Meet The Team

With 20+ years of experience, the team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible information on the web regarding topics surrounding making money and being financially resourceful.

College is excellent, but they don’t always teach actionable items in personal finance and making additional income for your family.

Plus, education shouldn’t stop when you graduate from college.

It should continue on indefinitely.

Our team is playing a part in making this happen.

Ok, let me introduce you…

Brooks: “El Capitan”

Brooks is the one steering this ship with the help of his crewmates. He sets the direction of the media brand. You can read more about him here.

Umama: “Director of Web Strategy”

Umama sees all the things that the rest of the team doesn’t. And she’s smart. Really smart. She has BDS Degree and an FCPS in Prosthodontics (we have no idea what that means, but we know it’s big!)
She helps us with our SEO and web growth strategy.
And she has big charity goals in her city over the next decade, and the skillsets she’s using here will help her achieve this goal faster.

Tish: “The Mad Scientist Writer”

As you can see, Tish has been writing since she was a young gun. Her writing skills never cease to amaze us. She’s dedicated to writing the best articles for our readers and is our lead writer and editor. She leads our writing team. We only wish that we could write half as well as Tish!

Sachin: “Leader of Process”

Sachin has more than 14 years of experience as a virtual assistant. We first hired him to do just that, but he quickly turned into our Leader of Process. He’s ahead of helping with our SEO and initial keyword research. He also helps format the posts on this site so that you can read with ease.

Oreo: “The Gatekeeper”

Just kidding, he doesn’t even know how to bark.
Oreo is our customer service champion and tech support help. If anytime anyone is ever unhappy, just have a look at Oreo, and he’ll melt your heart. Plus, he likes to snuggle. If you have a tech problem, he typically advises you to turn it off and back on.

[Oreo here passed in 2022 – R.I.P.]

Feel free to reach out to us here.