My Kickstarter Experiment – Bottega Collection – Fashion Truck Boutique on Wheels

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I’ve been wanting to jump in and run a kickstarter campaign for years.  I finally got the chance.  My wife runs a women’s clothing boutique and decided to start a Fashion Truck in our city of Mobile, Alabama.

Perfect Kickstarter opportunity!  We put together a campaign with some really cool rewards for backers.  Check it out here:  [as of 08/21/2015 we have 13 days to go on our campaign!]

You can help us wrap the exterior in exchange for free clothes, photo shoots, modeling opportunity, being on our ‘made possible by’ poster, etc. — it’s really a cool opportunity to allow the community the opportunity to say “I did that!”

It’s been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.  Once you exhaust reaching out to friends, family, and current customers, your marketing brain has to go into overdrive.  Now it’s media relations, local businesses to partner with, and other creative ideas.

And although we’re not relying on the finances in order for the project to happen (we’re wrapping no matter what), my competitive nature is going to be sure that we fund our project by at least 100% — because with Kickstarter, if you don’t fund 100% of your goal, it’s considered unsuccessful and nobody is charged anything.

So we’re busting it.

17 days into our campaign, here are some photos that we’ve shared with our backers – I’ll share here also.

Bottega Collection Downtown Mobile Alabama Women's Boutique

Filming our Video


Gutting out the inside of the new Fashion Truck!


Sample Design

Sample Fashion Truck Designs

For more info on our company check out Bottega Collection.