Realistic Ways To Make Money Losing Weight

Everybody has a different motive for wanting to lose weight.

It may be because you want to wear things that used to fit you.

Maybe your doctor told you that losing some weight will help you with some of your health issues.

Nevertheless, finding the motivation and discipline to lose weight is difficult.

According to a survey conducted between 2013 and 2016, half of the adults polled attempted to lose weight at some point in the previous year! 

With so many various diets, training routines, and apps to choose from, it can be difficult to pick a specific plan to follow.

This is where being paid to lose weight comes into play.

Monetary gain may be a powerful motivator, and the consequences of losing money from your wallet hurt A LOT.  

These weight loss betting apps and programs pay participants when they accomplish their weight loss targets.

However, not all applications that pay you to lose weight are created equal.

Let’s go over the many alternatives and determine which one is best for your objectives and lifestyle.

make money losing weight

Making Weight Loss Fun

“Diet” and “Exercise” are two weight loss terms that only a few folks find inspiring or motivating.

They usually elicit a couple of groans from most people. 

According to Colorado State University Extension, over 50 million Americans embark on diets each year, yet just 5% succeed in losing weight.

Shifting cultural standards are contributing to the rise in obesity and BMI, as well as the difficulty of losing and maintaining weight loss.

Increased restaurant meals and sedentary behavior are becoming more widespread, and progressing to obesity creates metabolic abnormalities that make losing weight challenging.

But what if you could turn losing weight into a game with the possibility of winning a pot of gold at the end?

Would you join if you wanted to lose weight that badly?

Well, there are several ways to earn money on the side by reducing weight; one program even pays more than $3,000!

This is why social dieting apps such as DietBet and Healthy Wage are gaining popularity.

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The Concept of Social Dieting 

This is when you diet as a community activity instead of doing it alone.

You lose weight with the help of others, like family members, friends, or random strangers on the internet.

You become more devoted to reducing weight in a short amount of time as a result of a combination of community support and peer pressure.

Oh, and don’t forget about the money.

You gamble a particular amount of your own money, say $100, and if you meet a specific weight loss objective.

Then you recoup your initial investment and then more.

There are typically no restrictions on how you lose weight.

Most of these weight-loss betting sites also feature discussions and other member communities where users assist one another in their weight-loss journey. 

Sites and Apps That Let You Make Money Losing Weight 

Sites and Apps That Let You Make Money Losing Weight


HealthyWage is an excellent app for weight loss challenges.

The service allows people to wager on themselves in order to enhance their well-being.

How HealthyWage Works 

You choose how much weight you want to lose and how much money you want to bet.

When you sign up for an account, use the HealthyWage reward calculator to figure out how much time you’ll allow yourself to lose weight.

This time corresponds to how much money you can win. 

You win money if you meet your goal.

However, you should expect to lose money if you abandon your goal or fail to meet it.

If necessary, you can prolong your bet by buying more time.

If you find that reducing weight alongside others motivates you more, you can select the team challenge option.

This allows you to join forces with others to lose weight.

There is a monthly fee of $25, but you can win up to $10,000.

Weight verification by video or in-person at a WeightWatchers (WW) location is required for the team challenge.


If you lose weight, HealthyWage will give you a substantial sum of money.

According to their website, the typical winner wins $1,400 after completing their objective.

In contrast to other diet betting applications, there is no need to exchange points for gift cards. 

When you meet your target, you will receive payment by PayPal or check.

You can also win money by staying in shape or referring friends.


There is no way to terminate or suspend your bet once it has begun unless you get pregnant. 

Is HealthyWage Legit?

Yes, HealthyWage is a realistic way to be compensated for exercising and losing weight. 

Following the verification of your weight loss, you will have the option of receiving a check or cash via PayPal.

HealthyWage costs $7 for checks and no fee for PayPal transactions.

Still, PayPal is probably going to charge you a fee anyway. 

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Dietbet is yet another reputable fitness app that pays you to lose weight.

You won’t earn as much as you could with HealthyWage, but you can still win a considerable sum. 

How DietBet Works 

How DietBet Works make money losing weight

Choose one of three weight-loss plans based on whether you want to achieve a quick or long-term goal:


You must lose 4% of your body weight within 28 days. 


You must lose 10% of your body weight within six months. 


You must maintain your weight for 12 full months after weight loss. 

If you prefer to go through this program alone, you may do so just like with HealthyWage

You can do this as an individual, similar to HealthyWage.

While this is an excellent approach to reducing weight on your own, you can also join a team.

If you join a team, though, you must pay depending on the number of individuals competing with you.

To get started, DietBet charges the following fees:

  • 25% fee for bets under $100
  • 20% fee for bets $100-$249
  • 15% fee for bets $250-$500
  • 10% fee for bets over $500

To lose weight with DietBet, you should anticipate paying at least $25.

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Long-term challenges make it easier to achieve weight loss goals. 

DietBet discourages players from losing weight in an unhealthy way in order to manipulate the system.

It instead promotes a long-term perspective on health.

You can win money and get paid using PayPal. This eliminates the need to exchange points for gift cards.


The amount you can win with DietBet changes based on how many others are competing against you. 

Earning chances decrease as more people compete with you.

DietBet, unlike HealthyWage, does not specify how much you can earn.

If money is a big drive for you, this could be a deal-breaker.



MyWalgreens is a program that rewards participants for pursuing healthy living objectives. 

These can be weight loss or lifestyle changes such as exercise or other forms of physical activity.

Everyone can participate in this program, and it runs in four-week increments.

How myWalgreens Works 

When you sign up for myWalgreens Health Goals, you can track your progress manually or via their app.

You may also connect your account to a health device, such as a FitBit, to track your progress.

The app rewards you with Walgreens Cash for completing each challenge week.

You can earn Walgreens Cash in a variety of ways, including:

  • Walking, running, cycling, or any other physical activity 
  • Getting vaccinated 
  • Linking it to a FitBit or other such devices 

Every week you complete a healthy challenge, you will receive $.25 in Walgreens Cash incentives, up to a total of $1 in your account. 

If you complete all four challenge weeks, you will receive an additional prize wheel spin for up to $2 in Walgreens Cash prizes.

Walgreens Cash rewards can be used to get discounts at participating Walgreens locations.

While this service does not directly compensate you for losing weight, it does motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve weight reduction success.


There is no risk because participation in the program is free.

If you go to Walgreens a lot, it can be a great way to earn rewards that you can use in-store.


In comparison to other diet betting apps, you won’t make a lot of money with this one.

Moreover, profits can only be used at Walgreens.


SticK is an app for those who want more than money as a motivation for weight loss.

If you only want to get in shape, this is a dependable and no-fuss platform that uses negative reinforcement. 

How StickK Works

How StickK Works make money losing weight

When you sign up for a StickK account, you are betting against yourself to lose weight or stick to a specified training regimen.

Users sign a “commitment contract,” agreeing that any potential earnings will be forfeited if they abandon a goal.

StickK appoints a “referee” to confirm your weight loss or progress toward your health objective.

You can also invite friends and family to cheer you on.

You must produce a weekly progress report if the goal is long-term.

If it is merely temporary, you only need to file a report at the end of the period. 

When you complete your run, the referee assesses whether or not you met your aim.

If you do not meet your objective, the cash you wager is donated to a charity, StickK, or an individual of your choice.

StickK, unlike other weight-loss betting applications, does not pay out.


The app is accessible for both Android and iOS devices.

You get to choose how much you want to bet.

Furthermore, having a referee assigned to your goal improves your chances of success.


You will not be compensated if you reduce weight or achieve any other health goal.

StickK is based on the idea that the negative reinforcement of losing money will inspire you to keep attempting to reduce weight. 

This may deter some folks from trying it out.

Payment is not collected at the start of the weight loss bet. You only pay if you don’t meet your target.


Sweatcoin make money losing weight

Sweatcoin pays you in Sweatcoin, a cryptocurrency, for every step you take. 

Sweatcoins can then be used on things that promote your general well-being, such as athletic apparel, paid fitness applications, and fitness trackers.

Sweatcoin claims to help users become 20% more active even months after enrolling.

AARP Rewards

Score points for any fitness-related AARP Rewards activity.

You could take health quizzes, walk a particular number of steps each day, or connect your fitness tracker with the app. 

You can exchange your points for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and charitable donations.

If you are an AARP member, you will earn points 50% faster.


Another reputable platform that allows you to earn money while losing weight is Achievement.

The platform takes a comprehensive approach to health improvement.

It does not, however, directly pay you to lose weight.

How Achievement Works 

Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, you can connect the service to FitBit or MapMyRun to track your activities and get a financial incentive for completing tasks like: 

  • Tracking your steps 
  • Getting enough sleep 
  • Exercising 
  • Sticking to an appropriate diet 
  • Losing weight

The app rewards you with points for performing various activities.

For example, exercising can earn you up to 80 points every day.

You could also earn up to six points per day by tracking your meals and weighing yourself.

The service is completely free to use.

Earnings are redeemed via PayPal once you get 10,000 points (equivalent to $10).


Because the platform is free, there is no risk in using it.

Points can be acquired in a variety of ways other than just decreasing weight.

You can earn money since earnings are redeemable via PayPal rather than gift cards.


It can take months to accumulate enough points to redeem your profits.

To illustrate, if you score 100 points every day, it will take slightly over three months to accumulate enough points for $10.

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FatBet isn’t the most visually impressive website out there, but it does its job well.

Anyone can join FatBet, establish weight reduction objectives, place a wager, fill out the dates, and invite folks they know to participate. 

Everyone who takes part can then track their personal improvement.

When the FatBet concludes, those who achieve their aims win, while those who do not pay the wager lose.

FatBet’s platform is simplistic.

Every FatBet only displays participant progress charts, FatBet wager details, and their own community board, where relatives and friends typically banter. 

Virgin Pulse 

If you’re a part of a company that offers a corporate wellness program, Virgin Pulse may be a good fit.

Virgin Pulse provides an employee wellness solution to assist employees in improving their overall well-being.

You can earn money for losing weight by competing in and winning challenges.

Some Jobs That Pay You To Lose Weight 

Some Jobs That Pay You To Lose Weight 

Having a side hustle where you can earn extra money while staying active is a terrific method to make money while losing weight.

Working part-time as a yoga instructor or personal trainer would be ideal for burning calories and earning extra money.

However, there are other gigs that don’t necessitate specialized training, costly certifications, or even a certain level of fitness.

Here are a few suggestions: 

Personal Trainer 

This is arguably the most apparent employment for people interested in working in the fitness business.

Going through your own weight loss journey gives you a unique perspective on what it truly takes to lose weight. 

It should give you an insight into the needs of someone looking to reduce their weight.

The higher the necessity for your specialty, the more money you can make. 

Nevertheless, fitness also follows trends.

It might be better to diversify, which means learning yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Crossfit, and other fitness routines.

You can even try this venture from the comfort of your own home, owing to advances in technology and the internet. 

You have the option of scheduling live sessions with clients or pre-recording workouts and selling them as courses.

Dog Walker 

Do you love your canine friends?

If so, could be ideal for you.

Rover gives animal lovers the opportunity to supplement their income by becoming dog walkers.

The app allows dog owners to schedule or request a quick stroll for their dogs.

Because caring for someone else’s pet is a huge responsibility, the application process is quite extensive. 

You must register as a sitter, fill out your profile, and submit to a background check.

That’s pretty logical because you’ll be going into people’s homes and caring for a valued family member.

When you become a Rover dog walker, you can create your own schedule and choose which walks you want to take. 

You can make up to $1000 each month while exercising and making new canine pals.

That’s a great offer for those who love hanging out with man’s best friend. 

Door Dash 

DoorDash provides on-demand food delivery from local eateries.

Customers who are hungry use the app, search for what they want and then place an order.

This is when you come into play.

You use the app to accept or reject orders as they come in.

You go get whatever the consumer wants and deliver it to them.

But how can this assist you in losing weight?

In many cities, you can make deliveries by bike.

You get to work out while earning extra money.

Cycling has numerous health benefits, including weight loss, greater stamina, and increased vitality. 

In addition, bikes are easier to park, less expensive to maintain, and healthier for the environment than cars.

Delivering meals on your bike is a terrific way to earn money while losing weight.

Your earnings will change depending on the demand for your service in your area, the tips you receive, and the number of deliveries you make. 

In most areas, $15-$25 per hour delivering for DoorDash is a realistic expectation.

You may work whenever you want, and delivering by bike gives you a terrific workout.

Tours By Locals 

Tours By Locals connects visitors with local guides in locations worldwide.

You may offer walking tours of your city if you love where you live, know the area well, and enjoy meeting new people.

There are numerous fun walking tours offered in Alabama.  

You may visit historical places, spend the day at museums, experience nature outside of the city, and tour local breweries on foot.

A local guide with firsthand knowledge enhances the experience.

Do you enjoy your neighborhood and know it well?

Are there any interesting places to visit or attractions to see?

If this is the case, leading walking tours would add more active hours to your day while also earning extra money.

Visitors get a one-of-a-kind and engaging experience that they would not have gotten otherwise.

It’s a win-win situation.

Bike Messenger 

This one is a bit odd, and whether or not you can do it depends on where you reside.

However, if riding is your preferred workout and biking several miles a day as fast as you can seem enticing, working as a bike messenger can be a good fit for you.

While navigating the streets, try to practice biking in all types of traffic, weather conditions, and terrain.

Once you’re confident maneuvering the streets, you can apply to local bike messenger or bike courier companies.

Payment is typically made by the commission, which varies according to distance, urgency, package size/weight, weather conditions, and other variables.

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Additional Ways To Make Money Losing Weight 

Weight loss apps and side gigs aren’t the only methods to get paid to lose weight.

Here are a few options for getting in shape:

Health Insurance Reimbursements 

Losing weight is an excellent approach to improving one’s health. Insurance companies are aware of this and frequently use money as a motivator by paying you to exercise.

While reimbursements differ, they frequently include reduced or complimentary gym memberships. 

This will cover the cost of a weight loss plan membership or other physical activities.

Take Up Weight Watchers On Their Special Offers 

Weight Watchers is a systematic weight loss program that includes in-person or online assistance as well as a healthy meal plan. 

The Weight Watchers program is consistently ranked near the top of U.S. News & World Report’s yearly list of the best diets. 

You’ve probably seen the advertisements with celebrity endorsers like Oprah, or you’ve seen their items in grocery stores. 

With Weight Watchers, no foods are forbidden, and no premade meals are required.

Calories are not tracked, but there is a point system to help you make healthier meal choices. 

You can follow the plan on your own online, with coaching via phone or email, or in person at local group gatherings.

Of course, the program is not free.

However, they do run limited-time deals from time to time, such as a $100 gift card giveaway if you lose 10 pounds in three months.

There are better prizes if you lose 10 pounds in your first two months.

Start An Office Challenge 

Weight loss challenges are ideal for small office settings.

Try enlisting coworkers to collaborate or challenge one another to reduce weight.

You can make the timeframe as short or as long as you like.

You can also choose whether to measure progress by total lost weight or overall percentage loss.

Put the money together and decide on first and second-place prizes.

Start A Betting Game With Friends 

Friends can be an excellent resource for assisting you in improving your health.

Why not team up to get healthier and lose weight?

You will need to keep an eye on each other, just as at the office challenge.

To keep things friendly, you also may gamble a lower amount, such as $10 or $20.

Whoever wins takes home the pot.

Win Prizes From Higi 

Higi stations measure your blood pressure, pulse, weight, and BMI.

You can set up an account at the station or online and then follow your numbers over time.

Higi used to have quite an extensive rewards scheme, but it has now become more contest-like. 

I’m not sure if they intend to reinstate the rewards scheme, but you can sign up for challenges. 

Those who finish the challenge are entered into a random drawing to win a fitness tracker, a $250 Visa gift card, or a vacation for two.

To find one near you, use the handy locator on their website.

Extra Tips For Staying Motivated To Lose Weight 

Extra Tips For Staying Motivated To Lose Weight 

Getting in shape requires a significant amount of effort. Your motivation might fluctuate.

Here are some strategies for staying ahead in the game! 

Answer Your Why 

Losing weight for the sake of losing weight is usually insufficient.

You’re going to need a specific reason.

Instead of saying, “I want to drop 15 pounds,” try, “I want to lose weight so it’s easier for me to travel and enjoy myself.” 

You can also have several motives that evolve as time goes on.

Your first “why” may be to run a 3K, but this can be changed to a marathon.

When it’s 15 degrees outside, and you haven’t worked out, having a solid why will keep you going. 

It will keep you on track when you want to have dessert at a restaurant.

A particular why is more likely to work.

Then jot it down somewhere and post it somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis, such as your bathroom mirror, your work computer, or even your phone’s wallpaper.

Involve Other People 

If you’re attempting to avoid specific foods or training for a marathon, sharing your goals with friends and family members can be helpful. 

When you express your ambitions, you may encounter like-minded folks who will encourage and cheer you on.

However, be cautious about disclosing your objectives.

Even if you haven’t done anything, stating your goals can cause a rush of endorphins. 

Nevertheless, if you have a friend who has accomplished a comparable objective, it may be beneficial to share your ambitions and pick their brain for ideas and tips.

Reward Your Good Behavior 

Trying to lose weight isn’t always a straight line. It ebbs and flows.

You might barely drop half a pound some weeks. 

You may not drop any weight for some weeks.

You may even gain a few pounds over the holidays.

That is why it is critical to appreciate tiny victories along the way. 

You should be happy whenever you achieve a goal, such as running more than one mile at a time or discovering a new way to eat greens.

Non-scaled victories should be celebrated as well.

Even if you’re months away from your goal weight, celebrating victories helps keep you motivated. 

You can share your wins with your family publicly on social media or privately in a notebook. 

Seeing how far you’ve come can make you feel proud, especially if you’re prone to comparing your weight reduction journey to the path of others.

Pick An Exercise That’s Fun For You 

When people grumble about their workouts, the standard advice is, “Find a routine that doesn’t feel like exercise.”

Rather than forcing yourself to run when you despise jogging, choose a workout that you enjoy.

It might be anything from going for a weekend hike with your dog to doing Pilates a few times a week. 

Find cardio and strength-training programs if possible to target both fitness components.

You’ll be more inclined to go to the gym if you find a workout you enjoy.

Instead of dreading it, you’ll be motivated to attend even if the weather is awful or you’re stressed about your other responsibilities. 

Partner Up So You Stay Accountable 

It’s difficult to lose weight on your own, especially if you live alone or your partner isn’t committed to the same objective. 

That is why having an accountability partner is beneficial.

You can find one by asking someone at your gym or posting about it on social media.

Your ideal accountability partner is someone who shares your aims.

You should check in with each other once a week via text or email. 

Accountability partners will help you solve problems, vent when you’re dissatisfied, and celebrate your weight loss success.

They’ll encourage you and remind you not to be too hard on yourself.

They can even give you a push when you need it. 

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Final Thoughts 

Having trouble deciding which app to download?

You might not have to choose just one.

Some of the apps described above can be used in tandem, allowing you to earn points in two different systems.

Determine what you really want from an app.

Is it the social interaction, the chance to get paid to lose weight, or the motivation to form healthy habits?

Then select an app that includes that feature.

If you don’t like the notion of potentially losing money or measuring your weight on a regular basis, there are other options. 

You can also utilize applications like MyFitnessPal, which allows you to add friends who can view your food journals and activity frequency. 

Although not as regimented as weight reduction challenge apps, these apps can provide additional benefits.

Whatever you choose, isn’t it nice to know it’s possible to monetize your weight loss?

I hope you achieve all your weight loss goals with the help of these excellent platforms.

Disclosure: This article might contain affiliate links to the resources I refer to. It's at no cost to you, and it's how we pay the bills. Get more info here.

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