My Personal User Manual

Thousands of companies are now remote first.

That’s why you need a personal user manual.

This manual will tell your remote comrades about you and how you operate.

  • Do you love working late at night?
  • Do you not take meetings before noon because that’s when you get your best work done?

That’s what a personal user manual is all about.

My personal user manual is below…

My Personal Mission

I believe life is an adventure.

My goal is to live a flexible lifestyle and enjoy the journey.

That’s why I’m always going on about destroying the box and not just thinking outside of it).

A Bit About My Working Style

Below are a few of my working strategies and philosophies in my personal and business life.

In my world, work and personal life go hand and hand.

I don’t really have a work-life balance.

I seem to live more with more of a work life rhythm.

New Things

I love starting new things and making multiple streams of income.

I often have to balance completing a project and scratching the itch of a new, exciting idea.

There’s a delicate balance, so feel free to keep me accountable when it looks like I might be pivoting too early.

Work Ethic

I work 24/7, but I also break 24/7.

This means you might find me unavailable while I’m keeping score at my son’s afternoon soccer game.

But it also means you might ping me at 9 pm, and I’m in the middle of a project and will answer back.

Phone Rules

I’m not too fond of phone calls.

I am always doing something.

Therefore, most calls are a distraction from whatever it is that I’m currently focused on.  

This is my phone philosophy. Don’t take it personally if I don’t answer your call.

It lives on silent.

If necessary, just shoot me an email or leave a voicemail.

If it’s an emergency, call my wife or dial 911.


If I ping you or email you outside of our working hours, I do not expect an instant reply.

I’ve probably pinged you because I have a thought I need to share, and if I don’t, it will be gone forever.

Therefore, I ping.

My Meeting Philosophy

I believe in minimal meetings.

If we’re meeting, it’s because it’s the only way to accomplish what we need to do.

Let’s have a pre-planned agenda prior to the meeting so that we can be ready.

Remembering We Are People

Because so much communication is digital, it can be easy to forget that there’s a human being on the other end.

This is actually the first step in my manual on hiring VAs.

Maybe you don’t have this problem, but I do.

I think it’s the digital medium.

I’m typing into a machine, or talking to a camera. Not a person.

It can be easy to forget that it’s going to end up with you, a person!

I’m fun-spirited, but if I’m in a rush, maybe my responses can seem short or rude.

If that happens, don’t take it personally.

I was probably replying right before a meeting or in between working on projects.

That was my fault for responding then.

If there is a big issue, we will discuss it in person—email is typically not the best communication method for big-ticket problems.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you feel I’m not communicating with kindness!

My Strengths:

Starting New Things*

Developing Ideas

Big Picture Strategy

Being Willing To Take Shots and Adjust as I go

My Weaknesses: 

Starting New Things* 😜

Taking a Project “to the next level”

Organizational Structure (my wife says I’m organized because I use spreadsheets, but I don’t think this counts)

Flying by the Seat of my Pants (I’m a napkin business plan guy)

Things I’m OK At But Want To Improve:

Public Speaking

Tracking KPIs

Building Teams

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Knowing When To Stay The Course vs. Pivot

Tools That I Like To Use:

Whatsapp (for quick communication)

Slack (we moved mostly to Slack)

Google Docs


Loom (for quick video feedback)

Should You Build a Personal User Manual?

Yep, I think it would definitely be useful if you’re a freelancer or you work on a remote team. 

Heck, even if your company doesn’t do it, you could create one anyway and give it to your co-workers. 

Maybe management will take notice and use it and make it a new part of their company strategy. 

Or if you’re working as a freelance employee, it could help people just understand you better.  

Good luck!

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