How To Earn Money By Playing Games: PayPal Funds and More!

If you want to maximize your time, you probably want to know how to earn money by playing games.

PayPal partners with many apps, allowing you to make real cash while doing stuff you love. 

If your PayPal account looks like it needs a little beefing up, you’ve landed on the right post. Below, I’ve listed various apps and sites where you can play games and get paid for them! 

Please note, though, that playing games can’t replace your regular income. These cash games can only supplement it. 

If you combine these attempts with other online money-making ventures, your entire payout can be substantial. Nothing is stopping you from optimizing all your time, including the time you spend gaming! 

There are various games to consider when taking breaks from work or straight-up spending time on a game. There’s an app for everything from arcades to strategy and survival games.

Moreover, in addition to PayPal cash, most of these games include additional prizes such as gift cards.

Granted, some of the free games in this post may require you to interact with sponsored advertisements to make money.

For the others, you’ll have to put up a little cash and compete against other games for contest rewards.

Got your smartphone ready? Let’s get started! 

earn money by playing games paypal

Game Apps That Pay In PayPal Cash 

1- Toluna Influencers 

Toluna Influencers is well-known for paying people to take surveys, and it is one of the highest-paying sites available.

However, few people know that Toluna may also be used to earn money by playing games through PayPal.

It doesn’t have as many choices as some of the other apps on this list, but the games it does have are excellent.

Toluna’s games are great since they add new ones frequently, so you’ll always have a variety of new games.

This is an excellent option if you’re sick of Solitaire and other card games that most similar apps provide.

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2- Dabbl

Dabbl is an excellent choice to explore for anyone trying to make money through playing games.

For one thing, it’s one of the few applications on this list that focuses solely on rewarding you for playing games. There’s a particular emphasis on trivia games, which is a big plus if you prefer playing pub games. 

Dabbl also has the advantage of just requiring $5 to cash out. So if you’re looking for games that pay immediately to PayPal, this is one of the closest you’ll get.

3- FusionCash

FusionCash is another free software with several excellent money-making opportunities. Watching movies is one of the key ways it does this, but it also offers a wide selection of games.

The games are similar to some of the others you’ll find in this article’s other apps that pay using PayPal. Nonetheless, it’s worth signing up for multiple apps to see which one pays most for your favorite titles. 

It’s worth noting that FusionCash offers a variety of other money-making opportunities, including so-called “pay to click” jobs.

If you also want to earn money while doing other mundane things, FusionCash is a strong contender. 

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4- Drop

Drop is a cashback application that allows you to earn cashback on all of your transactions. This is an excellent option if you want gift cards without having to complete any offers.

You may earn points by adding your bank card to Drop and ordering meals from Postmates, flights from Expedia, or pretty much anything else. Once you hit $25 in points, the points are converted to gift cards.

You can also hasten the process of attaining the minimum cashout amount by using the app to play games. Go to the part of the program that lists all of the games available and select one.

You’ll usually be rewarded once you’ve progressed to a specific level of the game, though “Supercharge Games” are rarely available.

These are only available for a limited time and allow you to earn even more points.

It’s straightforward to tell which of them are available at any given time because those games are highlighted.

5- Lucktastic 

Lucktastic is one of the only existing apps that pay out promptly to PayPal. This is if you win, of course. 

It functions in the same way as digital scratch cards do. Once you virtually scratch off a prize, it’s instantly yours. This means it’s a fun way to bet without putting any of your own money on the table.

The concept of the app is entertaining. In reality, it can be a bit of a hit-and-miss. So there are some days when it could be frustrating because you’re not winning anything. 

However, there is the occasional lucky soul who wins thousands of dollars. There was even one person who became an instant millionaire because of Lucktastic.

So, manage your expectations when you download this app. 

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6- Mistplay 

Mistplay is a platform that allows game developers to test new games with the public. You will be given a list of games to choose from, which you can download and begin playing for profit.

All the while, developers will be able to know how much users genuinely enjoy their games.

Unlike most of the apps here, this one is solely for folks who want to profit as a gamer. The amount you are paid is determined by the amount of time you spend playing a game. The level you get to also counts in this respect. 

7- Long Game 

The Long Game is intriguing because it connects saving money with playing games.

After you register a savings account through the app, you’ll have access to various games. Playing these games can earn you prizes that will be deposited into your account if you win.

The more prizes you put away in your account, the more benefits you’ll receive. So it’s possible to consider this a passive income app — albeit not a large one.

You can also link this to other saving tactics, such as setting up direct savings jars in your account.

True, they aren’t games that pay instantaneously to PayPal. However, they do pay instantly to your account, so it might be a fun way to supplement your funds. 

Additionally, you may always deposit your money to your PayPal account right away. 

8- CashOut


CashOut, like similar apps, allows you to make money in a variety of ways, including answering surveys and downloading apps.

It does, however, offer a wide selection of games in which you can earn money. In reality, there aren’t as many games here as there are in some of the other apps.

But it does have several unique games in addition to the typical Solitaire and Snake selections.

According to some reviews, you won’t make a fortune here, but getting paid takes only two to three days. For these apps, it’s as close as you’ll get to getting paid instantly to your PayPal account.

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9- Givling 

Givling is a trivia software that lets you win money by answering questions correctly.

You can join Givling’s trivia rounds twice a day. Your team will answer true or false questions as part of a three-person team. If you get the best score at the end of the overall round, you will split the cash prize.

You can also gain points by playing other games on your own.

While playing these games, you’ll see advertisements that produce money. Earnings are then distributed among players to help them pay off their school loans and mortgages.

10- CashPirate Buzz

Given how basic CashPirate Buzz appears when you first start it, the gameplay options are rather impressive.

There are many different types of titles to choose from. Whether you love card games like Solitaire or strategy games like Age of Legends, there’s something for everyone.

Not only can you make money by playing games, but you can also get paid to relax with an online coloring book. 

However, the earnings aren’t quite as impressive. It can take a long time to accumulate enough points to payout. You can get paid to your PayPal account for as little as $2.50, which is realistic. 

11- AppNana

AppNana pays you to play games that you’d usually be playing. This is a terrific example of getting paid to do something that doesn’t need any more work on your part. Their selection even includes Minecraft! 

Be advised that not all of the app’s reviews are positive. Some users claim that earning enough points with any actual worth can take a long time.

However, many games pay almost rapidly to PayPal, with money flowing within 48 hours of redemption – if you hit the minimum cashout amount.

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12- AppKarma

AppKarma is a popular app with a 4.2-star rating on Google Play and over 300,000 reviews. Playing games from their range of games allows you to win incentives.

You have the option of receiving your money via PayPal or Amazon gift cards after completing any of their objectives. Gift cards from Target, Google Play, Walmart, Xbox Live, and other retailers are among the many different rewards available.

You can also earn through doing quizzes, referring friends, and earning achievement badges in addition to playing games.

When you recommend a new member, you will receive 30% of your buddy’s money from the installation deals. Most importantly, the app is entirely free.

13- Wealth Words 

Do you want to exercise your intellect by solving crossword puzzles? If that’s the case, sign up for WealthWords now!

This website offers an endless online crossword game that’ll keep your mind occupied at all times, all while earning money.

After you’ve signed up, all that’s left to do is be precise when answering the riddles to be rewarded. When you win, you’ll get paid right away via PayPal.

Choose your level—beginner, intermediate, or advanced—and you might win $10,000 for a 40-word problem. Jackpot games usually have a higher payout.

Alternatively, players can purchase tokens for $0.25 apiece to have access to more game options. Both Android and iOS users can download this app.

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14- GiftPanda

GiftPanda is a gaming app created by the same people that made CashCrate. This app gives gamers a 10% bonus on the earnings of their referral mates.

Moreover, if your referral adds another of their friends, you will receive 5% of their profits. As a result, the profits you can make with this software are limitless. 

Payments can be made in Bitcoins, Visa, or Mastercard, or directly to your PayPal account.

Play the games, participate in surveys and quizzes, and eventually make referrals to earn money. GiftPanda is a legitimate site with a 4.7 rating and over 300,000 reviews. 

15- Bubble Shooter Pro

This is a fun bubble shooting game that you may earn money from, as the name implies. This may seem a little rudimentary, but it is pretty enjoyable and addictive. The best part is that you might be able to make a small fortune from it.

All that’s required is to match three bubbles of the same color and cause them to burst, resulting in points. The more bubbles you can pop, the more points you’ll get.

Depending on your preferences, you can play this game online or offline. However, it would help if you went online to record and convert your points into actual money.

Try the bubble shooter pro mode, which features over 490 levels if you’re excellent at it!

16- MooCash 

earn money by playing games paypal - MooCash

Another legitimate game app that pays directly to PayPal is MooCash. The software allows you to earn money by doing more than just playing games.

As a result, taking surveys, sharing apps and games with friends, and viewing videos can all help you make money. These offers will appear on your lock screen, and all you have to do is swipe to join.

You can make up to $5 or more per day using this app.

MooCash has set a minimum withdrawal sum of $2 or $5, depending on how you make money. PayPal, bank transfer, prepaid recharge, or free talk time are all options for receiving this payment. 

It takes roughly seven days to receive your money, which is a considerable disadvantage of MooCash.

If you enjoy this app, you may upgrade to MooCash+, which gives you 150 free coins right away, among other benefits. 

This application is free to download from Google Play and the App Store.

17- Spin To Win 

You spin a wheel for a chance to win real money in this game. To put it another way, you can say it’s a roulette game. It has a 4.8-star rating from over 4,000 reviews, making Spin To Win a popular gaming app.

If spinning the wheel becomes tedious, there are additional options for making money using the app. For example, there are scratch cards and slot machine games. 

When you sign up, you’ll get 30 chances to start growing your money. You get ten spins on the spin wheel, ten scratch coupons on scratch cards, and the ten-match machine spins.

Unlike other gaming applications, Spin to Win doesn’t collect user data to be sold to third-party apps for marketing purposes.

What are you waiting for? Start spinning to earn money and get paid through PayPal.

18- World Winner

Did you know you could compete for real money against others of your skill level? That’s just one of the benefits of using the World Winner app and website to test your gaming prowess.

For starters, the Game Show Network (GSN), a Sony Pictures Entertainment corporation, owns this platform. Simply said, this is one of the most trustworthy programs for making money from gaming.

Bingo Cash, GSN, and Wheel of Fortune are among the games available on the app. On the platform, over 100,000 contests are held every day, with rewards totaling $250,000.

The best aspect is that the app provides free tournaments for newcomers to practice on before they use their abilities.

GSN also has a restriction on how much money you can lose in a year. Once you reach it, your account is suspended till the following year. This allows you to stay within your financial constraints.

You can also earn money through their referral program in addition to playing games. You’ll get $25 plus promotional products from world-class brands for each successful referral.

Your rewards are paid out to you by PayPal or credit card. To date, the platform has attracted paid members who have won a total of $1.5 billion in cash prizes!

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Final Thoughts – Earn Money By Playing Games

While numerous apps provide profitable games, the trick is to distinguish between the legitimate and the fraudulent.

I’ve done the legwork for you and have provided you with the fair games apps listed above. Moreover, they are apps that will keep you occupied with thrills in your spare time.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that like any software that promises money, it’s up to you to understand their limitations. I suggest reading the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.

Check out reviews to learn what current and former users have to say about the app too. 

Who says gaming is a waste of time? In this day and age, it’s possible to earn some extra money while you’re having fun playing games.

It’s all just a matter of weeding out the good apps from the bad ones. Good luck!

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