How To Take Feet Pictures – Top Tips & Tricks

If you’re looking for one of the odder ways to make money on the internet, you’ve come to the right post. Yup, I’m going to teach you how to take pictures of your feet and sell those images.

Selling feet pics on a site like OnlyFans or FeetFinder can be a lucrative gig.

I’ve seen people making more than $50,000 a year selling photos of their feet, and not just on foot fetish sites. 

Yes, I’ll acknowledge that one of the reasons why feet pics sell is because of those who have a foot fetish.

However, It’s not all that strange.

Some feet pics are used by digital marketers to promote products.

These images may also be bought to illustrate medical conditions.

Of course, modeling agencies are always on the lookout for folks with beautiful hands and feet. 

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how to take feet pictures

If you’re willing to be enterprising, you can always find buyers of feet pics on various platforms, including our commonly used ones.

I wrote an entire article on how to sell feet pics.

Also, here are a bunch of places on the internet where you can sell photos of your trotters: 

  1. OnlyFans
  2. Instagram 
  3. Facebook 
  4. Shutterstock
  5. FeetFinder
  6. Snapchat
  7. Craigslist 
  8. TikTok
  9. DollarFeet
  10. Etsy
  11. FeetPics
  12. Whisper 
  13. Foap 
  14. Tumblr 
  15. Feetify
  16. Patreon

As I said, this is just a matter of finding buyers.

Be consistent with your upload schedule to attract potential customers.

The average price for feet pics ranges between $3 to $20+ per photo.

Since you’re new to this venture, I recommend you start selling at lower prices to undercut your competition.

After you establish a sizable customer base, then start increasing your prices. 

How To Take Feet Pictures 

Taking photos of your feet to sell is not complicated, but you’ll need to learn a few things.

You essentially have to set up a mini photoshoot to come up with the best possible products.

Here are some things to consider when you’re ready to put your feet in front of the camera: 

Your Feet 

Your feet can sell. If you’re worried about your feet being weird-looking or gross, there’s no reason to be.

People love it when you leave your feet au natural.

Don’t bother plucking out those pesky toe hairs. Some folks love it when feet are left “unedited.”

Sometimes weird can be better. 

As for the condition of your feet, it’s best if you keep them clean and soft. Invest in foot masks and scrubs. Keep your toenails tidy too.

If you think you can sell pictures of your feet because they’re exceptionally good-looking, then there’s all the more reason to take care of your new cash cows. 

Get a pedicure every once in a while and minimize your chances of getting scars and discoloration on your feet. 

There’s this hand model who went viral years ago because she goes to great lengths to protect her hands.

They are her livelihood, after all. If you think your feet are your most valuable asset, you might as well do your best to keep them in good shape too. 

The Setting 

There are only so many pictures you can take of your feet.

It can get stale after a while. Vary it up every time by changing the setting.

If you take a lot of trips, make sure you snap some photos of your feet wherever you are. 

I assume you’re going to do this on your own, so you may be sitting or lying at odd angles trying to get the perfect shot.

Be patient and get comfy because these photoshoots will take a while. 

People play for custom or specialty feet pics.

One foot model said she was asked to take photos of her feet in the medieval, underwater, renaissance, farm, and pinup settings.

It’s up to you to vary your content and change the themes of your feet pics to keep it from getting boring.

You may even accept requests from your clientele for extra cash. 

The Props 

It’s going to start to feel like a full-time gig when you think about props to use in your next photoshoot.

It would be best if you told a story with your feet. For example, you can be on the bed with your toes curled and nestled on a luxurious duvet.

You can paint your feet or wear unique shoes

Be creative! You’re encouraged to get weird when you sell feet pics because it’s a pretty niche thing anyway.

Who says feet pics can’t be art?

You can go full absurdist or surrealist with the props that you use.

Remember, folks are willing to pay for feet pics in different scenarios.

You could stomp on ripe fruit, make a mess, and a lot of money while you’re at it. 

The Lighting 

Snooty photographers will tell you that the best lighting is natural lighting.

Sure, photos turn out great in natural light.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t replicate or come up with better results with artificial lighting. 

If you plan on taking this seriously, I suggest you buy proper lighting equipment to produce clear, well-lit photos.

This is starting to sound legitimate. 

You can only expect to be paid good money if you put out high-quality photos.

Give yourself a fighting chance by investing in the proper equipment or take advantage of the sun when it’s shining bright. 

video titled how to make money without any investment

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The Shot 

Photography 101 is all about composition.

After taking standard feet pics, you’ll have to be a little more artful.

Remember, you have to tell a story with your photos.

So change up the angles and try to “paint” different scenarios. 

If you’re going to sell your photos by the set, it would be better if the photos are not almost identical to each other.

Give your clients a reason to pay you more by putting creativity into your products. 


Well, there you have it – all the things you need to consider when you start taking feet pics. Taking pictures of your feet is certainly not like any other job out there, but it can pay your rent if you put the work in. 

Be confident and have fun with your photoshoots.

If you want to give this venture a shot, you might as well come up with the best products that you can.

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