How To Start A Porta Potty Business

Who would have thought that a portable toilet business could fetch you six figures a year?

I guess it makes sense because we all need to “go” at some point, and someone needs to provide these facilities. 

There are already millions of portable toilets in use worldwide, and the industry is still growing rapidly.

You’re probably itching to learn more about this opportunity, and with good reason!

This article has all the details you need to launch a successful portable toilet rental company.

Let’s get started and turn “gotta go” into some cash!

Why A Portable Toilet Business Is A Good Idea?

why a portable toilet business is a good idea how to start a porta potty business

Many industries need portable restrooms. 

Portable toilets are used in far more situations than you might imagine.

Concerts, construction sites, golf courses, parking lots, outdoor weddings, and landfills. Carnivals, disaster relief events, athletic events, and rest stops can all benefit from renting portable toilets. Shall we go on?? 

Suppose you want to work in the portable toilet industry.

In that case, it’s important to distinguish between the many types of events and the corresponding toilet needs of the attendees, speakers, and organizers.

You should target these specific groups with your advertising and sales efforts.

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Portable toilets are good investments because they’re durable and can stand up to the elements. 

A portable toilet is useful for more than just providing a place for folks to relieve themselves during hectic events.  

Porta Potty rentals are convenient since they can be moved with minimal effort, they are low-maintenance, they won’t clog your pipes or drains, they’re hygienic, and they’re crafted from strong but lightweight plastic.

There is a significant initial investment in high-quality equipment, but this pays off in the long run.

It pays well. 

Of course, working in the portable toilet rental industry is a not-so-nice occupation, but the pay can be well worth it.  

The compensation takes into account not just the unpleasantness of the work but also the precision and experience required to accomplish it well. 

You and your employees must fully grasp the following aspect of the business: 

  • Tank maintenance 
  • Vacuum and wand servicing 
  • Cleaning routines 
  • Service strategies 
  • Transportation 
  • Marketing 
  • Excellent customer service 

Needless to say, this job isn’t for the faint of heart. 

What You Will Need To Launch A Portable Restroom Business? 


To launch a successful portable toilet business, one needs to have access to substantial initial capital. 

With enough money, you can acquire the necessary equipment and take care of other matters. 

You’ll need to hire or lease a large storage unit to keep the portable toilets in while they are not in use or after they have been cleaned up. 

You will also need to purchase the necessary cleaning supplies, like chemicals, deodorizers, toilet paper, and the like. 

You will also need to shoulder the cost of the haulage truck, the salary of the workers, and the cost of the restroom facilities themselves. 

Considering everything you’ll need, financing may be an option.

A well-written company strategy is required when getting a loan.

Storage Facility 

Why do you need a storage facility when the portable toilets go to the clients who will likely have them for a while? 

Sometimes, even before one client is finished with them, another client already requires them.

Well, this might not always be the case.  

Of course, you would need to have a place to keep your portable toilets because they won’t constantly be needed. 

After a client finishes with them, they will need to be transported back to a storage facility.

This is also where you can maintain them and apply branding.  [in my market, I think fun branding could set these companies apart from competitors!]

Porta Potties 

Each variety of Porta Potty serves a somewhat different function, according to the subtle distinctions in its design. 

When deciding to purchase your first batch of Porta Potties, it’s important to consider factors like budget, intended use, expected maintenance costs, and ideal clientele.


This is a single-unit toilet without a sink or flush and is almost universal in design.

They are primarily used at outdoor events like concerts and construction sites. 

This is often chosen by homeowners who are remodeling their homes and would benefit from a bathroom for workers. 

You could rent out the cheaper ones for less than $180 a month. A Porta Potty like this costs at least $750.


This one is the flush-enabled type of Porta Potty.

It features numerous amenities found in a real restroom, including a side urinal, a sink for washing hands, and even a mirror. 

It’s an upgrade from your standard Porta Potty.

Food festivals, picnics, parties, and other events where attendees will need to wash their hands enjoy this since it is more sanitary.

Crane Hook 

crane hook

Specialists, particularly those in construction work who operate above ground, use this type of Porta Potty. 

Unlike other portable toilets, this one is carried by a crane to be used above ground and is not fixed on the ground. 

They are smaller than the typical Porta Potty and built to resist the pressure of being lifted by cranes.


trailer how to start a porta potty business

This expensive variety is a trailer designated specifically for use as a restroom facility.

With flushing toilets, decent lighting, and an overall beautiful interior, this trailer may be the best-equipped among the bunch. 

They are designed to hold many portable toilets so they can accommodate more users.

These are the ones that are used to cater to movie shoots, weddings, and upscale outdoor events. – they’ve got AC and everything!


This style of portable toilet is the most considerate for handicapped people.

It was designed expressly with wheelchair users and other disabled individuals in mind so that they could operate it without much assistance. 

In comparison to other styles, this one has railings, roomy restrooms, a flat entry, and low toilet seats. 


You won’t be able to run a portable toilet business by yourself.

You will need some help from others in order to get things going. 

The business owner frequently manages the day-to-day operations rather than taking care of the “dirty work.”  

The portable toilets will need to be moved from the storage place to the client’s location and back again for this business.

Skilled drivers will be responsible for this, as well as a few other employees who will help carefully load the toilets onto the haulage vehicles.

Another group of employees (or, in some circumstances, the same ones) will be in charge of cleaning the units before they are used and refilling the toilet paper and hand sanitizers.

Maintenance workers will have to ensure that the units remain operational throughout their use. 

More hands will be needed to help your business advance the larger it becomes.

Some cleaners of portable restrooms are in charge of up to 50 restrooms each day!

Haulage Vehicles 

Clients will want to have your Porta Potties delivered to their desired site.

Depending on the kind of business you have, there are several vans, trucks, and other haulage vehicles from which to choose. 

They ought to be roomy and capable of transporting the units and perhaps the technicians too.

Waste Disposal Site 

Managing porta toilet waste is of utmost importance, and it’s also the one where mistakes can cost you. 

Because you are a professional and should have everything in order, your clients won’t inquire as to where you plan to dispose of their waste. 

This should be your top priority, and you need to be sure that you already have a location in mind.

You should be registered with them and have satisfied all requirements to be able to dispose of waste there. 

The government has designated places for waste disposal, and various rules govern how waste is to be disposed of in various locations. 

Before you even agree to provide your first client with toilets, you have a responsibility to get them inspected and ensure that you follow the proper protocols.

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A Step-by-step Guide For Starting A Portable Toilet Rental Business 

Write Up A Business Plan 

Making a business plan is the first actionable step in beginning a portable restroom business. 

The planning process involves more than just coming up with a company name.

The plan will address every single aspect of the enterprise that could have an impact on its performance. 

List everything about your business, including:

  • What it does 
  • How it operates 
  • Where will it be located 
  • How much will it cost to run the business
  • How much can you anticipate to gain from it over time 
  • How many employees will you need 
  • How much will their salary be
  • And so on… 

how to start a porta potty business - form a legal entity

Partnership, sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), and corporation are the four main types of business structures.

If your portable toilet business is sued, creating a legal business entity, such as an LLC or corporation, safeguards you from being held personally liable.

Register For Taxes 

Before starting a business, you must register for a number of state and federal taxes.

You must apply for an EIN in order to register for taxes.

This is easy! You can obtain your EIN without charge by mail, fax, or on the IRS website.

Your options for how your company will be taxed may vary depending on the business structure you select.

For instance, some LLCs might benefit from S company tax treatment (S corp).

There are particular state taxes that can be applicable to your company.

Do your research and find out more about the franchise taxes and state sales taxes for your region. 

Set Up Your Finances 

For the protection of your personal assets, it is crucial to use dedicated business banking and credit accounts.

Your personal assets—your home, vehicle, and other valuables—are in danger if your company is sued and your personal and business accounts are merged.

This is referred to as “piercing your corporate veil” in business law.

Moreover, understanding how to establish corporate credit can help you secure loans, credit cards, and other funding under your company’s name rather than your own.

You’re likely to get better terms and credit limits.

In addition to being necessary for loan applications, opening a business bank account will:

Secure Your Permits 

You have to understand the seriousness of the repercussions of not properly dealing with the waste you collect.

The government does not look kindly on improper management of human waste.

You’ll need to prove that your company is up to the task of handling this matter before they’ll let you open for business.

Due to the dangerous nature of waste, regulations are enacted to oversee its transportation, containment, and more. 

For example, you can’t mount a portable toilet anywhere.

To play it safe, research the locations around to see if they allow such enterprises.

Get Business Insurance 

Your company needs insurance in addition to licenses and permits so that it can function legally and safely. 

Should a covered loss happen, the financial stability of your business can be safeguarded with the help of business insurance.

To cover the wide variety of potential dangers faced by businesses, insurers offer a wide variety of coverage options. 

Starting with General Liability Insurance would be ideal if you’re not sure what kinds of dangers could affect your company. 

Workers’ compensation insurance is another type that you should look into.

Workers’ compensation insurance is likely to be mandated by your state if your business will employ people.

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Find The Right Portable Toilet Supplier 

find the right portable toilet supplier

In order to get your portable toilet business up and running, all you have to do is find the best supplier in your area.

To do this, you could utilize the Pro Finder service provided by Portable Association International.

To find PSAI-accredited portable toilet providers in a certain location, simply enter your zip code above to be sent to a map showing service providers in your area.

There are three criteria that should be weighed equally when comparing different manufacturers of portable toilets. They are:

Quality of The Product 

Of course, the restrooms themselves must adhere to portable restroom industry standards.

The Standard Unit is the most typical and may be seen on most building projects.

They can endure severe weather and cleaning chemicals because of their robust construction and thoughtful design, which prioritizes air circulation. 

The larger Enhanced Access Units are designed to accommodate guests using wheelchairs.

They are convenient for families with young children because they have features like handrails and baby-changing stations.

The goal of designing a restroom trailer is to make using the facilities feel more like being at home.

If a business owner needs restroom trailers with many stalls, urinals, and showers, they’ll have to do some further research to find a provider who carries this inventory.

The pride one has in using American-made items is a significant perk of choosing an American portable toilet maker.

A “Made in America” label not only serves as a statement of quality and longevity but also as a friendly gesture.

You’ll want portable toilets that have: 

  • Strong corners that can withstand frequent handling and strapping for transport
  • Doors that close firmly and won’t sag
  • Premium components like toilet seat hardware and side panels 

Customer Service 

Make sure you know what to expect from the customer service practices of whichever company you end up renting portable toilets from.

The product is important, but customer satisfaction is frequently a better indicator of a company’s success, growth, and longevity.

If you want your business to make it, you need to partner with a business that has shown reliability.

The essential ingredient in any business, including portable toilet rental, is a focus on and dedication to the needs of the consumer.


Intangible assets of a corporation are those that cannot be handled directly.

Their value is long-term and hard to pin down in the same way that the value of land, vehicles, equipment, and inventories may be.

Intellectual property like as patents, trademarks, and copyrights, are also a part of this package, along with solid brand recognition and reputation.

Define Your Brand 

define your brand how to start a porta potty business

In this context, “brand” refers to the values and reputation of your company.

Having a memorable brand will give your company an edge over the competition.

Put your company’s stamp on everything from the tools, vehicles, and the portable toilets themselves.

It will make your business more recognizable.

It will also give your workers a sense that they’re a part of a cohesive business. 

Determine Your Target Market and Start Marketing 

After settling on a target demographic, you can then choose the portable sanitation options that will best serve them. 

For example, the standard, no-frills portable toilet is the best option if your target market is construction companies.

A deluxe Porta Potty is a good idea if you expect a lot of customers who throw fancy parties outdoors.  

Each market requires a unique approach to marketing and customer service.

The medium, be it email or brochures, can be the same, but the message needs to be tailored to the specific audience.

When running a Porta Potty company, marketing is crucial to success.

Good advertising strategies will drive out the competitors. 

It might be best to employ a marketing team if you can and put them in charge of bringing in clients as soon as possible. 

If it’s not in your budget to pay professionals, you could get the word out via free or low-cost avenues like social media and word of mouth. 

Talk to project managers, event planners, and others in similar positions in order to save money. 

Streamline Your Operations 

You have a higher chance of retaining clients if you maintain a high level of service and ensure that the portable toilets are always immaculate.  

A venue that hosts a lot of outdoor events may allow you to supply restroom trailers for all of the activities held on the property.

Always keep a level head and put the needs of your customers first.

Do you think that the job’s unclean nature discourages new business? Think again. 

There is a lot of competition in the Porta Potty rental business. You will need the following: 

  • the best sales presentation
  • the highest quality product
  • exceptional customer service, and 
  • a thorough understanding of the service, sanitation, transportation, and operational aspects of the business 

…if you are to succeed in densely populated locations. Consistency is key. 

Be Prepared To Deal With Foul Stuff 

If you were under the impression that Porta Potty rental services are all sunshine and rainbows, think again. 

Even though there are sanitation facilities available, there are times when you will find yourself in the center of an unpleasant situation. 

Depending on the surroundings and weather, you might have to deal with muck, water, and dirt.

Who knows what might turn up if booze is involved? 

Portable toilet rental companies have reported vandalism, such as spray paint and scribbles on the walls, as well as selective burning and feces on the floor.

No two situations are ever the same, so be prepared for some surprises. 

The transfer of waste is yet another unpleasant but necessary part of the job.

Accidents, spills, and leaks can occur during the transfer from the truck to the holding tank if proper precautions are not taken. 

You may not have to deal with these things personally, but you will know about them since you’re the boss. 

Join an Association 

There is currently a slew of excellent associations for portable toilet companies that you can join. 

You can stay abreast of developments in your field and know when it’s time to make investments like upgrading your equipment. 

These groups may charge nominal fees, but members gain invaluable access to contacts and resources.

The average lifespan of a startup is less than five years.

However, if you follow advice like this, you can make your new Porta Potty business a smashing success.

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Final Thoughts

Operating a portable toilet service is an honorable profession because it requires training, dedication, and legitimacy. 

Don’t undervalue yourself just because it’s a “dirty job.”

At the end of the day, someone’s gotta do it! 

And I think it’s safe to say that folks will always have to go the bathroom, so you might as well make a fortune meeting that particular need.

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