2 Facebook Business Page Strategies

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Tons of info out there on Facebook strategy.
Posting, Content Ideas, Strategies, etc.
Facebook is its own ecosystem and now boasts more than 2 Billion (that’s with a B) users as of the writing of this article (end of 2017).

I want to quickly share how I utilize a specific strategy for finding great content, sharing great content, and networking with other businesses or pages.

My first suggestion is to like pages as your business page rather than you personally liking it.

For this example, I’m liking pages as The Mobile Rundown. The Rundown has a Facebook page where we connect our citizens through local events with cool stuff happening in our city of Mobile Alabama.
What I’m looking for is other pages that post great local content; I can help them as well as my own brand by sharing the content.
Maybe they’re a business that I want to target for advertising.
Or networking with them just makes great sense so I want to build the synergy.

See the photos below to see how to do it.

Step 1:
Facebook Business Page Strategy





Step 2:
Facebook Business Page Strategy





Step 3:
Facebook Business Page Strategy





There’s no better way to track these pages than this.

Once you have a number of these pages that you’re following via your business page, you can view the feed of their content.
It’s like your personal Facebook newsfeed, but just with businesses, local content, and folks you want to network with.
It’s Gold.
No pictures of food, good times on vacation, and kiddos — not that those are bad.

Here’s how you access that news feed.
Facebook Business Page News Feed



Accessing via that route also makes it really easy to comment and like those pages content, which of course is another great way to network, get pages attention, etc.

The second method that I want to show you is something we recently stumbled upon.
As you have a great post and get good interaction from them (sponsored posts or just ones that organically do well for you) you are actually able to then invite those folks to like your page.

There are 2 simple steps to do this.

Step 1: Click on the folks that liked your post
Invite facebook folks to like your fan page that like your posts




Step 2: Invite the ones that don’t already like your page to do so.
Invite facebook folks to like your fan page that like your posts