Crello vs Canva: Which One Is The Better Design Platform?

It’s about time we put the top two design platforms head-to-head in this Crello vs Canva battle. You might not know that Crello and Canva have a lot in common, and they’re now two of the most popular and user-friendly design platforms on the market.

That’s why deciding between Crello and Canva might be a bit tricky. Don’t worry; you’ll know which graphic design platform to use based on your specific requirements after reading this comparison.

I’ll compare Crello and Canva in this post for you to find which is the best option for your projects. 

crello vs canva

Crello vs Canva: A Quick Comparison 

If you don’t have the time to go through an in-depth comparison, here’s what I’ll discuss below at a glance. 

Free Plans 

When comparing Canva’s free plan to Crello’s free plan, Canva’s free plan has fewer restrictions.

This round’s winner: Canva 

Ease of Use and Interface 

Both are undeniably simple to use and feature a user-friendly UI. In reality, both Canva and Crello were designed to be simple to use.

This round’s winner: It’s a tie. 


There’s not much of a difference between their pricing options, but Crello is a few dollars less expensive than Canva.

This round’s winner: Crello

Paid Versions 

Both have a lot in common. However, Canva outperforms Crello when it comes to Pro plan features and content. Crello is nothing near Canva in terms of the volume of premium content such as templates, images, videos, and graphics, and it offers greater functionality overall.

This round’s winner: Canva

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Customer Care 

Canva and Crello both have similar customer service options. The only difference is that Crello offers customer service via email, whereas Canva allows you to reach them using a contact form. Both, however, do not provide priority help to free plan users while claiming to provide priority support to paying plan subscribers.

This round’s winner: It’s a tie. 


When it comes to integrations, Canva easily outperforms Crello. Canva is merged with hundreds of third-party platforms and apps, from file hosting services to email marketing software.

This round’s winner: Canva 

Crello vs Canva: The Quick Bottomline 

Canva is a fantastic alternative for making static graphics, whereas Crello is better for designing animated graphics. Overall, Canva is a superior choice to Crello because it has more templates and more fantastic features, and more integrations and editing options.

Crello vs Canva: The In-depth Comparison 

Crello vs Canva: The In-depth Comparison 

For those who want to get into the nitty-gritty of this battle, let’s take a closer look at all the aspects I mentioned above. Let’s get started. 

Free Plans 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the features, and Canva vs Crello is a close race when it comes to features.

I suggest you check out the side-by-side comparison of their free plans before we get deeper into what is included in the free plan of each platform.

Crello’s Free Plan 

Download Limit: Only five designs per month 

Photos: Over 650K

Templates: Over 30K 

Animation Styles: 4 

Videos: Over 32K 

Folders: Unlimited 

Storage: Unlimited 

Upload Fonts: Yes 

Teams and Collaboration: No 

Real-time comments on designs: No 

Able to download designs with transparent background: Yes 

Canva’s Free Plan 

Download Limit: Unlimited 

Photos: Over 200K

Templates: Over 250K 

Animation Styles: 6

Videos: Over 13K

Folders: 2

Storage: 5GB 

Upload Fonts: No

Teams and Collaboration: add team members

Real-time comments on designs: Yes 

Able to download designs with transparent background: No 

Now let’s check out what both platforms have to offer under their free plans. 

The Crello Free Plan includes the following features:

Download Limit 

Crello does not allow you to download infinite designs, unlike Canva’s free plan, however you can download up to 5 designs per month.


Lightfield Productions provides you with free access to over 650K premium stock pictures that you may use in your designs. In addition, for an extra $0.99 per image, you’ll get access to 180 million+ Depositphotos.


Over 30,000 ready-to-use templates are available.


You’ll have free access to over 32,000 videos.

Animation Styles 

Choose from four distinct animation techniques to automatically add motion to various elements of your design.

Unlimited Folders 

To arrange your creations, you can create as many folders as you need.

Unlimited Storage 

There are no storage limits for uploading images, videos, or fonts in the pro subscription.

Resize Designs 

You may easily resize any design you’re working on.

Upload Fonts 

You can use your own fonts with Crello’s free plan.

Downloadable designs with transparent backgrounds 

crello vs canva - Downloadable designs with transparent backgrounds 

Crello lets you download graphics with transparent backgrounds for free. This option, however, is only available when your drawings have a white background.

Canva’s Free Plan includes: 

No Download Limits

Canva’s free plan has no download limits, so you can download as many designs as you want.


Get free access to over 250,000 templates.



If you don’t have the Pro plan, you receive access to 200,000+ free photos to use in your designs, with paid photos starting at $1 apiece.


Get free access to over 13,000 videos.

Animation Styles 

Choose from six distinct animation techniques that will automatically add motion to various elements of your design.


For uploading photographs, movies, or audio, you’ll get 5GB of space.

Two Folders 

Unlike Crello, Canva’s free plan does not allow you to create an unlimited number of folders, but you can create two free folders to organize your designs. You can, however, delete one and replace it with another.

Teams and Collaborations 

You may create up to 20 teams at no extra cost, each of which allows you to have up to 3000 members that you can invite via email or share a link to view or edit your designs. Members can be assigned to the Administrator or Member roles.

Real-time Comments on Designs 

Within your designs, you may make annotated comments, react to, and tag team members to provide feedback or suggestions on the design they’re working on.

These are the primary features that both Canva and Crello include in their free plans. Finally, we’ll choose a winner.

This Round’s Verdict

When it comes to comparing the free plans of both sites, Canva comes out on top. Crello’s free plan had few constraints a few months ago. However, it has recently become constrained.

The download limit and lack of team cooperation are the two most significant drawbacks of Crello’s free plan.

Although Crello’s free plan includes several features that Canva does not {such as unlimited folders and storage, font uploads, scaling designs into any format, and downloading designs with transparent backgrounds), these features are useless if you need to generate more than five designs per month.

Ease of Use and Interface 

Let’s discuss Canva and Crello’s ease of use and interface. Canva is well-known for its ease of use, which stems from its simple user interface, which makes it simple to experiment with various capabilities without becoming frustrated.

Not only that, but the drag-and-drop editing makes it highly user-friendly, even for novice designers.

You may quickly change the picture format, font, size, backdrop, effects, objects, and more by dragging and dropping them. Canva’s main features make online graphic design and sharing incredibly simple.

You can use email, links, or social media integrations to download, share, and publish your designs online.

Overall, it’s a time-saving tool for anyone because of the predesigned templates, formats, drag-and-drop capability, quick sharing, publishing, and clear layout.

Crello is likewise one of the most user-friendly graphic design programs, and there isn’t much of a difference in terms of simplicity of use and interface between the two.

Both have a simple, user-friendly interface and a similar appearance. Let me demonstrate Crello’s user interface.

Crello’s UI, as you can see, is similar to Canva’s. It’s a drag-and-drop graphic design tool, similar to Canva, that allows you to effortlessly drag and drop any element.

This Round’s Verdict

You can’t go wrong with either one when it comes to simplicity of use and interface. Canva and Crello both feature a simple and intuitive UI that makes them incredibly easy to use.

Paid Plans 

Canva and Crello both provide the capabilities you need to create beautiful designs, and neither will disappoint you.

However, some features may be available in one but not in the other. I’ll go through all of the key features that both tools provide in their pro plans so you can go for the one that best meets your needs.

Please have a look at the side-by-side comparison of the Crello and Canva pro plans before we get deeper into what each platform has to offer in the pro plan.

Crello Paid Plan 

Crello Paid Plan 

Download Limit: Unlimited 

Templates: Over 30K 

Photos: Over 650K 

Videos: Over 32K

Animation Styles: 4

Storage: Unlimited 

Folders: Unlimited 

Upload Fonts: Yes 

Resize Designs: Yes 

Background Remover: Yes 

Set download quality: No 

Brand Kit: No 

Content Planner: No 

Real-time comments on designs: No 

Download projects as vectors (SVG): No 

Download projects with transparent background: Yes 

Canva Paid Plan 

Canva Paid Plan

Download Limit: Unlimited 

Templates: Over 420K

Photos: Over 71 million 

Videos: Over 2.5 million 

Animation Styles: 16

Storage: 100 GB

Folders: Unlimited 

Upload Fonts: Yes 

Resize Designs: Yes 

Background Remover: Yes 

Set download quality: Yes 

Brand Kit: Yes 

Content Planner: Yes 

Real-time comments on designs: Yes 

Download projects as vectors (SVG): yes 

Download projects with transparent background: Yes 

Now let’s go over everything the Crello and Canva pro plans have to offer in-depth.

Crello’s Pro Plan Includes: 

Crello’s Pro Plan comes with everything the free plan does, with… 

Crello's Pro Plan Includes

Unlimited Downloads 

Crello’s pro account allows you to download as many designs as you like, with no limitations.

Teams and Collaboration 

You may assemble a team of ten people using their email addresses to collaborate on designs. Your team member does not need to purchase the Crello Pro plan and can access the premium features in Team Account mode.

Background Remover 

You can erase the background from images in a matter of seconds.

Canva’s Pro Plan Includes:

Canva’s Pro Plan comes with everything the free plan does, with… 

Canva's Pro Plan Includes:

Over 420K Templates 

To create great graphics quickly, get access to 420,000+ professionally designed ready-made templates for any occasion.

Over 71 Million Photos 

Access to over 71 million photographs that you may use in your projects for free.


Free access to over 2.5 million videos

Animation Styles 

Choose from 16 premium animation styles to add motion to different parts of your design automatically.

100GB Storage 

For uploading your assets, such as photographs, movies, or audio, you’ll have 100GB of cloud storage.

Unlimited Folders 

You have the freedom to make as many folders as you wish to organize your information and share them with your team.

Collaboration Tools 

The pro plan team collaboration adds to the free plan’s features and allows you to organize your team by granting them access as a Member, Template creator, or Administrator. If you’re on the Pro plan, though, adding team members isn’t free.

Upload Fonts 

The pro subscription gives you access to 3,000+ premium fonts, but if you need a font that isn’t included in those, you may easily upload your own fonts to use in your projects.

Resize Designs 

Convert the design format into a variety of design formats in real-time – converting your current Facebook-sized posts into an Instagram story, for example.

Background Remover 

With only one click, you may remove the background from a design. 

Set Download Quality 

Canva’s Pro plan allows you to customize the download quality of your designs. You have the choice of downloading in high, medium, or low resolution.

Brand Kit 

You may use Canva’s brand kit to set your brand’s default colors, fonts, and template designs to create graphics that make sense with your brand.

Content Planner 

Within Canva, you can create and schedule your social network posts. All you have to do is create gorgeous designs, add them to the content planner, select a time and date, and then sit back and wait for Canva to post them for you.

Download Designs as Vectors (SVG) 

SVG files of your designs can be downloaded. If you want to make logos or any other form of vector graphics in Canva, this is the tool for you.

Download Designs with Transparent Backgrounds 

The pro plan allows you to download your designs with a translucent background, regardless of the background color.

Why not give the Canva Pro plan a try for free if it covers everything you need for creating great graphics and sounds ideal for your design needs? You have the option to end your free trial at any time and not lose any money! It’s now time to choose a pro plan winner in terms of features.

This Round’s Verdict 

Canva has won yet again. Canva Pro and Crello Pro both have numerous standard and unique features that no other online graphic creation tool has. However, Canva has substantially more features and content than Crello.

Canva is the winner thanks to features such as the brand kit, set-download quality, content planner, download designs in SVG formats, and developing in real-time with your team while having access to substantially more templates, images, videos, and graphics.

Overall, I prefer Canva to Crello for creating static images; but, Crello is the best option for creating largely animated designs.


Third-party apps and integrations make our work even easier; let’s see how Canva and Crello compare in terms of integrations.

Crello Integrations 

Third-party integration is not available in Crello. However, the platform allows you to share your creations directly to social media, which is always a plus. 

Canva Integrations 

Canva has a slew of third-party tools and integrations. It works with practically all popular social media networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and commercial-free stock platforms like Pexels, Pixabay, and others.

Best of all, you can incorporate someone’s social media posts into your designs, such as Twitter tweets, YouTube videos, Soundcloud music, and much more.

You can also connect your file hosting services like Dropbox or Google Drive to easily import or export your creations within Canva.

It’s also compatible with email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp.

Canva allows you to integrate with tons of apps and services to help you offer even more powerful features for creating professional-looking designs. I can’t list all of the integrations and apps that support it, but it allows you to integrate with so many apps and services to help you offer even more powerful features for creating professional-looking designs.

This Round’s Verdict 

When it comes to integrations and merging with other services, there is no contest: Canva is the clear winner.


Let’s talk about pricing, as it’s one of the most important factors to consider while deciding between Crello and Canva.

Canva Cost 

If you decide to pay monthly for Canva’s pro features, it’ll be $12.99. If you choose to go the annual route, it comes out to $199.99, which breaks it down to $9.99 per month. Their most powerful package, the Enterprise Plan, costs $30 per month. 

The Pro plan is best for most people, but the Enterprise plan is the way to go if you have a large company and need to empower your employees, manage your brand, and scale your content all in one location.

Please keep in mind that inviting team members to Canva’s free plan is completely free, but they will only have access to the free features and content, not the premium ones.

If you’re on the Canva Pro plan and need to invite team members, bear in mind that each team member will cost $6.99 per month, but they’ll have access to everything else the Pro plan has to offer.

Crello Cost 

Crello is available for $9.99 per month or $95.99 per year.

This Round’s Verdict 

Crello is the clear winner when it comes to cost. Although there isn’t much of a price difference between Crello and Canva, Crello is a few dollars cheaper.

Customer Support 

Crello’s customer service is only available via email (, and there is no phone assistance.

Canva, on the other hand, offers customer service through a contact form. If you have any queries about Canva or wish to learn how to use it, you should first look through their Help Center articles before contacting them. However, if you want to report a problem, you can use this contact form to do so. Canva claims to give you priority help if you’re on a pro or enterprise plan.

Because of ownership security, Canva does not provide phone assistance. If you locate their phone support number online, be cautious because it is not linked with them.

This Round’s Verdict 

Because both offer the same customer assistance alternatives, this is a tie. The only difference is that Canva allows you to contact them by form, whereas Crello only enables you to contact them via email, but the method is identical.

I don’t think customer service is a huge deal because most of us will never need it.

If you ask me which tool offers superior customer care, I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer you because I’ve never had an issue with either tool, which is why I’ve never contacted their customer service staff.

However, when I asked some people who use these tools about their customer service, they felt it was lacking.

Which One Should You Choose Now? 

Which one, if you ask me, should you use? My recommendations are continuously changing based on your unique requirements and circumstances.

Before I finish up this comparison, I’d want to offer some recommendations based on the type of user you are and the features you want from your design platform.

I’d Pick Canva If: 

  • You’re primarily involved in the creation of static visuals.
  • You’ll need more features, collaboration capabilities, and a slew of third-party app and service connectors.
  • You require a significant increase in the number of templates, photographs, videos, and graphic elements.
  • You’d like to save your creations in both high quality and SVG format.

Why not give Canva a try if it meets all of your creative demands and seems like the appropriate fit for you? Remember, it’s entirely free for the first 30 days! Canva is what we use in our business.

I’d Pick Crello If: 

  • You’ll be designing a lot of animated images.
  • You’re looking for a little less expensive alternative to Canva ($2-$3).
  • You don’t need to make more than five designs every month, and you can make use of free features like resizing, downloading designs with transparent backgrounds, uploading fonts, and unlimited storage.

Is Crello a good fit for you? If so, give it a try for seven days for free and see what you can come up with!

Getting Started With Crello 

Using your email address to sign up for Crello is a simple process. You can try the software for 14 days before paying because they provide a free trial. To begin the trial, you must first submit your payment method, which can be either a credit card or PayPal.

You’ll be taken to the Home page after logging in, where you can start with a blank canvas or search for a pre-built template. For various applications, such as Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, YouTube Channel Art, Blog Header, and so on, several sizes are available.

Getting Started With Canva 

Here’s an example of how simple Canva is to use: Choose a template, change the colors and fonts, and add photo stock if necessary. Then, if desired, add shapes and customize.

How Graphic Design Can Benefit Your Business 

How Graphic Design Can Benefit Your Business

It takes your branding game to the next level. 

The main goal of graphic design is to establish a solid basis for the branding strategy. It’s all about concentrating on generating logos that the target audience can connect to the company’s brand image.

The logo is constructed by integrating aesthetic harmony rules, understanding the impact of aesthetics on human psychology, the current market trends, the company’s goals, and the branding strategy.

Designing a logo that consumers can quickly recognize and relate to a brand’s goals aids in the planning and implementation of a branding strategy.

We all know that humans are not only utilitarian but also emotional beings; the majority of individuals are visually motivated by beauty.

Even though we all understand that substance and functionality are more important than appearances, people are nonetheless drawn to attractiveness and assume that what appears beautiful is excellent.

As a result, the goal of graphic design is to make advertising or promotional materials more appealing and elegant.

It is critical to capture the attention of customers and encourage them to think positively about the items and the brand. In these times of intense competition, having a positive image can be really useful.

It increases your chances for an excellent first impression. 

The way potential clients see your company is dictated by the design of your logo. Viewers might click off and show no interest in your brand or business if your logo is boring or difficult to understand.

People will be attracted to your logo if it is intriguing, and they are more likely to recall it if it is exciting and memorable.

Even a would-be graphic designer can design and build a logo that is an authentic expression of your company’s beliefs, and one that is attractive and unique, and that may help buyers form a positive first impression.

It helps with brand recognition. 

The main advantage of graphic design for companies is that it helps in the creation of a brand visual identity that mirrors the company’s goals and beliefs.

The company’s representation appears in every facet of business communications, from stationery to brochures to advertisements and even online. They all work towards the establishment of a solid brand identity.

An effective graphic design can provide a direct link between your company’s ideals and the products or services it offers.

It makes your company seem more professional. 

Consistency and uniformity can be achieved by using the same logos, photos, and visuals across your marketing materials, website, and social media accounts.

Graphic design that is well-planned and performed provides visual consistency throughout a company’s marketing operations, which aids in the development of its identity and brand identification.

To the target audience, this consistency and uniformity present a professional image of your company.

It improves communication between you and your audience. 

Because visual aids are superior at transmitting concepts, graphic designs aid in clear communication with viewers.

When compared to just words, a well-designed, practical graphic or picture can express ideas and information more effectively.

Professionally produced graphics and pictures can aid in the creation of a positive first impression and effective message conveyance.

You get higher conversions. 

The main advantage of graphic design for companies is that it can assist in gaining high awareness, which can lead to increased conversions. Improved sales and revenue are aided by increased visibility, improved communication, and enhanced credibility.

Effective visual design draws more customers to a website or business, improving the likelihood of conversion.

It helps build trust with your audience over time. 

Graphic Design aids in the building of a professional brand image. This professional image helps in the consumer’s opinion of trust and credibility. Building buyer trust aids in convincing them of the quality of the products or services on offer.

Companies that have been able to develop tremendous goodwill through time are more likely to succeed in the long term. Effective communication is aided by planned visual design, which can help to increase trust and credibility.

It keeps your content interesting. 

Graphic design is frequently used in print media as well as other sorts of UIs. People don’t have the patience to read lengthy blocks of text, whether on a promotional item or on a company’s site.

Large blocks of text can be turned into engaging visuals or graphics using graphic design. Well-designed graphics or photos can readily subtly convey information or a message, improving the UI by removing the need for the customer to read blocks of text. 

Images that are eye-catching and make reading the information more relaxing. 

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Final Thoughts 

So it looks like you’re on the right track, trying to figure out if Crello or Canva is better for your company. 

What determines which platform is best for you is what you’re looking for. Having said that, Canva came out on top in my comparison above, and it’s what we personally use.

The issue is, while Crello is a fantastic alternative to Canva, we can’t deny that Canva is far more powerful and popular.

Furthermore, both platforms have free trials, with Canva offering a 30-day trial and Crello offering a 7-day trial, so why not try out their premium plans without risking any money?

Hopefully, this post has covered all of the bases when it comes to Canva and Crello, and you now have a lot better notion of which one to choose.

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