How To Start Something New And Execute It

We all are very good at planning. Are we? 

But when it comes to execution, we flunk…..

There is a big question??? How to start something new??

How To Start Something New And Execute It

Research shows that a lot of factors are involved when we make a decision to start something new.

There is a fear of the unknown.

There is a fear of failing.

There is a fear of embarrassment.

The voices in your head tell you that “it’s never going to work,” “it is so hard,” and then you feel the pressure of “if I don’t do it now, will I ever do it?”

We all get those loud and clear signals that tell us that it’s time to make a change. 

And then come up with a question of not just how to start something new, it’s about when.

I’d say the best time to start anything new is NOW.

So how do you know if something is right for you??

Ask yourself this question.

What is the basis for making this decision?

Is it fear or courage?

Below, I have listed some steps that would help you prepare the ground and let you take your first step towards starting something new. 

How To Start Something New: Step 1

Now, first of all, write down the reasons why you want to start or work on a particular project.

(PRO tip- if something doesn’t get written, it never gets done)

So write it down and analyze your underlying motivations. 

Look for positives and negatives. Pay close attention to the dialogue in your head

Positive: “I am going to become a blogger as I want to create an asset that has the potential of bringing me passive income in the long run, and I am energized by this idea.”

Negative: “I am going to become a blogger because I can’t afford the lifestyle I want on my current income. My jerky boss Alex always makes me feel like a useless garbage can.”


Positive: “I am going to launch a virtual event because I want to grow my network, following, and email list. This idea pumps me.”

Negative: “I’m going to launch a virtual event because I have failed at every other thing I have tried to grow my network. I am probably going to fail this time too as I have no influencer status. This also seems a LOT of work.”

To follow through on your plans, positive motivations are necessary as they inspire courage. 

On the other hand, negative motivation stifle your will to live and leave you feeling totally empty.

You planned to pursue is a specific project just to get of that crappy job. It could leave you feeling resentful and listless. 

Though your desire to pursue a specific project is strong, it can leave you feeling crappy, and that is a terrible feeling.

How To Start Something New: Step 2

You have decided to launch a new project but how to make it happen. 

I would advise coming with a one-year goal then reverse engineer to a 30-60-90 day work plan. 

The one-year plan is your long term goal, and 30-60-90 day plans are your short term goals. 

Plan your milestones in a bit size and then work to achieve them. Also, reward yourself whenever you hit a milestone. 

This planning on the granular level will give you a thorough understanding of how much time and effort it will take to get your project/business to where it needs to be.

This leads us to step 3.

How To Start Something New: Step 3

As nothing happens without hard work, it is crucial to set expectations.

Remember, nothing worth achieving in life is easy.

You want some significant change in your life, want to exponentially improve your lifestyle, and think it will be a cakewalk???? 

Better dump this mindset now… 

I will not sugarcoat it. 

This is going to be HARD.

 And it is supposed to be hard because hard is what makes it great. 

So set clear expectations from the beginning.

No one else is going to push you to achieve your goals the way you will! 

And frankly speaking, no one else is going to care as much as you do whether you succeed or fail. 

Some Practical Steps: How To Start Something New

  • Schedule The Task On Your Calendar, So You Actually Do It

When you put a task on the calendar, this does two things. 

Firstly it reminds you to see your time as a resource that you have to allocate. 

Secondly, adding things to your calendar means you’ll be notified throughout the day. This reminds you of the intention that you set for yourself. 

These reminders will play a massive role in keeping things motivated. 

  • Get an Accountability Buddy: Tell Someone About The Task

Find someone you trust to keep yourself accountable and tell them what you intend to do.

  • Get Focused: Tell Yourself You’ll Do The Task For 5 Minutes.

This is a great trick. Next time if you don’t feel like doing a thing, just set a timer for five minutes. 

And force yourself to work on those thongs for five minutes.

We all can focus for five minutes, right?

The trick is that you will most likely keep going by the end of those five minutes as it does not feel bad anymore. 

  • Bribe Yourself For Doing The Thing

Promise yourself a reward, then only let yourself have that treat if you actually do the thing.

  • Ask Your Co-Workers For Help With The Task

We all need each other. 

There’s no shame in it. 

If you’re stuck and unable to start doing the thing, ask the people around you for ideas. It will help.

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In the end, I’d say don’t get scared by the idea of starting something new, only because it seems hard. 

Once you start doing it, you will find your zone and will get in the flow. There will be difficulties and challenges along the way. 

But focus on one step at a time, break larger tasks into smaller pieces, and don’t forget to reward yourself, and you will hit your goals soon.

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