What’s The Best Lighting For Streaming?

Lighting for streaming is crucial when it comes to the overall quality of your streams. Lighting is easy to ignore while putting together an ideal stream setup. However, lighting plays an integral part in producing a steady and professional-looking broadcast; without it, your stream will suffer.

Online streaming is for entertaining, but it doesn’t mean you need a lot of crazy, costly equipment, but having the finest lighting for streaming is definitely beneficial.

lighting for streaming

If you’re going to start live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or another site, you’ll need dedicated lighting. A streamer could be anyone with a good gaming PC or a current gaming console. 

Good lighting is an important aspect of a successful live broadcast. Even if the studio has a lot of natural lighting, you should still invest in lighting equipment. 

Your broadcast may have an odd color temperature if you don’t have enough light because your webcam or camera struggles to use the existing light.

Having said that, no amount of lighting can make a lousy camera seem nice. Getting the finest lighting for streaming, on the other hand, will ensure that you get the most out of your camera.

Different Kinds of Lighting For Streaming

There are two types of lighting available: desktop lighting and softbox. The softbox’s method of operation is to confine the light from the LED bulbs to a confined space before releasing it via a layer of material. 

The light from the LED bulbs is dispersed across a large area when it passes through the transparent material. We can separate the usage of a softbox into two categories.

Key Light, which is used as the primary light source and Fill light, which is used to minimize contrast. 

Although you can use any light source as a key or fill light, filling a screen with intense light produces poor results. On the other hand, softboxes are great for filling light since they don’t create harsh shadows.

Any competent film producer understands that the primary difference between the softbox and desktop lighting is their size. 

Softbox lights are typically used for photography, and they take up a lot of room in the studio setup. On the other hand, desktop illumination can be easily installed on the desk, such as an LED ring light or fastened to a camera. 

Desktop lights may save a lot of money and set up space if you operate in a tiny area.

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Stuff That You Need For Live Streaming Lighting Setups 

Stuff That You Need For Live Streaming Lighting Setups

The benefit of high-quality streaming lighting is that you may either have a single stream light to stay within your budget or invest in a more professional high-quality lighting system. However, the best light is required to properly brighten the video feed.

Key Light 

The key light is the primary source of illumination and should be placed behind the camera. Many streamers utilize a ring light around the cam for advanced choices, such as the Neewer ring light kit. The best lighting effect may also be created with a simple clip-on desk lamp.

Fill Light 

Using only a key light will result in shadows and glare. You’ll need to mix it with fill light to avoid these issues. You can purchase a clip-on table lamp or utilize a more professional lighting system if your budget is limited. To generate softer lighting for the fill source, try using a lower wattage light.

Extra Light Source 

Using a third light source to generate the commonly used three-point lighting settings may be necessary depending on your settings, whether you want to accent the backdrop or how much natural light enters your room.

Accessories For Lighting 

You can invest in a photography studio set with several lights if you want to create complex lighting settings and have the room. To diffuse light and prevent shadows or decrease glare, you can use an umbrella or softbox. 

If you’re using a green screen, the CowboyStudio triple lighting kit offers a crisp outline. Elgato lite is created particularly for streaming if you’re searching for the latest equipment. 

How Live Streaming Lighting is Positioned 

How Live Streaming Lighting is Positioned

You might want to think about where we’ll put the equipment, whether it’s desk lamps, ring lights, or studio lights.

Ring Lighting 

This is a basic setup for newbies that generally results in a pleasing, professional look. The key light is placed exclusively on one side of the camera, somewhat above eye level. To avoid shadows, you’ll need to flood the space with more light. 

Three-Point Lighting

Standard 3-point lighting is the most typical arrangement for live stream lighting and photography; to get a balanced look without shadows and a crisp appearance, illumination from three distinct perspectives is required. 

Even though the key light may be positioned at an off-angle, it will illuminate directly. Then, to decrease shadows, slant the fill light below the main point. The lighting is generally inclined to create curves.


It is entirely up to you to use back lights along with key lights. If you have a beautiful background or great collectibles, you can illuminate the area for an excellent live broadcast. Some streamers also use RGB band lighting to create interesting backgrounds.

The Best Lights for Video Broadcasting and Live Streaming 

The Best Lights for Video Broadcasting and Live Streaming

Is your live broadcast taking place in a basement with no windows or in a room with abundant natural light? The importance of proper object illumination cannot be overstated. We’ve compiled a list of the finest streaming lighting options for you below.

1. Elgato Key Light

This light is the ideal option for streamers who want to maintain consistent camera illumination and high-quality footage. These lights may be used for a variety of purposes, including streaming media, video production, photography, and shooting.

The main light strength of Elgato is commendable. The lamp has a metal frame and a strong 2500 lumen output. While this light is the most costly on the list, quality items are necessary to achieve the best results when creating brand awareness.

Elgato’s key light not only illuminates the video but also has color temperatures that can be adjusted from very warm 2900 K to ultra-white 7000K.

This range indicates that the light can change at any point in time. The light may be placed on the monitor or table thanks to the stand and handle, adding to its versatility.

Lighting may be controlled using the Corsair app. It’s simple to modify the color temperature and other functions after the first setup. You may change the parameters without pausing the stream by turning the knob on various lights.

2. MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit 

The Softbox MountDog lighting kit is the optimal choice if you have the room. It is simple to set up, light, and affordable, making it an excellent choice for novices. The product may generate diffused, homogeneous light by utilizing aluminized cloth to direct light through the inner surface.

The aluminized cloth can function as a powerful reflector. 

It also produces an exceptionally soft stream of light and removes shadows for flawless photography. As a result, it is appropriate for general photography.

However, because it is constructed of high-grade nylon, the product is of good quality. It has 210 degrees of rotation and a height adjustment range of up to 53 inches. The bigger softbox is similarly 20 x 28 inches in size. It has the ability to reduce light loss and distribute light to the maximum extent possible.

The 95 W bulb might help you save money on electricity. It has a professional appearance and is simple to install. It also comes with the perfect carrying bag and can be folded for secure storage.

3. LED Ring Light 6” With Tripod Stand 

The 6′′ LED ring light is ideal if you want the finest lighting for streaming video games. The ring light can be utilized for internal lighting when there isn’t enough.

In a climate with unequal light dispersion throughout the day, the adjusting options given by this ring lamp are very beneficial.

The brightness, as well as the temperature of the light color, may be changed. There are 11 brightness levels on this gadget. White, warm white and yellow are the three color temperature options.

The beginner-friendly LED ring light is ideal for broadcasting on Twitter or YouTube. It works with smartphones and can connect to laptops, power banks, and other electrical devices through USB.

4. Fovitec Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit 

The Fovitec softbox continuous lighting system is one of the most excellent alternatives for softbox lighting. The cost of this kit is more than other alternatives, but the quality is superb.

The Fovitec kits are the best since they provide several stream illumination modification choices based on the desired setup. There are three socket heads and three softbox lights in total; each softbox is 20 x 28 inches in size.

If you want the most professional video streaming, the three softboxes will cover the left and right sides and above to eliminate any shadows.

Although brilliant highlighting may be achieved in your studio with lighting, this option is energy efficient and lowers energy usage during picture shoots. The package comes with 1000 W bulbs, fluorescent lights, and a handy travel case. This bag can hold anything, making transportation a breeze.

5. Neewer Super Slim LED Video Light 

Neewer Super Slim is a nice cross between Godox and Elgato Key Light. It’s ideal if you have a restricted budget yet want to upgrade your setup. The color temperature range of the Neewer super thin is 3200 to 5600 K, making it more flexible than Godox. 

Screen size and lumen dispersion, on the other hand, might result in inefficient lighting, resulting in less illumination.

Neewer Super Slim is also a formidable opponent. It delivers clean, steady illumination and can increase the stream’s quality rapidly. Unfortunately, longer streamers may need a more advanced model.

Because the battery has to be recharged every few hours, you won’t be able to light your stream while it’s charging.

If you want a permanent lighting arrangement, you’ll need to get a Neewer adaptor.

The mounting bracket comes with a light, which is a nice feature. A universal kit for portable devices, cameras, and stands may also be used to mount the light. Neewer Super Slim may be utilized in various applications if you wish to stream in real life.

6. Excelvan 2000W LED Lighting Kit 

Another lightweight softbox with outstanding capabilities that provides studio-quality lighting is the Excelvan. It reduces overexposure and hot areas while softening the light. It’s simple to set up and, at less than $100, it’s the closest thing to the studio’s most expensive gear. 

Excelvan is the ideal solution for professional photographers, videographers, or filmmakers since it comes with detachable curtains and a small soft cloth to give smooth, shadow-free illumination.

Excelvan is constructed of high-quality materials that have high reflectivity and can withstand high temperatures. Ordinary reflective fabric has a refractive index of double that of this material.

The three brackets may be used as a lightweight bracket as well as a 27-80 inch high adjustable camera stand.

The lamp tone is 5500k pure white daylight, which is suitable for photography. A fluorescent spiral bulb is adjusted in such a way that it decreases energy usage by up to 80% during shooting sessions.

7. Aputure 120D Mark 2

Compared to older variants, the Mark II video lights are more durable. The new model 120D has a 5500 Kelvin rating and is suited for a wide range of devices. A universal Bowens mount, wireless remote control, temperature control, and a flexible carrying case are all included with these lights.

The new 120D Mark II’s tungsten bulb has a brightness of up to 1000 watts, which is 25% more than the previous model, making it competitive and best suited for high-quality studios. It gives studio managers access to a wide range of apps and covers a variety of shooting scenarios.

Lighting effects such as thunder and fireworks may also be programmed into the Mark II. It’s also great for photos because it gives photographers a lot of possibilities.

The ability to adjust between 100% and 1% using the remote control and integrated power supply is one of the finest features of the Aputure 120D Mark II video light. The redesigned fork frame design allows for a wide range of motion up to 330 degrees. It assists in adjusting the angle and directing the light in any direction. 

The fully color-coded cable system gives you more options. The equipment is light, weighing only a few kilos, allowing photographers to take it with them wherever they go.

8. Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit 

Emart 60 LED lighting has two lights, allowing you to produce great illumination by experimenting with placement in a space. Enough light is required to get the optimum streaming dynamics.

You only have two filters to generate heating and cooling settings for your lights since there are only two lighting settings. They are movable and may provide a variety of effects. The design incorporates stereoscopic heat pores encircled by four sides to assist in dispersing heat.

To be fully effective, they must remain in close proximity, which means that if you stream for an extended period, there will be a lot of light to deal with at the same time. Your eyes may strain or, in the worst-case scenario, be damaged if you use them as your primary streaming lighting.

9. Falcon Eyes SO-28TD/SO-68TD Flapjack Lights 

Because of its circular, flat form – almost like a vanity mirror – “Flapjack” panels are one of the most popular lighting designs. Falcon-Eyes provides two different types of panels, the SO-68TD and SO-28TD, both of which have proven to be excellent high-quality light sources.

These are more expensive than Viltrox lights, but they are more robust, have a more extensive surface area, and emit more light. The SO-28TD panel has a 14-inch diameter and generates around 2460 lux. 

The SO-68TD panel has a diameter of roughly 26 inches and emits a maximum of 5920 lux. You may power them with either AC adapters or batteries.Many filmmakers and YouTubers choose to utilize these lights because of their high quality and excellent light output. 

They’re also recognized for being the best illumination for live and video broadcasts. Falcon Eyes may be a good stand-in for Key Light, which is only utilized on the spot and on the streaming platform.

10. Lume Cube 2.0

The Lume Cube 2.0 has a three-fold increase in power and is easy to charge. The light it generates has been considerably enhanced in color rendition, coverage, and uniformity compared to the previous edition.

It also has a low-light mode with a power range of 1-10 percent, in 1 percent increments, that can be adjusted through a smartphone app or the Lume Cube’s controls. A redesigned frame and two filters have been included in the product package. Photographers and videographers that utilize big cameras with interchangeable lenses, GoPro, cellphones, or even drones can benefit from Lume Cube 2.0.

The Lume Cube can be used as a continuous light source or as a slave flash that is optically activated. On the upper deck, it rests between a pair of clearly indicated opaque black buttons that replace the transparent buttons of the original model. Power control, optical slave flash, brightness adjustment, and low-light mode are all accessible through this combination.

Beyond Lighting 

Beyond Lighting

When it comes to lighting your films, it’s not just about your gear; your own body may play a role.

  • Some people have oilier skin, and we all sweat more in the summer, reflecting light and producing bright spots if you’re giving a presentation or participating in a professional video stream. A powder puff (yes, guys, too!) or a towel to wipe your forehead could come in handy.
  • The clothing you wear is also a factor. It’s possible that if your attire matches your backdrop, the camera sensor will pick up the wrong regions to illuminate. Choosing an outfit that contrasts with your surroundings will aid the camera sensor and auto-functions in detecting the correct light.
  • If you’re also in a bright environment, brightly colored garments might create difficulties with your camera, as can black clothes in a dark room. For example, if you’re outside in direct sunshine, have fair skin, and wear an all-white suit against a white wall, you can understand how a digital sensor could struggle to identify shadows.

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Final Thoughts 

Although many people associate streamers with PS4 and PC gamers, there are various forms of streaming, including beauty lessons, Nintendo Switch streaming, ASMR enthusiasts, and much more. Certain artists even use streaming media channels to showcase their creative side.

The opportunities provided by streaming media platforms are limitless, and forward-thinking streaming media companies are experimenting with various types of streaming to discover their perfect match. 

Of course, each of these streams needs a unique lighting configuration. While most players concentrate on the game, other live presenters will need the audience to concentrate on the whole live stream.

In these circumstances, instead of the traditional LED bulbs or Ring lights favored by most game streamers, streamers may want to explore employing professional photography lighting equipment. If you are a novice, the Excelvan 2000W LED Lighting Kit is the best option. For more professional use, the Aputure 120D Mark 2 is the best option.

In the same vein, many streamers are content with the LED light, allowing the audience to focus on the game without being distracted. Streamers use ring lights for culinary, fashion, and beauty lessons because they catch color with fantastic vibrancy.

The use of lighting enhances any video streaming. When making your choice, look for something adaptable, efficient, and compact enough to accommodate your lighting setup. Controlling the output and dimming or brightening should also be addressed for optimal streaming video, notwithstanding the importance of light requirements.

Fortunately, we live in an era where the most outstanding lighting options are both inexpensive and practical. Have fun streaming!

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