Zyia Active – Everything You Need To Know!

Zyia Active is an athletic clothing company that rivals the quality of Lululemon with a lower price tag.  

In this article, I will discuss the quality of the clothing brand and the opportunity to become a clothing rep for Zyia Active and generate commissions for sales that you make.

zyia active leggings

What is the story of Zyia Active?

Ok, so I love that Zyia Active (pronounced Zi-Ya) is founded by a husband and wife power couple (I’m a bit biased, as my wife and I partner on all of our projects that we do and help support each other in our entrepreneurial ventures). But if you check out the Zyia website, you’ll see that it looks like all hands are on deck as a family business.

Erin Bradley was on a trip and found some inspiration while being in the great outdoors and away from distractions (this is where my insight happens too, Erin!)  

Six months later, Erin and her husband Jeremiah discussed starting a business together, and Zyia was the business birthed from it.

They decided that the community would be a crucial part of their new company.

I haven’t met Erin, but I suspect this is a primary reason they chose the direct sales business model. It allows reps to connect with friends via a community.

It’s also an excellent way for potential customers to get to touch and feel the products they are going to purchase (all without Zyia Active needing to invest in retail stores for this – genius!)

Zyia Active vs. Lululemon 

Lululemon is a big brand name in the activewear market and has a large following. It’s had a bit longer to grow its brand. Lululemon was started as a Yoga brand back in 1998, so it has had longer to develop. You can touch and feel their products in their retail stores. 

But not so fast because Zyia Active has incredible quality with more affordable prices, especially if you choose to sign up as a sales rep. Disclaimer: my wife is a Zyia Active rep. So yes, we’re biased, I know.

Based on our research, here’s who wins in some of the different categories.

Shorts – the winner is Lululemon

See, we’re not entirely biased. Lululemon wins this category. It’s not a huge win, but they edge out the Zyia Active shorts. If you’re only a customer looking for the best, you might want to spend the few extra bucks for the Lululemon’s. But if you’re signing on as a Zyia Active rep, they’re excellent quality. And of course, you would wear your brand. You’ll also get a clothing discount.

Sports Bras – the winner is Zyia Active

The research shows Zyia Active as the clear winner on sports bras. Not only is the pricing more affordable, but the quality of the product is also actually better than Lululemon in this category.

Leggings – the winner is Zyia Active

Zyia is known for its leggings. They seem to have a better fit than Lululemon, and their price points are better.

zyia active vs lululemon leggings
zyia active vs lululemon pricing

Guy Pants – the winner is Zyia Active

Ok, I just chose this winner myself. I have not been able to test the Lululemon business casual pants. And honestly, I probably won’t because they’re $128, and I’m not paying that just to test them. But what I can tell you is that my wife bought me a pair of men’s traveler pants, and they are by far the best pants I’ve ever owned. So there’s that.

zyia active men's traveler pants

There is a rumor going around that Zyia Active is produced at the same factory as Lululemon. The CEO of Zyia Active hinted that they create their product at the same factories as some large brands, although she didn’t say this directly. We know that this is standard for car companies, as different car models from related brands are produced on the same assembly lines.

Zyia Active Business Model

Zyia has chosen the direct sales model to get its word out. Instead of seeing ads on TV or directly from the company, you’ll have a friend or acquaintance introduce you to the brand for the first time. Zyia pays these reps with their marketing dollars. Part of Zyia’s business beliefs talks about building community. I think this model allows them to do just that.

So Lululemon has retail stores and an extensive marketing campaign. They get paid when you purchase in their stores or online shop.

Zyia Active has reps that also have their own website portals. The reps get paid a commission when they sell Zyia Active products to customers. Zyia Active corporate makes their income somewhere in this spread. And they’re still able to create comparable quality products at better pricing – not a bad business model!

Is Zyia Active an MLM?

Yes, there is an opportunity to build a sales force if the rep chooses to.

But I think people are asking this question as if MLM is a bad thing?

It’s just a business model.

For decades, companies that have used the MLM model — think Mary Kay, Herbalife, or Amway.

Unfortunately, direct sales companies get lumped in with bad apples and get bad press.

It’s claimed that 99% of reps don’t make a profit (this is probably true, but also doesn’t take into account tons of reps that probably sign up merely to purchase high-quality clothes at a lower price).

To immediately disregard opportunities that use the direct sales method (also known as MLM or network marketing) is absurd.

I get it.

Not everyone has owned a business before, so I’m not angry at them.

As in the section discussing the Zyia Active business model, it’s just a different marketing and sales funnel that a company uses. They are using people to spread the message vs. other marketing mediums.

But, if you happen to be looking at the opportunity to see if Zyia Active (or any other company) is legit, I have two simple questions that I ask when looking at opportunities.

Question 1:  Is the company more focused on recruiting other salespeople or on selling great products?  

Question 2: Is this product one that I’m excited to use personally, and do I see myself as a long-term customer?

If a company focuses on getting paid to bring in people rather than product sales, then run. Don’t worry; most companies using direct sales (or MLM or networking marketing) are great companies.

And if your answer to question 2 is yes, then there’s an excellent opportunity for you to build a business out of Zyia as a rep.

It’s because you don’t have to be “salesy.”

You get to live your life, be naturally excited about a product, and then get paid for showing people how to purchase it. You can create fun Facebook Groups to share the products with your friends – here’s the one my wife Mandee created if you’d like to check it out.

I’ll include the rep payout information below if you’d like to have a look – it’s straight from Zyia Active’s website.

Final Thoughts on Zyia Active

I think it’s pretty clear that Zyia Active has a great brand that makes quality products. And they present a unique opportunity if you’d like to be more than a customer and also make additional income by becoming a representative.

We’re in a brave new world. Each of us has the opportunity to be micro-influencers and get paid for our recommendations. I already do just this with this blog via something called affiliate marketing.  You can do the same thing with Zyia Active and recommend products to your circle of friends and get paid.  

Whether you become a rep one day or just want to check out their products as a customer, I hope that you wear the products happily. Enjoy!

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