How To Make Money Posting Ads

There are so many hustles worth getting into. But in this post, I’m going to talk about how to make money posting ads. It’s true; getting paid to advertise for companies is a terrific way to supplement your income these days.

You might choose to earn profits by placing adverts on the internet. Alternatively, perhaps offline advertising is more your style. In either case, this can be a very successful method to beef up your bank account a little. 

make money posting ads

With effort and hustle, you might be able to make this into a reliable source of passive income. That is, once you’ve set everything up, you can sit back and watch the money come in.

You won’t become a millionaire with most of these methods – at least not overnight.

Read on to see how you can earn money by posting ads on the internet.

How To Make Money Posting Ads Online 

When you consider how to make money advertising online, you might think of social media influencers promoting weight loss drinks. 

And, yes, these are popular ways to make money from advertising. 

There are, however, a slew of options that don’t require you to bug your audience with gratuitous selfies. 

They all have one thing in common: in order to be successful, you need to connect with your audience.

This will almost certainly take some time. You won’t be able to build an Instagram page and have thousands of followers overnight, for example.

You’ll need to grow your audience to the point where it’s large enough to make a decent living. They must trust you enough to trust the ads you’re pushing. 

Depending on how you want to advertise for businesses online, this may be done in a variety of ways.

Some examples are…

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing means placing referral links and affiliate items from ad networks on your website. Then, if someone participates in your affiliate programs, you are compensated.

As opposed to traditional advertising, the benefit of affiliate marketing is that you may earn a lot more money. You also don’t have to worry about the initial costs of running your own items.

You might already be a devotee of a particular online course or exercise program, for example. Write a blog post on how this program works, with an affiliate link included. You will be compensated if someone clicks on the link and signs up for the app and service. That’s all there is to it. Here’s a great list of affiliate programs for beginners.

The passive money could add up if you conduct enough online marketing and have enough site traffic.

Basically, once you’ve created the post, all you have to do is promote it.

A post can live on the internet indefinitely with little effort on the part of the website owner. It can generate clicks and, as a result, revenue.

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Running a website can be a very profitable way to earn money through advertising. If you put in enough effort and build up your audience, putting ads for corporations can be one of the best methods to earn passive revenue.

I’m sure you’ve heard about website owners making millions of dollars while sitting on a beach in Bora Bora sipping drinks. They are undeniably real. But, let’s be honest, this won’t happen overnight.

By hustling to increase your blog’s traffic, you can easily reach the point where you can earn income passively.

Here’s my ultimate guide to starting a blog for more info.

Starting a News Hub 

Using a blog to share thought leadership, personal opinions, and ideas is a fantastic concept. If you have specific sector experience, you might want to explore taking your ideas a step further and launching a news center.

You might, for example, be a well-known financial expert with a sizable clientele. Are you famous in a specific niche, such as healthy living or technology?

You can put this to your advantage if you are an expert in a particular area.

This will require a significant amount of research and a pulse on a specific area of interest. Every day, you’ll need to upload multiple articles or news snippets.

Suppose you have the expertise or a team of individuals eager to help. In that case, you may gradually build credibility and site traffic. Eventually attracting premium advertisers prepared to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month on ads. Then the easy money starts to flow in.

Using Ad Networks 

You’ve probably seen advertisements in the middle of text or in the sidebar on websites. These are often placed there by an ad network with which the website owner has registered.

There is a slew of various ad networks. Each has its own set of entry requirements.

In general, the more difficult it is to qualify, the more money you’ll make per visitor to your website – though this isn’t always the case.

The following are some of the most important ones to consider:

Google Adsense 

Google Adsense 

There are no minimum traffic requirements for Google Adsense. This means you can start making money from advertising as soon as your new website is live.

However, the amount you’ll earn isn’t significant. Therefore I’d advise against putting advertising at this time. Instead, concentrate on user experience until your blog has grown to the point where it qualifies for one of the other ad networks.


Monumetric is the next step up, requiring a minimum of 10,000 monthly page views to qualify.

Monumetric’s advertising rates are significantly higher than Google Adsense, making it a worthwhile network to consider for your new site. Just keep in mind that you’ll be charged a $99 startup fee. It will be deducted from your ad revenue until it’s paid off.

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Mediavine has a monthly session threshold of 25,000 sessions, which is around 30,000 page views.

And once you get there, the money you can make by putting Mediavine advertising on your site can be pretty lucrative. In fact, some people with larger sites who may qualify for other ad networks prefer to continue with Mediavine merely because of the money they make.


When you’ve gotten into the big leagues, Adthrive will put you in the best position. You must have at least 100,000 monthly page views, with the majority of your traffic originating from the United States.

Many of the more prominent blogs you’ve probably visited that make money by displaying adverts for corporations do so with Adthrive, as they’re likely making well over $1,000 each month, if not much more.

Getting Paid To Put Ads on Your Site 

Getting Paid To Put Ads on Your Site 

This is different from signing up with an ad network in that you can get paid to post adverts for individual companies on your website.

For example, a corporation may approach you about purchasing specific space on your site, such as a banner ad at the top of each post.

If you’re with an ad network, you might not be able to do this as a separate arrangement because of their terms of service.

It would be best if you also considered how this would appear to your users. No one likes a large, distracting advertisement that makes it difficult to read the actual content.

However, if this is something you’re interested in, it can be a simple method to make a few hundred dollars.

Including Sponsored Posts 

You may be reading a sponsored post if you’ve ever seen an article on a blog that seems really enthusiastic about advocating a specific product or service.

These are articles where you are paid to promote brands through the content of the article.

This option is offered to individuals who have a larger readership. Therefore it is unlikely to be available to someone who has just started a blog.

To avoid putting off your audience or coming across as disingenuous, make sure you only recommend products or services that you genuinely want to endorse or that align with your brand.

Nevertheless, when a sponsored post costs at least $250 for one article, it can be a viable way to make money advertising.

Using Apps That Pay You To Advertise 

Many applications pay you to promote them by allowing you to earn money when your friends sign up for the app as well.

The businesses that control these applications understand that referral payments are a fantastic incentive for you to encourage others to use their apps, which generates revenue for both you and the app owners.

Using Social Media To Get Paid To Advertise 

Using Social Media To Get Paid To Advertise 

You’ve probably heard of and seen influencer marketing unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade.

Endorsing specific goods or services through sponsored posts or pushing the brand on your social media platform is referred to as social media influence.

You also don’t have to be a celebrity. You’ll need a little personality as well as a specific area of expertise.

According to one survey, social media has surpassed search as the critical method for discovering new material on the internet. Companies may line up to work with you if you master social influencing and establish an audience.

My advice is to create a clear plan and approach this like a serious business, one that makes the most out of your two most valuable assets: your reputation and expertise.

You will lose followers and perhaps ruin your personal brand if you rush into it and start uploading random pictures.

Don’t rush. Make a plan, and see if you have the time and motivation to complete this goal. Influencer work is difficult, but if you play your cards well, it can be incredibly beneficial.

Using Facebook 

Did you know that you can make money by promoting businesses on Facebook?

This can be accomplished in two ways:

  • You earn money by running Facebook ads for your own company.
  • You are rewarded for advertising for another business on Facebook.

The first method entails running Facebook ad campaigns to entice individuals to sign up for something with your company.

This could be done in the hopes of persuading customers to purchase one of your own goods or services. Alternatively, it could simply entail encouraging them to sign up for a mailing list on your website, with the hope that this list would generate revenue in the future.

The second method works in a similar way to placing sponsored advertisements on your own blog. Companies will pay you to publish links to their products/services or links to posts about those products/services, in other words.

It can be challenging to attract businesses to advertise on your Facebook page when you’re initially starting out, so it’s essential to focus on building a following first.

Using Snapchat

Snapchat is unquestionably the next big thing in the social media world. It’s incredibly profitable if you can target your message to the app’s primary demographic of users.

Using Pinterest 

Pinterest now allows you to earn money by publishing sponsored pins for businesses on their platform.

People are more likely to click on your links and earn you a commission if you have a large audience, so working on growing your audience is a good idea.

Just make sure you follow both Pinterest and the advertiser’s regulations. Pinterest users, for example, were previously prohibited from posting links to Amazon purchases.

This has since changed, but it’s worth double-checking before attempting to make money this way.

Using Instagram 

If you currently use Instagram, you’re undoubtedly aware of how people get compensated to promote on the platform.

Every day, we see more people using Instagram to sell their businesses in new and inventive ways. However, this is due to the fact that it has the potential to be highly profitable.

Kylie Jenner, for example, is said to earn $1.27 million for each sponsored post. Obviously, you won’t be making those kinds of sums without putting in a lot of effort to build your following first.

Using YouTube 

make money posting ads - Using YouTube 

YouTube has recently surpassed Facebook as the most popular website in the United States, indicating that there are plenty of opportunities to make money there. And if you want to make profits promote on YouTube, you have a few options:

  • Include affiliate links for products or services you suggest in the video description.
  • Companies can pay you to make a video advertising them, and you can have sponsored videos.
  • You can earn money by placing advertisements at the beginning of your videos.

With the last method, you have to achieve a number of criteria, including a minimum of 4,000 watch hours and a thousand subscribers in the previous 12 months.


Right now, the gig economy is booming. If you have a knack for advertising, consider partnering with businesses and working as a freelance ad specialist to supplement your income. You can achieve this in the following ways: 

Ad Sales 

make money posting ads - Ad Sales 

Professionals in sales or marketing may wish to consider working as a freelance ad specialist for a company, independently researching and arranging advertising possibilities in exchange for a commission.

This is a fantastic method to make money without having to satisfy strict sales objectives. It’s a win-win situation for both the freelancer and the business.

Graphic Design 

If you know how to use Photoshop (I prefer and use Canva!) and have a portfolio of work to show off, you could want to consider designing advertisements for internet, print, or public display.

One of the benefits of freelancing is that you won’t have to bother about posting, distributing, or tracking your earnings.

All you have to do now is design the item, gain the advertiser’s approval, and go on to the next assignment.

Companies are constantly on the lookout for creative designers. Fiverr, for example, is a simple way to publicize your freelance services.


Another option to make money is to work on a contract basis with clients and provide advice and experience to help them with their ad posting strategy.

For example, a corporation may be having difficulty profiting from advertising and may seek assistance. A business needs a social media manager to run Facebook advertisements or target clients. 

Ad consulting as a freelancer could be a lucrative possibility worth investigating.

Sites like Freelancer are excellent for either promoting your own services or finding people looking for them.

You’ll need a thorough understanding of how to earn money with marketing and how to track ad success, as well as the ability to advise businesses on what would work best for them.

However, if you can market yourself as having these skills, there will undoubtedly be a company eager to pay you for your services.

Being a Virtual Assistant 

To make money posting advertising, you don’t need to be an expert at advising or strategizing.

Working as a virtual assistant and placing advertising code on a company’s affiliated channels is a far more convenient option. It is straightforward and does not necessitate extensive training.

Many businesses are looking for experts who can assist them in expanding their advertising efforts and maximizing their web presence.

If you enjoy doing manual labor, this could be a terrific opportunity to try something new.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Business 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Business

Every business aspires to increase traffic from social media and search engines. Designing and monitoring search ad campaigns is a full-time job for many PPC specialists.

eCommerce advertisers pay a publisher every time an ad is clicked in a PPC strategy. Zeroing in on a particular network, such as Facebook or Google, is the most excellent approach to becoming a PPC specialist.

Click-through rates, quality score, cost per click, return on ad spend, and cost per conversion are some of the metrics that PPC experts must be familiar with.

You can partner with firms looking for specialists to manage projects on a contract basis once you’ve mastered PPC. It can be a terrific way to make extra money if approached correctly.


Starting a podcast on a topic of your choice is another method to make money by putting up ads online.

You might be able to attract advertising right away if you have a terrific idea for a podcast and organize the show correctly.

After a few episodes, you might find that corporations are ready to cooperate with — and perhaps sponsor — your podcast.

This will necessitate creating unique audio adverts and inserting them into episodes at strategic points. You could also be able to produce brand-specific content.

A cybersecurity firm, for example, would seek to sponsor a podcast on online security blunders or internet horror stories. Get inventive, and then pitch your ideas to a variety of businesses.

You’ll get a bite eventually, and the markup could be significant for your project.

How To Make Money Advertising Offline 

How To Make Money Advertising Offline 

In the offline world, there is a multitude of ways to get paid to put adverts. They’re less passive than the online methods outlined above – after all, folks can’t click on a sign like they can a link on your website.

Instead of getting paid dependent on traffic, you’ll most likely be paid a lump fee upfront for these. Look at the examples below to see how this might work for you.

Modelling Clothes 

For hundreds of years, people have been able to generate money by advertising clothing. You might think that this is primarily for those who have some kind of celebrity or a large social media following.

However, several companies claim to pay you to wear their clothes and pose for a photo.

Cracked holds contests from time to time in which they give cash awards for the greatest photo of someone wearing one of their shirts.

You can also make a few dollars by offering this as a service on Fiverr. Check out some of the money-making ideas that people have come up with below.

Using Your Car 

For years, people have been using their cars to make money through advertising.

Basically, you’ll be compensated for having car advertising stickers on your vehicle, with the assumption that potential clients will notice the ad while you drive around.

This means you’re getting paid to do something you’d be doing anyway: driving.

And don’t worry, the companies paying for it insist that the stickers can be removed without causing damage to the paint.

Wrapify, for example, is one of the most well-known corporations that pay for this.

Other companies will approach them to distribute car wraps on their behalf, which means you could be advertising for various companies.

The cost varies according to the company. For example, having one of Wrapify’s advertising on your car can earn you roughly $450 per month.

Being an Athlete 

People are paid to promote businesses on their team jerseys, which comes as no surprise. We’ve all seen games where companies decorated the players’ clothes with brand names.

However, you do not need to be a professional athlete to profit from this. While you’ll obviously need some athletic ability, even amateurs competing in local events can make money this way.

Those that do well locally may, in some situations, earn enough of a reputation to be sponsored by a local business.

However, it would help if you considered whether there is a way for you to stand out from the crowd. The New York Times, for example, featured a runner who was attempting to run 100 marathons in 100 days to raise awareness of worldwide water shortages.

None of these marathons were going to be close to being won by her. Her one-off story, though, helped her secure sponsorship from Reebok.

Getting Tattooed 

This is a somewhat long-term strategy to make money by putting ads, but it may be an option for some of you.

How much money can you make? One woman, for example, auctioned her forehead area for $10,000 to promote an online casino. Ha, I wouldn’t recommend the forehead.

In addition, a cigarette business will pay you $1,500 to have its emblem tattooed on your body. If you have a more outrageous design, it can be $3,000.

To be sure, it’s something you should think about carefully – especially if it’s not temporary – and make sure you’re getting paid well for it.

Using Your Property

Although your neighbors may despise it, and your property is unlikely to make the cover of House & Garden magazine, it is true that you may get paid to advertise on the front of your home. There are a few requirements to be aware of:

  • You must own your home; no rentals are permitted.
  • You must give the company permission to paint the whole front of your home, excluding the roof, windows, and any awnings.
  • At the end of the contract, the company will pay to have your house repainted.
  • You must display the advertisement on your property for at least three months, with the possibility of an extension for up to one year.

If you can locate a company to work with, this could be a simple way to make a few thousand dollars simply by leaving your property alone – and put up with being an eyesore for a while.

Hosting Events 

Companies will pay considerable money to have their adverts displayed if you’re in the business of arranging events, such as large conferences.

It’s safe to say that putting this together involves a lot of labor. The logistical challenge of coordinating dozens of vendors may be enough to discourage you from making money this way.

However, you can get compensated for displaying signs, handing out freebies, and adding sponsor names to the event program, among other things, at a conference.

On this list, this is far from the simplest way to make money, but if it’s a choice for you, it can be incredibly profitable. Sponsors will easily spend more than $10,000 to have their names shown someplace if the event is large enough.

FAQs About The Ad Business 

How much can I expect to make by posting ads? 

Your profit varies based on the sort of advertisement and the extent of its reach.

Posting adverts on your automobile, for example, will earn you a few hundred bucks and even less if you’re just a regular person in a t-shirt.

Simultaneously, people are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing on their blogs. Even websites with low traffic can expect to make thousands of dollars by partnering with an ad network.

You won’t be able to make this kind of money overnight, but it is undoubtedly possible with some time, hard effort, and strategically building up your website.

Is ad posting truly a viable way to make money? 

There are undoubtedly fundamental ways to make money posting ads for companies if you have some talents, creativity, and bravery (at least in the case of the tattoo option).

The options on this post are backed by legitimate businesses that have a track record of paying for what they promise.

How do you partner up with bigger businesses for advertising opportunities? 

As previously stated, you may need to make some preliminary effort to expand your following to the point where giant firms will want to advertise with you in some circumstances – mainly if you make money through online marketing.

Alternatively, you may have to look for something that distinguishes you from the rest. As the runner who ran 100 marathons in 100 days demonstrated, this can be a fantastic approach to get the attention of marketing executives from giant corporations.

You don’t need millions of followers for this to happen, though. Even if you only have a couple of thousand monthly visitors, you may definitely get compensated to display adverts on your website.

Of course, if your traffic is higher, you’ll probably make more money. However, you don’t need the reach of prominent social media celebrities to get started.

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Final Thoughts 

The best way to make money is through passive income, which you may achieve if you profit from your advertising ventures.

People will (hopefully) visit your website while you are sleeping or offline, clicking links that earn you money.

Alternatively, your Facebook advertising will continue to run if you go on vacation, producing additional revenue.

And, if you drive to work, what’s stopping you from earning money by advertising for firms on the side of your vehicle – especially since you’d be driving anyway?

As a result, getting paid to post advertising or engage in other forms of marketing can be a lucrative method to supplement your income. You could even reach the point where it can take the place of your primary source of revenue if you build it up enough.

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