Running a Marathon – Bucket List Item, check.

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My frieRunning a Marathonnd asked if I was interested in training for a marathon.
“Nope, but I’ll do it anyway.”
Was I interested in running a marathon?
Why did I respond with that?
I think I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.
I wanted to conquer that mountain.
I wanted to strike it off of this grand list before I even knew I had a bucket list.

3 of us were set to do it.
So I looked up a marathon training guide online.
3 months of consistent methodical training.

And I trained.
It was winter.
It was cold.

I trained.
My roommate that was going to do it with me snapped his ankle on a curb while training.
He’s out.

I kept training.
6 mile runs, 3 mile runs, breaks, 7 mile runs.
My friend told me that a great goal was to get my time under 4 hours.

I kept training.
My longest training run was approximately 20 miles.

A month before the race, my friend informed me that she hadn’t been training like she should and that she was only going to run the half marathon.
I wasn’t backing out now.
I was running the full 26.2 miles.

Training For a MarathonI ran it.
With this guy (who had apparently run something like 800+ marathons)

My time?
3 hours 58 minutes 27 seconds.
Approximately 2 minutes beneath my goal.

The good news.
It can be done easily if you prepare.
Because I trained well and ate a nice carb filled meal the night before, I wasn’t even sore after the race!

So if you have a desire, pick a race.
Not 3 years later.
6 months out.
Pick the race.
Sign up.
Put your money out there.
Have a friend sign up.
Nobody you know want to run?
Put an ad on Craigslist.
Get on the interwebs.
Get a simple book like Marathon Training for Non-Runners (aff link).
Facebook it.
Find a running buddy.
Get accountable.
Find a training regiment and do it.
Train hard.
And knock it off your list.

When I finished running the race, my friends asked how I liked my first marathon. I said, “Oh, you mean my first and last? It was all good.”
It’s been about 5 years.
Haven’t run another one.



  • Methinks this post can apply to so much more than running a marathon. But then you knew that, didn’t you?

    It’s about making a decision and taking action to see it through. It’s about persistence and the will to finish.

    It’s about living right.

    And human potential.

    And faith.

    And so much more.

    Good stuff Brooks. And congratulations, even if it’s 5 years after the fact.

    Oh, and holy shit at the fact that “methinks” wasn’t corrected by spell check. It’s actually a real freakin’ word! Go figure.


  • brooks

    Thanks Trevor!
    Methinks I should have known that was a word, but I sure didn’t!
    Yes, applied to so many things in life, agreed.
    I didn’t have a real desire to run this race, but I’m glad I did.
    I proved I could.
    It’s the same reason why I now blog, run a business, etc.