How to Get Paid to Watch Movies

Many people enjoy watching movies in their free time as a hobby or something to entertain themselves.

But did you know that you can make money while watching movies as a side hustle or a full-time task?

If you are wondering how to get paid to watch movies, the answer is some movie-related jobs and sites pay you to do it.

You get to make money while doing something you love to do, so it is good money either way. 

This article features different ways to generate income while watching movies, such as survey apps and movie theater jobs. 

How to Get Paid to Watch Movies?

How to Get Paid to Watch Movies

Different jobs offer you the opportunity to watch a movie while working and pay well, like watching video ads, writing movie reviews, and more.

Most of them let you watch movie previews and visit movie theaters privately and with other people.

Apply as an In-Theater Checker

In-theater checkers collect data on behalf of companies to collect data from theaters, mainly about the audiences.

Their tasks may include watching audience reactions, counting the number of people attending, and getting the demographics.

For example, Market Force Information is a company that provides solutions for marketing, employees, customers, and more.

Therefore, collecting data from theaters is also part of their research so that you can try their part-time opportunity as an in-theater checker. 

You can also check the job boards in your area to help you find a local movie theater that offers this position. 

Market Force Information may need you to watch and record trailers, count patrons throughout the day and specific showtimes, and record ads.

You may also need to watch a preview of an upcoming movie, collect reactions, and check ticket prices, sound quality, and visual quality. 

However, before conducting this job, you’ll need an authorization letter to present to the theater management.

Work At A Movie Theater

If you haven’t tried working at a movie theater, this idea is the perfect opportunity to work and watch movies.

Some theater staff must work inside the theater with the audience to manage and assist the crowd.

You can also offer snacks and drinks inside, so you get the chance to stay inside while the film is playing. 

Most of the time, you have to check the situation inside to ensure there are no interruptions or discomfort among the audience. 

However, you may need to note that working inside doesn’t mean you will be uninterruptedly watching a movie.

You may be accommodating patron requests, cleaning the theater, or managing ticket selling while at work.

Be a House Sitter

It may not be the first idea that comes into your mind, but house-sitting can be an easy way to earn while watching a movie. 

As a house sitter, you must ensure that your client’s house is clean and safe from danger. 

You may also water plants, watch their pets, and clean the floor at some point, but there isn’t much to do. 

Since you may have a lot of free time, your client may suggest you entertain yourself by watching movies. 

You can watch Netflix from your gadget, but if your client allows, they can even let you use their television. 

The easiest way to find a house-sitting gig is to look around your neighborhood, but some sites offer it.

Be a Movie Producer

Be a Movie Producer - Get paid to watch movies

Being a movie producer is a big responsibility in filmmaking because you act as the general manager.

They plan the entire process, from finance to hiring creatives and managing the release. 

They are in charge of hiring actors, directors, and other staff behind the scenes. 

To become a movie producer, you have involvement in the initial to final planning. 

Furthermore, becoming a producer is not an overnight career because you need to study film in a different light. 

You must understand how the industry works, build connections, and work hard. 

Sometimes, you need to shell out a large amount of money to kick off your career if you do not have enough sponsors.

However, if you grasp this career, you can earn at least $50,000 or triple when you build your reputation.

Be a Film Critic

If you love watching movies and are good at expressing the good and bad things about a film, you can be a movie critic. 

As a film critic, you are giving feedback to the entertainment industry so they know what people want and do not want.

It would help if you had an excellent grasp of movie elements because you’ll need deep analysis of films, the filmmaking process, and more. 

You are more than a movie reviewer because being a movie critic is a little more challenging because of the technicalities. 

However, once you become a professional movie critic, you’ll enjoy different perks, like watching unreleased films. 

You can also provide insights to various digital outlets and magazines while earning around $50,000 annually. 

Be a Closed Captioner

As a closed captioner, you must write subtitles for movies in English or different languages. 

Watching a film while working is practical because you can earn at least $15 per hour.

You must be fluent in English to produce accurate captions if it is a film with an English script.

However, the pay can be higher if the film is in a different language, and you may need to translate it into English. 

It is because it is a more difficult job and you may need to know at least two languages. 

So if you are fluent in more than one language, writing subtitles can be an excellent opportunity.

Be a Netflix Tagger

Netflix taggers watch films and put descriptions or metadata corresponding to them, which you see with their thumbnails. 

You may need to do a quick research and find the language, release date, and genre of a film to use in the app.

You will be categorizing films so audiences on Netflix can easily navigate through the app. 

Although it is a good-paying job, the demand for it is not as often now because it is available occasionally.

Participate in a Movie Focus Group

Participate in a Movie Focus Group

Focus groups talk about movies, especially early releases, to give suggestions for movie development. 

It is a great side hustle because you can make extra money while watching movies and helping the movie industry.

While the hourly pay is around $50 or more, this job is a little challenging to find because the demand depends on your location.

If you ever land one gig, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to express your movie comments and make connections. 

Start a YouTube Channel

Many people who enjoy watching films sometimes like to watch summary videos, commentary videos, and easter eggs about a movie.

Nowadays, many take an interest in Disney theories, so if you have an idea, you can share it on your channel. 

You can also review movies, share new and unreleased projects, and comment on characters and plots.

There may be a lot of competition, but if you produce unique and high-quality content, you can get many subscribers. 

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Be a Movie Editor

A great movie is nothing without the behind-the-scenes crew, such as editors who splice clips to make a fantastic film. 

They transform raw video clips to make it into the final output that everyone sees on-screen, so this job is enormous.

You can be a freelance editor and work with a production company if you want to collaborate with others.

While professional editors take degrees and certifications to become editors, you can also start by learning the basics. 

You can slowly start building your portfolio and enroll in some courses to improve your skills so you can land more extensive jobs. 

Start a Movie Podcast

Podcasts are a big thing these days, and talking about films is a great way to kick off your podcast series. 

It is similar to providing a movie review, but podcasts let you elaborate more about a film’s themes, messages, and theories. 

You can do the podcast yourself or invite guests you can discuss with, so you have interactive topics. 

Start a Movie Review Blog

Specifically, you can work as a writer in the entertainment industry and write content about movies.

It is a great way to make money while watching movies because you can place your ideas into words and earn.

To produce content, you must watch a movie and put your analysis and review into your paper. 

You also have to identify the movie trends and provide an in-depth analysis so you can help more people understand them.

Be a Voiceover Artist

You can find yourself working in the film industry by becoming a voiceover artist, which is a lucrative opportunity. 

You can learn up to hundreds of dollars hourly when you work as a voiceover artist because you need talent and practice.

It may not be an overnight opportunity, but if you want to pursue this path, you need training and record demos to start earning. 

Sites That Pay You to Watch Movies

Sites That Pay You to Watch Movies

Aside from working on-site in theaters, you can also make money by watching movies at home, mainly through your gadgets.

It is fun to earn because you can watch movie trailers and celebrity videos while playing games.


InboxDollars is a popular survey site that lets you make money in different ways, including watching movie previews.

Although you will not be watching an entire movie all the time, you can enjoy a few minutes of trailers, previews, and more. 

If you want to explore other tasks, you can also answer surveys and shop online using the survey and still earn.

So if you are a couch potato or looking for a side hustle, using InboxDollars is a great way to watch and earn.

Checker Patrol

Checker Patrol Get paid to watch movies

Checker Patrol helps companies with their advertisements in other establishments, for example, a movie theater. 

By working on their platform, you will go to movie theaters and answer questions from Checker Patrol about the place.

It can be about the movie theater itself, movie previews, and your experience as a movie-goer when you visited. 

It works like a mystery shopper’s because you may need to go to premieres without declaring you are a checker. 

You may collect details about ticket sales, patrons attending, and what type of ads and trailers are there.

It is an easy job that lets even teenagers earn and receive gift cards by watching movies, trailers, and ads. 


Swagbucks is another popular survey platform that lets you earn by watching various clips and movie previews. 

When you sign up on their platform, you receive 1,000 points you can redeem when you spend at least $25 at their partner stores.

The best tip for Swagbucks is to open videos from a different tab and let them play in the background. 

You can earn gift cards while watching videos or letting them play in the background if you need to multitask.


MyPoints is a paid survey site that gives you points when you watch videos online and redeem them for cash. 

You can earn up to 500 points daily if you work hard and scroll through different videos from their playlist.

Aside from cash, you can also convert your points to gift cards and earn $10 as a welcome bonus when you sign up.

However, there is a maximum daily amount of videos to watch, so you may be unable to maximize your time.

But the great thing about this site is its great sign-up bonus, minimum payout, and ways to convert the points.


Viggle is similar to other paid survey apps but specializes in television and music, which is excellent for movie enjoyers. 

It is a straightforward app because you only need to log in to their app and watch shows and more. 

But you can enhance your viewing experience because Viggle also has games on the side that you can play while watching.

You’ll earn points and convert them to cash, similar to other survey apps, but it is an excellent passive income. 

Although you will not earn a lot using it, you are still making while enjoying videos and may not notice it. 


Perk.TV is closely similar to Viggle, but the videos you watch in Perk.TV are primarily movies. 

For every minute you watch, you earn a point, so watching movies with average length can make you around 120. 

While you watch movies, you can also answer quizzes and polls related to the film so that it can be more entertaining. 


AppTrailers is the ideal site for you if you enjoy watching movie trailers because it is what they precisely offer. 

While many people enjoy movies, some love trailers because it is still art but a little shorter. 

If you love watching movie trailers, this straightforward app lets you earn up to $8 daily. 

There are also games and trivia on standby when you watch trailers, so you have more interaction.

Nielsen TV Family Ratings

Nielsen is a popular research app that tracks your watching history to rate television programs or movies. 

Their company focuses on consumer research, which is why they analyze your interests when you download their app.

They don’t store personal data on other apps, so your information is safe with them while you earn up to $50 per year.


Shopkick is a survey app that started in 2010, so it has been around for a long time to help you earn. 

They are one of the most consistent sites that pay you to watch celebrity videos and ads in the comfort of your home. 

Like other paid survey apps, you will earn points for every video you watch and use them to redeem as cash or gift cards.

Some brands are Uber, Amazon, Starbucks, PlayStation, and Target if you want to redeem your points. 

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FAQs – Get Paid To Watch Movies

Can You Make Money Watching Videos?

You can get paid to watch videos through different sites and do some part-time jobs related to it.
However, not all these methods can ensure that you can make a full-time income because most are side gigs.
Suppose you are looking to make extra cash in your free time. Then yes, you can make a dollar or two by watching videos.

How Much Can You Earn From Watching Movies?

The pay can vary depending on what type of job or site you will try to watch movies while making money.
Some sites will pay a few cents per video through sites, while some pay a hundred dollars per video when you create reviews.
You may have to note that paid survey sites may take a long time before you can make a few dollars.
Meanwhile, professional careers like video editors, movie critics, movie producers, and more get a larger salary.

How To Get Into the Film Industry?

The film industry has a lot to offer, from working behind the scenes to working as actors in mainstream or indie.
Knowing what interests you makes it easier to choose which position or career you want to pursue.
But for most film careers, developing your skills, gaining hands-on experience, and making connections are essential.
Building connection is an essential part of making it into the industry because they can help you with success.
Once you have an impressive resume and portfolio, more companies will hire you, and you can land your desired position.

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Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

If you think watching movies is unproductive, think again because these apps and jobs will prove you otherwise.

There are several ways to earn when you watch movies; hopefully, at least one is your cup of tea.

You can even turn some opportunities into full-time jobs if you grasp the industry and have the right skills. 

It is truly the best feeling when you can do what you love the most while earning.

So if watching movies is your favorite thing and you want to turn it into something lucrative, take the chance and try these sites and jobs.

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