Goal Setting – How to Set Goals with 6 Weeks and 6 Goals

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Setting GoalsI attended a leadership summit that I was invited to by a friend that had some additional tickets – I had no idea what to expect, but I walked away with the perfect solution for setting goals and getting them accomplished.
It was a live event in Atlanta, GA but streamed to our location (really popular today, and a great way to include a much larger number of people at a lower cost). I quickly realized that this was going to be great for me as a small business owner and was a smart use of my time.

I took away 2 action items from the seminar.

After 2 days, that’s it? Just 2 items? (ok, I did get some free snacks out of it which rocked).
But approximately 6 months later I realized that if you can take even small items and make them consistent in your life then they can have great impact.
(look at how rocks can become smooth stones from consistent water over long periods of time!)

And I am utilizing these 2 items – every day.
Ok, so what are they?

The 1st is a daily devotion of sorts — thanking – preparing for the big day ahead – getting ready to serve others, take on the world, all the while with a smile on my face – I’ve basically read this positive message every morning since spending those 2 days at the seminar.

The 2nd thing I turned into action was something that the speaker said.

“When I look at what I’ve got to get done, it’s overwhelming,
so I break down my future goals and projects into 6 week goals.

6 weeks is the perfect horizon for large goals but still making them attainable.”

I thought that this was an excellent idea for goal setting.
I went home and scribbled on a notecard – 6 weeks and 6 goals.
I posted them on the wall in my office closet directly in front of me [I highly recommend putting your goals where you can see them daily.]
Now, I have to admit, I had set goals plenty of times in the past.
I felt like after a week or so, I would forget them – some I would get done, others not.

But this time was different.
And after the first 6 weeks, I was ready to set the next 6 weeks and renew my vision.

I also altered his plans slightly and made it my own.
Every 6 weeks, I set 6 specific tasks.
I also don’t necessarily limit myself to projects; lately I’ve also been including habits that I want to create (habits that I want to break as well!)

Surprisingly, I’ve been very accountable, even though it’s been to myself.
I do have 1 or 2 others that are asking me how my goals are going.
[ the main interest being my goal of not snoozing my alarm before getting up – as of this writing I’m almost 2 weeks in and awaking on the first go of the alarm – of course cold water in face is required – but I’m super pleased with myself! ]
Now, I’ll be sharing these goals with you.
And I’ll be accountable to you.

I want you to be setting goals too.
And I’ll also be cheering for you in return.
Set the goals.
Post the goals and habits that you want to create.
And take action and do them.
On a sidenote, this reminds me of an incredible book on taking action that I’ve read multiple times called Eat That Frog (aff link).

You’ve got my support!
And don’t forget, I’m someone who had ‘tried’ this many times but with not much success.
What’s different now?
Honestly, I haven’t been able to figure it out yet, but I’m staying accountable.
And it gets better!
When my 6 weeks was up and it was a habit that I wanted to develop, that habit has stuck!
In my last 6 weeks, I wanted to spend each morning in quiet time reflecting on creation and my Creator.
I did this for 6 weeks.
And now, without snoozing so far in my current 6 weeks, the first thing that I’ve been doing is spending solo Creator time.
Was this on my new list?
The only plausible explanation that I have is that I’ve created a solid habit for this.

Get ready for my future lists! (I’m actually keeping a running list for potentials now).
Checking Facebook only once per day and flossing every day are 2 new habits that I potentially hope to develop, along with memorizing a poem that I’ve always wanted to memorize – more on that later.

So grab your notecard.
Write ‘6 Goals in 6 Weeks’ at the top and include the dates.
Write down 6 items that you’d like to do; projects, goals, whatever.
Are you going to get them all done?
No! (look at my cards) – but that’s ok!

It’s the same exponential effect that I had from taking away only 2 items from an entire 2 day seminar.
Even if you accomplished 2 out of 6 or can develop a long term habit, it’s there, it’s done.
You can move on to the next and build on your exponential growth.

I can’t wait to grow with you!
What items do you want to rock in the next 6 weeks?
What goals? Aspirations? Habits? Projects? Tasks?
Share them below with all of us; that’s a great first step at being accountable to them!



  • I’ve come across the idea of having a six week year before. It might not have been six weeks, but the idea was that, if you set new year’s resolutions, you’re not focused enough on them, and that you can achieve more by splitting the year into chunks, and setting goals for each of them. I really wish I could find the original blog post about it. I might start doing this again. Or maybe having six week focuses, to avoid overwhelm. Thanks!

  • Jason

    Nice article, thanks.
    Good luck getting me to only check Facebook once per day!

  • brooks

    Hey, quite possibly where this guy got the info from!
    After lists, and goal setting, vision boards on my ceiling, putting a card in my pocket to remind me, I’ve found this simple index card in front of my face daily to be the best yet.
    And I think it’s more than the method (card on wall) – I think the secret IS in the amount of time – 6 weeks.
    It’s enough time where you can do some epic stuff, but too long where your goals become a bit lofty.
    Every goal on there is obtainable.
    Now whether I obtain them or not is a different story 😉

  • brooks

    Jason, me too 😉