Walmart Check Cashing (What You Must Know!)

In this article, I’ll go over Walmart’s check-cashing limits and their fees.

Does Walmart cash checks?

Yes, Walmart does check cashing.

Many Walmart shoppers need to know so they can make their trip to the Walmart store as useful as possible.  

There’s more good news.

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You aren’t required to have a bank account to cash your check, and you’re not required to register for the service – just bring your check and a valid ID.

You can load the money from your cashed check onto a Walmart MoneyCard.

If you get your card online, there is no issuance fee.

And if you are reloading a money card, the reload fee is waived.

I have put together this article to guide you through the process of how the Walmart check cashing service operates.

Let’s hit up our local Walmart store and cash those checks!

What Kinds of Checks can you Cash at Walmart?

There are many different types of checks that you can walk in and cash at Walmart.  

They include pre-printed checks, checks from the government, payroll checks, tax refund checks, and cashier’s checks.

But that’s not all.

You may also cash insurance settlement checks, 401(k) or other retirement checks, and two-party personal checks.  

MoneyGram money orders can also be cashed if you purchased it at a Walmart location.

If you aren’t sure if the pre-printed check qualifies under Walmart’s check-cashing program, ask the staff at the money service center.

So now that you know that Walmart does, in fact cash checks, how do you do it?

I’m glad you asked.

How to Cash Your Checks at Walmart

Walmart makes the process easy for you to cash your checks in their stores.

And remember, you don’t need an account, and you aren’t required to register first.

You also aren’t required to shop in order to cash a check, although it’s probably a perfect time to take care of your shopping list and get some groceries.

All you need to do to cash your check is to bring a valid photo ID (like a passport or a driver’s license) and the check.

Visit the Walmart money center or the customer service desk area.

You’ll endorse the check by signing your name on the back.

If you have questions about endorsing the staff at Walmart will be happy to assist you.

Now, what exactly is this going to cost you for the cash checking service?

Let’s see.

[As a related note, while you’re cashing your checks, remember that holding on to lots of cash isn’t a great idea. I’ll share why in this video below.]

How Much Does Walmart Charge to Cash a Check?

If your pre-printed check is less than $1,000 the maximum fee charged is $4.

This is fine for large checks, but think about if you’re cashing a check at Walmart that’s $50.

That $4 fee is now an 8% fee — way to much!

This is why understanding personal finance is important.

The charge is up to $8 for a pre-printed check over $1,000 and up to $5,000.

Walmart doesn’t allow checks above $5,000 but makes an exception from January to April and increases their limit to $7,500 during this timeframe.

Two-Party personal checks are only allowed up to $200.

You are also limited to cashing a maximum of 3 checks per day.

If you’d like to read more of Walmart’s details, they have the fees listed directly on their website.

If you have a Walmart MoneyCard and choose to put the cash on the card, they will waive their $3 reload fee.

They also state that if you don’t have a MoneyCard and you register for one online, they will also waive the issue fee.

After looking into the Walmart Money Card, it’s an ok deal, but it comes with its downsides.

You may want to look into some of these other easy non-banking card options as well.

More on the money card another day.

Final Thoughts on Cashing Checks at Walmart

Walmart’s checks cashing services are fast, reliable, affordable, and very convenient.

Plus you’re not required to have a bank account to cash your checks.

While the service is easy and great for many, it also comes at a cost.

For example, my local bank never charges me to cash a check.

I would recommend that you open a bank account at your local bank or credit union.

By doing so you’ll receive services like check cashing at no extra charge.  

Again, it’s why I think personal finance is so important — I even have personal finance rules that I live by.
[You can read that article or watch this video.]

If you don’t have other options, then using the service at Walmart is fine.

But there are always other options, and a local credit union would be happy to have your business.

Many of them also have classes where they can help you improve your credit.  

It’s also handy to have a banker or a credit union employee know your situation so that they can assist you in getting a loan when you need one.

I absolutely love personal finance and think it’s vital, so keep in touch I’m happy to share everything that I know!

Walmart Check Cashing FAQ

Does Walmart cash payroll checks?


What are the Walmart check cashing fees?

$4 if the check is $1,000 or less.
$8 fee for checks from $1,000 to $5,000.

Can Walmart cash tax refund checks?


Will Walmart cash government checks?


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