How To Get Paid To Listen To Music

If you’re going to do it anyway, then you might as well get paid to listen to music. There are legitimate ways to monetize your love of tunage. You’ll find them all out on this post. 

There are so many websites that will pay you for putting your ears to good use. Best of all, this is the perfect way to earn from multitasking. You could be eating, working, or playing a video game as you listen to music. 

Spotify, for example, is not just an excellent music streaming platform. Even though you might use it all the time, you might not know that you could monetize your playlists on it. 

Sure, this little side hustle is not going to replace your primary source of income. However, it could very well be a way to earn some pocket money. 

Are your ears perked up and ready? Then let’s get started! 

get paid to listen to music

Apps and Websites That Pay You To Listen To Music 

Below, I’ve compiled a list of the best apps and websites that pay people to listen to music. It might make you happy to know that it’s free to join most of these platforms. 

1- MusicXray 

Rather than playing popular music, Music Xray focuses on emerging musicians and music composers. All that’s left to do is listen to new artists’ tracks and give them a rating. 

Music will be delivered to your inbox, and you will be required to submit a brief review after playing the track. Those reviews will also aid the artists in creating better and profitable music in the future.

This fantastic business is now paying roughly $0.05 per song.

You must submit roughly five songs after making your free account so that it can recognize your musical preferences. You’ll receive email updates once they’ve found suitable matches. 

After that, you’ll have 24 hours to review the tunes. Your earnings can be directly withdrawn from your linked PayPal account.

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2- Current App 

The Current music app allows you to search and listen to over 100,000 radio stations. The more you would listen, the more you will earn. 

You can also get paid with gift cards. Gift cards and cash can also be earned by inviting friends and family to join the app.

The Current app is the only lock screen music player that does not require a subscription. What does this mean? It allows you to earn money while listening to music on your lock screen! 

You could be exercising, working, or chilling, all while earning money! Just imagine that as you do your everyday mundane routine, you could make enough to get yourself a nice lunch.

Every time you play a track, you earn points that can be converted to real cash. 

Completing surveys, providing your opinions, inviting friends, and completing other actions are all ways to make money with this app. 

3- SliceThePie

Suppose you want to monetize your love of music. In that case, SliceThePie is undoubtedly one of the most popular websites that offer this service.

You have to listen to new music and then rate it on the website. However, you must listen to the song for at least 60 seconds before you can rate it and begin writing a brief review.

This website now pays about $0.02 per music review. However, if you are persistent, you can make as much as $0.2 for every review. The longer your account is active, the more songs you can go through. 

You can withdraw your money from this website twice a week. However, you must reach the $10 withdrawal limit to claim your earnings. 

4- Earnably 

You’ve probably heard of Survey Junkie. Earnably, like Survey Junkie, it offers members quick cash and free gift cards in exchange for performing basic online activities. That includes taking surveys and watching videos. 

Listening to music is also one of the ways you can earn cash and gift cards through Earnably. Listening to your favorite radio stations will win you points. Your points can be exchanged for PayPal cash or gift cards from your favorite brands and merchants.

You can get incentives by inviting your friends, family, and followers. If someone joins Earnably using your unique referral link, you will receive 10% of their earnings indefinitely. 

5- PlaylistPush


Do you want to be compensated for listening to new music? Then there’s PlaylistPush, a website that allows music fans from all over the world to share their playlists.

It genuinely will enable users to make money off of their Apple Music or Spotify playlists. 

This network also connects musicians with playlist makers across a variety of music channels and apps. This program also allows musicians to pitch their songs directly to playlist creators.

Singers and music producers pay playlist creators to listen to their music via this service. You can also add their tracks to your playlist if you like them. 

However, your Spotify or Apple Music playlist must have at least 400 followers. This website pays roughly $1 for each song review, but it can go up to $12 per song if you have a large following.

6- Nielsen Market Research 

The Nielsen Market Research app is a great way to bring in money as you listen to music. The Nielsen app is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

You provide Nielsen access to your device usage when you download and install the Nielsen app. The application will then track your device surfing habits.

For example, the music you listen to and the streaming services you use are included in their market research. 

Nielsen will then compensate you for taking part in their study. For example, Nielsen’s Computer & Mobile Panel allows you to earn money by listening to your own playlists on your devices. 

Please note that you can only earn $50 per year with the Nielsen app. However, it’s still a convenient method to make money while listening to music on your devices.

7- HitPredictor 

HitPredictor, as the name implies, forecasts the likelihood of a song becoming a big hit in the future. They post new songs and tracks on their website for you to listen to and give feedback on. 

Many people, from record labels to individual musicians, are looking for specialists to review their tracks. In exchange, they pay you to provide them with valuable comments on their songs.

This company presently pays $5 for every 30 minutes you spend listening to and reviewing new music. Your profits, however, can only be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. 

You can rate new artists and receive points for doing so, in addition to evaluating songs. To create an account on this website, you must be at least 13 years old.

8- is an example of a website that pays its users to review new music. It features a special section on the internet where you can listen to and rate new tunes right away. 

It also has an app that you can get from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This website is mainly based on a survey approach. You have to provide a brief review of the song you are listening to.

Currently, the only way to join is by invitation. As a result, you can request a referral from any current member of this website. You can listen to new music directly from the dashboard after creating an account on this site. 

Your earnings can also be redeemed through PayPal deposits or direct wire payments. You must, however, surpass the withdrawal limit.

9- RadioEarn

RadioEarn is a mobile app that also serves as an internet radio station. It is entirely free to join. You can listen to the station by signing up on their website. Every 15 minutes, you collect points that may be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

You may earn money by adding this radio link to your website or social media profiles. The more people you attract and encourage to click, the more you make! 

These points will be converted to USD at the end of the month. You can withdraw your funds via wire transfer, Amazon Gift Cards, or Bitcoin.

For every 15 minutes you listen to the radio; you receive points. These points are converted into real cash. 

10 –WeLocalize 

WeLocalize is undoubtedly one of the most legitimate websites that allow you to make money as you listen to music. 

However, rather than the traditional music critiques, this website focuses on lyrics. It’s a transcription job in which you transcribe the lyrics while listening to the music.

You’ll receive new tracks every day after creating a free account on this website. All that’s left to do now is transcribe the tracks.

To make a reasonable profit from this platform, you’ll need a fast typing speed. Also, you can use Descript an AI transcription tool to assist you in the process.

This website now pays roughly $4 for each song you transcribe. It’s not difficult to transcribe the lyrics of approximately 30 songs per month in just a few minutes each day.

You can also get your earnings directly into your account via wire transfer and ACH. Please note that you must be a permanent resident of the United States to have this opportunity. 

11- UniqueRewards 

UniqueRewards is a rewards program that allows you to earn money for doing things you enjoy. So on UniqueRewards, there are numerous ways to make money.

You will be paid to complete offers and surveys, listen to music, watch movies, read emails, purchase online, click advertising, and play free games.

Money can be made by listening to the radio as a member of Unique Rewards.

You have the option of listening to whatever radio station you like. 

A captcha will appear every 30 minutes. Every captcha code you submit earns you money. Every entered captcha code makes $0.03 in the United States and $0.01 in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Cashing out requires a minimum balance of $20. As long as you have at least $20 in your account, you can withdraw your earnings every Monday through PayPal. You can also redeem your payments in check or bitcoin. 

12- Radioloyalty

Listening to music can be used to make money in a variety of ways. Listening to live radio is undoubtedly one of accomplishing this. 

Radio Loyalty is now offering everyone the chance to earn money by simply listening to their radio programs. This platform allows you to listen to radio stations directly from your computer. You may also download their specialized app.

You’ll frequently encounter advertisements while listening to live radio stations. You’ll be paid a commission for listening to such advertising. However, this website keeps track of how attentive you are. 

You must complete a CAPTCHA every 3-5 minutes to do so. You will be immediately logged out of the website if you do not make the entry at the correct time. VISA gift cards can be used to redeem your profits.

13- FusionCash 

FusionCash is the place to go if you seek websites that will pay you to listen to your favorite music. It’s simple to create an account on this website, and it only takes a few minutes. 

After you’ve registered an account, you’ll be able to find the music you like right on the dashboard. However, it will ask you to complete a captcha every few minutes to pay attention.

Simply by registering an account on this website, you can receive $5. You may also earn money by watching videos and taking surveys in addition to listening to music. 

On the 20th of each month, you can withdraw your earnings. To do so, you must first reach the $25 payment barrier. They now allow members of families with children who like listening to new music too.

14- Cash4minutes

Cash4minutes - get paid to listen to music

Cash4minutes has recently gained a lot of traction among teenagers. To make money, all you have to do is use this platform to listen to live radio stations.

Moreover, they frequently allow you to listen to calls that pay you the same as live radio stations. 

It’s simple to sign up for this platform, but you’ll need a landline phone number. You’ll receive your login information via email once you’ve completed your profile. 

Following account creation, you’ll receive emails at regular intervals with instructions on performing simple activities like opening a specific radio channel. They will pay you $0.08 for every minute you listen to any station. 

Your earnings can be directly withdrawn from your linked PayPal account. You can also use Amazon gift cards to redeem them. Other payment methods, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, have just been added to this website.

Making Money Off Spotify 

Spotify gives you the avenue to millions of songs that you can listen to on your computer or mobile device. Press play to listen to anything you want, from old favorites to current hits. 

You can also download songs to listen to while you are not connected to the internet. Spotify provides you with unlimited, ad-free music right away. However, have you considered selling your Spotify playlist?

If you create a terrific Spotify playlist and then include a track by an emerging artist, the majority of your playlist’s listeners will hear that new track as well.

Contemporary artists might contact you to be featured in your playlist if your playlist receives thousands of daily listens. You can set a fee for the latest artist to be featured in your playlist.

You can use sites like PlaylistPush to list your playlist in their directory, where musicians look for good playlists to be featured in.

When it comes to getting paid to listen to music on Spotify, always choose an artist’s strongest tracks. 

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Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are various ways to earn money by listening to music. You won’t make a lot of money simply listening to music, but it’s a way to supplement your income. 

Plus, you’ll be having fun at the same time. If you enjoy listening to music, you should check out the apps above that pay you to do so. Sign up for multiple ones to increase your profits.

Music is, after all, one of the most beautiful things on the planet. It always makes our lives a little bit better.

And now you have the fantastic opportunity to be compensated for listening to music. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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