Misery or Pleasure? 31 Mile Alabama Trail Run

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Ok, so when I checked off a marathon from the bucket list back in 2006 I thought that was my first and last.  Apparently I was wrong.   I’ve decided to step it up slightly.  31 miles (50k) that is a trail run that gains and loses elevation rapidly.  [ see what the Cheaha 50k […]

Startup Weekend in Mobile, Alabama

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I recently had a taste of my first Startup Weekend Competition powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. Here is my personal experience — it might help you decide whether it’s something that would be up your alley or not (in case you were debating). What is it? It’s a competition. It’s networking. It’s summer camp. It’s pitching. It’s […]

Passion and Purpose.

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What’s my purpose? What am I passionate about? Purpose and Passion. Passion and Purpose. I truly admire when I see someone literally beaming as they talk about what they do or an idea they have — getting passionate enough to scream out or have tears roll down their face. But that’s just not me and […]

My Kickstarter Experiment – Bottega Collection – Fashion Truck Boutique on Wheels

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I’ve been wanting to jump in and run a kickstarter campaign for years.  I finally got the chance.  My wife runs a women’s clothing boutique and decided to start a Fashion Truck in our city of Mobile, Alabama. Perfect Kickstarter opportunity!  We put together a campaign with some really cool rewards for backers.  Check it […]

Travel Hacking.

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I’m a pretty big fan of personal finance and I love the hunt for great deals. I’ll open a new bank account and use their debit card a number of times in the first 90 days to get a free $100 credit. I’ll open a credit card to get a bonus $100 cash back if I spend […]

My Rules for Retirement

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I grew up reading financial books – learning about the stock market – increasing my investment vocabulary – on and on. I loved it. I’d read more. More books – Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Knack, The Number, etc. – you can find them on my resource page if you’re interested. I loved it. I […]

Homeaway (VRBO) vs. AirBnB – Costs to Owners

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This article is to help those with a home that they want to rent decide which site will yield them the greatest return, AirBnb or Homeaway (VRBO). [if you’re a renter, know that in my opinion, AirBnb provides the most seamless and easy experience – here is a referral link for $25 off your first […]