What Is the Best Enneagram Test Online?

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is old news. All the rage now is the Enneagram Test. So, what is it? The Enneagram is a more flexible personality typing system that classifies personalities into nine types. “Ennea” means “nine” in Greek. You may be dominantly one type but have characteristics attributed to others. 

You may be asking, “What’s the use of taking another personality test?” Well, if you’re big on self-development, it can’t hurt to know more about yourself. A proper grasp of your personality can help you navigate relationships and career paths. When you know your personality type, you can understand your thoughts and behaviors, which will help you communicate more effectively.

During an Enneagram test, you will essentially be asked to choose “symbols” that represent your whole identity. These “symbols” that you’re drawn to will indicate your general outlook and behavior. It’s ultimately about nature and values instead of reductive personality types. 

What makes it so different from other personality typing models? It has a focus on your motivations and how you interact with your surroundings. A lot of psychiatrists and psychologists use this test to uncover traumatic experiences and natural coping mechanisms. 

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What are the nine Enneagram types? 

The Enneagram Institute says that you can fall under nine personality types, each with its own unique description. Of course, each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Desires and fears also correspond with these attributes. Here’s a quick overview of the results you can get from an Enneagram test. 

1. The Reformer 

Reformers are idealistic, applying reason and rationality most of the time. They are likely to be highly principled people who act purposefully. Reformers also have an impressive amount of self-control, so they tend to be perfectionists. 

2. The Helper 

If you’re the caring type who has a lot of rich interpersonal relationships, you might be a helper. Helpers are very generous and demonstrative of their emotions. Because of the deep connections they harbor, they tend to want to please people too much or be possessive. 

3. The Achiever 

Achievers are very driven and always keep their eyes on the prize. They tend to excel and adapt to challenging situations easily and quickly. They are usually pragmatic, but as a result, may be too conscious of their image. 

4. The Individualist 

Individualists usually withdraw in social situations because they tend to be extra sensitive. They can express their emotions easily and have a flair for drama. Sometimes, it’s challenging to connect with an individualist because of their shaky temperament. 

5. The Investigator 

Cerebral and intense folks fall under the Investigator type. Usually discerning and observant, they find it easy to come up with original ideas. Because of their keen eye for detail and active minds, they have a tendency to become secretive and solitary. 

6. The Loyalist

Loyalists value security above all else. They make the best partners because they find it easy to commit and engage. They also tend to be good parents because they’re innately responsible. The downside of being a loyalist is they may suffer from doubt and anxiety. 

7. The Enthusiast 

Enthusiasts love fun and keeping busy. To please an enthusiast, everything has to be spontaneous. They are very versatile people who can adapt to quick changes. However, enthusiasts are likely to be distracted easily and scatterbrained. 

8. The Challenger 

Challengers have the tendency to dominate. They hold a lot of power and confidence. Because of this confidence, they find it easy to make decisions, and they don’t let anyone dictate their actions. This type may bump heads with others because of their rebellious and confrontational nature. 

9. The Peacemaker 

Peacemakers are great to have around because they’re easygoing and can reassure you in unsafe situations. They’re very agreeable and receptive to the feelings of others. However, they do tend to be hard on themselves and complacent even when dealing with discomfort. 

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How do I know which Enneagram type I am? 

Easy. There are so many credible tests you can take online. I will list all my favorite options below, and one of them is bound to be the best Enneagram test for you. Some of these tests are more in-depth than others, so there’s something for everyone, even Enneagram fanatics. 

I should also note that most of these tests are free to take; however, you may have to provide your email address to see your results. I also included paid options for those who would like to learn more than just the basic stuff. 

Personality tests are not always 100% accurate because we’re subject to a lot of changes as we age. Your results today might not be what you get five years from now. We take personality tests to gauge our current mindset. 

I find it helpful to get some general guidance to tackle life. After you get your results, you may want to read some books and listen to podcasts about Enneagram tests to deepen your understanding. 

Reviews Of The Top 12 Enneagram Tests Online 

1. Truity 

It takes roughly 10 minutes to take a Truity Enneagram personality test, and it’s free! You only get a sample report, but you have the option to pay $19 to see your complete results. 

The UX is smooth, and I took the test without a hitch. The free report that you get covers your scores, a brief explanation of your type, and how much you identify with the other types. 

2. The Millenial Grind 

The Millenial Grind test is absolutely free, and it will only take about five minutes to complete. This is an excellent option for those who want a quick test run. I know a lot of you busy bees can’t spare 30 minutes to take a test. 

This Enneagram test comprises 20 simple yes or no questions. You also don’t have to provide an email to see your results. 

3. Eclectic Energies 

Eclectic Energies offers one of the most comprehensive free tests out there. They have two opinions: a classical test and a shorter version based on character traits. The classic one is 14 pages long. 

I like the Eclectic Energies test because it gives you “wings” on top of your type. “Wings” refers to your second dominant type. You get a score for each type, so you have an idea of how you generally fare. 

The best part about this site is they have no requirements. You get your results immediately after you finish the test! Your results are free to download in PDF form if you want to keep them. Eclectic Energies is also an excellent resource for Enneagram info, making it easy for you to study up. 

4. Crystal 

You may need to make an account on Crystal to see your results, but it’s worth it. On Crystal, your results are compared to other personality indicators like Myers-Briggs and the DISC assessment. 

I also like that they lay out your strengths, weaknesses, values, what recharges you, what drains you, and your natural proclivities. Despite everything that you get, your results are still presented in a compact form, making them easy to read. 

5. Enneagramtest.net 

If you only have five minutes to spare and not much patience for a hundred-question test, enneagramtest.net has the perfect test for you. Composed of only 36 questions, it’s not likely that you’ll drift off and be bored in the middle of it. 

As for results, you get your three most substantial types, so you get a broader idea of your tendencies. Some may not like this approach because it tends to be simplistic compared to the other tests on this list. 

You also have to enter your email address to view your results. Visitors who are pleased with this site’s service can donate to keep it up and running. 

6. Enneagram Academy

The standard RHETI test is 144 questions, but who wants to go through that? The Enneagram Academy offers a condensed version composed of only 36 questions to make it more manageable You will have to provide an email address, though. But don’t worry, you won’t receive any promotional stuff afterward. 

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7. Enneagram Institute 

If you want to take the traditional Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator Test (RHETI), this is your best bet. For $12, you can take a scientifically researched test composed of 144 paired statements. 

It takes around 40 minutes to complete this test, but you get a full personality profile afterward. This paid option is excellent for Enneagram newbies because it’s affordable and comprehensive. 

Aside from the test, this site also offers literature about Enneagram types. Founded in 1997, the Enneagram Institute is the forerunner of study and development for Enneagrams. They believe that it’s one of the most powerful and insightful tools to use for self-actualization. 

8. LonerWolf 

LonerWolf is a site all about spirituality. When trying to learn about yourself, of course, it’s essential to know your personality type. LonerWolf offers a quick Enneagram test to give you this basic information. You don’t have to provide your email address to see your results, although there is that option. 

9. 9 Types 

With 9 Types, the test poses a choice between two statements. It may have to take up to ten minutes to complete the test. You get your results immediately afterward; no personal information is required. 

10. Integrative 9 Enneagram Solution 

If you have to have the best and take the most accurate Enneagram test available online, this is it. The Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire will take you through a whopping 175 questions, which will take around 30-40 minutes to complete. 

You have to pay for your results from a range of $60-$120, depending on how detailed you want the report to be. 

The site does look professional and serious, and many reviews are testament to how reliable it is. This is not the best choice for someone who just wants something free and quick. But for those who are super into Enneagrams, it’s definitely worth a try. 

11. Similar Minds 

If you want a more extended test, but not anything that goes over 60 questions, Similar Minds has you covered. It will take around 15 minutes for you to complete the test, and the results are displayed right after. You’ll learn your type, variant, and level of health. 

It might be straining for some people to take this test because there’s not much contrast in this barebones-looking site. However, it’s free, and you don’t have to give out any information. 

12. EnneaApp 

If you want a mobile option, this is a good app you can get from the App Store or Google Play. It’s free to use and only takes 10 minutes to complete. If you want to unlock the full version of the app, you have to pay $2.99, which isn’t bad. 

Your test results will reveal your three highest type rankings. I like this not one-size-fits-all approach because it gives you an avenue to explore on your own. The app also has materials for an Enneagram student on the go. It’s perfect for both beginners and advanced learners.

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Final Thoughts 

The Enneagram Test isn’t final, so don’t be restricted with your results today. It’s wise to take it every once in a while to check in with yourself. It truly is an excellent tool for self-analysis, and we could all use a bit more inward thinking these days. 

You should also note that Enneagrams can be used in the wrong way. Your newfound info might stress you out because you don’t think it’s accurate. Remember, you know yourself more than any test. These tests are merely guides for self-exploration. 

That’s why these tests all tend to be broad or generalized. If you find some results too vague, check out some of the options I listed above for more comprehensive testing. 

I love taking Enneagram tests to see where I’m at mentally. You should take advantage of this incredible tool and notice how it will improve your perspective. I look at it as an opportunity to grow.

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