FlexJobs Review: Is It Worth Using?

Is FlexJobs a legitimate option if you’re looking for a work-from-home job?

It has a lot to offer, and you’ll learn all about the platform in this FlexJobs review. 

There are benefits to working from home that you wouldn’t receive at a regular 9 to 5 office job.

Staying in your pajamas all day, skipping rush hour traffic, and even adding a load of laundry as you answer emails are all possibilities.

If working from home appeals to you because of the independence and convenience, you might be asking how to locate a reputable work-from-home position.

Here is where FlexJobs comes in!

For those looking for excellent work-from-home options, FlexJobs is a viable option for you.

flexjobs review

FlexJobs 101

Online job marketplace FlexJobs focuses on part-time, flexible, virtual, and freelance employment. 

It’s a membership site where users pay to gain access to carefully curated job postings from business and staffing websites. 

Since FlexJobs takes down advertisements once a position has been filled, you won’t waste your time looking for unfilled positions.

Beyond job postings, membership benefits also include:

  • 170+ skill tests to evaluate and promote your skills 
  • Resume creation assistance 
  • Job search checklists to narrow in your preferences 
  • One-on-one coaching 
  • Members only discounts 

This business was founded in 2007 by CEO Sarah Sutton Fell, who wanted to make it more effective and straightforward for workers to find legal, flexible employment.

FlexJobs has helped millions of folks find work since it launched.

Is FlexJobs Worth Your Money? 

The majority of FlexJobs users claim that the modest subscription cost is more than justified by having access to vetted and reliable remote job listings. 

In general, FlexJobs’ fees are pretty affordable, especially when you take into account the potential ROI of possibly receiving an awesome job offer.

Since many remote job sites are free to use, it could initially seem awkward to pay for them. 

But for those who are serious about seeking remote work, FlexJobs is a premium service worth shelling out money for.

When you pay for a membership, they give you value and convenience in return.

You can locate legitimate remote employment opportunities and connect with relevant leads.

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How Legitimate Is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is 100% legit and trustworthy.

It is arguably the most well-known website for finding digital nomad jobs, including flexible and full-time online positions. 

Let’s face it, the possibility of ripoffs and frauds that freelancers usually encounter is aggravating.

Freelancers must be constantly vigilant about this, frequently devoting additional time and effort to determining whether listings are worthwhile or not. 

According to the website, they have a research staff of experts who spend 200+ hours each day screening possible jobs for you.

They have been mentioned in outlets like CNN, Forbes, and Business Insider, to name a few, to further support their credibility.

Additionally, the Better Business Bureau’s website features a majority of positive FlexJobs evaluations, an A+ rating, and a listing of their accreditation.

So, sure, not only are they legitimate, but they also make it a point to only engage with trustworthy clients.

They carefully select safe job opportunities for independent contractors like you!

Who Can Use FlexJobs? 

For those who enjoy the independent lifestyle, FlexJobs undoubtedly has one of the broadest selections of remote and freelance work available.

It’s an excellent tool, especially if you are:

  • A freelance worker looking for legitimate clients
  • A caretaker or parent who needs to set their own work schedule
  • A student looking for part-time work 
  • A digital nomad or traveler who prefers to work from different places 

In essence, FlexJobs is available to everyone looking for flexible employment opportunities.

As long as you’re at least 18, you can find work since every there’s something for every level of work experience. 

How Does FlexJobs Work? 

How Does FlexJobs Work - flexjobs review

Many businesses that partner with FlexJobs directly publish flexible job openings on its website. 

To identify open, flexible employment, a team of researchers combs through hundreds of job resources like employer websites, industry blogs, and other job boards.

FlexJobs investigates any job that looks promising and only publishes it on the job board if it is legitimate. 

An experienced researcher verifies that the position meets strict requirements as part of their screening procedure.

Each listing on FlexJobs includes a company description and headquarters information, as well as a job summary provided by the organization’s team.

Additionally, there is a direct application process provided for users.

Although using FlexJobs does require payment, the cost may be well worth it.

The platform eliminates the time and guesswork of finding trustworthy, flexible jobs and deters scammers. 

Serious and desperate job aspirants know all too well that this is a worthy investment.

So, What Kind of Work Can You Find On FlexJobs? 

There are tons of job openings on FlexJobs—at least 30,000 of them! 

There are surely prospects for you on FlexJobs, whether you’re a programmer or graphic designer or fall under one of their other 50+ job categories.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to comb through tens of thousands of job listings to find the right one. 

By using their configurable filters or by visiting one of their primary employment categories under the Find Jobs section, you can quickly refine your search.

The option to arrange employment by specific subheadings, such as New Jobs, Featured Employer Jobs, and Research Gig Jobs, is also available.

The section on 100 Surprising Jobs is one of their more distinctive features.

It’s pretty cool if you’re looking for something unusual to do.

The most recent listing was for “Director of Taco Relations.”

The high caliber of the businesses you’ll find on FlexJobs is also highly appreciated.

They frequently post positions from reputable employers, including Duolingo, Apple, Capital One, and more. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that many of the positions FlexJobs lists for premium members are also available on other websites.

But with FlexJobs, you can rest assured that the position is a solid bet.

FlexJobs Features 

man sitting on sofa using a laptop

There are several free remote job boards available, so you might ask why you would pay for access to one.

Due to the fact that looking for remote and flexible work is not the easiest, FlexJobs provides much more than job ads. 

You get to discover how to stand out from the competition in flexible employment because they are frequently competitive.

You can use the features included in a FlexJobs subscription to be able to find remote employment.

The following are some ways a FlexJobs membership can speed up your search for a better remote job:

Listings Are Screened

According to FlexJobs, there are 60–70 job frauds for every legitimate job posting online.

Nearly 20% of internet job seekers have fallen victim to fraud.

In the remote workforce, scamming is a major issue, so FlexJobs carefully examines each job ad to confirm its validity. 

You don’t need to independently verify the listing because their research team is knowledgeable about scams.

To ensure that you only receive the good jobs, they weed out all the bad ones.

FlexJobs conducts company reviews to determine the validity of a position.

You don’t have to spend weeks on your own research because FlexJobs will do it for you!

FlexJobs helps you by providing helpful resources, like:

  • Career tips 
  • Video intros 
  • Job search checklists 
  • Skill tests 
  • Weekly sessions with a career coach 

Additional services include resume analysis and one-on-one career coaching.

These services might assist you in determining what needs to be improved if you’re having trouble finding remote work. 

You may also opt-in for timely email notifications to give you the upper hand among others also looking for employment. 

As the saying goes, “the early bird gets the worm.”

This especially applies to work-from-home gigs.

Due to the intense competition, many freelance jobs are filled within 48 hours of posting.

If you want to acquire a job, you need to act fast!

Topnotch Customer Support 

These days, a lot of businesses will pay for chatbots instead of using real people to save money.

FlexJobs takes a more traditional approach.

They won’t assign your problems to a chatbot or an automated operator.

The customer service team in the US is available to assist you at any time.

Many reviews reveal positive experiences dealing with the FlexJobs help staff.

They deal with customers’ issues promptly and respectfully. 

You’ll Have Access To International Opportunities 

Many remote job boards exclusively offer listings from US-based businesses.

Finding a job search site that meets your needs can be challenging if you are not American or don’t want to work American hours.

Despite being an American business, FlexJobs makes an attempt to list jobs from other countries.

Their goal is to provide flexible work schedules and work-from-home opportunities to international applicants.

FlexJobs is able to locate and advertise opportunities for overseas employment.

To mention a few, there are listings from Spain, Canada, Australia, and Poland. 

FlexJobs Researches and Sorts New Companies 

There are several businesses with remote staff, but it doesn’t necessarily imply you should work with them.

FlexJobs puts every company under the microscope so they can provide helpful information about each one.

Their website contains an extensive database of this information. 

Finding businesses that require your particular skills is made simple by the fact that it is sorted by job categories.

You also save time by reading the company reviews on FlexJobs.

FlexJobs invests a lot of money in company research, which is their main draw in the first place.

So, you’ll be in good hands. 

It Comes With Partner Discounts 

FlexJobs worked together with a number of other companies to provide 10%–50% partner discounts on their goods.

Grammarly, Costco, Audible, SkillCrush, and other companies are currently providing these discounts. 

Having access to work tools and educational materials may have a significant impact on your ability to land remote employment.

The cost of the FlexJobs subscription might be justified by the savings on discounted services alone!

Members-only Webinars 

Additionally, FlexJobs occasionally organizes helpful webinars.

In addition to virtual job fairs, previous webinars have covered topics like resume writing, career protection in the digital era, and more. 

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The Most Common Jobs You’ll See On FlexJobs 

disabled women in yellow top working on laptop

On FlexJobs, there are more than 50 distinct categories.

So, you’re sure to find one or more that appeal to you and match your qualifications.


You might be the ideal candidate for a remote editing position if you have a keen eye for grammatical mistakes.

This is also the ideal gig if you consider yourself to be an excellent writer. 

You will edit text to make it simpler for readers to understand in a typical FlexJobs editing position.

If you’re asked to spruce up the text, you might be asked to include descriptions, pictures, and infographics.


Almost every industry has potential for marketing.

You’ll advertise goods and services through a variety of strategies, including advertising, public relations, and internet marketing.

Some marketing roles you could find on FlexJobs are: 

  • Account executive 
  • Marketing Consultant 
  • Business development manager 
  • Sales manager 

Web Design 

Web design is in high demand because practically every company has a website.

If you can create quality, responsive websites for clients in many industries, you can work from home.

Internet developers, graphic designers, and digital artists will do well thrown into the FlexJobs arena.

Their skills are highly valuable in this day and age when everything is online. 

Travel & Hospitality 

If you delight in the notion of assisting others as they travel to different locations, a career in hospitality might be ideal for you.

It takes skill to help others make the most out of their trips. 

That’s why jobs for travel support professionals, remote travel agents, and hospitality managers are frequently posted on Flexjobs. 

Some travel-related remote jobs can give you the chance to connect with clients from other countries.

If you luck out on one of these positions, you might strike gold and earn some travel benefits yourself! 

Data Entry 

If you’re productive and don’t mind somewhat monotonous labor, data entry might be your ideal work-from-home career.

You’ll generally be in charge of inputting data into a computer or another kind of secure file system.

Other clerical tasks could be part of a data entry job as well.

This might not be the most glamorous job out there, but it can pay pretty well. 


Are you into beauty and fashion?

Do you keep up with the trends in that sector?

If so, working from home in the fashion or cosmetics field would be perfect for you. 

Jobs in the apparel, accessory, hair, makeup, and skincare sectors are listed on FlexJobs.

As a job, you’ll have to test, create, and market various consumer products.


You might want to consider a transcription job if you can type quickly yet meticulously. 

For clients like hospitals and legal firms, you’ll listen to audio that has been captured and put it into text format. 

When working as a transcriber, you’ll likely be paid per audio hour.

Tools like Descript will help you transcript faster.

That means that your pay will be determined by a defined rate for each hour of audio you transcribe.

FlexJobs has a bounty of transcribing jobs for typists, keypunch technicians, and electronic data processors.

Multilingual Jobs 

Are you multilingual or at least bilingual?

Why not use your ability to speak or write in another language to earn money from home? 

For polyglots, FlexJobs has a range of positions up for grabs!

No matter what language you speak well—Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.—you might be able to find a job working from home as a translator, interpreter, customer service agent, or reviewer. 

Fluency in a second language is on the rarer side.

So, bilingual jobs on FlexJobs probably have less competition than positions in other categories.

Animal Care 

Surprisingly, FlexJobs does list remote employment opportunities in the animal and wildlife industries. 

If you have a passion for earthly creatures, you might be able to get employment with a veterinarian’s office.

Other options would be an organization that works to prevent animal cruelty, an animal protection group, a zoo, or a wildlife agency. 

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How Much Is The FlexJobs Membership Fee? 

I know what you’re thinking.

Sure, this all sounds fantastic, but how much does FlexJobs cost?

FlexJobs’ cost is tiered based on membership length, like many other membership websites.

The available time frames are one week, one month, three months, and one year. Here’s how much each tier costs: 

  • One week: $6.95 (Best for those who want to try the service out and luck out) 
  • One month: $14.95 (Best for short-term job seekers who are looking for employment in a popular field) 
  • Three months: $29.95 (Best for those who really need more time looking for a job in an industry that’s harder to get into) 
  • One year: $49.95 (Best for freelancers who work for one employer to the next and need a steady employment stream) 

You might discover that all it takes to locate the ideal job is a month or even a week.

However, FlexJobs suggests that three months is the most cost-effective choice.

It’s crucial for freelancers to analyze costs to decide what is best for their business.

Remember that almost all websites for independent contractors charge a fee.

On other websites, commission fees are frequently used to cover that expense.

If paying $15 upfront gets you a high-paying project from a respectable company, it might very well be worthwhile.

Alternatively, it might at least spare you hours (or days hour) that you could be charging to clients rather than spending looking for work.

Additionally, it’s essential to take into account the added advantages and resources offered by their service.

These add value, which helps to defray the cost of membership.

Additionally, FlexJobs provides a satisfaction guarantee in case you don’t locate the ideal position for you.

You have 30 days to cancel at any time and get a refund.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your FlexJobs Membership 

This FlexJobs review will now move to the “how to” part of the process. 

How can you best position yourself to get the remote job of your dreams if you’ve already signed up?

Here are seven pointers for using FlexJobs to discover the ideal remote job for you: 

Use the advanced job search tool. 

Many remote job seekers still have trouble looking for employment even after signing up for FlexJobs. 

This usually results from either too much or too little narrowing down of their employment search.

The first parameter that I suggest you set is the remote work level.

Set it to 100% if you’re looking to work strictly from your home. 

This will produce the highest number of telecommute-only jobs that FlexJobs has verified as legitimate.

You can start further limiting your search if you discover that this produces either too many listings or jobs that are unrelated to what you’re looking for:

Job Type 

Some folks are solely seeking career opportunities as employees or as independent contractors. This field can specify that.

Career Level 

This is excellent for those with managerial or professional expertise but is merely qualified for entry-level roles.


If you are only looking for a particular kind of job, like one in accounting or customer service, this is helpful to explore.

Work Flexibility 

Folks can either choose from full- or part-time positions. Perhaps you currently require a flexible schedule or a short-term side job. You can set your preferences with this parameter. 


If you live in a state where it is difficult to find a job, this is really beneficial.

However, using it will simply wipe out too many jobs in many other states.

Try fiddling with this a lot as you look for jobs. 

The number of exact matches will decrease over time if you check too many boxes at once.

Start with a wide search. Then filter the outcomes as necessary.

Additionally, you can save several searches if you want to revisit them.

Test your skills. 

Perhaps you are unsure of how your qualifications compare to those of other candidates.

Fortunately, members of FlexJobs get access to free skill evaluations.

A FlexJobs account now offers soft skills testing in addition to the over 170 exams accessible for things like Microsoft Excel, accountancy, contact center abilities, and more. 

Soft talents include effective communication, a great attitude, flexibility, inventiveness, and related traits.

You can use this simple, efficient, and comprehensive survey to learn more about your personal soft skill strengths. 

Plus, FlexJobs gives you four free “micro-lessons” that concentrate on abilities that are particularly helpful in the workplaces of today.

These are excellent abilities to list on your applications.

Read company guides. 

When researching a new employer, see if FlexJobs has rated the company, what positions it has posted in the past, and more. 

In both your application and interview, having some knowledge of the people you are applying alongside can be very helpful.

Perfect your resume. 

Making your first telework resume might be pretty intimidating.

For many folks, learning that you could require more than one resume might turn them away from some job opportunities. 

FlexJobs users can complete using the platform’s résumé templates. 

Employers using FlexJobs who favor using the platform rather than accepting open applications will be able to see these resume profiles. 

Additionally, you can download them as PDFs to upload and email to jobs on the internet.

FlexJobs even offers a helpful checklist to make sure you’re not making any mistakes. 

Take advantage of the discounted career coaching. 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could discuss your job search with someone who is knowledgeable about the subtleties of remote employment? 

Through FlexJobs Career Coaching, you may get in touch with a career expert.

This person can help you with your search and answer your questions and put you in the right direction. 

FlexJobs offers Career Coaching sessions to members exclusively at a savings of up to 50% off going rates.

For even more savings, you can combine a 30-minute career coaching session with a resume review.

Your current resume will be edited by a FlexJobs career coach to make it a stronger document that you can send to companies.

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What Set FlexJobs Apart From Other Freelance Platforms? 

What Set FlexJobs Apart From Other Freelance Platforms

FlexJobs’ claim to curate—that is, to filter, hand-select, and tag their job offerings effectively to help you save time and hassles—sets them apart from other sites.

They don’t offer headhunting or job placement services.

They do have the resources to assist you in finding the perfect client and the other way around.

Because freelancing is such a scalable profession, many freelancers are quitting their day jobs to pursue it full-time.

Finding work can be a challenge for some freelancers.

There is certainly no shortage of prospects, but it can be challenging to know where to look. 

FlexJobs will shine a light on job listings that might be the right fit for you.

Final Thoughts 

Consider joining FlexJobs if your objective is to locate reliable, respectable freelancing employment.

It’s the ideal place to hunt for a job. And if you’re not happy, you can always get a refund. 

It’s worthwhile to give FlexJobs a shot because it might be the solution to your search.

Their curated database is worth the “premium” fee. 

Good luck with the job search!

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