How To Resell Yeezys: A Short Guide For Newbies

Reselling sneakers is built on a fundamental principle that applies to many other businesses: purchase low and sell high. You might want to build a reselling business or merely offload Yeezys you already own. 

Either way, you’ll learn the basics of how to resell Yeezys in this post.

You’ll need to learn how to keep track of expenses and calculate net profit on each pair sold.

You’ll also need to plan out your strategy.

Some folks choose to buy a few pairs of sneakers and wait for them to appreciate in value. 

Others use a high-volume sneaker resale strategy to earn money by moving stock rapidly and at lower margins.

Others concentrate on obtaining rarer pairings that can sell for thousands of dollars at auction. 

Whatever strategy you devise for yourself, there’s no denying that Yeezys are still some of the hottest-selling luxury items around.

You can earn extra cash or even turn this into a full-time job by sharpening your sneaker reselling game.

How To Source Yeezys 

how to resell yeezys

In this first scenario, let’s assume you don’t have any Yeezys yet. You’ll have to source them from somewhere to start your business.

Here are my tips for copping your first pair of Yeezys (or two).

Buy Them For Retail Price

If you had tried to do this last year, you would have been disappointed.

However, manually “copping” is not impossible nowadays.

Yeezy stock isn’t selling out as quickly as it used to due to larger production levels.

In effect, they’re so much easier to buy at retail price.

However, that doesn’t mean you should slack off and wait.

As soon as you’re able, it would be best to get it before it sells out in your size.

Looking at the 2018 drops, the Yeezy buzz seems like it’s not as high as it once was.

Even if there are no hyped releases in the same month, resellers will try to chew up the supply. 

The anticipation is steadily picking up momentum, thanks to the limited reflective variant of the 350 v2 Static.

Plus, there are more speculated upcoming Yeezys up for grabs. 

You might want to use a sneaker bot to ensure you’re getting the most out of your “copping” skills. 

In the industry of sneaker resale, a “bot” is a software tool that speeds up the online checkout process.

It assists resellers in snagging trendy pairs, including limited releases. 

Despite being a contentious sneaker industry component, bots are typically required to obtain the latest releases at retail prices.

These bots are often created by former sneakerheads and self-taught developers who profit from their profitable commodities.

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Buy Them From Other Resellers 

People who buy Yeezys from resellers are usually sneakerheads who missed out on a Yeezy drop when they wanted it.

Sneaker lovers are serious about owning particular pieces in their collection and don’t care about the costs. 

However, a reseller may anonymously buy a pair of shoes from another reseller.

That is, if you believe you can sell the shoe for a higher price.

This applies if you have devoted customers ready to pay more for your loot. 

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How To Avoid Fakes 

While there are many imitations on the market, many resources can teach you how to recognize them.

You can request detailed, tagged photos from the seller as a buyer. This could be in the form of written proof of ownership. 

The most common practice is the day/time written on a piece of paper next to the shoe in each photo.

You can compare them to the numerous tutorials on YouTube or on sneaker forums.

That will give you a good idea of whether they’re authentic.

Also, if it’s a new release, only deal with customers who bring their receipts from the store.

That way, you’ll know they’re genuine.

And if you want to resell them, you’ll be able to showcase to purchasers that they’re also genuine.

How To Prepare Your Yeezys

How To Prepare Your Yeezys

In this second scenario, let’s assume you already have Yeezys you want to let go of.

Maybe you even have an impressive personal collection.

First and foremost, you must ready your prized Yeezy for sale.

Please apply my selling prep instructions below to increase the chances of someone buying your Yeezys and maximizing your profit:

1. Come up with an excellent description. 

Please be as unambiguous as possible when describing your Yeezys.

You can write your own or look for a generic description online and adapt it.

Please don’t forget to include the shoe size and style code in the description. 

It would also be a good idea to bring out any flaws in the Yeezy ahead of time.

You run the risk of upsetting the customer afterward by not doing so.

Describe the shoe’s condition in detail. Mention it even if you’ve only worn it once.

If you’ve worn it a few times at home, it’s already considered lightly used.

You might be wasting your time attempting to sell them if they’ve been battered outside.

2. Have a little photoshoot for your Yeezys. 

Take as many shots of your Yeezy as you can from all perspectives.

Nope, you don’t need to pay a professional photographer!

You can take them yourself with your smartphone camera. Just make sure the setting is sufficiently lit.

It would also help to keep the background simple. 

Remember to photograph the profile picture, the sole, the receipt, the label, the tag, and the box. 

Pro tip: Include a handwritten note indicating you as the owner and how long you’ve owned it.

This is to establish that you’re a legitimate merchant and didn’t nab the photo elsewhere. 

3. Indicate the selling price. 

To determine the actual cost of the Yeezy, conduct a web search for the item.

Then factor in a healthy profit, and include expected delivery charges.

If you recently purchased a popular product, you can sell it quickly and profitably. If you wait too long, the buzz will die.

If you’re using PayPal, make sure the money is received as “goods or services.”

This will ensure that PayPal’s protection policy compensates you for the whole amount if something goes awry.

You must show a receipt or confirmation that the item was dispatched.

4. Ship out your Yeezys as soon as possible. 

It’s only polite to ship the order within 24 hours of final payment.

If you wish to ship later or sooner, speak with the buyer about when you’d be able to.

The sooner you start, the better. 

If shipping expenses aren’t included in the product price, ensure you and the customer agree on it before shipping out.

When packing the Yeezys, make sure to double-box them and tape them in the appropriate spots.

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How Much To Sell Your Yeezys For 

How Much To Sell Your Yeezys For

Your Yeezys’ resale value depends on so many factors, but here are some guidelines to help you with pricing:

  • Don’t overshoot. Some resellers ask for way too much for their Yeezys. In the end, they can’t make sales at all.
  • Don’t be afraid to inflate prices if your Yeezy model is no longer available. You can also do so if it’s an exclusive release or particularly trendy at the time. 
  • You’re expected to reduce the price slightly if your Yeezys have been somewhat worn. 
  • Be open to many modes of payment. This will attract more buyers. 
  • Always check the original selling price of the Yeezy and add the shipping costs! 
  • Please don’t sell it for too cheap because folks will assume it’s a fake. Wouldn’t you? 
  • Start with the absolute minimum price when using an auction site. That price will increase once you attract bidders. 
  • Be steadfast in your negotiations and lowest asking price. If you don’t want to negotiate altogether, mention it in your product description, so you get fewer attempts from buyers. Most of the time, it can’t be helped. People love to haggle. 

Where To Sell Your Yeezys 

Where To Sell Your Yeezys


Stockx is a website where you can list your product and sell it rapidly through a bid-ask auction.

The platform prefers genuine and unused products dispatched swiftly to the buyer.

So, expect to be penalized if you don’t ship within two business days or if you advertise an imitation.

They have professionals who check Yeezy for authenticity from top to bottom!

Sole Supremacy 

Another platform where you can post your Yeezys and sell them safely is Sole Supremacy.

One advantage of using this service is that they can buy your Yeezys for a fair price after thoroughly checking them for authenticity.

This will save you time and effort when looking for and dealing with buyers.

This is a smart choice if you want to sell Yeezys without doing much work and yet earn a reasonable price.


Klekt is a fantastic option if you want to sell your Yeezys to overseas buyers.

It has access to 350,000 sneakerheads all over the world.

It allows you to put up your Yeezy for free, but you must pay a fee of 8% of the sale price.

This platform also provides features such as Push to Top, Price Drop, and Highlight to assist you in improving your listings.

You also get some additional benefits if you become a pro-seller.


Reddit is a fantastic alternative if you want to sell your Yeezys by communicating directly to the customer.

You’ll find a topic for just about anything here, including Yeezys.

You can promote your products by commenting on popular posts or starting a dialogue with potential buyers. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, make your topic to attract buyers.

If neither of these methods yields results, you could use paid advertisements to attract buyers.

Keep an eye on how much money you spend on these adverts, and don’t go overboard.

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Craigslist is yet another option for selling your Yeezys without paying additional fees or commissions.

This platform rules If you want to sell the Yeezy to a local and don’t want to worry about shipping costs. 

The snag to this approach is that you may have to wait for at least a couple of days for individuals to engage.

This is the ideal option if you have a pair of rare Yeezys because you won’t have to wait long.

Someone will surely snag them up. 

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With over 160 million shoppers, eBay is a massive online marketplace.

If you want many eyeballs on your Yeezys, this is the ideal eCommerce site to use.

If the worth of the Yeezy is less than $750, you can sell up to 150 things for free.

Plus, you only pay 10% in fees when the Yeezy is sold. 

Let’s say you are too busy or want professionals to handle things like that.

Then eBay lets you construct your listing or handles it for you for a nominal cost.

eBay is also fantastic since it enables you to choose between a fixed-price or an auction sale.

You have the option to let go of your Yeezys for the highest bid.


If you want to sell your Yeezys breezily, GOAT is the place to go because it lets you purchase and sell on the go.

Yup, it has a mobile app! 

It follows a simple procedure: First, you list the goods and then send them to GOAT experts for authenticity verification.

Then it will be shipped to your customer once it has been sold.

Because they meticulously screen every applicant, your prospects of being listed as a seller are slim. 

They also charge a minimum fee of 9.5%, which can go to 20% if you don’t have a solid reputation yet.

Please note that you’ll have to follow many rules when you sign up on eBay. 

Flight Club

Fight Club is an excellent place to sell your Yeezys.

The platform inspects each item before advertising it and will assist you in determining the best price for it.

If it gets sold, you’ll get paid in a check.

The cost of your Yeezy will be determined by criteria such as rarity, condition, and size availability.

Flight Club is fabulous because it has many payment options for your potential buyers. 


Grailed is a marketplace for selling unique men’s goods.

With an added PayPal fee, you only have to pay a 6% commission when you sell a product.

You will be informed when a buyer asks a question or makes an offer when you list a product.

You can put up listings for free.

When listing products, keep in mind that there are several important categories to consider, including:

  • Luxury 
  • Streetwear (Yeezys fall under this category.) 
  • Sartorial 
  • Core 

Local Facebook Groups 

There are numerous Facebook groups for Yeezy fans, such as Yeezy Talk.

You can put out feelers in your community to see if anyone can invite you to these groups.

Once you’re let in, you can sell your Yeezys there.

This approach eliminates the middleman, resulting in a higher profit margin.

If you want to meet genuinely eager buyers, try to get invited to more product-specific groups.

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Final Thoughts – How To Resell Yeezys

Even though it might be tempting, selling your Yeezys on social media is unusual.

Don’t settle on posting photos of your Yeezys on your Instagram account and hoping for the best.

Even though they are prospective resale sites for your footwear, it is preferable to have a solid reputation among other merchants.

Then you can establish a solid customer base.

Sneakerheads can purchase Yeezys at any moment, but they must do it through a trusted marketplace and within the community.

As a result, I stoutly advise you to test one, if not all, of the above platforms and gain real-world experience.

You’ll be able to enjoy competitive rates, but your Yeezys must be the real deal!

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