Hey guys, I’m Brooks and I’m Mandee. So we’re husband and wife, entrepreneurs and we believe that life and business are a giant adventure and we want to live it with you guys. So let’s get to it.

Hey guys, so the Conkles have jumped in on the podcast game. Yes, we’re here. Are you here? I’m here, man. I’m pumped. I’m pretty. I’m pretty excited. Like, so. Two years ago. Did you even know what podcasts were my personally? No. Okay. When did you start listening to podcast yourself?

Oh, maybe like a year ago?

Like a year ago. Okay. How do you listen to him by chance? Like what’s the player that you use?

Um, well for Apple And then

I have a couple different apps actually, that you use to play them. Which one so Apple was the other one just curious. I check it real quick. So I used while you’re checking I used something called cast box. Yeah. And ironically, I now actually stream podcast through Spotify. Even though I I rarely Spotify. I really use Spotify to listen to music, but I use Spotify for like four podcasts. Yeah, so also and then, addition to Spotify, I use something called the podcast app, the podcast app, okay. Um, which is really crazy because like Spotify got into the game Pandora streaming service got into the game, I heart radios gotten to the streaming game, I don’t really even know how that works and how that’s changing the industry but I know it’s going to make podcasting a lot bigger. Um, it’s not the reason why we want to jump on and get and get involved like directly but like for me, I just know that that’s kind of like catapult catapult podcasting to the next to the next level. I’m like,

There’s some quick stats so apparently now there’s like 500,000 plus podcasts a years ago there were like 200,000. So like for us to get out in the space and create a podcast, I totally get it. Like, there’s more competition, you know, but to compare that the listenership is up 75% as well. And there’s close to it. So if you want to make a YouTube channel, which I haven’t done as well, you know, there’s like 2 billion of those. And of the world of blogging, there’s millions of blogs out there. So you know, it’s actually a pretty cool medium to get content out there.

One of the one of the really cool stats that made me say, yeah, a podcast is a good thing to put out to, like communicate with people is the fact that it’s passive. So like, when when What are you doing when you listen to podcast driving, driving? Okay, cool. Me too. That’s one of the things if I’m out in the yard. I’m usually listening to a podcast when I walk her dog. little moomoo, at night. listening to a podcast, I can listen to a 10 minute podcast and it will loop around the block and

And, like we know countless. So we’re from Mobile, Alabama. So wherever you’re listening from, if you’re here in Mobile, if you’re in Alabama, if you’re in California or across the world, whatever. So we live in Alabama, and we have tons of friends ourselves that are in business together. Absolutely. Right. Like if if we had to sit here and make a list, I don’t know, if we could probably spend 20 minutes and come up with at least 20 to 30. I would think couples that are like doing business together in some form or fashion. Yeah. And so that was like part of my reasoning for this, right? Because I was like, man, there’s all these people. And we often talk about connecting with other entrepreneurial couples and couples that are in business together, and like talking to them about the things that they’re going through and how that works and what’s going on. And so I would like to think that this podcast will not only be for like just general people that are learning business skills and kind of can learn what we go through and the trial

And things that we learned, but also couples out there that are married couples that are like in business together. It’s my thinking,

yeah, it takes a little bit more planning around whenever you have a spouse working with a spouse, we your whole life is kind of business and doing life together. So it makes it a little bit more interesting. It’s a little bit more of a balance, totally doable. I think we’ve done we’ve done it well over the years. And I think that helps that we actually got started before we got married. But I know a lot of couples are married for years before they get started into a business. So hopefully we can share our experience and, you know, learn from others.

Yeah. And kind of related to that, like we talked to a number of people and usually it’s people that are a little bit older than us. So we’re kind of in our mid 30s. Usually people that are older than us that feel like they say, Oh my gosh, I can never work with my spouse. Like we hear that not true.

If you can be married to your spouse and run a household you can totally work with your spouse,

but in life, I mean I get like, I can where they’re coming from I see what they’re saying. I guess they’re saying like, Oh my gosh, we already do all this other stuff we have to, like, come to

agreements on and and,

you know, discuss and all these decisions you have to make as a married couple instead of like, Oh, I can never work with my spouse and I totally, I totally get I totally get where they’re coming from. But for us, I feel like it’s been a really good experience. And I think we have a really good work life balance. Sometimes we don’t turn it off because like in today’s world with technology and stuff, like you know, we’re plagued with the same thing everyone’s plagued with which is like screens always in front of your face and like, so we have to pick and choose when to turn it off and make sure that we’re controlling that. We like doing something called workstations where we’ve literally done like two or three of those where we go and just actually focus and work for weekend stay that stay the weekend. I’m like a random kind of, not super expensive hotel and just stay there and kind of hunker down and get some stuff done.

The reason that we do that is because for the most part we work from home. And so there’s always that dishes and laundry and the dog and oh, I need to go do this or I need to run this errand and getting away from all of that I feel like is really beneficial. It’s totally focused on work so you can actually get stuff done in the same room with your business partner.

Exactly. Totally agree and it it probably sounds like we’re workaholics like saying that the location Yeah, yeah, like that’s not true. Because Yeah, we I would say we have what I consider very now i i don’t do very well my adding up the amount of time that we spend working every week that I would say I don’t really care about that because it’s really more about like results like I’m more about results I results driven. But like we are able to be flexible, right and do certain things and if we want to take a couple hours and afternoon and do whatever. Sometimes we get to ride with each other to go to appointments or do things which is really incredible. But then we also make choices like spend a weekend doing work at a place you know, and those are just things that we’re able to do which i think you know pretty pretty cool. But that’s like a lifestyle that we’ve chosen. You know, we’ve kind of chosen that for yourself. So I want to tell people just a little bit kind of like you know, rewind back 10 years kind of just go through some things actually had to make a list because in all honesty, I’ll forget like forget things that we’ve done or whatever. But so so I lived in New Zealand and after I graduated college, till 2007 came back so first business for me was actually got into the real estate business. By I started flipping houses, renovating, renovating and flipping houses found a business partner in town did that ended up getting my real estate license, which is where you and I connected. In the real estate world, you actually sold some properties for us and gave me leads gave you leads and you sold properties for us as a real estate agent. I ended up getting my real estate license you and I ended up starting a company together which we still own today called elephant real estate. A real estate brokerage right. Um, and so that’s that so we still actually that company still exists today and we still have it we do very part time real estate but we do some So fast forward I created a company with a guy incred I was a fan like a fanboy First of all, so creating my called modern rustic so art pieces he was making out of metal metal art pieces. So we created a company called mob city metals. And we’re literally creating boutique style furniture like high end custom furniture. The signature piece that we had was coffee table that was made out of a car hood, but it was insanely modern and like sleek and cool, right? And so we did that. And so that company I think was in existence for maybe a couple of years. We Up hand is going different directions can have different visions for what we were doing but I’m still a huge fan maybe I can talk him into doing more pieces for us in the future like on a personal level like he actually did the countertops in our house and like stair rails and light fixtures and stuff just insanely talented. So that’s that business then so have on this list but ticket collection.

Oh yes. Yeah.

Hey, go take a collection. Yeah, you want to about that present? wasn’t

so it’s a collection came to us. We weren’t really seeking it out. 2013 we had a friend of ours who was running the business and she was moving to a different state and kind of just needed to to let the business go. So we saw an opportunity and purchased it. We turned it into an online in store slash fashion truck business over a course of three years and it was a lot of fun. Brooks worked on that with me. That was not just a me thing. He renovated a Mac tools truck, turn it into a fashion truck for us and we were always going to market together and those kinds of things. So that was a lot of fun. We weren’t we weren’t separate on that just because it was a women’s boutique. He absolutely was part of every step of the way.

Let’s Get Real like I had I had good tight you like you trusted? Oh, yeah. Okay, so you wanted me to go to market right and you would pick out clothes? You like what about this? I know you’re like this now this now? Yeah, yes. Yes. This now and I just gave you like my gut instinct from a guy right? Like what I thought like was it was attractive pieces. And you were right on

95% of the time,

but that to that business like that business. Like I wouldn’t say it. It’s not like a success or a failure. We kind of just like left it because so so we had online we had a store downtown, which still exists and we sold we sold the business locally to a young lady, and then the truck. We could actually say we flipped we flipped the fashion track. We literally flipped the truck, right because we purchased it for whatever and Louisiana like couple hours from here I was terrified and scared and drove back a couple hours on the interstate, this giant 20 something foot truck box truck, we renovated it fully right ran, ran a business out of it. And then we just realized that like it over time is it is nights and weekends like when you know, the only time to make money was at events, events that happened mainly on nights and on weekends. And just after a certain amount of that. I think we were just like, Okay, this is like enough of this. Yeah.

Which would have been fine. If we didn’t have other businesses that we were working. Yeah, you know, 24 seven is in addition to that business. So it was it was a little bit much. That was the that was the kind of the breaking point for us.

Yeah, that’s a great point. That’s a great point. It wasn’t like the only thing we’re focused on. And so and you guys will learn this as we go on. Mandy is the one that reigns me in I’m the one with these crazy ideas. I literally have a list of probably 100 plus ideas any given time Yeah, she’s she’s making a funny face right now because she’s it’s making her tired and making her head hurt. But, so, but that I mean, that’s how we go. So I mean, I think life in business is a giant adventure. And so it’s like my YouTube channel, I have a YouTube channel, it’s all about that you can look up Brooks Conkle or destroy the box with Brooks like, I think we shouldn’t think outside the box, we should try to destroy the box. Like it’s just, it’s the way that I try to think. And I think life’s too short. And I think if you see something that seems that you might be passionate about or that you might want to try Doggone it, I think you should do it. Yeah. We’ve had too many too many friends and situations and stuff happened where people think they’re going to live, like literally live life another, you know, 30 years or 50 years or whatever, and they don’t and we’ve seen that personally. And so I think you just have to, there’s something you want to do and some you want to try like, life is short. It’s an adventure like give it give it a go like so that’s kinda like what we did with the fashion truck. It turned out really well because we actually flipped it right. We actually You know we made we made made money on the truck we sold it to an organization and I don’t remember the state remember the state

of Missouri

Missouri so this so actually kind of a neat happy ending this organization it’s a nonprofit organization in Missouri. It was like a goodwill on wheels. That was is that a way to describe it was so they made an offer to purchase it they drove down they bought the vehicle from us and they drove it away and it was like a happy happy ending. I mean, I don’t know if we’ve seen if we seen a photo of it or anything.

I am not sure like if it is on the road or in a shop getting worked on I don’t know okay.

Oh, sweet speaking getting worked on it’s a story for another day. We did like blow it up almost one day and had to redo the like electrical, all the electrical on it because yes, I know if you’re going to do a fashion truck and it takes 110 don’t plug to 20 don’t plug it into a to 20 things explode. Yeah, things things can go wrong. So so that is the ticket collection. Um, I’m gonna go on to another one like locally if anyone’s hearing from us, they probably know that we run a local media company called the mobile rundown

the emobile rundown,

rundown and what do we do there we connect the community,

we connect the community we, our tagline is get out and do mobile and that is basically encouraging everyone in our community to get out and go to events and get involved and the organizations and things that are happening in our city.

Exactly. So what I think what I personally think is really cool about this business is that so is basically like a side hustle for for, I don’t know, five years, it’s literal, like a brand that’s like seven or eight years old. Yeah. And it was like a side hustle forever. About a year ago. You know, we were doing multiple things and you want to focus on one business, you want to focus on the mobile rundown and so, kind of turned it into a full endeavor, full time endeavor for you and you kind of helped it kind of explode into actually becoming what I would consider a local media company. What I think also is neat about that is so okay within the last year the last 12 months, it’s expanded, right? So not expanded as in like change who it is like, it’s still the mobile rundown the company is. But so we’ve always talked about events, we, we tell people cool events, what’s going on, we want to connect the community. And I know I’m always pushing for crazy ideas, but I was like, Well, why? Why are we just telling people what to do? Why don’t we produce events? Why aren’t we putting on events ourselves? Right? So


why not? Again, you have nothing else to do. Let’s do events do yeah, we don’t have any events. So so we did that, um, which I’m super pumped about. So we last year we produced the first ever King Cake-Off Oh, you’re familiar with Mardi Gras. You know, but know about king cake. Yeah, no, that was an event. So yeah, you’ll learn that I am usually very hesitant whenever

Brooks has an idea and want to do something. But so we teamed up with another set of what do you call them business partners for the king cake off. And we went in and put on a sold out event in the first year. And so if you don’t know anything about Mardi Gras King cakes, they have a long history to them, but they’re very popular around that time. And so and there are a lot of different varieties kinds. And so we did an entire festival around just the king cake. And it was very successful. It was wonderful. It was wonderful. lot of a lot of kids, a lot of families came out and we are doing it again this year, hopefully getting bigger and better every year as we go.

Exactly. So like I feel that it can become one of the huge staple events not only in our city, but I genuinely think even along the Gulf Coast, that we could become a giant event that has thousands of people at it every year that people look forward to I think people are already looking forward to this year and we’re Literally just getting to the point where we’re starting to talk about it.

Another event and I won’t go into detail about it, but so I have a business partner we produced event called the Gulf Coast of BIZCON. So an event for entrepreneurs or anyone that relates to the idea of being an entrepreneur, what that even means. So it could be employees, or are people just with side hustles, or someone that works at nonprofit that wants to be savvy, it doesn’t matter, anyone that relates to that stuff. So we put on a conference for that. And so my goal is to produce four to five large events per year in our community. So we’re on we have, you know, we’re considering those to be two, we have another idea that may come to fruition, we have another event called biz kids, that we’re actually producing this fall at the fair at our fairgrounds, and that could actually end up being one of the larger events. It may be. It may be a small, smaller periphery event, but it could actually become one of the larger staple events semia you know, time will tell for that. It’s going to be a great event either way this year.

It’s going to be pretty awesome. So you can get information, all this stuff at the mobile rundown calm if you want to check us out and see kind of what we’re doing there. So but that also, I would say a little head to, I don’t want to say a publication business because we’re, we wouldn’t have come out and started a publication business. But it has led us to get into the publication world and understand that right now we print. So we actually print four quarterly magazines per year that are available for free to our our users around town. And then out of that, I would say did lead us to an idea for an independent magazine project based around something we already do called do some good mobile where we highlight local nonprofits in the area. And but we wouldn’t have gotten there one if we hadn’t started the mobile rundown. And if we hadn’t said, hey, let’s give this quarterly magazine a shot right and so as advertising in it and see if it can be profitable, and also expand our brand and help connect the community. Right? Like I don’t think we would ever even have the idea for do some good magazine.

Well, it wasn’t until I went full time with the rundown back in about 2015 that I learned that not only did advertisers, they didn’t want to just do digital, and that’s all that we were we were purely digital company, they were interested in print as well. And we thought print was dead. And then we also ran into, you know, users who wanted something that they can hold in their hands and not something that was online. And so we found out that just because we’re in the digital world, and that’s how we that’s how we think everything is that people wanted something different. So the quarterly events magazines came out and then yeah, we we got to lead into publication called do some good which was super successful in its first year and we’re excited to do that again January of 2020. bring that back out highlighting some more nonprofits in our area that are doing I’m good.

Yeah. So, um, we will I don’t want to keep going on and on. But like there are two more, two more projects that I want to that I want just kind of, I guess go over projects or businesses one is. So I’m a partner in a local franchise, my first experience in a franchise and so that’s been super interesting kind of learning that whole world and how that operates. And and so that business is called a cartridge world. So we service local businesses and people with in containers, we actually give out free printers to them if they’re using our product. And so we have a physical presence for that we’re actually making a huge business kind of adjustment. I would say pivot but it’s not pivot. It’s not really the right word. A change I guess it’s had a larger retail presence over the last like six or seven years. But now we’re focusing the business models moving to focusing on businesses so we’re actually in the in the midst of doing that right now changing from a retail space where we did not reach signed a retail lease and go into an office where we will just service business customers. So I think it’s the right change for us, but kind of exciting. We’re literally in the middle of all that right now. And then the last one I’ll bring up, it’s more. I don’t want to call it a bit I almost didn’t want to even mention it. But I mean, like, I want to anyway, just because it is it is technically like a way that we generate income or whatever but like the Beachbody business, yes, and you should talk about that more, but that I can tell people my reason for for now doing I’m actually going to join you, my wife as a coach. We’re kinda like coach people together, like do you help them fitness?

Or I’ll just give people my take real quick. And so I watched Mandee for a couple years she was coaching people in the program. And then this last year, I watched her literally spend the majority of the year train for a fitness competition. And it was amazing to see it was awesome After that, she said, I want to do it again. And she said, Hey, do you want to coach me? I was like, You know what?

Yes, and here’s the reason why. For me, it’s all about accountability. Like I want to get healthier, I want to lose probably five to 10 pounds and just kind of keep a consistent weight and why you don’t want


I don’t care about ABS I’ll be honest. I have ABS everyone has that

everyone has

abs. Yeah, that’s what you told me told me Everyone has ABS down. We all have ads. So but like for me, like I want to do it just to become accountable to a group of people and I think it’d be cool. It’s kind of like having our own virtual gym and communicate with people or whatever. But I mean, I mean, you talk a little bit more about it until tell people why they’re why you’re doing it. What is it so

Beachbody came to me after really years of a fitness journey that I’ve been on, I struggled with weight as a child and then ended up getting into fitness as a teenager and fell in love. I proceeded then to get a degree in health education and really thought that I was going to change the world with something with fitness. And then life got in the way. And as you can hear from the last 15 minutes of our conversation, we’ve been doing some things and so I haven’t really put that degree to use and so and about 2015 2016 I came across Beachbody. And if you’re not familiar with Beachbody, it’s a complete fitness company that offers fitness programs and fitness accountability. And the way that they sell that is through coaching. And so I got interested in that got very involved. And it was a pleasure to get to work with people and to see them change and to see them gain confidence and see that they can do something that they felt that they could always or they felt that they wouldn’t ever be able to do. So. Yeah, here we are. So I started coaching and Yep, did my first fitness competition which is a whole sure podcast episode in itself, but I’m glad that I have inspired you to come alongside of me and yeah, and do it. So we’re about to do a little 21 day exercise fitness meal planning thing with, with some people in our area and I’m excited to

see if people can be someone

Yeah, if they can be from anywhere. And so, um, yeah, I’m excited to see Brooks stay on track was anything for 21 days, no cheats, I’m pumped. I’m just looking

for an excuse not to eat Cheetos for 21 days, you know? That’s kind of what I’m kind of what I’m going for. Yeah. Well, that I think that kind of covers like, kind of where we’ve come from most of like the bigger kind of business ideas. Yeah, there’s tons of like, other smaller things as well like, so for me personally, I have, you know, blog I have a number of courses on Udemy where I have almost close to 10,000 students now on about like 150 countries, which is kind of kind of cool. To me, you know, I’m, I have a YouTube channel that I’m growing as well. So, you know, feel free to hop over there and find me. Are you guys cool. So that’s my See us. We if we missed anything, we’ll circle back on the next episode and we’re gonna be talking about all kinds of cool stuff and what we’ve run through and what we are currently running through in our business and businesses and we’ll we’ll teach you everything as we go. So, you guys later.

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