How to Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners

Looking to start a YouTube Channel but not sure where to begin?  In this episode, my wife Mandee hits me with questions on how to get started.  We also hear from a few large YouTubers (500,000+ subscribers!) on if you should start a channel in 2020, 2021, 2022, or any year! Listen to more episodes here.



Brooks and I Mandee. So we’re husband and wife, entrepreneurs. And we believe that life and business are a giant adventure and we want to live it with you guys. So let’s get to it.






Morning. Good morning afternoon. Good day evening.


Yeah. Yeah.


Welcome. Thank you. Glad to have you here. It’s our first time doing a video recording a video while we record the podcast. So we’re like literally doing all this live kind of crazy. So if you’re watching this on video, cool, if you’re listening, just know that we’re doing this live the intro, the outro everything in between is all being done live so it’s kind of crazy? I just want to try something different and see how we see how we go. Yeah, I’m excited. Heck yeah, me too. So, um, you pose the question, or we were talking about like, hey, like, it’s 2020 its 2020 How in the world like a couple of questions, one, how in the world is a beginner get going on YouTube? Like, what does it take? How do I get started? What do I do have all these questions or whatever. And so we’re going to talk about some of those today. Wonderful. And then second, I reached out to some good friends of mine that have very large YouTube channels that are growing that are further ahead of me in the process. So you know, I’ve been growing a channel for a couple years creating content about you know, marketing, online business, personal finance, about destroying the box and so I’ve been doing that for a couple years. And so I’ve really kind of followed and a number of other YouTubers that are either both in my realm and also just friends of mine, just to kind of watch them go through the process and what they’re doing and so I asked a couple of them to give us some feedback. The question, the question I posed them Was, should you start a YouTube channel in 2020. So I was curious to see what they had to say, because these guys are kind of had been at it for a number of years. So we’re gonna hear from them shortly. And just so you know, you guys, if you’re listening you want to keep you want to keep listening because one of them has surpassed the like 15,000 subscriber mark, the other youtuber has a little over half a million subscribers on YouTube. It’s insane, like the numbers are crazy. Both of them are in different niches. And so we’ll um, we’ll kind of talk about them and give them some give them some promo when we when we get there. But so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about. So let’s go ahead and kind of dive into a couple of your questions. I know last night we have some notes in front of us. Yeah, you kind of came up with a few. You had a few questions. You’re like, well, this is when I would ask if I’m trying to figure out this YouTube thing in 2020.


So I would I’m completely a newbie New is our


Son says you’re new but


I am yeah and so I um I don’t really have a huge social media presence but if I wanted to start a YouTube channel I don’t know where to begin like well then let’s begin Yeah, yeah. So one of my questions would be okay First things first. What kind of equipment am I going to need for this


Equipment? So here so my take on this is this and if you so you’ll go out and you’ll do research and you’ll find all sorts of information okay sorts of response. Ma my thinking on this is do whatever gets you started like you can you can literally start tomorrow. Yeah by filming a video on your phone which iPhones now today film in better quality than basically the highest in camera did 10 years ago, not the highest but like so. High end cameras 10 years ago right even five years ago now your phones film in 4k, I don’t know a lot of phones like the newest iPhones film in 4k, which is like high def high def is like 10 ADP. We’re not to get into the specifics but like, just know that your camera in your phone in your pocket in your pocket right now is very capable of filming the videos you need. Now, I will also add that sound quality isn’t always as good from your phone, right? Because it’s got a little built in microphone on board. And like what you and me right now are filming on so like everything that we’re filming on, probably if I had to guess by cost less than $300. So we have a Logitech webcam. That’s you know, not the webcam from our laptop where this is a Blue Yeti microphone right here, which is you know, pretty, pretty decent for what we’re doing. There’s probably no better ones now for like for the price, we have a little ring light that’s right here above us kind of given us some a little bit of a little bit of lighting on our face if I turn that off. Oh, yeah, well darker, right? Of course people listening can’t see that but that’s okay. Just take our word for it said the ring light helps give us and this is not even correct lighting like there are like there’s ways to get caught up in the details. Right? So lighting, there’s like a fill lightness and a backlight. I don’t know all the details of that right? So but what I do know is I can buy a $40 ring light that gives a little like a little facial lighting and go


So what you’re saying is that it doesn’t matter what I have, I can go ahead and get started and then so what I just add those things along the way,


I think I think now look if you if you’re like hey, I have $1,000 budget, that’s a different story. If you’re like man, no, I have $1,000 set aside to get my youtube channel off the ground and you want to spend it and dedicate that money to YouTube. A little bit different right that answer would be maybe a different camera, maybe a different microphone and maybe some lighting, maybe some sound dampening stuff. Natural light also is a very good I’m sure you’ve seen videos where people have natural light that’s like, not blaring him in the face, but it’s like shine its natural light into the room. I mean, natural light is really wonderful, wonderful light, right? Yeah. So, yeah, so the answer is like, don’t let any piece of equipment stop you from getting started. If it’s some if it’s something that you want to do, um, we’re not going to go into the weeds of this, but, you know, thinking about your, actually, let me let me let me not go there because maybe it’s not even a question that you would ask as a as someone that’s wanting to get going. So okay, okay, what’s so what’s something else that you would ask and we’ll conversate about it.


Okay, so let’s just say I have my phone, okay, I’m set up in my home office or wherever. And I’m like, Okay, now what? How do I get this video that I just made? On whatever topic It is, yeah. How do I how do I get that on YouTube? And how do I get it seen?


How do you get it on YouTube? Okay, so that was really easy. I mean, like one, you’re gonna have a YouTube account that you sign up through Gmail. Okay, sign up. So if you film it on your phone, you can literally upload straight from the app. YouTube has its own app. It has its own Creator Studio app as well. So you can literally upload straight from the app. If you are filming on a different device like a whatever camera or like this webcam is going to create its own separate file. When you when you go online to YouTube you just going to upload the file just like you would like it’s drag and drop super easy.


Yeah. Like go through tutorials, no kinds of things.


Physically getting your video on YouTube is going to be really easy. Now there’s a lot of like, there’s a lot of practices and stuff that you would which wouldn’t will not cover in this in this chat, but like there’s probably a list of things that are 15 to 20 long that you want to do when you upload the video. Oh, wow. Okay, now they at the very beginning you’re like, Okay, they’re just things to look out for. But once you’ve uploaded maybe a handful of videos Okay, part of what you do, there’s a lot of defaults that you can set up in YouTube, which is pretty cool. So, for example, there’s like tagging, where you can tag your videos with some keywords. Okay, you can set up some defaults for that, you can set up an overlay image that is in the bottom right, that’s like a watermark that pops up. You can set your default description. So a very long description when someone watches a YouTube video, you’ve seen all the texts in there. Yeah, maybe they have links off to connect with them or the resources and tools. You can have all of that automatically. I yeah. So the video can start with that. You can even start with an automatic like title, which I don’t do, but that’s something you could do.


So while I’m sitting there saying like, oh, this video okay, it’s ready to go. YouTube will actually generate some titles for me. I don’t have to think about it.


No, no, no. What do you mean? You can set up a default title? Like let’s say your title was like health talks with Mandee. Okay, um, Episode 001 or something. Let’s say you’re just for some reason you’re titling everything the same. You can set the default title to be helpful to Mandee. Yeah, you would set that up. I got YouTube is not going to give you the answers of what to title your video. Got it? That’s actually related to the answer of how do you get found? Okay, yes, that that would be one of those one of those answers. It is very important what you’re titling your videos like, every piece of content that I make, for example, I try to make content that is what’s called evergreen meaning if someone could potentially find my video 12 months or 24 months from now by a search term, and they will still position and get value out of it because I’m not necessarily making videos on like, trending like This is what happened this week. Okay, um, and that’s me, that’s what I’m doing so, but if you if you so but for example, like a our, with, like the guy RBT that we’re gonna actually we’re gonna get to a clip to him in just a second like saying, if you should even started a YouTube channel to 20. You know, him, for example, it’s very entertainment based. So like, a lot of some of his stuff may be timely, maybe based on like, what’s happening in the NFL Draft, like he’s a gamer, and he does stuff for Madden. So he makes very timely content. That makes sense. That’s also another way to get found because if you’re making if you’re making trending topics are Trending videos, right? There’s a lot more people searching for that content right now. Right? Right. And so you would have actually a better chance of getting found for that content. If it’s like if it’s trending topics, that makes sense. So that’s one way of course, if you have a following or an email list before it, let’s say you have an email list of, you know, 1000 customers, of course, you could say, Hey, I just launched a YouTube channel or like, Hey, I made this useful video on this topic we were talking about, go have a watch, that’s a way to get views on your video, right? If you have a following in social media or any anywhere else that you can promote your channel. Yeah, definitely smart to do that. Okay. Or you can also rely on a YouTube, um, which people get really frustrated at first, right? Because they get really frustrated, like, I’m in my videos, like nothing’s getting watched or whatever. YouTube’s huge, like, we’re talking. We’re talking billions of hours of content. We’re talking about millions and millions of everyday users. So YouTube, YouTube is the second biggest search engine, actually, okay, behind. Yes, behind Google and Google. Do you know any idea so YouTube is actually did you know that? I actually didn’t know that. Okay, whose own by? Do you know? Is it Google? It is Oh, Yeah, yeah, so Google bought YouTube quite a long time ago, but just want to make sure that everyone knows that so because of that, think about it. It’s very search centric, right? Like a lot of the search the ways that Google works with search, YouTube also works art. And like so for me so for my channel, something really interesting I found in so YouTube gives you analytics, you can see like, who’s watching your video? Are they male? Are they female? Like what are their maybe age ranges? Where are the women live in the world, like what your videos have been the most popular in the last 90 days? Anyways, all kinds of all kinds of stuff which you should be looking at even early on, okay. But what I find cool about just one of the things that I found in mind is that 90, it was 99.5 and this is as of today as of recording this, like 99.5% of my views come from non-subscribers. Means that people are finding the content because they’re searching for something or they’re looking for something or maybe YouTube suggested the video or they search for it. And even some of those a small percent actually comes straight from Google like Google, sometimes actually. Videos are in the results page there. So the majority far majority of my views come from people that aren’t even, like, subscribe to my channel, so they don’t even follow me.


But like in that sense, yeah. So do you just use subscribers matter?


For sure. Okay, for sure. Subscribers definitely matter, especially if I’m especially if you are looking to become an ad partner. Like if you want to become a partner program where you actually get paid a portion of the ad revenue, right YouTube makes, okay. That’s how that’s one of the ways that a lot of YouTubers make money or people that create content on YouTube. One of the ways a lot of them make money is from the ad revenue like sharing in that ad revenue, Google shares like half of it or something but The way, the way that happens, there’s a minimum requirement and they didn’t used to have this, but a few years back, they set a minimum requirement. So you have to have at least 1000 subscribers. Hey, and then you have to have at least 4000 hours of watch time, I think like in the last 12 months, whatever. So if you really think about I mean, it’s a lot, it’s a lot. It’s a lot. It’s a lot of watch time, but yeah, 4000 hours, you know, so my channel currently does not qualify, not currently, okay, um, for the for that program. But, you know, if that’s a goal, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an effect or build a community or even make or even make money, okay, without, if you haven’t hit those requirements yet. You just have to think of other ways that you’re going to do that. Right. Maybe you’re talking about something for you. Let’s say it’s health related. Maybe you wanna talk about some health stuff, and you’re like, hey, to get more information, just click the link below. I’ll put it in the description. Okay. Well, someone could click that come to you connect. And I don’t know if you guys can hear a dog in the background. But we’re having groceries delivered. Right now our dogs going crazy. Yeah. Answers the door. Yeah, hopefully the dog doesn’t answer the door. Alright, so we’re gonna let them borrow. We’ll keep going. So males getting excited there so huh?


Yeah, he’ll keep going. I just want to show you you’re gonna hear this


Our dog is blind. Yeah, poor


Guy. He’s sweet as he can be though. Super sweet. His hearing is on point.


Okay, I think he’s, he’s good.


Yeah. All right. So where do you remember where were we were like what else? I’m out? Exactly.


You’re about to tell me how I could make money on YouTube. Even without


Without subscribers, right? So in your example, I’ll give you a call to action. You have a health video and then you tell people, hey, just click down below and you can connect with me I’ll get you more information or you can sign up for my program or whatever is no cost to you. You know, whatever, right anyways, if you get someone to click that, and then maybe go to a landing page and they’re able to connect with you. They may be your During the relationship, and then maybe they buy a product or service from you, okay, well, like you just made money. You just did business with someone that you found on YouTube, right. But you weren’t paid in the ad revenue. Right? You weren’t yet qualified to do that. So yeah, yeah. All right. So let’s, let’s take a break. Now I want to hear from we talked about RBT. So let’s go ahead and let’s hear from him. Let’s see what he has to say about if you should start a YouTube channel in 2020. All right, well, let’s, let’s see what he has to say. So the question is, should folks start a YouTube channel in 2020? And 100%? I would say yes. Why? Because it’s the business that from this point on is only going to grow. I mean, online media is only going to grow from here on out. I mean, look at kids today, they get most of their entertainment online. I mean, online entertainments ever growing. And what would you share that you now know that you didn’t when you first started? Well, number one, when I first started like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, that kind of stuff wasn’t really a big thing. Twitter and Instagram didn’t even exist, I would definitely go ahead and use your social media followings that you currently have to your advantage. So I would post pretty much any type of video you make on YouTube on your own social media, whether be your personal social media, or your brain social media. And that’s really your best way to get your first initial views and something else, very cliche. I mean, really just be yourself. And the reason I say that is because if you’re trying to fake something, or if you’re trying to be somebody that you’re not it, it shows in your content, like transparency is a big thing on YouTube and potential audiences really do relate to that and gravitate towards that. So it’s always nice to be transparent Always Be yourself because once again, it will show in the content or show that you’re not being yourself in the content. So that’s really all I have to say. I mean definitely somebody that has a passion for it would recommend you know, starting a YouTube channel seeing where it goes. I mean, you never know if you don’t try never know if you don’t try


I love that those are words of wisdom is a good one. Yeah, actually, really.


She’s the man. He’s, he’s from our he’s from our community. Yeah, yeah. From our area, which is super local celebrity. Yeah, we didn’t know I was like what people pick on YouTube. Can Like in my city, what so immobile. So what did you take from that? What are your what are your What are your thoughts based on what he said?


Well, I really liked the fact that he was able to and I know that was some years ago, but he was able to grow his following even without a Twitter and Instagram that means, you know, we have more resources now to help us build and then the fact of being transparent being who you are, instead of, you know, trying to be something you’re not I think that yeah, that’s huge. Yeah, I mean, like so that is


One of the things I feel like I would I would piggyback on what he said because on the transparent and being who you are being authentic, like I think you would get exhausted after a while if you choose if you choose not to be authentic, right or transparent about like who you are, um, you definitely have to be yourself otherwise you will just you’ll burn out man because I because I think YouTube’s a long term game, that’s something I would do. I would also add not to like discourage anyone but if you’re not willing to Like make hundreds of videos on a specific on your topic or your niche or like you’re not excited to talk about whatever it is, like don’t begin because it’s you’re not gonna have a happy ending when you know you’re 30 videos in you’re like, Man, I’m not getting this, like be excited about what you’re doing and the content that you’re building. And think of like every video that you make, I I guess it’s the finance in me but like I think of every video that I create, like a little like a little asset. It’s a little asset that like goes out forever and potentially one day it’s gonna get there’s going to be a return on that investment that asset eventually could like make money or down the road, someone could see it and get value from it or whatever. And so I just that’s like part of my the way that I envision I’m also every time like I’m improving. I just found out some a few things in the in creating some videos that saved me like 20 minutes per video. That was so obvious. I was like, Oh, it was in the editing and it was so simple. And I didn’t know it. So after like literally 150 videos or 200 videos, I find this trick. Oh, yeah. Okay, that makes that makes sense. So like you will continuously right own your process and change that kind of stuff. Okay. All right, what are those last couple more questions and then we’ll, we’ll go to a cow from unguided out doors and see what he says about Yeah, starting a YouTube channel.


So one of the things that really kind of perplexes me is I see videos that are like three minutes and then I see videos that are like 13 minutes and I see videos that are three hours long. So how do I know as like as a noob? How do I know how long I should make? And I don’t like how do I know when it becomes rambling or content that is not important anymore? Should what should I shoot for?


I think that’s a really good question because I try. I try not to interrupt people or Just like disagree when people say, Oh, we have the attention span of a goldfish are less than a goldfish, you know, it’s like seven seconds if your videos not under 60 seconds, whatever. Like my response to that is, yeah, for sure we have short attention spans, because there’s a lot of info out there. It depends what platform you’re on. And depends what your purposes is what your goal is. There are podcasts, for example, that are hours long, that are some of the most popular podcasts. I myself find it very difficult to consume that type of content like that length of content. Same I would say with your videos, like, the question is, is what’s the purpose of your content? If you can answer the question out of adequately in three minutes or five minutes, then I think that’s the perfect length for your video. If it’s an hour long video, and again, this is not to get in the weeds here, but like there’s the analytics thing or eventually you can see your videos. You can watch and see how what percentage of the video people are watching. Like when people stop. I have an hour long video. But after 10 minutes people are dipping off. Yeah, like, okay, maybe honestly, maybe you weren’t as interesting as you thought or the content they got, they didn’t get what they came to get or whatever. So I answer that in the sense of like, it just depends what you’re making, okay? And make the content as long as it needs to be okay? Without rambling, okay? And without trying to be shorter than it needs to be. My gut is the best, the best thing you can do is just make the content what it should be.


Do you ever get anybody to watch your videos before you post them? I don’t to get any feedback at all whatsoever. You


Know what out there? Here’s why. And this is for me. Okay. I feel like that that goes along the lines of now do I think it’s a bad idea? No. Okay, why not be posted and then get feedback?


No, yeah, I was just wondering, yeah, it’s a process.


Here’s where that where that goes with me. It goes along the lines of me doing certain things that like oh if and when Get here, then I’ll put out that content. And for me personally, the content will never come out. So therefore what I do is do it and then I adjust as I go forward. Let me say something really cool you can do if you find YouTubers that you’d like find a YouTube channel that’s a really big channel or whatever, go to their channel, you can see all their videos there. It’s like literally a catalogue of what they’ve done. I love doing this I do it all the time. Go to the video and sort the videos by the date oldest first Okay, let’s say they’ve been making videos for six years old is first pops up and you can start looking at their content from six years ago. You can watch it Yeah, you can scroll to like five years ago. You can see like, wow, like you can see their growth or their transition and you’re like, Man, this is a most what you’ll find is like, Dude, this is nothing what they were what they’re like now. Like, this is not like the whatever they put out now like what I’m finding is nothing like that? Well, what that means is they put out content and they continue to evolve and get better and adjust and change, and do all that, right. So if it’s something that you were looking to do, I would highly, highly, highly, highly, highly. I would highly advise you to do that to check, check channels out


That homework, it’s a reaction


Stuff. It’s a good action step. It’s also really, just really insightful. And especially if you’re looking at someone thinking like, man, I could never do this, or I could never be like this, like, how does that? How does that work? How does that happen? Well, that you know, that’s a great, it’s a great tool for you.


Sorry, cool. So last question, okay. I’ve, okay, I’ve got this idea and I want to make these videos and Okay, I’ve decided that I’m going to make them an appropriate link that I feel like I am not rambling and I’ve got the equipment I need and all that right now. How often should I post?


Hmm, again.


Again, it depends. I will say you need to do something consistently. Okay, so consistent is better than not consistent. Because if you do begin to get a following or fans and you post, for example, let’s say once per week, let’s use that as an example. Like, hey, one, you could advertise, hey, I post once a week on this day, and then people can begin to know and trust and come back and actually find your content. New, you’re just settling people in to know what to come to expect from you, even if you don’t mention it, even if you don’t say it. Another the other side of that coin is sometimes people will say, Man, I’m gonna, this is okay. But like, they’ll say things like, man, I’ll do a 30 day challenge video every day for 30 days. Totally cool in the short term, like I’ve actually done something like that. I did like 100 Video Challenge. And I just wanted a group and we were accountable and I was a Hey, I just wanna I need accountability for creating 100 videos, but you could burn yourself out, which is a very real thing in the YouTube world. If you stick around long enough, you’ll find people talk to people, maybe it’ll happen to you, whatever, but like being burned out on creating the content, right? Or I’m not sure where my thought was going with that. But yeah, or you could over you could even overwhelm the subscriber, right, the subscriber may say, Man, they were doing like, they were doing like, Whoa, they were doing a video a week or whatever, every couple of weeks. And now like, I’m just getting barrage with all these videos, right? If you’re not just like on point, you may actually find people to unsubscribe from you, or to stop following you or whatever. So if that makes sense, I would say come up with us come up with and here’s another thing kind of related to that. We won’t go into it but like batching your process of how you do stuff, so you could sit down, outline a video, or record a video. Stop what you’re doing, edit the video, upload the video, publish the video. Then go share it or whatever. Or you can do things a little bit more orchestrated where you know, like, hey, okay, okay, I can easily do the work to put out like two videos in a week. Okay? So maybe you have an idealist where you’re like always coming up with ideas, even ideas for what your topics are doing the research, then maybe when you record, maybe you go and record at least two videos at one time, right, just back to back and record the topics. That way when you’re editing you so you’re kind of you’re batching your processes. So like, when you’re uploading maybe you can apparently you can even upload I just found out today you can upload like 1012 whatever videos at one time. Okay, so if you had a bunch of production, you could actually put it all up on YouTube and schedule it and all that


That is helpful information.


Yeah. So not to not to overload you, but yeah, so it just, um, just be consistent to a schedule that you can stay consistent with. That is what I’m that is what the punch line of that would be. Gotcha. All right. Let’s are you games. If you and see what Kyle from unguided outdoors?


I call this Yeah, this is about should you start a YouTube channel in 2020 see what he has to say?


What’s up guys calm down here from unguided outdoors? Brooks had asked me if I thought that it is worth someone starting a channel in 2020. My opinion 100% think it’s worth someone’s starting to channel if you’re trying to grow a brand, get out there, start putting your content on all of the social media platforms. He also asked me if I had a couple tips, those tips that I would give. First, starting off with consistency you need to be posting weekly. Second, I would say that originality, whoever find out who’s doing the best in the genre that you want to be in, and then put your spin on, add your personality to it. That’s what’s going to set you apart. Third, don’t get discouraged. We would spend piles of money and piles of effort and all of this things that we’ve put together to make a video and we would only get a couple hundred views and it just seemed really discouraging. Well, January of 20 We’re at 70 subscribers and we just hit 15,000 we’re growing at around two to 5000 a month now. So don’t get discouraged and first days, you’re gonna have to grind it out. Probably the first year is going to be really rough. You know, you want to kind of if you have a video that really takes off, you want to really capitalize on that video and really start doing figure out what was why that video was successful. And do more of that style content. Good luck. Don’t get a surge. Keep grinding.


Keep grinding. I like it so many nuggets in there, man. Yeah. All right. Any take away from you that likes stood out to you?


Really all of it. I mean, it’s really cool to know that you know, you they everyone struggles in the beginning with something whatever you decide to do, I guess and in the world now that I’m looking to do a YouTube channel, it’s kind of nice to know that like, everyone’s has a starting place and you just kind of keep going and then you know, see where you are six months from then or a year from then,


You know, I heard I heard this It’s kind of really interesting about YouTube, you really have two options. Either you’re like, you’re gonna grow a channel, or you’re not gonna grow a channel, right? Which means either you just start creating content and just figure out how to improve and keep going along the way and grow a following or at some point, you decide if this isn’t for me, and there’s like, there’s no harm, no foul and oppression, this, but you stop, right? You stop and you go, Ah, it didn’t it didn’t work. I didn’t grow or whatever. And you don’t use the word quit. But like, yeah, I mean, you quit, you stop it, you make a decision. Like, I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s not growing or whatever. And that’s like, okay, like, that’s definitely the only way for sure that you can make a decision not to like be successful or grow a following or a community or a channel or whatever. And also, like, what is success to you in the world of creating a channel, right? Is it okay? I mean, having 1000 subscribers could be like, Man, that’s the world to me, he knows that having a million subscribers I don’t know. I mean, it just depends maybe like what your goals are and what you’re trying to do in your community and your brand and all that. So I think as long as you’re putting out like useful creative, like purposeful content that can like help people, basically people go to YouTube to be educated entertained. If you can do one the other or both, then cool. You’re doing you’re doing a good job for humanity. And you’re building your own TV station. I like it. It’s the way I see it. So are you starting one? You start one,


I mean, pressure tips in the world now. True.


If you decide to do it, you have you have the information that you need


To think really hard about it. And then make a decision.


We can do that. Alright, guys, well hope you enjoyed this episode on creating a YouTube channel in 2020. If you were thinking about it, you were on the fence. I hope you’re off the fence either I don’t care what direction you go, either. Don’t do it or like yeah, I think this is for me do it. So I hope you just you’re able to make a decision and take some action because that’s like that’s definitely what you need. We’ll see you guys on the next one. Bye.


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