WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: Which One Is the Better Tool for Writers?

Whether you’re writing a presentation, an email, a school assignment, a post for your blog or a local newsletter, a social media tidbit, or a job report, you have to make sure your material is free of errors. In this WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly battle, I’m going to put the two leading proofreading tools head-to-head to see which one comes out as the best. 

It’s difficult enough to put forth the effort only to have one blunder undo everything you’ve worked so hard for.

whitesmoke vs grammarly

Using a grammar checker is one of the most effective ways to keep your writing error-free, professional, and SEO-friendly. Not only will it examine your writing for mistakes, but some of them will also incorporate a plagiarism checker to be sure your work is authentic and avoid any legal concerns.

Authors, writers, and bloggers can use a variety of proofreading tools and grammar-checking software available online. But which checker is the best option for you?

I’ll help you answer that question by comparing the top two grammar checkers accessible in terms of features, cost, and other vital factors. The following is a comparison of WhiteSmoke’s grammar checker to Grammarly’s

Let’s get started!

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: A Quick Glance 

If you don’t have much time to get into in-depth reviews, here are the critical differences between WhiteSmoke and Grammarly

  • Grammarly offers a better UI and is considerably more straightforward to use than Whitesmoke, which has a more sophisticated UI.
  • Whitesmoke is less expensive, starting at $4.16 per month, whereas Grammarly is more expensive, starting at $21 per month.
  • Grammarly only supports one language, but Whitesmoke supports many more.
  • It adjusts to your writing style over time, whereas Whitesmoke does not.
  • Grammarly comes with a plagiarism checker, and WhiteSmoke lacks in that department. 

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WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: The Two Titans In-Depth


These two writing tools are the cream of the crop, so you’ve come to the perfect post if you’re undecided. We’ll look at both of them and outline their benefits and drawbacks to help you make an informed choice.

All About WhiteSmoke 

WhiteSmoke is a one-stop writing software program that double-checks your grammar, writing style, punctuation, and spelling (classic spell check).

It’s intended to offer ways to improve your writing style and to indicate any potential faults (such as grammatical problems) that a writer might make, ranging from minor spelling errors to a more complex sentence rewriter tool.

Whitesmoke is a writing program that combines Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and algorithms to replicate or “learn” how your mind operates while you’re writing. It’s utilized by both native and non-native English speakers all over the world.

The corporation has spent millions of dollars developing its products, and it has been ranked as the best English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style tool.

They also offer custom-made solutions to help businesses improve the quality of their English communications.

You’ll notice a slew of five-star ratings as soon as you get on the site’s home page:

Forbes magazine deemed it the #1 writing tool for a successful business.” =

WhiteSmoke has also received the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award from TopTenReviews.

There are also numerous logos from publishing heavyweights like Pearson, McGill, and a number of famous universities.


Where To Use WhiteSmoke 

  • Desktop Premium 
  • WhiteSmoke Web 
  • Mobile App 

WhiteSmoke Desktop Premium 

Desktop Premium accomplishes precisely what it claims. It’s a desktop grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checker that works both online and offline.

It works in MS Word, Outlook, web browsers (such as the Grammarly Chrome browser extension and Firefox), and other popular editing software.

WhiteSmoke Web 

You may connect to any web browser with WhiteSmoke Web browser extension, start writing, and this application will check and correct your grammar (online grammar checker), spelling, punctuation, and style.

WhiteSmoke Mobile App 

WhiteSmoke’s mobile app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. It will ensure that you employ outstanding writing, style, punctuation, and grammar when you’re on the go once you’ve downloaded it. A few English Writing tutorials are also available to assist you in enhancing your written communication skills.

How Much Does WhiteSmoke Cost? 

Prices range from $49.95 per year for a basic ‘web only’ service to $137.94 for a business bundle (which is compatible with Mac, Windows, and all internet browsers). All of these payment plans have the drawback of not allowing you to try before you buy, though they do provide a trial version on their website.

WhiteSmoke Price List 

Desktop Premium 

One year: $79.99 

Three Years: One-time payment of $199.95

WhiteSmoke Web 

One year: $49.95

Three Years: One-time fee of $99.95

WhiteSmoke Mobile App 

One year: $9.95 

Lifetime Access: One-time payment of $30

Business Package 

One year: $137.94

Three Years: $317.50 

WhiteSmoke’s Business Bundle 

The business bundle is the most extensive of all the above bundles, as you can probably infer from the pricing. As a result, you’d expect to get a lot for your money, and WhiteSmoke doesn’t let you down.

You’ll have access to the following if you opt for the business bundle: 

  • Grammar Checker 
  • Translation Tool 
  • Plagiarism Checker 
  • One-click Proofreading Tool 
  • Access from three computers 
  • More extensive download warranty 
  • Phone customer support 

Notable WhiteSmoke Features 

Once the program is installed on your desktop (or smartphone), it simply allows you to edit anything you type. It highlights spelling and grammatical problems in red and green, respectively. Suggestions for modifications will be displayed above your text. 

Furthermore, WhiteSmoke indicates why your writing is inappropriate in order to assist you in improving the quality of your future work.

However, you will have the option to ignore their recommended adjustments if you don’t agree with them.

Translator Tool

A translator tool is also available, which will translate your text into several languages. Some of it is free, but you’ll be directed to a partner site that charges seven cents per word after a certain amount of usage. At the moment, their website does not specify which languages or how many WhiteSmoke can translate—reviews range from 11 to 47!

Plagiarism Checker

There’s also a vital plagiarism checker included. For students, content marketers, writers, and authors, this is a must-have tool. Plagiarism (even if unintentional) is strictly prohibited in all of these fields!

When TopTenReviews put the software through its paces, they were blown away. They did say, though, that it didn’t catch everything. It missed capitalizations, for example, and only picked up on occasional repetition. It missed an incorrect use of a semi-colon despite recognizing a missed question mark, but it spotted a few howlers, such as the misuse of there, they’re, and their.

Surprisingly, the reviews on TrustPilot.com contradict this. Their website is riddled with complaints about terrible customer support, software issues, lifetime licenses “expiring,” erased text that can’t be recovered, and difficulties getting a refund.

Punctuation Checker 

Punctuation can be perplexing, but WhiteSmoke’s Punctuation Checker guarantees that any flaws in your writing are corrected. It detects missing punctuation and other evident mistakes that you could have overlooked, primarily if you work rapidly.

It also detects and corrects less noticeable faults like incorrect punctuation, and with time, your usage will improve.

Not only that, but it also includes writing advice to help you avoid making similar mistakes in the future. This is accomplished through advanced capabilities such as evaluating sentences for structural flaws, comparing your content to a database of words, sentences, and blunders, and employing an artificial intelligence algorithm to identify trends in your writing.

This tool will help novices and pros alike ensure their writings are flawless while reducing time spent thinking about punctuation and sentence reworking.


WhiteSmoke Translator uses Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology to examine your copy and calculate which ones have the best chance of being the original source.

Full-text and word-to-word translation from and into 55 languages, as well as a dictionary, thesaurus, and usage examples, are all included.

It also works with any text app and may be used for social media, blogs, school and academic research, professional translation services, and international business expansion into new nations and markets.

Email Check 

WhiteSmoke’s Email Check helps you double-check your email drafts for language and style mistakes so you can send clean, error-free messages to your business clients or other contacts. The WhiteSmoke icon on your device allows you to activate or disable it.

Affiliate Program 

Working together on CPA, CPD, CPL, and revenue sharing performance models, WhiteSmoke’s affiliate network offers its members several incentives and advantages for their success. For delivering large licensing purchases, resellers and distributors receive substantial discounts.

How Precise is WhiteSmoke? 

WhiteSmoke is a reliable grammar and spelling checker. I’ve played around with the tool, and it appears to perform many of the same checks as Grammarly. Because I didn’t find a style selection like in Grammarly, the WhiteSmoke checks are a touch plain in terms of style.

If you want to write with precision, WhiteSmoke will perform just as well as most other programs.

For accuracy, I’d give WhiteSmoke a solid 4 out of 5. When it comes to spelling checkers, false positives are an unavoidable inconvenience. 

All About Grammarly 

Grammarly is another well-known online grammar, spelling, and punctuation tool. Employees and business owners alike love it. It’s what I use for all of my writing projects.

They first launched their famous product in 2009 and currently have offices in San Francisco, New York, and Kyiv. More than 250 grammar rules are checked by their proofreading software. 

Grammarly has over 15 million customers as of this writing and works on emails, documents, Grammarly browser extensions, and even social network posts.

In fact, it was named one of the world’s most innovative AI firms by Fast Company in 2019, and a TopTenReview writer declared it the “greatest grammar checker out there” when she reviewed it.

Free Version

Grammarly, unlike WhiteSmoke, provides a free version of the software in the form of a Grammarly Chrome plugin (great for Google Docs). When utilizing a mobile or desktop computer, it simply takes a few minutes to be up and running and verify your text’s grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The free version is great and I used it for a year before upgrading to the paid version.

Not to mention, on Grammarly’s website, you can read through all of the company’s linguistic technology research (in addition to the basic grammar checker) – which is fascinating!

To better understand the literary world, you may also join their Facebook Community, follow them on Twitter, and read their daily blog. Grammarly, on the other hand, appears to be considerably more outward-facing than WhiteSmoke.


Where To Use Grammarly 

  • Premium on Desktop 
  • for MS Office 
  • Keyboard 
  • Native Apps 
Grammarly Premium on Desktop 

There’s a big push to get people to sign up for Grammarly Premium, with claims that 85% of Premium subscribers say they’ve improved their writing skills as a result of using the program. The most excellent deal on Premium is a $139.95 annual subscription. 

It’s less expensive than their monthly and quarterly pricing. This is similar to Whitesmoke’s business strategies and could be referred to as “Grammarly Business.”

Users have access to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and plagiarism checks and advice on how to improve their writing style and make it more distinctive.

The Premium Package raises flags for: 

  • Impoliteness 
  • Inconsistent tone and writing style 
  • Non-inclusive language 
  • Repetition 
  • Too much use of the passive voice 

A proofreading service is also available. However, it is considered an extra feature and is charged either per word or per hour.

If you’re not sure if Grammarly Premium is suitable for you, check out their website for real examples of how their checker works and looks.

Grammarly For MS Office 

Starting with a downside, Grammarly for MS Office does not work on Mac. This program, as the name suggests, runs a grammar checker while you’re using MS Word. You don’t have to copy and paste your entire document into the online program.

Instead, it checks for problems as you type. All you need is an internet connection to get started.

Best of all, Grammarly for MS Office, including Microsoft Word, is absolutely free, much as the Chrome extension for MS Word.

Grammarly Keyboard 

This is a handy small keyboard that improves your writing in all of your apps, whether you’re writing an email or tweeting.

Grammarly Native Apps 

Grammarly users will appreciate this simple Mac application. All you have to do is drag a file into Grammarly (easy proofreading), and it will handle the rest for you.

Notable Grammarly Features 

Tone Detector 

The tone of voice goes a long way when it comes to good communication with your reader. The Tone Detector in Grammarly helps you convey your message in the way you want it to be delivered, whether you wish to seem concerned or pleasant, official or courteous.

It works to assist you better direct your message and be confident that your reader will respond as planned, all while strengthening relationships for productive and healthy workplace culture.

It analyzes punctuation, words and phrases, and capitalization to determine the tone of your message so you may send it with confidence.

Writing Style 

Grammarly’s non-one-size-fits-all approach is one of our favorites. Instead, you can choose the writing profile that is most appropriate for your content:

  • Academic
  • Medical 
  • Marketing 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Scripts 
  • Blog posts and articles 
  • Web copy 

Grammarly tailors its recommendations to your preferences once you’ve made your choice.

Plagiarism Checker 

With so much stuff on the internet these days, plagiarizing your writing has never been easier (even unintentionally). Grammarly’s powerful plagiarism detector comes in handy in this situation.

How Grammarly Works 

It examines your material and looks for instances of your text elsewhere on the internet. This is not just good practice, but it is also essential for SEO, making it a valuable tool for digital marketers.

You’ll get a thorough report if you click on the highlighted scores at the bottom of the program, which will show you where parts of the text are plagiarized. You’ll be sent to all of the specific websites that feature the exact copy as you, allowing you to make any necessary changes.

It’s important to remember that when I say “scores,” I’m referring to a percentage of how much of your content is plagiarized.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

An annual premium subscription costs $11.66 each month, or $139.95 for the year. Alternatively, you can pay $29.95 per month on a monthly basis or $19.98 per month on a quarterly basis.

In addition to subscribing to Grammarly Premium, you can use the Grammarly app to send your work (or portions of it) to a human proofreader. Based on how urgently you need your copy back, it will cost you between $0.02 and $0.12 per word.

How Did I Test Grammarly?

The Grammarly editor detected mistakes in the following places when I used the software:

  • Mistakes in spelling
  • Errors in grammar
  • Errors in punctuation

All of these appear on the Grammarly account app’s sidebar. After that, you can navigate through the problems and fix them with a single click. Grammarly also gives adequate background to clarify each of these errors, whether they are punctuation, spelling, or grammatical errors.

How Precise is Grammarly? 

When it comes to accuracy, I consider how many false positives (or suggestions that don’t make sense) the software generates, as well as how many errors it misses.

When it comes to simple writing activities, Grammarly does a fantastic job. 

Grammarly is ideal for composing emails, social media posts, and the occasional blog post or newsletter. This makes sense because, based on their marketing materials and website, it appears that they’re aiming for the casual internet user rather than the dedicated writers.

When you try to edit fiction, it becomes evident that they’re a tool for general internet use. The program suffers from book prose and dialogue, as do other generic grammatical checks.

With that in mind, I can only offer Grammarly a 3 out of 5-rating. If you’re a regular online user searching for basic features, that number might go up a little.

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: The Emerging Victor 

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: The Emerging Victor 

Despite Whitesmoke being less expensive than Grammarly Premium, Grammarly offers the most value for money. It’s more than just a grammar checker, as the name suggests. It’s simple to use, adjusts to your individual writing style’s needs, and is excellent at detecting plagiarism.

Overall, this is a fantastic tool to utilize if you’re a content marketer, blogger, author, student, or teacher.

On the other hand, WhiteSmoke is a great resource—especially if you’re using many devices. As a result, you won’t need to be glued to your computer to get things done. In addition, WhiteSmoke’s translator service is a valuable feature.

WhiteSmoke is great for those who routinely conduct business with overseas clientele who speak a language other than their own or who need to operate from many devices.

So, it all depends on your budget and the type of your writing requirements- but they’re both fantastic programs, and you can’t go wrong with either.

Quick FAQs About WhiteSmoke and Grammarly 

Does WhiteSmoke have a free trial? 

No, you can’t get a free trial of Whitesmoke. If you don’t like it, you’ll have to pay for a month and then cancel the subscription.

Should I go for WhiteSmoke instead of Grammarly? 

WhiteSmoke isn’t any better than Grammarly, in my opinion. You won’t be able to check for plagiarism in the writing you’ve done. Given that Grammarly only works in one language, Whitesmoke might be a better option if you merely want to proofread or translate your documents.

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Final Thoughts

There are numerous locations where bad grammar abounds, but you can ensure that your grammar is up to grade, whether or not you have a degree in English with a good grammar checker.

The ideal grammar checker for you will be determined by your budget and the features you require.

Although both WhiteSmoke and Grammarly are excellent tools, we recommend Grammarly for this round (again, it’s what we use). It not only has everything you need in a grammar checker, but it’s also free, allowing you to reduce the number of errors in your writing, whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

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