Is Redbubble Legit and Safe Marketplace?

Selling and ordering stuff online is ubiquitous in this day and age.

It’s a realistic business venture to pursue because we’re all after convenience. 

And one of the top online marketplaces that mainly sells clothing is Redbubble.

It didn’t rise to that position for no reason. 

So, right off the bat, yes, Redbubble is legit. 

In this post, we will explore the reasons that back up that claim.

We’ll go into the buyer’s and seller’s perspective so you get the whole picture. 

Sound good?

Then, let’s begin. 

What is Redbubble

The Redbubble Official Webpage.

Redubble is different from your usual online marketplaces like eBay or Etsy

This Australian company launched in 2006, and its dream was pretty simple: to provide a fresh, effective avenue for independent artists to market their work. 

Over 700,000 artists and designers worldwide now have the chance to reach their devoted audiences, thanks to Redbubble. 

It ushered in a bold new era of individual expression. 

Aside from clothing, totes, cushions, and phone cases, you can find all sorts of merch on Redbubble. 

This is the perfect online marketplace for buying or selling stuff that isn’t generic or mass-produced. 

Reasons Why Redbubble is Legit 

Redbubble has been around for a while, and it secured its position in the industry by being trustworthy.

It also has certain features that differentiate it from other print-on-demand sites.

Do you still want to verify the legitimacy of the Redbubble website?

No problem.

Here are the reasons why Redbubble is a perfectly safe place to do online transactions. 

Secure Payment Gateways 

We all do our best to double-check (maybe even triple-check) an online service if it involves money.

These days, the threat of getting scammed is more significant than ever. 

One of the ways that Redbubble can prove its legitimacy is by providing multiple secure and trusted ways to pay for products and receive payments as an artist. 

Redbubble requires a billing address corresponding to the payment method chosen to prevent fraud. 

It accepts Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Redbubble Gift Cards, Paypal, and Apple Pay — all the usual. 

If you live in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, you also have the option to “buy now and pay later” with Afterpay or Clearpay

Please note that you can only use one payment method at a time while purchasing Redbubble as an extra precaution.

The only exception to this rule is Redbubble’s propriety gift card. 

If you like transacting with prepaid debit cards, please ensure you have an adequate amount to cover your purchase.

Otherwise, it will be denied. 

Fortunately, Redbubble offers discounts regularly, which incentivizes bundle and bulk buying. 

Prompt Customer Support 

One of the telltale signs of whether a company is legit is how much effort it pours into customer support. 

Redbubble gets our stamp of approval. 

They recommend contacting their customer support team if you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your account. 

The company recognizes that the feedback of both customers and artists is a valuable resource for improving its offerings. 

Redbubble does take its time to research an issue thoroughly to find the perfect solution when it arises. 

Expanding User Base 

As mentioned, Redbubble was founded almost two decades ago in Australia. 

This once-small online business is now so successful that it has opened a second headquarters in San Francisco. 

As Redbubble expanded, it established partnerships with manufacturers in the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. 

This means its products can get to international customers a lot quicker.

They’re pretty transparent about the warehouses that handle their orders, too. 

To my point, ask yourself what kind of business can grow this substantially over the years.

A reliable one, of course! 

Redbubble is particularly popular among younger people, so it’s safe to say that it’ll thrive for a while. 

Socially Responsible 

It’s fair to say that Redbbule is far more proactive than most companies regarding social responsibility.

It’s probably because they are an eCommerce site that works with artists.

They have to consider the interests of all parties involved in all this buying and selling.  

They’re quick to act and don’t wait for issues to be reported to the public before investigating them. 

And, of course, a global company must consider its impact on its market and workforce, the environment, and other countries’ economies. 

So, if you’re concerned about the ethical practices of the companies it contracts with to fulfill orders, Redbubble gets a green check mark. 

Their manufacturers are held to strict standards, including using high-quality and ethically sourced clothes. 

Redbubble expects all these third-party companies to place a premium on their employee’s health and safety. 

They must maintain VALID Social Compliance Certifications and fully commit to the Fair Labor Association’s guiding principles. 

Lastly, Redbubble devotes a sizeable chunk of its resources to charities.

No red flags here! 

Supports Small Artists 

Artist Working On Her Project.

If you’re an artist, you probably know that doing it for a living requires understanding licensing and copyright legislation.

It’s not so easy. 

Fortunately, Redbubble is willing to assist independent artists in navigating the challenging landscape of marketable fan art. 

Redbubble is one of the few places online to purchase legally licensed fan art in various styles. 

You’ll quickly obtain licensing to sell your work as an emerging artist.

Companies can go into licensing arrangements with Redbubble through its Partner Program. 

Some of the current brand agreements that Redbubble has include Star Trek, Jaws, The Last Unicorn, and Charmed.

It can get pretty niche! 

By partnering with these brands, Redbubble allows artists to create content that would otherwise be copyrighted. 

Of course, you’re still going to be bound by specific rules. 

Let’s say you want to make fan art of Harry Styles.

You must use official song titles and refrain from using images other than those that Redbubble supplies. 

And as you finalize and upload a piece of art, you must apply the appropriate tags.

Brands, much like their official content, will have preferred and forbidden tagging systems in place. 

Redbubble will examine your product to ensure it matches the brand’s preferences. 

Actively Prevents Art Theft 

Redbubble is always under the attack of cyber art thieves.

This is an unavoidable problem that printing companies collaborating with artists have. 

Digital artists face a much more constant threat of a steep drop in sales than their traditional art world counterparts.

That’s because art thieves who steal their creations often resell them at rock-bottom prices. 

You don’t have to worry about your stuff getting stolen as an artist. 

When a user right-clicks your work on Redbubble, a translucent image will appear on top of your original design to prevent it from being downloaded. 

This is called the “Protect Your Work” feature, one of the many tools on your artist dashboard. 

To further ensure the security of their artists, Redbubble never displays the full-resolution version of any image you upload. 

But don’t worry!

Their printers will use your high-resolution images to make your products look beautiful. 

If someone somehow manages to steal your work and pass it off as their own, there’s a solution! 

You’ll have to send a takedown notification to Redbubble to prevent the thief from profiting from your work. 

But what if your designs get sold on other POD marketplaces, like TeePublic?

In that case, Redbubble may be unable to assist you in having your work from outside sites. 

However, you can always try to negotiate ownership rights with those other companies. 

No Fees For Returned Products 

This one is for the creators, especially those who have experienced printing their products. 

Let’s say one of your customers wishes to return one of your products.

Well, Redbubble won’t charge you for this. 

This is a big deal because the success of a fan artist often hinges on reverse logistics. 

“reverse logistics” refers to delivering goods inward (through manufacturing) instead of forward. 

So, when a buyer requests a return, the business must find a way to receive the item and take the burden off the requester. 

They also usually provide solutions like refunds, store credit, and replacement items. 

In this case, Redbubble will handle all these logistics.

They “absorb” the costs associated with returned products. 

This is one reason Redbubble is so picky about the quality of its products and the manufacturers it partners with. 

So, you deliver great products on your end, and Redbubble protects you from dishonest customers. 

Effective Marketing 

Most folks think of Redbubble as a merch company.

In reality, it’s more of a marketing and logistics service. 

Rebubble takes care of much of the promotional work that small artists need. 

As an artist, you can launch your marketing campaigns with Redbubble’s custom URLs and lifestyle template sharing. 

You can use these tools to promote your products to customers who have already shown an interest in purchasing them. 

Redbubble even does “off-site marketing” to promote their artists’ work on other platforms.

Of course, you’ll have to go to the settings on your dashboard and tick off the box that indicates your consent. 

It may take up to four days for the change to take effect. 

However, please note that you shouldn’t automatically expect to see any of your products advertised to you. 

Each user’s profile and online behavior with Redbubble or their third-party marketers are factored into the algorithm determining which ads you’ll see. 

Streamlined Creation Process 

A company’s legitimacy also hinges on how easy of a time it wants to give its users. 

And since it has a unique focus on artists, Redbubble provides accurate templates of how their creations will look in real life. 

Designs might look nice on the computer, but that doesn’t mean they will translate well in all mediums. 

Redbubble has so many different items and designs available, and it would be near impossible to photograph each one.

That’s why it relies on computer-generated images of prototypes instead. 

These templates are available to anyone interested via Google Drive

Fair Compensation 

The Working Artist.

Earning money through art is no small feat. 

If you’re a beginner in the art market, Redbubble can be an easy way to “get your feet wet.”

It allows even amateur artists to profit from their passion by providing a 20% artist margin. 

This margin is added to the product’s base price, so you’re sure always to get a return on your work, even if you sell only one or two items at first. 

AND 20% is only the standard artist margin. As the artist, you have the freedom to adjust this as you see fit. 

Redbubble creatives can set the price of their products at any level they feel appropriate. 

For example, you had one design that took a long time to create, or you incurred additional costs during the design process. 

In this case, you can set a higher price to earn more.

The same goes if you want to offer exclusive or limited designs. 

And if one design doesn’t require much time or effort, you can lower the price.

You can also use this strategy to differentiate yourself from other artists who are, more or less, putting out the same items. 

Redbubble’s monthly payment cycle starts on the 15th, and you need to have earned $20 or more by then to get paid for your designs. 

If you can’t manage to do that, the remaining payment will carry over to the next month until it reaches the minimum payout amount. 

Is It Safe to Buy Items From Redbubble? 

Yes. Aside from its secure payment gateways, Redbubble products are made with premium materials. 

A quick search will reveal that many customers have raved about its combed and ring-spun cotton shirts and durable vinyl stickers. 

Redbubble’s dedication to using only high-quality materials guarantees you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. 

Here’s the caveat. 

Redbubble’s prices may seem too high to some. 

However, please keep in mind that you’re getting custom-made products.

Your purchase supports the artist who made the design.

Of course, a portion of your payment will also go to the printing company and the delivery service. 

Wherever you live, you can expect your orders to come promptly.

They will be manufactured in their partner printing company closest to you. 

Not only does this eliminate the need to maintain an expensive inventory, but it also assures speedy deliveries. 

Are All of Redbubble’s Merch Official? 


If you only want to see official merch, narrow your search by applying the “Officially Licensed” filter. 

The company operates as an online marketplace for independent artists to find patrons.

These artists don’t all produce officially licensed content. 

Can Artists Make Decent Money on Redbubble? 

Working In The Privacy Of Her Space.

You can make money on Redbubble, but nothing is certain in this business. 

You’d have a better chance if you already have all the necessary supplies and equipment.

It would also help if you could create eye-catching, trendy designs. 

Some sellers earn money by buying and selling designs on the platform.

They don’t produce any of the artwork themselves. 

I can safely say that Redbubble is an excellent way to make money off your art.

It’s important to remember that only you can ensure your success on the platform. 

It will take a lot of work for any artist to dominate the Redbubble market. 

I want to take a quick break; I’ll leave you with these article ideas to make extra money for you to check out…

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What Are The Cons of Using Redbbuble? 

What Seems To Be The Problem?

Redbubble is legit, but it’s not without its flaws.

No platform is perfect, especially if its operations are contingent on the performance of multiple companies. 

Here are some factors that Redbubble has received negative reviews about: 

Delayed Shipping 

There have been some reports that some customers have suffered frustrating shipping delays.

It’s worth noting that shipping timeframes can change based on factors like location. 

Occasional Poor Print Quality 

There have also been isolated reports of customers receiving items with subpar print quality.

I’m talking fuzzy or sometimes even distorted photos. 

This doesn’t happen often, but it’s a bit of a hassle when it does. 

As a solution, you can get in touch with Redbubble customer service.

Requesting a replacement is the most efficient way to resolve this issue. 

Inconsistent Customer Service 

Redbubble’s customer service team’s performance is up for debate.

Some customers have had success getting in touch with its support staff.

Some have found it tricky to do so. 

If responses are slower than expected, you can contact Redbubble via social media like Twitter or Facebook

Overall, Redbubble has excellent customer service, but all support staff are prone to human error.

Limited Personalization

Some Redbubble customers have complained about the lack of personalization options despite the site’s wide selection of designs. 

This could be a problem if you want to customize the products you sell or buy heavily.

It’s just not possible on this platform. 

Final Thoughts: Is Redbubble Legit?

There you have it; we can confidently say that Redbubble is legit.

It’s a reliable service that supports artists and delivers quality products to customers. 

You might want to try it out if you’re a budding artist.

You can also get unique t-shirts and other merch that fits your style and interests. 

Redbubble didn’t cement its position in the industry for being a lackluster service.

It did so by constantly improving and resolving issues whenever they arise.

It’s legit!


Is Redbubble safe to buy from 2023?


Redbubble is a trustworthy platform for purchasing items.

Established in 2006, the company boasts a solid track record and has earned a positive reputation among its customers.

Can Redbubble be trusted?

The company offers an extensive range of products and provides artists with favorable commissions.

All in all, Redbubble is a legitimate platform that offers excellent opportunities for creators to sell their designs.

From a buyer’s standpoint, Redbubble is an exceptional website for purchasing unique prints and products.

Is it safe to sell on Redbubble?

For artists and designers seeking to sell their work on a diverse array of products without the hassle of managing inventory or customer service, Redbubble is a valuable platform.

Understanding the platform’s workings for sellers to optimize their designs and listings effectively maximizes their chances of success.

Do people use Redbubble?

Redbubble presents an excellent opportunity to leverage your talents and generate additional income.

By dedicating time and effort to the platform, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t achieve sales, mainly if you can produce designs that align with current trends.

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