Amazon Direct Shipping Freebies – How To Get Free Stuff

Who doesn’t want free items? We all want them.

You may see various offers on the internet that allows you to save money or provides you with freebies.

However, if the deals are too good, then there’s a chance that it is not valid.

You’re probably here to ask how you can get freebies online without experiencing scams from too-good-to-be-true deals.

Don’t worry, as you are in the right place.

This article will discuss legit ways to get freebies online using Amazon direct shipping. 

I will include essential information you might need, like the definition of direct shipping, steps on getting the freebies, avoiding scams, privacy protection, and advantages and disadvantages of direct shipping offers.


Amazon Direct Shipping Freebies

What Is Amazon Direct Shipping?

When sellers from Amazon directly send free products to buyers, it is direct shipping without the mediation of the Amazon platform during the transaction.

Sellers send out these direct ship products from the Amazon direct shipping warehouse to the receiver.

Note that the free products are not from Amazon.

The giant e-commerce company does not send products from their company, such as Kindle, Amazon Echo, and many more.

Instead, sellers use Amazon’s warehouse to store and sell their products using the platform. 

You may wonder why the independent sellers would want to give out freebies rather than earn from selling these products?

You’ll be surprised to know that this method saves more money on the seller’s part. 

The United States is one of the largest markets for Amazon sellers from all parts of the world.

According to Marketplace Pulse, over 75% of new Amazon sellers are from China. 

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Fulfillment by Amazon

As an Amazon seller, the company provides storage, delivery, and customer service for them.

Amazon lets the seller, even from overseas, have Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

You may notice the Fulfillment by Amazon banners on some Amazon products.

Amazon covers these products under the service.

This demanding part of a business is honestly expensive, especially for overseas sellers.

Imagine the cost of shipping from China to the U.K. or U.S.

So, Amazon is helping these businesses to save more on running their businesses.

As a seller, you need to consider that the shop’s sales revenue must afford the FBA service cost.

Therefore, their profit margin should be reasonably high even after incurring expenses from the FBA service.

However, that is not always the same for some businesses.

The products may not be doing well in the market to cover the costs of Amazon fees. 


Amazon Warehouse Fees

The monthly warehouse fees vary from the size of the products at the storage. 

For instance, January to September costs $0.75 per cubic foot for the standard size while $0.48 per cubic foot for oversized. 

The standard size costs $2.40 per cubic foot and $1.20 per cubic foot for oversized from October to December.

However, if the products stored reach over 365 days, Amazon will charge long-term warehouse fees to the businesses.

That is added on top of the monthly payments already.

The long-term storage fee is $6.90 per cubic foot or $0.15 per unit, depending on which is higher. 

Therefore, businesses will choose to clear out their products from the warehouse to avoid paying the fees of FBA and storage.

It helps them cut more losses from the penalty rather than the business itself.

This condition makes free delivery of the spare products possible. 

But this good news doesn’t mean you need to look up Amazon products and ask for free products from them.

Amazon is not the platform to arrange direct shipping.  


Dropshipping vs. Direct Shipping

You may have heard of drop shipping a lot of times now because it is one of the most profitable ideas to earn money online.

Blogs possibly mentioned this word a lot of times. 

And we are talking about direct shipping now. It sounds similar; however, these terms are two different things. 

From the buyer’s standpoint, we don’t notice the differences between dropshipping and direct shipping because, bottom line, we still receive the parcels in front of our door. 

While in the seller’s view, the differences between the two words are more recognizable. 

Dropshipping and direct shipping vary in the way sellers send out the products to the buyers.

To be more precise, direct shipping is when sellers send products to buyers directly. 

Meanwhile, dropshipping is when sellers buy products from suppliers and ship the products to the buyers.

Dropshipping is mostly all over online e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Etsy.

A lot of creative business owners and designers use this method to earn extra cash for designing. 

People with websites that want to offer custom-designed items collaborate with drop shipping companies like Shopify to make it happen. 

It saves them the effort of doing inventory and shipping while profiting from the products. 

What Freebies Can You Receive From Amazon Direct Shipping?

You don’t know what products to expect from Amazon direct shipping. One reason is that sellers on the platform have many items to offer, maybe even millions of items. 

According to an article by Big Commerce, Amazon sells more than 12 million products of all possible categories.

If you add in the products from Amazon Marketplace, then the numbers can reach up to 353 million products. 

With millions of products on the platform, your Amazon direct shipping freebies can range from beauty products, clothes, household tools, office supplies, and more! 

The items can be random, but who cares? It’s all for free!


How Often Will I Get Freebies?

Direct shipping became an Amazon seller’s way to save money from additional storage fees when their products exceed 365 days.

How often you’ll get, Amazon direct shipping freebies can vary depending on different things.

You may need to consider when Amazon will charge the sellers with the additional storage fees and when the sellers should eliminate the warehouse’s products. 

Other factors are the number of items from the warehouse that needs to be out and the number of people who want direct shipping.

Lastly, it can also be the duration of the arrangement before the warehouse ships the products.

As a buyer, you cannot expect a specific time and frequency in receiving the direct shipping freebies.

But, you can leave your name and address to the Amazon sellers so they can send you their items.

You don’t need to get impatient about it. Just think of it as a surprise gift that you’ll get any time. It just feels better that way.

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How Many Freebies Can I Get?

The number of freebies you can receive from Amazon direct shipping still depends on many factors, just like how often you’ll receive them. 

These factors can be the number of different products an Amazon seller has if they offer direct shipping and the number of buyers signed up for it.

So you can receive one freebie or even more than 25 items from direct shipping.

There’s just no telling how many, but for sure, you’ll get something.

It will also depend on the amount of product needed to remove from the FBA service and how many people will receive it. 

If you receive more than 25 freebies, you may not know where to use them all.

But of course, you can keep them!

You can pick out items that you want and need to keep.

As for the other things, there are many ways you can put them into use.

For example, you can use them as a gift for occasions.

Or maybe donate them to charities, thrift shops, and many more. 

You can also use the items as a freebie again, but for a good cause, of course!

In times where you have fundraising activities, you can use them to appeal more. 

The last thing you can do is resell the freebies to your friends or relatives.

You can even earn from it!

Once the item is in your ownership, it’s all up to you how you’ll manage it.

You can choose to keep it if it’s something you want, or you can give it away for free or for a price!

The randomness of the freebies may result in you wanting them or not.

So if you don’t like what you got, you can give, donate and sell it because there’s someone interested in it. 


Is Amazon Direct Ship Legit?

Amazon direct shipping

There are Amazon sellers who truly offer direct shipping on particular items for free.

Realistically, not every business on Amazon does well in the market.

Therefore, different products stay in the warehouse, which incurs more fees to the sellers. 

They need to find a place where to move these products.

Sometimes, they find temporary storage for it, but they have to send them to buyers when they can’t find one. 

It allows sellers to avoid the extra fees from storing their items longer than what their FBA service covered.

Now, they need to find buyers who would like to receive their products through direct shipping. 

But it is critical to know that you need to be careful in giving away your information to the seller.

As much as possible, provide the details necessary for the shipment only.

You may also want to check the seller’s background to make sure they legitimately offer direct shipping in social media groups or forums. 

If you don’t find any information that can point out if the seller offers legit direct shipping or is a scam, don’t apply. 

But if you still want to do it, use a burner email with a phone number different from what you use, or try giving a P.O. box address.

Getting freebies from direct shipping is truly fun and convenient but always remember anyone on the internet.

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How Do I Apply For Amazon Direct Shipping Offers?

It sounds easy to apply for Amazon direct shipping to get freebies, but not too easy for most people. 

Applying for the direct ship offer is not about logging into Amazon and filling out direct ship forms.

Direct shipping is a transaction between the buyer and directly to the owner.

Therefore, Amazon will not mediate in the arrangement. 

To start receiving freebies from Amazon sellers through direct shipping, explore the platform to find out which sellers offer direct shipping.

However, the information I am sharing with you still depends on your decisions.

I am not responsible for the choices you make or the details you share with any sellers. 

Remember to be alert while online and carefully use your judgment to know if the sellers are legit before filling out any direct ship forms. 

You can follow these steps to start applying for direct shipping:


Research Sellers Offering Amazon Direct Shipping 

The best place to look for Amazon sellers that offer direct shipping is in forums or groups.

For example, Facebook Groups on direct shipping. 

Just search up on Facebook direct ship groups, and you’ll find many groups with members that are either buyers or sellers. 

The sellers from these Facebook groups provide you with the direct ship forms.

You fill them up, and then they ship you the products. 

Here are some of the Facebook groups you can join to find direct shipping deals:

These groups are reliable sources for discovering legit sellers that offer direct shipping.

They also give tips on how you can avoid direct shipping scams. 

An essential tip I can leave you with is joining as many direct shipping groups as possible.

Some groups have better offers than others. 

Choose to stay in Facebook groups that provide legit sources of direct ship offers and have a better group moderation, so there’s a more transparent set of rules for the members. 


Fill Up More Than One Direct Ship Forms

Now you joined the excellent groups on Facebook for direct shipping.

The group will most likely have forms posted by sellers or sometimes by buyers too.

You need to be extra cautious when filling up these forms because they require essential personal details.

They may need your name, address, and phone number so they can ship out the items. 

Of course, it is believable considering those details are necessary for shipping, but they can also use it for fake identities and many more. 

Research further on this said direct ship offer.

Then seek other people’s judgment and your best judgment to know if the sellers are reliable enough. 

That’s why it is crucial to join reliable groups that moderate the posts and filter out scams. 

If you managed to find direct shipping forms from outside Facebook, then verify their legitimacy through the Facebook groups you joined.

People can vouch for the form if it’s legit or help you avoid it if it’s a scam. 

You may feel uncomfortable with putting your information in the forms.

Don’t worry because there are ways you can still provide your shipping details without giving away vital personal information. 

Create a burner or dummy email to refrain from using your actual email.

You can also use a different phone number by signing up for a secondary phone number using TalkU.

Another possible option is using a P.O. box address instead of your address. 

Name, phone number, and address should be the only details that these forms require you.

Anything other than that, don’t provide them. 

These products are for free, so if they ask for card information and social security numbers, it is a red flag. 

Don’t share information related to money like a bank account, credit card, and social security.

Stick to providing details like burner emails for the freebies. 

Wait For Your Freebies

Once you fill out the forms, you are ready to receive direct shipping freebies.

However, it does not always guarantee a quick shipment.

It can take a week up to months before your Amazon direct shipping freebies arrive at your doorsteps.

Sellers send them out for delivery if the business calls for it. 

So have patience and don’t let your temper make you fill up the forms more than once.

You need to wait for your freebies to arrive because they will, anytime. 

While waiting for your items to arrive, take the time to find more legit direct shipping sellers and fill up more forms.

Widen the chance of receiving more items at a faster rate.


How To Fill Out A Direct Ship Form 

Vendors usually create Google Docs forms.

They are favored since they are free to set up and simple to complete.

A Google account, which can be created for free, is required to build a Google docs form.

The vendor then produces a form that includes all of the data they wish to collect.

Because the form is online, once you’ve filled it out, the vendor will have instant access to all of your information. 

The great news is that you are not responsible for the form’s creation. It will only take you a minute to complete it.

Filling out a direct ship Google docs form is a quick and straightforward process to complete.

Begin by opening the Google documents form by clicking the link.

A form will now appear for you to accomplish.

The seller may provide additional information on the products they feature. 

Vendors may also ask you to follow them on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Following them may be helpful if you want to be the first to know about new offers.

The final step is to submit the form after you’ve filled in all of the required information.

That’s all! You’ve signed up to receive free direct shipping in only a few minutes. 

Remember to be cautious when filling out these forms if you haven’t double-checked their authenticity.

If you find a direct shipping form when searching online, see if anybody else has utilized it in direct ship Facebook groups or Reddit forums.

Investing a little time in researching these offers now will save you a lot of time later when dealing with the consequences of being duped!

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How To Avoid Amazon Direct Shipping Scams

Like most beneficial deals, there is some risk involved. In the case of direct ship freebies, there’s a chance that you might get scammed.

Here’s how you can avoid those mishaps: 

1- Give minimal information.

The fewer people know about you, the better.

Giving your personal information to anyone will jeopardize your security.

As a general rule, you don’t want to give scammers ammunition to attack you. 

2- Avoid giving your phone number and address. 

You never want to give scammers access to your location and channels of communication.

You could get bombarded with messages. Worse yet, unseemly stuff could show up at your house. 

3- Never share your bank and social security information. 

Most of all, you don’t want to give scammers access to your funds.

You run the risk of losing what you’ve worked hard for or trying to fix an exhausting situation. 

4- Verify all direct ship offers. 

Make sure that all the direct ship freebies you sign up for are legitimate. 

5- Check for the legitimacy of the seller form. 

Verify that the seller form is indeed within Amazon.

Check for logos and be wary of forms that ask for sensitive information. And as always, read the fine print. 

6- Use a different phone number. 

If you want to be prudent about security, I suggest using a different phone number altogether.

It’s straightforward to set up a separate number for your direct ship dealings. 

7- Use a P.O. address. 

As a precaution, you’ll want to set up a P.O. box, so your direct ship freebies don’t accumulate at your home.

This also gives you an added layer of protection in case someone sends you something dangerous. 

8- Use an alias. 

Lastly, I suggest not using your real name.

Your identity is precious, and you don’t want it to be used by others for bad practices. 


Should I Write Reviews On Amazon For The Direct Ship Freebies?

Let’s say you’ve already received the product. Should you write a review on Amazon

The answer is no. 

Stop the urge to write a great review about receiving a free product that you like.

Writing reviews for free items is a violation of their terms of service.

Direct shipping is different from the program of Amazon Vine.

In this program, you receive products to review while you just received a product while in direct shipping. 

You don’t want to leave Amazon Direct the impression that you receive the items for posting reviews.

It can put your account into termination by Amazon.

If you don’t want to lose your Amazon account, then think again. Don’t write that review. 

However, you can still write a review for the seller if you want to show gratitude.

Use a different platform other than Amazon, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and link it to the Amazon product

It can help you spread good feedback to the seller. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Amazon Direct Shipping

We tackled the essential details of Amazon direct shipping in this post.

With this information, we can conclude the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon direct shipping.


The first best advantage of Amazon direct shipping is that it’s free. You can receive free Amazon Direct products and delivery.

 Second, if you received too many items, you can use them as gifts or resell them to other people who may want them. You can save money and earn more. 

Third, you can try items that you are unfamiliar with and maybe find them to your liking.

Lastly, you still fill out direct shipping forms that serve as a layer of protection for your privacy.


One of the disadvantages of direct shipping is that you can’t choose the products you’ll receive.

The range of items is random, depending on many factors.

Second, there’s no guarantee how sooner or later you’ll receive the Amazon direct ship freebies.

So it would help if you had more patience than ever. 

Third, you may get too many products.

Many people may like it, but some people find it burdensome because they don’t know what to do with them.

 Lastly, direct shipping scams are rampant. You have to be always extra cautious to avoid direct shipping scams.

Why do sellers send free stuff via Amazon Direct Ship anyway? 

To keep costs low

Most sellers prefer to ship their products to the U.S.

However, it’s not feasible for them to fulfill every order from their local warehouse.

Their option is to let Amazon Direct handle these orders. 

To remove inventory from Amazon. 

Items can only be stored at Amazon Direct warehouses for 365 days. Beyond that, sellers will have to pay long-term storage fees. 

To avoid FBA removal and disposal order fees. 

Having stagnant items for a long period is grounds for FBA removal. The seller will be subject to disposal order fees for clearing out their items. 

New products need reviews. 

Sellers must focus on their hottest items. They’ll want to get rid of their old stocks and concentrate on getting reviews for new ones. 


Giving away stuff is an excellent way to get attention online. That’s why Amazon direct ship freebies are a form of marketing. 

To know your options about their products.

Once you receive direct ship freebies from sellers and you like them, you’ll most likely check out their storefront for their other direct ship offers.

How To Find Amazon Direct Ship Offers 

Now that you’re all clued in about getting Amazon direct ship freebies, you probably want to get started.

Here are tried and true ways to find legitimate Amazon direct ship offers: 

Freebie Websites 

There is a slew of sites dedicated to direct ship freebies and other ways to receive free stuff online.

If you type in terms such as “online freebies” or “get free Amazon items” into Google, you’ll be flooded with thousands of sites. 

Some of these sites offer multiple ways to score great deals and free stuff.

However, please note that not all these sites feature Amazon direct shipping. 

If you want a starting point, Gimme Freebies features a list of Amazon direct ship forms.

What’s fantastic about their direct ship list specifies which counties it’s accessible in.

You’ll also know the types of free stuff you’ll get and what you need to accomplish to sign up. 

YouTube and Blogs 

Some sellers may provide free stuff as a form of marketing.

If you’re an Instagram influencer, have a blog, or have a YouTube channel, many vendors will likely give you things in exchange for a review on your site or channel.

Similarly, you can search for certain blogs and YouTube channels that offer direct ship forms for readers and viewers. 


Using the search feature is one approach to uncovering direct shipping offers shared on Reddit.

Use terms like “direct ship deals,” “Amazon direct shipping,” and “freebies” to locate what you’re looking for. 

This will assist you in finding any subReddits that feature direct ship forms, pertinent discussion threads, and user tips. 

You can join any relevant subReddits and remain up to date on the latest direct ship freebie forms if you’ve already joined on Reddit.

You do not, however, need to be a Reddit member to explore subreddits and read forum messages.

r/freebies is a fantastic place to start.

This subreddit has 778k members that are all looking for freebies, whether it’s Amazon direct shipping or other freebies!


Pinterest is yet another social media platform that might help you get on the proper path when it comes to Amazon direct shipping.

Folks exchange pictures, or “pins,” with the intention of passing along information or directing you to other websites.

This is more of an honorable mention.

Website proprietors or group admins of direct ship Facebook groups and Reddit freebie pages would publish posts on Pinterest that lead back to their website, Facebook, or Reddit.

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What You Can Do With Direct Shipping Freebies That You Don’t Need 

Let’s say you’ve already succeeded in getting yourself some Amazon direct ship freebies.

But what if you don’t like the stuff you received? No problem! 

Keep in mind that you got everything free of charge. It’s not a massive issue if you don’t want to keep them all. 

Simply keep what you like, and explore the following possibilities with the rest: 

  • Gift them to friends and family members who might need or want them. 
  • Save them as stocking stuffers or giveaways to your audience if you have one. 
  • Sell the stuff on yard sales, buy and sell groups, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace
  • Give them away to non-profit organizations and local charities. 

Final Thoughts: Amazon Direct Shipping Freebies

The internet is far and wide open for anyone. That’s why privacy protection is critical in this space.

Amazon direct shipping is a fun way to receive free products from Amazon sellers all over the world. It is like receiving surprise gifts every time.  

However, you cannot always trust anyone on the internet.

Every online offer needs extra cautiousness to protect your personal information.

If you read the whole article, you can try to protect yourself and your information from any scammers.

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