11 Fixed Mindset Examples and How to Change Them

According to Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, there are two kinds of mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. In this post, I’m going to show you 11 fixed mindset examples and why you need to change them.

People with a fixed mindset believe that they have fixed qualities, so they’re not open to change. They value the current levels of their talents without working on improving them. People with fixed mindsets often say that they will succeed based on talent alone and that they don’t need to exert much effort. 

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People with a growth mindset believe that they will learn and improve throughout their lives. They value the idea that how they are now won’t be how they are in the future. People with growth mindsets acknowledge that they have to put in the effort to gain success. They use their time wisely, often leading to more fruitful lives. 

You might have one or a few fixed mindsets right now, and it would be best if you try to change them. I bet you don’t want to be confined to a stagnant way of thinking. Yes, everyone is born with a set of capabilities, and it is our individual task to enrich ourselves for the better. Keep reading for some fixed mindset examples. 

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Changing a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset 

Fixed Mindset #1: I’m not good at [insert activity here]. 

Change To: I can learn anything. 

Instead of condemning yourself to a life of mediocrity, give yourself the mindset that you can continually educate yourself. We all have some capacity to imbibe information and apply it. It’s best if you get rid of your defeatist attitude and replace it with a can-do one. 

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Fixed Mindset #2: If I don’t try, I won’t fail. 

Change To: Failure is simply an indication of growth. 

Many people are afraid to act because they’re afraid of facing failure. Failure is not all that bad, especially if you consider it an opportunity for growth. We all fail sometimes, and we can always use a humbling moment to tame our egos. Keep reading for more fixed mindset examples.

Fixed Mindset #3: I envy other people for their successes. 

Change To: Other people’s successes inspire me. 

Now that everyone’s putting their best foot forward online, it’s easy to get envious of other people’s successes. Instead of negatively coveting what you don’t have, learn from the people you admire and emulate them. 

Fixed Mindset #4: I give up when I get frustrated. 

Change To: I keep going even when I get frustrated. 

No one in this world is struggle-free. If you’re going to give up every time you fail, you’re on the road to nowhere. Frustration is part of life and a strong indicator of passion. When you get frustrated, it means you know you can do better. 

Fixed Mindset #5: What I want is totally out of my league. I guess I’ll pass. 

Change To: It looks like it’s going to be challenging to get what I want. Let me earn it. 

Sometimes, we set ourselves up for failure. In this life, you have to give yourself the best fighting chance to succeed. Prime yourself for things that you don’t think you deserve because, chances are, you do. 


Fixed Mindset #6: I’m okay with my current knowledge base. 

Change To: I’m open to new experiences, and I love trying new things. 

The reason why most people are stuck in less than ideal situations is that they limit themselves. They don’t care to expand their knowledge base because they’re content with cruising by. Those who make an effort to improve usually improve their lives in general as a fortunate byproduct. 

Fixed Mindset #7: I am who I am, and I can’t change. 

Change To: I am a work in progress, and I want to evolve constantly. 

A common misconception that’s been floating around is that people can’t change. On the contrary, you have to be stubborn not to change. When you open yourself to new possibilities, your perspective is inevitably going to change as well. Don’t be who you were ten years ago and apply everything you learn as you go through life. 

Fixed Mindset #8: Feedback and criticism hurt me.


Change To: I take in all the feedback and criticism that I earn positively. 

It’s unlikely that all the criticism you’re going to receive in life is going to be constructive. Sometimes, feedback can hurt our egos. However, it’s not going to do you any good if you dwell and sulk about that negativity. Rise above hurtful feedback and use it as a valuable resource for self-improvement. 

Fixed Mindset #9: No one will ever listen to me. 

Change To: I can master public speaking by practicing. 

Public speaking isn’t easy for most people. Anxiety gets the better of you when you’re put on the spot. Overcome this by believing that you deserve to have your voice heard. Your thoughts and opinions are valid. 

Fixed Mindset #10: This project is challenging, but I don’t need people’s help. 

Change To: I know how to tackle this project, and I will let others aid me. 

You might take on too much if you fear collaboration. Most challenging projects are better tackled with the help of others. Be open to people’s contributions, especially from willing and eager parties. Every time you collaborate, it’s an opportunity to strengthen bonds and confidence. 

Fixed Mindset #11: So-and-so is so rich, they must be doing something unethical. 

Change To: I will study so-and-so’s life and get inspired to be wealthier myself. 

It’s easy to look at the accomplishments of others and think, “how come they have that, and I don’t?” Instead of falling into a hole of envy, use admirable people’s lives as inspiration. By treating your idols as examples, you increase your chances of going in their trajectory. 

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Final Thoughts 

Those are the most common fixed mindset examples and how to get yourself into a growth mindset instead. Don’t limit yourself to an average life by being unwilling to change your perspective. 

When you’re in the right mindset, you’ll notice that everything around you improves. Why? All your potential success begins in your mind. Only you have the power to welcome opportunities into your life.

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