How to Get Paid $3,000 to Climb a Volcano

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Ok, so maybe the title is a bit misleading.
No one actually directly paid me $3,000 to climb the volcano.
But we did in fact make this amount in income in our real estate company while I was climbing and reminding myself how to be an entrepreneur.
It was more proof that working remotely is possible – even in the real estate industry.

On a sidenote, there are 3 active volcanoes in Antigua, Guatemala at the moment.
One of them is puffing out huge stacks of smoke every few minutes – this one is illegal to climb (and is pictured in the photo I snapped).
The one we climbed to see is semi-active but last erupted in 2010 (one person died).
This is what I wanted to see.  

This is what I saw (still cool no doubt).

We also had a 6.5 magnitude earthquake that lasted for a solid 20 seconds – this by default helped me complete a life list item.
It was wild and a bit scary.
It wasn’t a violent shake, but was more of a rolling sensation.
I’ve felt 2 others in my life but they only lasted for a few seconds.
This one went on long enough for you to question your safety, question if you should be running outside, and questioning if buildings were going to start collapsing.
But the locals acted as if all was well, so I hid my fear and carried on.

The Deals:
The reason why I was able to do these deals remotely was because of a few things.
1. Technology – my phone worked in Guatemala and my Chromebook kept me connected (surprisingly, there is more Free WiFi in Guatemala where I visited than I find here in the U.S.)
2. Relationships – I have cultivated who I work with. I choose to work with a select few clients (investors) that understand [well] how the real estate business works. This allows for me to have them share in on the physical burden of doing deals while I’m able to charge them less money. It’s a win/win for both parties.

So we closed 2 different deals – each of them grossing us $1,500 for a total of $3,000 for our company.

Years ago I respected the idea of working remotely.
I even thought it was awesome and that “maybe one day…”
But I never thought I would be able to sit here and tell you that I did it.
That I made money remotely.
That the net effect on my finances was the same as if I were sitting here in Alabama – even after my expenses.

In today’s environment these are our top tools that we use to run and operate our current projects.

I’m – living – proof.

If I can do it, you can for sure do.
In fact, for many, becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur will become imperative.
As job security disappears.
As more young folks take jobs where their degrees aren’t required.
As more people shift jobs more often in their lifetime.
As the idea of working life long with a company disappears.

Creativity will be needed.

This scares some folks.
For me, it’s exciting.
While yes, it means that whatever I’m doing may not be secure.
It also means that there are new opportunities that are looking for me.
And for you.
For all of us.

Necessity opens us up to creativity.
So climb your volcano and make $3,000.
Then tell me us all about it!

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