Be Still.

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Some philosophy hit me this afternoon so I figured I’d philosophize a second. The world whirls around us. New status updates ping our phones. The roads are crammed with commuters. It’s constantly Go, Go, Go. Be Still. We’re making plans for the holidays. The weekend looms and we’re checking schedules. We have meetings to attend. […]

So, What Do You Do?

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This is a question that I get typically within 5 minutes of meeting someone. After getting a name and maybe where they’re from, this is typically the next one. What – Do – You – Do. For some reason, I haven’t been very good at asnwering this. So I want to take this time to […]

From Proposed to Married in 24 Hours. Whaaaaa?!?!?

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One of my life list items was to get married to a beautiful woman (both inside and out).  It happened. As of this writing, I’ve been married about 2 months and it’s still blowing my mind. But it was an unconventional marriage and didn’t happen at all as I would have expected. Let me explain. […]

5 Real Reasons to Consume Less

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Let’s start out by pointing out that folks today are more aware of recycling goods and taking care of the planet more than ever . And the symbol, accompanied by the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is important. Most folks think about the word “Recycle” but the first is actually “Reduce”. If you are able to […]

10 Rules for Success in Business

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[This 10 rules for success in business list is based on a real estate investing business, but can be applied to any business model successfully] 1. Positive attitude is a MUST.  I could dwell on all the deals that didn’t work out and all the challenges of being self-employed.  But instead I focus on opportunity […]

Travelling in Guatemala Costs Less than Living at Home

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I recently traveled to Guatemala for 6 weeks in order to work remotely, travel, and study Spanish. After returning I crunched numbers on my finances and figured out that the cost for me to travel the world for 6 weeks was equivalent to my cost of living at home. Had I stayed for longer than […]

How to Work Remotely, Guatemala, & Language School

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So it’s been a few years since I’ve had a solid travel experience (I was in India/Nepal for 60 days 2 years ago). I finally got on the road again. This time in Central America. Guatemala. Time to firm up how to work remotely. My main intentions are to: 1. Take Spanish Lessons (being fluent […]