallery once you’ve decided on a layout.

There are built-in options to ensure that your photographs are viewed in the manner you intended.

All grid layouts, for example, include a lightbox function that removes all distractions from your photos. 

You can also specify a focal point for each image.

This ensures that the photo’s main point is seen regardless of the device your visitors are using.

Pixpa generates different versions of your gallery dependent on a visitor’s device and screen resolution.

So, images in your gallery can be optimized for SEO, and your galleries are always mobile-friendly.

If you’ve already posted all of your photographs to Instagram, simply link your account, and Pixpa will create a gallery from your feed.

The image uploading method is one of Pixpa’s shortcomings.

A centralized media storage file doesn’t exist on the platform.

If you want to use the same image in your gallery and a blog post, you’ll need to upload it to each page separately.

Still, you may quickly and easily share a customized gallery of photographs with a client.

These clients can then download it as a mobile app to their mobile devices.

This is great for showing clients sneak peeks from photoshoots or perhaps offering the complete project as a freebie.

You can also provide these galleries as a paid add-on to your services.

Pixpa allows you to construct many Mobile Gallery Apps, which can become an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Your branding information, such as your name, contact information, and social network connections, will come preloaded into it. 

Consider sending a customer a Mobile Gallery App for their photoshoot, which they then share with their friends and family.

They will not only be able to see the images, but they will also be able to learn more about you.

In my opinion, any platform that assists you with free promotion is a plus. 

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My Reservations About Pixpa: Pixpa Review

My Reservations About Pixpa 

Since this is a review, we can’t neglect Pixpa’s cons.

I’m sure you want to know what you’re getting into with this service. Here are some aspects of Pixpa that could be improved. 

1. It could be a bit faster. 

Pixpa takes its time to load.

As a result, working becomes tedious after a while due to the long time to move between modules.

For example, Wix loads in 0.5 seconds, while Pixpa takes 1.5 seconds, which is three times longer.

Although it may not seem like much, Amazon discovered that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales.

Is that something you have the financial means to allow? 

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2. It’s not the most customizable. 

The more a process is streamlined, the less maneuverability it has.

The templates are attractive and might help you increase sales.

But what if the design is modified?

Custom CSS, the language used to tweak an HTML document, can be used to make changes to the website design.

It’s located in the side menu under Design > Custom CSS.

Advanced users usually know their way around these modifications.

However, you will be unable to alter HTML or some characteristics.

Of course, whether or not you require this is dependent on your requirements.

However, if you choose Pixpa, then you might be looking for simplicity and do not want extensive options.

3. You’re reliant on Pixpa as a host. 

If something happens to Pixpa, your website will be compromised as well.

That means if the entire website goes down, yours will too.

To be honest, there’s a slim likelihood of that happening, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

In a way, you’re not in complete control of your website.

How Much Does Pixpa Cost? 

pixpa review - How Much Does Pixpa Cost? 

Calculating expenses is one of the most critical aspects of launching a business.

Some portfolio sites, for example, deduct a portion of your sales.

Pixpa, on the other hand, does not deduct anything from your earnings.

The only cost it has is a set monthly fee.

Light, Personal, Expert, and Business are the four affordable pricing plans available, each costing between $3 and $24 per month.

When you choose a yearly plan over a monthly plan, you can save 40%.

It does come with a 15-day free trial if you want to try it out before investing.

You can try out all its features during this trial period to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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Final Thoughts 

Overall, Pixpa is a fantastic all-around performer for website creation.

The platform’s portfolio-building capabilities, though, are where it really shines.

Client galleries and mobile gallery apps are unparalleled in their ability to streamline your client proofing process.

Pixpa’s client proofing and service platform are one of the most extensive and proprietary on the market.

The e-commerce builder, which has many features, is particularly impressive. eCommerce galleries are a terrific way to supplement your income. 

If you use auto-fulfillment, you won’t have to worry about hiring your lab to fulfill print orders.

The fact that the platform does not collect a commission on these sales is merely a bonus.

Still, it has several downsides, the most significant of which being the inability to purchase custom domain names without third-party sellers.

However, this is a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things.

If you’re new to website creation and need something simple and intuitive, Pixpa is the right choice for you.

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