20+ Hobbies That Make Money 🤑

As a child, I remember collecting coins, stamps, and baseball cards. Heck, I even collected butterflies that I’d pin inside a glass case.

Anything that I thought might have value in the future I collected. Yes, I think I was born an entrepreneur. In this article, I’ll be reviewing more than 20 ideas that can be turned into a money-making hobby.

Money Making Hobbies

An excellent way to make cash is by doing something you enjoy. In this case, making money out of your hobbies can help you earn money quickly.

The hobby I tried on didn’t work for me. However, it doesn’t mean it will not work for you as well. Making money from your hobbies on top of your regular work can help you earn a little on the side.

It may not be that big, but it can be enough for you to pay off some debts. Even more, it can turn into something lucrative that will make you want to work for it professionally.

Do you want to earn while doing something you enjoy? Here are some of the 24 money-making hobbies that I picked to help you find what’s best for you. 

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money making hobby - blogging


If you’re passionate about talking about various topics like business, entertainment, cooking, health, finance, and other categories that you like, blogging is a great way to make money.

Create a blog that focuses on the niches you genuinely like to tackle. You can become a part of the internet’s professed expert.

It’s easy to set up a website when you’re starting your new hobby. You can create a website using WordPress where free templates are available for you to use. Feel free to see how much it costs to actually operate a blog.

You can always edit and build your website over time to improve the content and appearance. When you start growing followers on your site, you will soon have opportunities to monetize from it.

There could be advertisements, sponsorships, and affiliate deals that’ll help you make money from the blog.

For some aspiring bloggers, this happened. They started writing a blog about their life, family, or adventures.

A few blog posts later, they figure out that they can make money from blogging. It started with a hundred dollars each month until it became a full-time source of income for some.

It’s relatively good, considering it started just as a hobby. In some cases, people quit their jobs to focus on blogging because they earn good money.

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There are endless possibilities when you write. There are various topics you can write about, with different styles and genres.

Start as a freelancer, so you have the freedom to choose what you like to write. You can answer ads from Craigslist (yep, people still use), pick up gigs from Fiverr, Flexjobs, Freelancer, and other freelancing platforms that allow you to offer your writing skills

Like most jobs out there, freelance writing is a journey you had to start with yourself. You have to push yourself to produce quality outputs continuously.

A writing job doesn’t necessarily mean you just need to focus on writing articles only. Because writing has many potentials, you can also edit other people’s articles.

Also, expand on other kinds like speech writing. If you have a passion for teaching, you can even try teaching people how to write.

There may be people who want to write but are not yet well-equipped with skills. They may be willing to spend money for you to tutor them.

As for those who want to pursue writing but are not confident with your writing skills, there are writing tools to improve.

Article Editing

There is a large amount of written content out on the internet from web pages, blogs, and other platforms. Sites like them need someone to manage the posts from editing to proofreading. Use a tool like Grammarly (we use) and you’ll rock jobs twice as fast!

If you’re good at pointing out mistakes and revising them, then this hobby is perfect for you. It is also advantageous if you have prior experience in this field because many sites look for editors.

That’s just in the world of the internet. There’s still plenty of editing jobs outside the web, like printed and electronic books.

Anything you can think of that needs proofreading and editing; you can try it. The articles can vary from business proposals, books, and advertising materials.

It’s easy to find an editing gig by looking through online freelance platforms and classified ads. 

A recommended online classified ads site is Craigslist. They have a designated category for editing as a job and gig. You may also find weird tasks that you can do. 

Once you start building a reputation on editing and proofreading, people will reach out to you and refer you to other people as well.

Answer Online Surveys

Nowadays, online surveys are one way to earn money. Companies pay people to answer surveys to help them improve their services.

Even if you are lying on your bed or sitting on your couch, you can earn by answering online surveys.

Here are some of the apps that pay you to answer surveys:

Survey Junkie

Another online surveying platform that pays you to share your opinions and answer surveys. Want to know if these guys are safe as well?

Inbox Dollars

It offers rewards to users who watch videos, answer online surveys, play games, and sign up.


You can earn points from answering surveys and exchange them for gift cards.


It is a rewards program where you can watch videos, answer online surveys, buy things, and a lot more entertaining tasks. Wondering if Swagbucks is Safe?

Web Design

Do you have an interest in creating and designing websites? Maybe you want to do it for your friends, family or even yourself just for fun.

You can make money from doing just that. Some businesses are willing to pay people for you to help them with their website development.

There are free templates available to create your website. For example, WordPress has a selection of templates you can use to set up your page.

However, some people don’t have the time or skill to do that task. Also, companies may prefer to have a personal touch to their websites; therefore, they hire people like you.

If you are artistic and have the skills to create websites for a reasonable price, then you’ll have many clients in no time. You can advertise your services in small businesses or magazines.

It’s better if you can showcase your portfolio by linking your projects to the ad you posted.

Start with sites that are simple and won’t cause you too much trouble. Also, make websites that are within your skill level.

Everything has to start from something small. Eventually, you’ll grow in this hobby and take on more complex and high-paying projects.

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is another hobby you can get into to make money. To find clients, you can reply to ads on various sites and even set up your website to showcase your sample works. 

To help you start, you can try offering your services in 99Designs. People who may be looking for a logo for their website can hire you there. 

The graphic design market is exceptionally competitive, but don’t lose your hope. If you have the skills to be a graphic designer, you can compete with others and make money.

Video Editing

Video-sharing platforms like Vimeo and Youtube are becoming popular. Therefore, the need to create and edit videos is growing, and you can join the market to earn cash.

Many companies start to use these venues as a way to market their services. They upload their products on their web pages and video site accounts.

If you have the talent to create content for videos or even edit them, this hobby can make you money. You can pick many niches for your content, like commercials, how-tos, and a lot more.

You can also create music videos if you have a music talent. There are many contents to offer on Youtube, and if you have different skills, you may feature and profit from it.

Monetizing your videos is possible if you have advertisements, for example, through Google AdSense. If you manage to gain more subscribers and grow a larger community, you can passively earn too.


Photography is another great hobby to generate income. Whether you’re doing it as a hobby, for art or work, you can make income from it.

When your products from photography lean more toward being an artist, you are highly likely to make money.

Photography is a flexible hobby to earn from because it can be online and offline. A lot of stock photo sites can help you make money from the photos you take.

Shutterstock and other sites like Adobe provide photos for people to use. By setting up an account on these pages, you can add your pictures and sell them.

Of course, there’s also the option to work with clients directly—people who need photographers for birthdays, weddings, graduations, award ceremonies, and other events.

It is an opportunity for a photography hobbyist like you to make money. Professional photographers can be a bit beyond the client’s budget to find a more affordable alternative.

Don’t worry. As you close more projects and gain more experience, you can increase your rates according to your skills.

There is no age limit when pursuing photography. Even a mom who just wants to start photography as a hobby can turn it into a source of income. 

You may randomly find a camera in your house and want to try taking photos of any subjects. Even if you don’t have a professional camera, you can also use your smartphones. 

The most helpful thing about this hobby is that you’re earning from capturing moments that people treasure.

Social Media Jobs

More people spend their time on social media sites. If you know how around social media and you’re comfortable using it, turn your hobby into a money-making job.

Social media platforms started as entertainment for people, but as their popularity increases over time, they became a marketing venue for businesses.

Companies realized that social media could be a way to promote products and services. The more people join the community, the more people they can reach out with their advertisements.

But since more people know about this job within social media sites, it can be a competitive market.

As long as you know the ins and outs of gaining more followers on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can get the best out of earning from it.

Businesses use social media platforms to interact more with customers and improve their customer service. Today, social media managers are in-demand careers. And a huge plus is that there are many freelance social media jobs, so you can work from home and at a time that suits you

If you delve into the business side of social media usage, then your perspective on business can grow. It may start as a hobby, but you’ll see it as a career for yourself.

There are various tools like Social Pilot and CrowdFire that help you create and schedule posts for all social media accounts at one place.

Buying and Selling

This idea goes for those who enjoy shopping as a hobby. Whether you shop on bargains, garage deals, barter, estates, or on the internet, you can use them to make money.

Buy items for a bargain price and then sell them for a higher price. You can make money from selling this way.

Try to source what items people usually look for, then find things you can sell. Try visiting garage sales on weekends or when a shop has the lowest price available.

If you’re a huge shopper, then you’ll know what items are available to resell and for how much.

This side hustle’s point is to buy an item at $5 and sell it for $25, $50, or even more than that. You can make up to thousand dollars per month if you continuously do this.

You sell your merchandise in consignment shops or local venues that take second-hand or preloved items for sale. For online, you can list your items on eBay or Craigslist. 

Credit Card Rewards

Using your credit cards is technically not a hobby, but you can enjoy credit card offers as much as you would enjoy making money.

Some people make the most out of credit card promos like cashback programs, reward points, etc.

If you know the correct approach, you can earn up to a hundred dollars per year using the rewards you get from using your credit card.

Also, you can fly thousands of miles from the rewards you receive from using airline credit cards. Signup rewards can add to your earnings too.

For example, you sign up with a travel credit card to earn points that are worth $500. However, under the terms and conditions, you can only redeem this reward when you spend four thousand dollars using your card within 90 days or three months after signing up.

$4000 may sound like a considerable sum of money, but if you think about it, your usual expenses for 90 days can cover that amount. Paying your food, utility bills, insurance, gas, and college fees can earn you points.

Travel credit cards also offer double points for traveling and dining. Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the best travel credit cards available today because they provide the best benefits.

You can also choose another card with lower minimum spending requirements if $4,000 is too expensive to achieve. Some cards offer almost the same perks with a lower spending condition.

Just be sure to use credit cards wisely if you choose to go this route!

Handmade Crafts

Handmade crafts are a famous moneymaker for years now. There are various ways to sell your crafts, but when Etsy entered the online scene in 2005, handmade crafts became even more popular.

You can buy various products on Etsy like shirts, jewelry, mugs, and a lot more. People with talent in arts and crafts, or even those who don’t, still profit from this site.

sidenote: you don’t need a physical product to sell on Etsy. You can also create a print-on-demand store and sell via their outlet. Here’s an example of ours.

Your craft-making hobby will turn into a moneymaker as soon as you found the right approach in this industry.

Some sellers took the risk of selling crafts. Most of them ended up earning double the capital they invested. 

If you continue selling your chosen product, you can earn consistently and even more for the following months of your operation.

Even though online platforms are available for you to list your products, local outlets and fairs are also reliable places to sell your products. 

Remember, selling crafts doesn’t always mean you produce your items. You can source for suppliers or manufacturers to get your products.

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Many stores sell baked goods. People always enjoy a good treat, and baked goods are one of those cravings.

You can sell your products at local bake sales events, for example. However, there are probably existing bakeshops, markets, and shopping centers that sell baked goods too.

Don’t feel disheartened. There are various options for you to market your products. For example, you can target bed-and-breakfast facilities to buy your food. 

We can’t consider baked products as a complete meal; however, there are still people who prefer to eat them during breakfast. It is a convenient choice for guests who travel and are always on-the-go.

Another option that may help you promote your products better is to set up an online shop. People enjoy eating baked goods, but because some people don’t bake or don’t have time to bake, the market competition is not too tight.

You can sell cookies, cupcakes, bread, and cakes with your little spin on them. Indeed, people will buy as such products are classics.

Selling Antiques

The idea of selling antiques is quite similar to what you do in buying and selling. The only difference is that you are mainly selling antique products.

Since the category is narrower, you have better chances of making more money from it. Finding bargain deals is a useful skill, but determining which items are unique and have the value of being antique is more critical. 

There are books, articles, and videos that focus on selling antiques and antique goods themselves. If you are familiar with this idea, it is easy for you to turn this into a moneymaker.

The market for selling antiques is not yet big; therefore, you have better chances of profiting from it. As long as you are passionate about searching anywhere for unique items, you have a place in the industry.

Online selling platforms are always the first choice to promote your products. But, you can also try selling them at flea markets, swap, and other fairs too.

Of course, the best place to sell antiques is at antique shops. You can work out an agreement with these shops to supply the items or work as a finder for them.

The real deal comes when you can get in contact with wealthy antique collectors. You can earn tons of money from them.

Be A Musician

musician - a money making hobby

Do you play any instruments? Did you want to be in a band? Some circumstances may have forced you to postpone the dream, but don’t let that talent go to waste.

You don’t need to turn it into a full-time job as you can work gigs as a musician. If you have the talent and love for music, this hobby is a great way to earn.

Some local bands or those bands on tour hire musicians to play during a session. Being a musician can be a project-based offer, or it can be contractual, depending on how many sessions you’ll play for the same band.

Now you know that you can make money from being a session musician and advertise your services. Don’t forget to promote yourself online and offline.

If you search enough, you’ll see that even bands and orchestras look for a session musician to help them with performances. 

Also, flyers and business cards are still useful. You can post them on allowed areas or leave them at record stores and studios. It helps to get more attention from potential clients. 

The more people who know about you, the more chances they refer you to potential clients.

Be A Comedian

Being a comedian is not a hobby. People are naturally born with an overflowing sense of humor, so it’s more of a personality and lifestyle.

Turn your sense of humor into something profitable. Make the laughter become a source of income for you.

Particular districts have comedy bars that are always looking for new people that can entertain guests. If you have spare time, you can work at least twice a week as a side hustle.

At first, you may not receive any payment. You need to prove yourself first and pick up some advice from your colleagues. Be patient, as it will turn out great in the end.

Once you established your reputation as a comedian, then you can set your rate. If your talent attracts guests and keeps them in the establishment entertained, then you are doing great in the field.

You can also try offering your services as an event host. Parties need MC to lead the program smoothly and make the guests comfortable, so your talent is essential.

Soon, you’ll pick up more gigs that can continue as a consistent job. Who knows, over time you’ll be famous and more doors will open for you aside from working in comedy bars. Maybe the big screen?

Another way to take your comedic venture to the next level is to use online platforms to showcase your talent. Youtube is an excellent platform to start the experience.

Remember, don’t underestimate your hobbies or talents. If you want to generate extra income, then you’ll consider everything about yourself. If you enjoy sharing that humor you have, then it’s about time to think of it as a side hustle.

In the long run, the things you’re most passionate about can be the career that can bring you a fortune.


If you enjoy being around these furry friends, this money-making hobby is the most fun. 

The most common job to do here is to walk dogs and take care of them while the owner is out. In some cases, owners let you petsit in their own homes. 

However, if your space is available to accommodate pets, you can do it in your home. 

Sure, walking dogs and pet sitting can earn you extra money, but the most profitable pet job is to take care of exotic pets.

Clients will pay you more if you have interest and experience in birds, reptiles, insects, and other animals that are not common pets.

Another pet-related hobby is pet grooming. Some pet owners need a hand in grooming their pets, and you can offer them your services if you’re qualified. 

You also have the option to turn it into mobile service. This type of service lets you groom pets at the customer’s home while bringing your equipment.


Did you enjoy sports when you were still in school? If you’re looking for a way to pursue that endeavor, start refereeing.

Some schools that host sports events and recreational sports leagues look for qualified referees to officiate their programs.

It is an easy gig to pick up that will make you money. Especially if the sports you applied for are your niche.

Ball games like basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball need referees; however, only a few know the rules and are willing to do it.

It may not be the same as playing sports back in your old school days, but it’s a great outlet to pour out your passion for a favorite sport. 

That, and you’re also making money from it.


For those who love to stay fit because it’s their hobby, you may want to consider it as a way to make money. In short, be a personal trainer.

There are many gyms out there that have personal trainers, but since the demand for fitness trainers increase, they search for more personal trainers.

To be a personal trainer, you need to get a few pieces of paperwork done. You’ll need to undergo training to get a CPR certification. Depending on the state, the requirements to be a qualified personal trainer can be less strict. 

You can start applying as a trainer in gyms, but you can take personal clients to get more clients and experience.


Another area in sports where you can also showcase your knowledge and abilities is being a coach. There are many opportunities out there for those who want to pursue a coaching career. It is because many local sports leagues look for coaches.

It’s better if you have a background in more than one sport because you can coach all year round, depending on what’s in demand.

If you’re confident enough with your accomplishments as a coach, you can take your shot as a school coach.

When it’s off-season, you can switch to being a personal trainer or coach. You can also offer services for sports clinics. Coaching can be flexible for you despite the lows of demand in a year.

The sports that can pay you more as a coach are the less common ones like golf, tennis, swimming, etc.

Aside from schools and recreational organizations, you can promote your services in gyms. There may be gym goers that find interest in sports and coaching.

Teach Music

Another music-related job you can do is teach music. Imagine how many kids, or even adults, want to learn piano, guitar, drum, violin, and other instruments. 

If you know how to play any of these instruments, then it is a good money maker. You don’t necessarily have to possess an expert title to teach musical instruments.

You can teach amateurs or those who are starting new in playing instruments. Therefore, you won’t need to be an ultimate expert in the field.

You may be an average instrument player, but you’re still a level ahead of your students.

Parents look for music teachers that can help their children nurture their skills in a particular instrument. Your passion for playing instruments can be your source of income.

You can be either a professional or a self-taught musical instrument player, but it is enough to teach people. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking is something most people are nervous about doing but is essential at some point. If you’re a confident speaker, you can share your tips with people who want to overcome this fear. 

People in the business industry mostly need this skill; therefore, you can make an income by teaching them. You’re not only earning but also helping people pursue their careers.

In the business setting, employees interact with many people to negotiate, introduce products, present and more. Aside from that, you can also be a speaker for videos on the internet.

You’ll act as the company’s front person as you speak for the video, possibly a sponsorship project.

Your love for speaking in public can take you places. Many businesses will avail of your services, and soon, your hobby can turn into a full-time occupation.

Auto Mechanics

Car repairs are costly, even if you are going to fix a minor issue. Many car owners are aware of this; that’s why they look for a more affordable option.

If you have experience repairing cars and enjoy doing it, this side job can be your income source.

You can offer the skills and tools you have to repair other people’s cars. You can start repairing vehicles for your family, friends, then neighbors. The more people can vouch for your service, the more projects you can take.

This job is applicable for minor repairs in cars like replacing mufflers, brakes, and other typical repair jobs. Leave the more demanding tasks that require specific skills to the car repair shops.

Maybe you’re not into repairing cars, but the vehicles themselves? There are other car-related side hustles you can work on, such as being an Uber driver. 

You can drive people around and earn from it at the convenience of your own time. 


Woodworking is a beautiful and uncommon craft. There are not too many people who enjoy doing woodwork. That’s why if this hobby is your cup of tea, then you’re off to earning more from it.

You can build furniture and even customize it to raise the prices. Or, you can repair furniture as a side hustle because there’s little competition here.

The most profitable aspect of woodworking is the skill of restoring antique furniture. Remember how antique items can make money well? The same goes if you can repair a rare thing. 

This task requires specific skills, but if you learn the correct processes of restoring antique pieces, you can increase its value when it’s up for sale.

You can now start making money from some of the hobbies listed here. Anytime is a great time to begin turning your hobbies into moneymakers.

Money Making Hobby Wrap-Up

What do you think? Are you ready to get going and turn a hobby into a money making hobby?

Why not? Some may say that you shouldn’t get paid for a hobby and that’s when it can turn into a job.

I think there is definitely some truth to this. The key is to be careful. Think it through. But if you can mix pleasure with some income generation, why wouldn’t you want to?

Let me know how it goes – good luck!

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