Enjoying The Moment You Have Right Now

No matter how much you have in your life, you can’t possibly avoid feeling down.
After all, sadness remains an emotion as well.
To be honest, people shouldn’t find unhappiness as an unpleasant event.
Instead, they should learn to treasure it as it helps a person grow and become more joyous than before.
When you can take pain and suffering and begin enjoying the moment that you have right now you will have the winning pieces for the game of life.

Enjoying the Moment You Have Right Now

Start with Acknowledgement

Every time people undergo misery, they tend to turn around and look behind them. They often think of the things that they could have done better. People would usually want to go back through time and fix their mistakes. Unfortunately, that’s impossible.

The past has happened. It’s ok to acknowledge that you had a mishap or that something bad happened.
This is healthy.
But you can’t dwell on the past.
Well, you can, and lots of people do. But it’s a mistake.
You know why – it’s because there’s nothing that can be changed.
All you have is the present moment.
Make amends with the past and learn to enjoy the present moment.

It’s interesting because it’s not just the past that we are concerned with.
People are equally anxious and concerned about something that hasn’t even happened yet.
The future.
And it may never even come to pass.
You could spend hours planning or thinking about something that may never even happen!
Enjoying the moment is truly the only real thing that you can do.

Think about this.
This line that you’re reading is technically all that you have.
Enjoy this moment.

There’s No Point Suffering Over Broken Glass

There’s a story about a man that traveled to seek enlightenment. Eventually, he came across a teacher from India. He noticed the teacher was always content in his life.

The man became interested in how the teacher maintained his composure in enjoying the moment. Specifically, he wanted to know how the teacher continued being so satisfied with his life. Finally, he asked his question to the teacher.

For a while, the teacher stood in silence and then bowed his head. He raised his head once more and then pointed his finger to a glass of water. He told the man that if the glass one day breaks, then there is no need for him to worry. Accepting the situation is what he will do.

He mentioned that no matter what he does, the shards of glass will not come back together and fix themselves. All he needs to do is remember the mistake he made so he will not break another glass. And, of course, he told the man that he shall not forget the moment he had with the glass.

The moral that the story is that everything always comes to an end.
It can be good or bad, but it is just that.
An end.
Everything comes to some sort of end.
Enjoying the moment is what you should do.

That story actually reminds me of another one.
A story of the Chinese Farmer.
It’s a great reminder about living in the moment.
Watch below.

Meditate – Free Your Mind

One of the reasons why people cannot enjoy the present moment is because their minds aren’t in the present.
They are either in the past or the future.
But rarely are our minds in the present.
I personally went through the most horrific depression in 2018.
Desperate to figure out what my issue was, I read books and I went to visit a counselor.

One of my enlightening moments was when I one day discovered that my mind was unconsciously swirling with thoughts.
That’s the only way I feel that I can describe it.
It’s like I became consciously aware that thoughts were happening in my mind, before I didn’t realize they were happening.
It seems strange to say that thoughts were swirling in my head, but that I wasn’t aware of them.
But that’s exactly what was happening.
Becoming aware of them was my first step at controlling them.
I became able to realize they were happening and focus on allowing them to simmer.
It became an interesting exercise.
But I think it was one of the many things that worked and allowed me to get out of the fog of depression without using medicines.

Meditating can definitely help you focus on the present and calm your mind.
It is also a great tool in enjoying the moment that you have right in front of you.
Close your eyes for 10 minutes while listening to calming music.
Find a YouTube channel for meditation.
Or try Headspace or Calm.
Follow some breathing patterns to help your mind remain calm. Experts have claimed that meditating for at least 10 minutes a day helps in reducing stress. It also helps improve mental health, plus it lets you free your mind for a moment.

Those 10 minutes may be brief, but at least at that duration, you get to worry about nothing. You can also regain the focus you lost.

Set Your Perspective About Life

Your perception in life guides you to whatever choices you might want to make. It also helps you set your goal so you can continue moving forward in life. Remember, your actions revolve around your principles, so if you are doing things that do not please, then maybe it is out of your values.

To fully enjoy the moments you have, you must understand why you are doing those things. After all, it is hard to value those things if they are not genuine.

Are you doing things for money? For experience? Because it’s part of your value? Because you want to please others?
Don’t let others pull you down.
Enjoying the moment takes focus.
You can do it.

The only person who knows why he is doing such things is the person himself.
Although he can ask for guidance from other people the answer solely depends on him.

Maybe it’s your time to try something new.
I wish you well.

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