Top Online Data Entry Home Jobs Without Any Investment

Making money online is easier than ever.

There are platforms like eBay and Etsy where you can sell stuff.

There’s YouTube, where you can upload videos.

There are survey sites where you can get quick bucks for giving your opinions. 

But what if you’re looking for something steady that doesn’t require any investment upfront?

Then data entry is the way to go. 

Work-from-home data entry jobs require only a computer and access to the internet, making them ideal for those who don’t have any capital to spend. 

Does this sound interesting?

Well, you’re in luck because I’ve compiled a list of sites that will pay you for data entry tasks. 

Since you’re reading this, you probably have a stable internet connection, so you’re all set!

What Exactly is Data Entry? 

The term “data entry” is commonly used to refer to the process of inputting data into a computer system.

Many businesses in the healthcare, finance, retail, legal, insurance, and media sectors outsource data entry tasks, so data entry operators are in high demand. 

Companies outsource these many forms of data entry in order to save their staff from hours of repetitive and laborious work, allowing them to concentrate on more important duties and increase their productivity.

Sites That Offer Data Entry Jobs Without Investment Needed


lionbridge online data entry home jobs without investment

Smart Crowd, one of the industry’s pioneers, recently joined Lionbridge to create a reliable platform for independent contractors.

Great data entry positions are available in this international group.

You’ll do well if you know your way around data research, website testing, and linguistically focused projects. 

Please note that the rate of salary varies greatly from project to project. 

After signing up on the platform, the first step in being considered for data entry jobs is to go through an assessment. 

Getting started on any of the listed projects is simple and should take no more than five minutes of your time.

You will be paid immediately upon completing a task, but you will need to accumulate $30 in order to cash out.

Once every month, they’ll send your payment straight to your bank account.



Those in need of transcribing services usually head over to Scribie, a web-based platform that may be used either automatically or manually. 

Where do you come in?

Due to its low accuracy (about 80%), automated transcription is supplemented with a human transcriber to ensure a 99% accuracy rate. 

As a Scribie transcriber, you will be provided with automated transcript assignments that have an accuracy of roughly 60%.

At Scribie, you’ll be expected to transcribe audio files into text, check that the transcript matches the audio, identify and label each speaker in the transcript, and fix typos and other errors in the text.

Manual transcribing for Scribie might net you anywhere from $5 to $20 an hour.


hiresine online data entry home jobs without investment

Hiresine offers a wide variety of freelance opportunities, including the more common online typing jobs, as well as paid surveys and proofreading tasks.

This platform is now offering one of the industry standard rates for freelancers throughout the world. 

However, the amount you can expect to make is extremely varied, depending on the nature of the project you choose to work on.

When you sign up for this service, you’ll have instant access to submit bids for available jobs.

Your resume will be reviewed by multiple clients before you are offered a position.

If you are chosen, you will be able to begin remote work immediately.

Each accomplished task will earn you the payment stated next to the corresponding posting.

At the moment, there is also no minimum payment required.

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1840 & Company 

1840 & Company - online data entry home jobs without investment

1840 & Company operates as a freelancing marketplace and BPO (business process outsourcing) service all over the world. 

They partner with businesses big and small across several sectors to provide data entry and virtual assistant services.

Freelancers with an interest in administrative work might discover data entry tasks on this site. 

You’ll need to apply before you can start freelancing there because it runs background checks on its members. 

All freelancers go through extensive testing and interviews to guarantee they have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Once you get in, though, it’s a great place to get your foot in the door of the data entry field because there’s less competition there than there is at larger, more well-known sites.


microworkers online data entry home jobs without investment

Microworkers is one of the most reputable micro-job sites, and its freelancers specialize in a wide variety of areas like transcribing, paid surveys, data mining, picture tagging, and annotation.

Earnings are sent on a pay-per-microtask basis, and this community of over 1.4 million freelancers today offers one of the finest rates on the market.

To become a part of the network, all you have to do is complete a short registration form.

This service is also available in all languages all around the world.

After filling out the application, you will be asked to verify your email address.

Then you can start accepting projects and getting paid for them.

They currently have hundreds of projects accessible and are constantly adding more.


clickworker online data entry home jobs without investment

When it comes to platforms that link businesses with freelance workers, Clickworker is a strong contender.

It provides data entry services and hires people for data entry tasks.

Multitasking capabilities are what elevate this site to the ranks of the top online data entry job resources.

Data entry is a perfect example of a service that might lead to other related tasks like copy editing, proofreading, and so on.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

After signing up for your free account, you may search through available jobs and submit an application for any of those that interest you.

Axion Data Services 

axion data services online data entry home jobs without investment

Though it is challenging to find work with them, Axion is a veteran-owned business that offers a great platform for legitimate data entry jobs that can be done from home.

It’s highly competitive, so jobs don’t stay available for very long. 

Those who are interested should watch their careers page closely in order to seize any passing opportunities.  

This website not only guarantees one of the greatest rates on the market, but it is also one of the most reputable data entry sites. 

Freelancers from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply, though they recommend at least two years of relevant work experience.

In addition, you must have a typing speed of at least 15,000 words per hour (50 words per minute).

Please note that there is a small price (up to $10) to have your name added to their database and be notified of any upcoming job openings.

Data entry clerks are paid every other week. 



TranscibeMe is a platform that connects businesses with staff and vice versa, making it one of the top online data entry job sites. 

This site is a treasure trove if you’re looking for online data entry, transcribing, or translation work.

This is a top-tier platform for data entry jobs because of the freedom it gives its workers.

You have the luxury of setting your own hours and working from home.

It provides the best training for beginners in the business and the highest-paying data entry jobs. 

Get the data entry jobs you want by signing up for a free account with TranscribeMe and then becoming a qualified member of the community.

Talent Desire 

talent desire

To be productive on this platform, you’ll need access to a reliable computer, a fast internet connection, and a respectable typing speed. 

Working as a freelancer for Talent Desire might bring in an extra $13,500 a year!

If you put your back to it, that figure can go up to $27,000. 

This data entry income site provides a variety of job profiles, including data entry, typing, transcribing, and online tutoring, among others.

When you first start working for this firm, you’ll earn $3 for every 300 words you type.

And as your proficiency grows in the workplace, so will your salary.

For every 300 words typed, an expert-level freelancer can expect to earn $6.

There is a catch, though: you have to keep a 99% accuracy rate in order to get paid.

They also found that a freelancer with a high level of accuracy can earn approximately $1125 per month working on this as a side gig.

People Per Hour 

people per hour online data entry home jobs without investment

Jobs in a variety of fields can be found on PeoplePerHour, a website dedicated to freelancers.

As far as data entry jobs go, this is an excellent platform to find them. 

Since its launch in 2007, the company’s clientele and independent contractor workforce have grown to more than a million.

You will get paid in US Dollars using Payoneer, and the total amount will be determined by your hourly rate. 

Type “data input” into PeoplePerHour’s search bar to get relevant data entry jobs.

Pressing this button will bring up a list of current job openings from which you can choose.

You can also search for data entry jobs by visiting the site’s “Jobs” page and narrowing your results.

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The Houston Business Journal named this company one of the top places to work.

Despite its primary focus on apartment rental, the company regularly hires freelance data entry workers.

Once you are chosen to complete data entry jobs for their properties, you will need to update and add them to their roster.

In addition, the property’s features and conveniences will need to be brought up to date.

At the moment, there is no obvious way to apply for employment on this site.

You should watch their job board regularly in order to seize the opportunity.

It offers competitive pay for data entry work, yet your take-home money will ultimately be determined by the time you put into it. 


megatypers online data entry home jobs without investment

For those in need of data entry services, MegaTypers is a workforce management firm that serves both public and private organizations. 

Data entry, voice-to-text transcription, and image-to-text recognition are just a few of the services offered on this website.

MegaTypers is unique among online data entry job sites in that it does not require a high typing speed or extensive experience to get started.

This is a great resource for students, those in between careers, and parents looking for extra income.

Earnings of approximately $250 per month can be received via Debit Cards, PayPal, WebMoney, Payza, and Western Union.



One of the most popular services offered by Truelancer is data entry work.

In order to apply for jobs as a freelancer, you must first create an account.

Then you have to look for the freelance projects that interest you and apply for them, just like on any other freelance platform. 

Even if you take on numerous tasks at once, you must ensure their quality is consistent with keeping your ratings high.

Work can be found on an hourly or fixed-timeframe basis.


rev online data entry home jobs without investment

Rev is a platform that connects clients in need of quick and affordable assistance with competent freelancers who can provide it.

It’s been praised by major publications like Forbes and The New York Times, and it allows workers to avoid commuting costs by working remotely. 

You will get paid on a weekly basis and have the option to work whenever is most convenient for you.

Hundreds of data entry, transcription, foreign subtitles, and live captioning jobs for Zoom are available to freelancers who sign up with the platform.

Create an account for free, just like on the other top data entry sites.



One of the most dependable places to look for data entry jobs online is Upwork.

Upwork now lists more than 6,000 opportunities for freelance data entry workers. 

A free account is required to view all available job postings.

Simply apply as a freelancer by providing your name and email address.

As soon as your profile is set up and ready to go, you’ll have access to a wide variety of job postings.

You can find out if you’re qualified for the position by reading the job description and learning about factors like salary, location (office vs. remote), and other requirements. 

This employment platform is reliable since it has been tried and tested by millions of businesses, like Microsoft, Airbnb, Coty, and many more. 


freelancer online data entry home jobs without investment

As its name suggests, Freelancer is a platform where contract workers can find work with various companies. 

Freelancer is one of the top 10 online data entry work sites since it is so easy to discover many online data entry jobs on the site. 

Keywords allow you to narrow down results to just the data entry jobs that interest you.

Plus, the pool of available positions can be narrowed down to your specific preferences with the use of advanced filters like qualifications and languages.

To get hired, you must place bids on the data entry jobs that interest you.

The employer would then choose a freelancer based on their bid and the open positions at the company.


indeed online data entry home jobs without investment

Indeed attracts an average of 250M unique users every month, making it one of the most popular websites in its industry. 

Thousands of well-paying online jobs, which includes data entry jobs, are available here.

Indeed comes highly recommended by top recruiters throughout the world.

Data entry jobs are easily accessible via this website. You must register for a free account.

After activating your account, you may upload your resume for potential employers to review.

Job opportunities can also be actively sought by searching by keyword and geographic location. 

Use email subscriptions to get notified of relevant new job postings through email.

Evaluate the company, the position, and the pay rate in depth before submitting your application.

AccuTran Global 

accutran global online data entry home jobs without investment

Canadian-based AccuTran Global provides professional transcribing services.

They collaborate with independent contractors in North America to handle tasks including captioning, transcription, real-time stenography, voice authoring, and more.

In many instances, you’ll need to provide these services during live calls, which could necessitate maintaining some degree of schedule versatility.


fiverr online data entry home jobs without investment

If you’re looking for online jobs of any kind, you should check out Fiverr.

If you want to get recruited, you need to make a profile that advertises your talents and rates.

Then, you can search for suitable employment opportunities and apply for them if they catch your eye.

Data entry tasks of all kinds can be found on Fiverr.

It’s just a matter of looking for them and applying for the ones that interest you. 

Fiverr is a free service to use, but the platform will deduct 20% of whatever you earn from it.

This may seem like a lot, but remember that there is zero upfront cost.

Only after you receive payment will Fiverr receive its portion.

Take this into account when setting your prices so that you are not left feeling cheated once they have taken their share.



Tigerfish is another transcription service that uses freelancers in the United States to transcribe everything from police interrogations and depositions to business data entry projects, documentaries, and interviews.

They take great care in the relationships they form with their freelancers, so if you’re looking for a steady stream of work, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Since Tigerfish’s video timecoding software is not compatible with Macs, independent contractors are required to use Windows systems exclusively.

If you want to work for Tigerfish, the first thing you need do is read through their Transcription Style Guide and then do a short transcription sample to submit with your application.



SpeakWrite is always on the hunt for freelance transcriptionists who can understand English and Spanish. 

They are looking for candidates with a minimum of 60 WPM and 90% accuracy on the keyboard.

In addition, you need to be a lawful citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Canada.

Regrettably, Californians cannot join the SpeakWrite team owing to AB5. 

Transcriptions produced with SpeakWrite can be used in any legal or law enforcement setting, including but not limited to investigations, police departments, legal offices, insurance claims, protective services, and more.

Top earners can make as much as $3,400 per month on this network, with the typical freelancer making $450.

Types of Data Entry Jobs You Can Apply For 

Plan Data Entry 

Typing text into a Microsoft Word document is an example of a simple data entry job.

Here, fast typing isn’t enough; you also need to be able to read and write English fluently.

You’ll need to convert the PDF into a Word file via manual transcription.

Basic Typing 

Excel spreadsheet work is a good example of basic typing tasks that can be done quickly and efficiently. 

Here, all you have to do is manually enter information into cells.

You may get by without any knowledge of formulas or other such technical stuff.

Word Processing

The work at hand here is slightly more technical.

Letters, mailing labels, reports, etc., need to be drafted.

You need a rich vocabulary and solid grammar skills.

Technical tasks, such as making charts, graphs, and tables, are often part of the job description.

In most cases, experience in a similar field is required for this kind of job.

Data Cleaning

Erroneous information in a database or table can be cleaned up by doing cleaning, sometimes called data scrubbing or cleansing. 

Documents in Word or Excel formats are acceptable.

Regular data entry tasks pay according to the candidate’s level of experience and precision.

Online Form Filling

An online form and a large amount of data will be sent to you independently for this job.

Careful attention to detail is required as you enter the corresponding database value into each field of the web-based form.

Captcha Entry

A Captcha, as you may know, is an image that contains text, a number, or some alphanumeric data that must be entered into the field below.

You’ll be faced with hundreds of Captchas to decipher if you take these jobs.

Copy Pasting 

With this job, you will be able to paste information from one file into another.

For the most part, you may expect a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.

Even though you won’t be doing much typing, you will be reading quite a bit, making fluency in English essential.


Captioning is a more complex form of writing because it requires you to provide both the headline and caption for a piece of media.

Media outlets like News networks regularly hire people with this skill set.

Formatting and Correction 

The majority of formatting work entails adjusting the layout of a Word file, including the paragraphs, indentation, typefaces, etc.

A lengthy form with several fields will also need your formatting attention from time to time. 

Even though there is less typing involved here, you will need to be familiar with all of the rules of formatting.


A solid command of the English language is required here; you won’t only be fixing spelling errors but grammatical ones as well.

You’ll also require editing chops if you ever find yourself having to completely reformat a document.

Image-to-Text Data Entry 

With this job, you’ll be shown screenshots with some text in them.

You’ll have to read these and type them out on a Word document. 

Keep in mind that the words you’re reading are likely not common English but rather technical medical or legal jargon.

Audio-To-Text Data Entry 

You’ll listen to an audio recording and type out what you hear.

Not everyone is cut out for audio-to-text data entry jobs since it requires very good listening abilities.

In addition, you need to have excellent English comprehension skills.

Medical Transcription 

Transcriptionists in the medical field tend to be the most common.

With this job, you will listen to audio recordings and transcribe them word for word into a Word document.

In this context, knowledge of complex medical terminology is required.

Excellent listening and shorthand writing skills are also preferred.

Medical Coding 

Coding for the healthcare industry differs slightly from transcription work.

Allocating numeric identifiers for healthcare-related concepts like diagnoses, procedures, and services is what medical coding is all about.

Email Processing 

This is a high-paying data entry position. In this role, you will sort through hundreds of emails every day to compile a list of their contents in a spreadsheet. 

You need to have the ability to sort through thousands of emails and file them appropriately.

Database Updating 

You can edit preexisting databases or make whole new ones with this online job.

These databases cover a wide range of variables, including names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, and more.

It depends on the industry you get hired in.

Payroll Data Entry 

This is typical work for a data entry clerk.

Employee information such as name, wage rate, benefits, and more are usually organized with this job.

Catalog Data Entry 

For this position, you will be entering information from several product catalogs into a web-based system.

You’ll need to examine files from legal departments and insurance claims departments, then translate the information into a word document or spreadsheet.

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Final Thoughts 

Now you know where to find legit data entry jobs you can apply for without any monetary investment.

Although there are opportunities for above-average compensation, most data entry jobs aren’t enough to support you. That’s why they’re more of a side gig.

Data input typically does not necessitate any prior experience or training, making it accessible to beginners. 

Data entry jobs may be suitable for stay-at-home parents who would like to earn some extra money typing.

It’s an option for students who would like to earn money without making a significant financial commitment.

It’s also viable for freelancers who would like to supplement their income.

The only requirements are a working computer and access to a stable internet connection, as well as the ability to pass an entry test as part of the application process.

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