Passion and Purpose.

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What’s my purpose?
What am I passionate about?
Purpose and Passion.
Passion and Purpose.
Passion - Purpose

I truly admire when I see someone literally beaming as they talk about what they do or an idea they have — getting passionate enough to scream out or have tears roll down their face.

But that’s just not me and it’s not how I operate.
I used to continuously ask myself, “What’s my purpose? What is it that I’m truly passionate about?”

Look at where you spend time (or would like to).
Where does your mind drift?
What turns on the endorphins and gets you going?

For me excitement is in the brief moments. It’s…
Making a deal.
Talking about our origins and why we’re here.
Having an idea come to reality.
Getting someone to say yes.
Getting some good news.
Conquering a new skill.
Being in nature.
Starting a business.
Slowing down.
Going full throttle.
Enjoying those you love.
Making money.
Talking about things that matter.
Giving money.
Being appreciated.

These are where I find passion and purpose.
I would argue that you probably do too.

If you agree, then find ways to have more of the above experiences.
Have less of ones that don’t qualify.
It’s that simple.
Not easy, but simple.

So do the tough things.
Climb a mountain’s ups and downs.
Reach the top.
Throw your hands in the air.
Bask in the glory for a brief moment.
That’s the moment of purpose and passion.
Then, start climbing the next peak.