2 Facebook Business Page Strategies

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Tons of info out there on Facebook strategy. Posting, Content Ideas, Strategies, etc. Facebook is its own ecosystem and now boasts more than 2 Billion (that’s with a B) users as of the writing of this article (end of 2017). I want to quickly share how I utilize a specific strategy for finding great content, […]

Misery or Pleasure? 31 Mile Alabama Trail Run

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Ok, so when I checked off a marathon from the bucket list back in 2006 I thought that was my first and last.  Apparently I was wrong.   I’ve decided to step it up slightly.  31 miles (50k) that is a trail run that gains and loses elevation rapidly.  [ see what the Cheaha 50k […]

Startup Weekend in Mobile, Alabama

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I recently had a taste of my first Startup Weekend Competition powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. Here is my personal experience — it might help you decide whether it’s something that would be up your alley or not (in case you were debating). What is it? It’s a competition. It’s networking. It’s summer camp. It’s pitching. It’s […]

Passion and Purpose.

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What’s my purpose? What am I passionate about? Purpose and Passion. Passion and Purpose. I truly admire when I see someone literally beaming as they talk about what they do or an idea they have — getting passionate enough to scream out or have tears roll down their face. But that’s just not me and […]

My Kickstarter Experiment – Bottega Collection – Fashion Truck Boutique on Wheels

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I’ve been wanting to jump in and run a kickstarter campaign for years.  I finally got the chance.  My wife runs a women’s clothing boutique and decided to start a Fashion Truck in our city of Mobile, Alabama. Perfect Kickstarter opportunity!  We put together a campaign with some really cool rewards for backers.  Check it […]

Be Still.

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Some philosophy hit me this afternoon so I figured I’d philosophize a second. The world whirls around us. New status updates ping our phones. The roads are crammed with commuters. It’s constantly Go, Go, Go. Be Still. We’re making plans for the holidays. The weekend looms and we’re checking schedules. We have meetings to attend. […]

Travel Hacking.

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I’m a pretty big fan of personal finance and I love the hunt for great deals. I’ll open a new bank account and use their debit card a number of times in the first 90 days to get a free $100 credit. I’ll open a credit card to get a bonus $100 cash back if I spend […]