I’m a 33 year old guy from Sweet Home Alabama. I think I was an entrepreneur from a young age but just didn’t know it. I was the kid selling airheads out of my backpack at school.

I remember the moment I knew that I was actually an entrepreneur. It was when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad (affiliate link) recommended to me by a friend’s dad while I was in high school and I knew that my mind was in line with that train of thought.

I’m not very good at 9 to 5 jobs. While I’ve been tempted numerous times over the years to take a salaried job – with benefits – a steady paycheck – possible perks – I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. All of those just aren’t enough benefits to have me give up working for myself.

When I sit and think about what I’ve done in my 33 years (as of 2017) I come to the conclusion that I’ve done a lot!

– Started 3 companies
– Became an Eagle Scout
– Helped launch a non-profit organization
– Lived in New Zealand (even got to live out of a van for 3 months!) for 18 months
– Did three different bungee jumps in one day
– Successfully renovated and flipped houses
– Swung the largest canyon swing in the world (largest at the time – there’s a bigger one now; folks are always going bigger!)
– Graduated with a BSBA in Finance from Auburn University
– Renovated my personal house in 2008
– Got married and became an instant dad in 2013
– Renovated my family’s new home in 2016
– Purchased a franchise called Cartridge World in 2017

With all of this I realized that I had something to share.
Skills that I had learned.
Mistakes that I had made.
Goals I had accomplished.

I could potentially help others if I was just willing to share what I had learned through my life adventures.

I’ll be honest, I have a selfish motive as well.
If I share my adventures, goals, and passions with you then I become accountable to you.
To accomplish them.
To conquer them.
To at least give them my best go.

But you know what?
I Love It.

So I’m going to share my adventures – my life goals, my business goals.
I’m going to share with you what has worked for me – tools, resources, etc.
I’m going to give you marketing ideas, sales ideas – good for both life and business
*note: people say they hate sales (I’m one of them) but life is sales. How else did you get friends, get a job, get a mate, etc.? We can all improve our sales skills 😉

I hope that you’ll buckle up and take the journey with me.
I don’t take it lightly; I hope you don’t either.
There are going to be bumps.
There is going to be smooth sailing.
We are going to hit walls.
But we will survive.
Growth happens when you are tested the most.

I hope you’ll ride with me.
Let’s Roll.